*When You Don't Feel Well.. Google Can Be Your Worst Enemy*


This is so funny! Google knows immediately when you are sick… Do you not come home and Google things when not feeling well? Next thing you know you have a cold or your kidney, lungs and heart could go at any time…… 🙂

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*When You Don't Feel Well.. Google Can Be Your Worst Enemy*

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  1. Matt Kiener says

    Plague! I have the plague.

  2. Neeraj Dabir says

    Lol this is so true + Amanda Blain 😀 hilarious!

  3. Michael Lee Johnson says

    I have aids. Or so Google told me once. 🙂

  4. Geraldine G says

    LOL!! I just did that and I'm really dying

  5. Jim McCloskey says

    Ah, the WebMD Effect.

  6. Kenneth Manesse Sr. says
  7. sara alves says

    good nigth

  8. Bill Gassett says

    So true!

  9. Scary O'dwyer says

    Oh yes , google can convince you (if your looking for symtoms and paranoid and feeling ill.)that you are dying with something,or even dry eye.

  10. Nancy M says

    LOL, So True.

  11. Eric Windsor says

    So. True.

  12. Shaun McLane says
  13. Danielle Gaquin says

    And somehow the symptoms almost always lead to, "you're pregnant."

  14. Shaun McLane says

    + Danielle Gaquin is correct! I had a headache and found out I was pregnant!

  15. Josh Bryson says

    Ha! Yep. 😛

  16. Ron Whitmire says

    Been there, done that.

  17. Matthew Martin-Croft says

    no doubt lol

  18. Joe Giardino says

    Haha! #truestory 😛

  19. Gerry Arthur says

    I keep searching until I find something less dramatic but most of mine are “you should see your Doctor immediately”.

  20. Jennifer Cox says

    This is so true!  I have already told myself in the past I am not allowed to do this anymore.

  21. Jackie Burroughs Anderson says


  22. Brian Aldrich says

    Thought I just had a headache…turns out it was ebola.

  23. Jeran Mattu says


  24. Delmer Rinas says

    Very true, Dr Google.

  25. Christopher Overton says

    I did this search for exotic protozoa one day and happenstance happened to stumble on the signs of infection.  Sadly within hours, these symptoms started to manifest.  Of course it would seem absurd that a organism like this should appear in my part of the world, not sure if this were one of those self suggestive moments?!

  26. Phillip Ryan says

    I'm not dying?

  27. Karen Jones says

    Lmao! So true.

  28. Jonathan Brown says

    6 years ago, my doctor said I only had six months to live ~ I console her by saying: "One day you will be right!"

  29. David Horvath says

    I once searched for "I feel fine" on web MD and it said I was dying.

  30. Ambra V says

    I've been trying to Google this season's flu strain symptoms. They aren't listed anywhere.

  31. L.B Anderson says

    This season's flu symptoms seem to be a near death feeling, at least that's how I've been feeling. But this is so true ")

  32. Osment Saundra says

    That's so true. Next thing you know you have an incurable disease.

  33. Ambra V says

    Can't stand up straight or walk without assistance (vertigo minus the excruciating nausea,) hot/cold, some muscle spasms (not completely abnormal for me though with my epilepsy,) have an appetite but it's difficult to swallow, feel "wavy" if that makes sense; having trouble forming thoughts, loud noises make me want to put my fist through something but I know I don't have the energy. I don't think I have the flu. I took a 12 hour Mucinex earlier in case it was sinuses, but that didn't do anything. The biggest thing is the dizziness. Everything is surreal.

  34. terry thomas says

    Jim Hog sez   To never sweat the small stuff ………………

  35. Grant Lanning says

    Lol, I should have tried that a month ago, now I'm stuck in bed with pneumonia

  36. M Smith says

    Dr + case reinertsen

  37. case reinertsen says


  38. Jose' Larralde says


  39. Ambra V says

    I do have to say; I had been having what I called "spells" for years. They were awful. I Googled my exact symptoms; overwhelming sense of dejavù, extreme fear and panic, powdery rubbery smell in my nose, unable to comprehend or respond to people, hot and tingly sensation in my head, music playing in my ears like waking up to an alarm clock radio. Took me straight to epilepsy.com . Told my doc, he got me in with an excellent neurologist who diagnosed me with TLE with complex partial seizures. Started me on Lamictal XR immediately. Made a huge dent. MRI revealed a mass on my brain stem. Referred to a neurosurgeon after my seizures became resistant to meds. He told me that at the very least, the "tumor" had to come out. Referred to Cleveland Clinic. MRI there found gliomas (precancerous) growing from the benign DNET tumor. Found the seizure focal point. Surgery resolved them both.

    In my case, Google may have saved my life. I know I am the exception rather than the rule.

  40. Amir Braziel says

    No seriously, I was just sick like, an hour ago

  41. Tom Dailey says

    I've had the same feeling.gs last week. It's terrible. I'm over it now but it was a real bitch. Thought I was having a stroke.

  42. Brian Klippel says

    While googling symptoms when a doctors have failed is a sensible action.. self diagnosis is simply dangerous. My doctor once said, if you see a shadow in the woods, and you think it's a chupacabra, what are the odds it's probably just a wolf?

  43. Rabeet Ahsan says

    I was have red urine and google gave me symptoms that were Metal Poisoning,Tumor in my Kidney or Urethra or just blood leakage.

  44. Amanda Blain says

    This post is concerning me more and more…

  45. Karel Mbahuma says


  46. Adam Black says

    …and then take your list of probable diseases to your M.D. ( "What do you mean its not 'Stephen-Johnson's syndrome?' You mean you think its Hansen's Disease?! ( thats Leprosy ) .

    Yes, this is an actual conversation I had. In my defense, 10 years later, and my left baby toe is still paralyzed. I mean, I think I could move it before.

  47. Cheryl Ann MacDonald says

    😀 love it

  48. John Jackson says


  49. Evren Evrim Nesanir says

    Its not web, its the spider.

  50. Nifarta Kase says

    Ha si que me diga google que tengo a ver si hacierta.

  51. Vladimir Zolotykh says

    I have my suspicions that this thing works manyfold more effective for men.

  52. Tyese Donaldson says


  53. Francesco Franco says

    Before there was google though, I used to convince myself in the library…

  54. michael dicarlo says

    Soo will it tell me when
    So I can Max out my credit cards

  55. Joel Formacion says

    + Francesco Franco — I can relate to that. The Health encyclopedia convinced me I was suffering from a number of diseases back then. Besides google, I now channel my inner-hypochondriac by watching epsiodes of medical drama in television such as House MD.

  56. Priety Prakash says


  57. Hamid Kadhim says

    ha ha ha. no miss Amanda, google is kind friend because it contains many nice people like you.

  58. Hamid Kadhim says

    i feel alive when i see and read your comments on google. My hot kiss to sweetest girl on google

  59. amin teimori says

    hi amanda

  60. Joudi Abouraied says

    I think that she is right! because if we are not professionals we don't have a good background about what some symptoms mean? some symptoms can mean more than one thing.

  61. Adrian Martin says

    LOL! A hypochondriac's worst nightmare. The forums and boards are even worse; always someone with a "worst case scenario" story that'll flip you the hell out. Tons of, "It went away in a few days after keeping up with medicine and fluids." Then that ONE person that says something crazy like, "Nothing worked; my physician later found out it was some rare Pygmy Disease and I had less than six months to live!"

  62. Reza Motevalian says

    i love you…

  63. Jack Longchamps says

    I have had good results with "Internet Self Diagnosis" – for example six years ago I found that I had some micro-stones in my gall bladder –
    my internist had falsely diagnosed a depression and I took antidepressants for half a year (no result at all of course) till I stopped trusting the medical professionals.
    So after proving him wrong, he was of course ashamed – though this sort of thing can happen to everybody.
    Googling your symptoms will NOT kill you though you should of course also consult a medico… but you will be better off if you have a second and third opinion.
    still, they tend to talk you around to completely unnecessary surgery.
    Medical business is after all a business like any other 😉

  64. Andrew Knowles says

    I never use Google for health issues for exactly this reason!

  65. Adrian Mowrey says

    Yep, I agree… Yesterday I felt that way, though I decided to go see a doctor. 🙂 Hopefully his/her saying will match the best symptom I read on Google! 😛

  66. Marcos Leite says

    Medical assistance is the best way… ( :*

  67. Pete Karas says

    Amanda this is a good one, hope not many people do this though

  68. T.Stephen Gaunt says

    Google is the opiate of the hypochondriac.

  69. Nicholas Schmelzer says

    There are more sources to turn to than just Google…

  70. Jack Longchamps says

    + Nicholas Schmelzer
     I think most have entirely forgotten that or grew up this way (Google=Internet) – it used to be that way with AOL in the Mid-Nineties 😉

  71. Vanessa Estrella says

    guilty as charged! LOL! Google can make you die faster because of panic!

  72. Jack Longchamps says

    + Vanessa Estrella Honestly, I never had that impression.
    I always found there were some quite stupid ailments that explained my conditions rather than the horribly grave ones I as a professional hypochondriac had feared 😉
    So I mostly had good news from Google in that respect.

  73. austin cowell says


  74. Gina DiMarco says

    so true haha

  75. Rudolph Liggins says

    sho nuff:)

  76. Mark Saghy says

    Google has the worst bedside manner.

  77. Brian Aldrich says

    + Amanda Blain the comments on this post have made my geographic tongue flare up again.

  78. patrice fortune says


  79. Correy Barnes says

    I thought I had cancer thanks to google… turns out it was an ingrown hair… true story.

  80. Nicholas Schmelzer says

    All in favor of never relying on Google as a doctor again: press your q key now.

  81. Roy Thomas says

    omg this is so true!

  82. Jack Longchamps says

    + Correy Barnes
     Sure, that happens – but it didn't kill you in the end 😉

  83. Jack Longchamps says

    + Ambra V  Mostly Jokers here. But your's is a very good example. It helps if you have some medical understanding.
    If not, why on Earth try self-diagnostics ?

  84. Donald Cassidy says


  85. Jack Longchamps says

    + Donald Cassidy
    Absolutely !

  86. Firdaus Shafie says


  87. Richard Remer says

    Self diagnosis may not be optimal, but it's better than the likely alternative of wait and see.

  88. julio zelaye says

    Sorry for ggl .. I'm not perfect but I'm never get sic .. or mad .. or sad ..always pretty good .. pretty happy !! Be happy think positive!! Herehehe woodpeckers 🙂

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