1. Ryan Van Sickle says

    Love it!  Thanks + Amanda Blain 🙂

  2. Marlon Pagtakhan says

    5 years of false imprisonment is pretty damn hard 2 let go of.

  3. jeff jare says

    Hey + Amanda Blain we Japanese don't get MAD we get EVEN !! lol <(~O)>

  4. Chanel Sumpter says

    So true!

  5. maciek yogi tom says

    smiesny tekst

  6. Lori Friedrich says

    Well said!

  7. Siddharth Jagtap says

    My friend needs to learn that

  8. anthony bean says

    amen to that….

  9. Camila Graziela says

    voce e bonitA

  10. Kevin Bowie says

    True story..

  11. Jeff Bermingham says

    yeah, about that…I am still working on it.

  12. Robert Quick says

    Great words of Wisdom Amanda , with out letting go of the Bullshit in ones Life the Door to the past Hurts remains' open Halting any you might make in your journey threw your lifetime , Thanks PEACE

  13. Marti Andress says

    I did! Thank GOD! My ex has to leave and stay away from me!

  14. Kori Ward says

    no shit

  15. nasrawi nada says

    m over it 😉

  16. Marti Andress says

    Yes, the police knew that he was lying and said that he not a good man! Because he been nasty and a rude! He's one that cheated and lied! So, karma is a bitch. Ladies if your own whole family hates you and his mother something is wrong! So, don't date the man.

  17. Bhadmus Ramon says

    Madness has no measurement no matter how it perform

  18. Matt Muscat says

    I'm always made first, and kick myself after!!!

  19. Erik Collett says

    "…then bring it up at awkward times to prove a point."

  20. Marti Andress says

    I cannot live this way! It's not fair!

  21. Gwyn Bennett-Williams says

    agreed Amanda 🙂

  22. Robert Quick says

    Marti Then Don't ,when I came back I Hated the whole world ,I waisted a lot of my Life in Anger , thank GOD those times are long Gone ! Think Forward to a new Beginning

  23. Greg Gilbert says

    Yep let go

  24. Marti Andress says

    Thank you! I'm happy the nightmare is over! I can be myself and enjoy life!

  25. Helene Torrinha says

    Sometimes even getting mad its a lost of time. But no to complacency! I will always tell WHAT I think. Its not making war its only defend your principles and your points of view!

  26. Marti Andress says

    Robert, I injury my back and I need surgery so I'm disabled. He lied to parents and me he said he would take me. He left and came home with food and told me I couldn't eat any of it. I had my own money so this type person he is!

  27. Joyce Dilworth says

    Speaking my mind is what i have to do.I really speak it when i see the truth being turned into lies by someone.I can get mad but i can,t stay mad.

  28. Manny Trejo says

    Yes that's the way I go about life.

  29. Paria KM says

    thats my way (most of the time!)

  30. Ted Rubin says

    Or… just don’t let it get to you at all 😉

  31. Robert Quick says

    Marti I was a Door Gunner in Vietnam was shot down crashed into a Mountain in a Helicopter Gunship fractured my back in 4 places crushed ribs a shot in the leg among others things ,I took some time to heal , I hope and pray for you stay Positive and things will get better . Send me a post anytime you need to stay safe LOL

  32. sanjin kadribasic says

    Hah! Sometimes I get mad and then I use to say to myself "Now is over, you need to let it go", and then I feel good for a moment… but that moment passes and i feel like i couldn't let it go… and I'm back in circle of getting mad and feeling good.
    Only thing that is giving me hope that eventually I will let it go, is that period when i'm happy everyday is getting longer, and period of me getting mad is getting shorter 🙂

  33. Gregory L says

    I think that for most life's troubles it has incredible merit, thanks Amanda.

  34. jim Rossi says

    E bellissimo Amanda

  35. ector ferreira says

    This is not happy town.

  36. Ethan McAtee says

    So true! I was mad at this one friend for months because my girlfriend left me for him, but I got over it.

    He and I are buds and making movies together again!

  37. Bryan Bradshaw says

    Don't get mad, let karma take its course.

  38. sienna kimberley says

    I got angry because the guy i liked was ignoring me then i got over him… Best thing i ever did!

  39. Kevin Lynch says

    Nicely stated..I'm sure you've heard the quote “Hanging onto resentment is letting someone you despise live rent-free in your head”

  40. Robert Quick says

    Ethan Remember This for your Life " Sticks and Stones may Break my Bones but Words will never Hurt Me " I was a Nerd I n school and turned out just fine Peace my friend

  41. Armand Lamoureux says

    Getting mad is irrational and leads only to madness in prognosis. When situations require sole ness and piece of mind only a stable mentality can hold a place of solace of true well being in an immediate world that has all sorts of problematic situations that can be solved at times as a pacing hunting dog knows and tracks at a pace that he knows his hunting partner has imparted to him in dog years for the dog and in human years to an experienced huntsman as taught in good traditional ways as an Indian who is properly taught.

  42. Robert Quick says

    Vary true Armand

  43. Lloyd Montgomery says

    Give it 5 minutes and wont even remember……..A 100 years from now who cares…….

  44. Ron Lefler says

    Get mad, then get a hotter girlfriend…you're welcome.

  45. Bruce Williams says

    I get MADtv then laugh over it!

  46. Armand Lamoureux says

    My cats he and she meows my brother in laws dogs especially. Billie barks until you slow down.you give life a slow down in the Americas and life after work gives an insight into what the past was and what the future holds for what decides the president and the present.

  47. Armand Lamoureux says

    Sometimes ignorance leads ones emotions to captivate ones senses without
    knowledge of ones mental senses and of costs.

  48. Armand Lamoureux says

    Judgement is always welcome and leads to constructive wordage and a stronger sense of personality structure.

  49. Grant Lanning says

    That was me a few years ago, but I chose to walk away from the things that made me angry…… its lonely here

  50. Armand Lamoureux says

    I just retired from Lucerne ten months ago and believed that anger when contained could make the day go by quicker and increase ones productivity

  51. shelia cooper says

    can not exchange so smoothly

  52. Nathan Tau says

    Talk about it! Right now I'm in that situation & people can't let go but linger in the past

  53. lee taks says

    Hulk SMASH!!, "Puny People". Then wake up in the morning to a brand new day and a 'POSITIVE' attitude to life, EASY!

  54. Nathan Tau says


  55. Petrus Heriwibowo says

    Love is peace …

  56. Nathan Tau says

    I think to others Love is war

  57. Christopher Benson says

    to me war is love!

  58. Nathan Tau says

    Ok so its the other way around

  59. Helene Torrinha says

    The time its our better medicine. Its only to give it time. Patience, perseverance and trust in ourselves.

  60. Helene Torrinha says

    First you "fight" to liberate the anger. Them you share and a collect good feelings to persue your route.

  61. Helene Torrinha says

    Then you share and collect good feelings because you already now what brings you pain. Not make twice the same mistake!

  62. Robert Quick says

    How's it going with you Helen ?

  63. Miguel Morales says

    Omg it's sooo true

  64. Ricardo Mena says


  65. Lovance Joseph Johnson Jr. says

    om ,I just sometime need to walk an talk an the wah I talype this pass life get trowing at me so I so them that you an she is with you so stop looking at me ,bay so lee I dont think that way ,look at her.

  66. Theo WolF says

    I've got the first part down, but have never been good with the second.

  67. 서서상화 says

    Hi glad to meet you

  68. Ararsa Abdeta says

    nice to meet you on this glorified day

  69. Jonathan Moore says

    I tried. Didn't work.

  70. jabu makhathini says

    I couldn't do it before until my boyfriend taught me

  71. Sarath Denipitiya says


  72. Sarath Denipitiya says

    hai     hai…

  73. Manish Kothari says


  74. Awan Cummulus says

    thanks for suggesting

  75. Steve Helmbock says

    We control our future and can only learn by our past move on with a smile

  76. Gary Lacey says

    This is one of my favorite universal laws for living a full and joyful life. Live life in the moment. Be present for what you have now and the recognition that the breath you draw into your lungs is more previous than any thoughts you have about things that are gone. Nice post Amanda!

  77. zcarl sayta says

    Like it…its true

  78. Robert Quick says

    See things as they really are ,Not as they appear to be !

  79. miles smith says

    Let it go before you get mad.

  80. Peter Trapasso says

    "Avra Cadavra!"

  81. fallon pless says


  82. Jonah Shields says

    You Right to let go is sometime is thé part, you do not wont to let it go but when you do it feel so dam good.

  83. Earl Elam says


  84. Marie Russell-Barker says

    good one, because the one  you are mad at have moved on LOL

  85. Rahul Singh says

    happy diwali you

  86. Arish Khan says

    happy diwali,,,,,

  87. EBRIMA FATTY says


  88. jabu makhathini says


  89. Ararsa Abdeta says

    wow! who is he

  90. brian says

    SOOOOOOOOO true and another of life’s paradoxes. Thanks for sharing!

  91. EBRIMA FATTY says

    am ebrima i want us to be friends ok

  92. Jimoh Qudri says

    ok no problem this is my number +23408106301922

  93. Marie Russell-Barker says

    HI Ebrima Fatty, I am glade to meet you we can be come friends I will add you to my circle of friends right away. Marie

  94. Валерий Филоненко says

    It is impossible to devote their whole life only evil memories. Otherwise, life "will be held" the past, as if You do not live at all.

  95. Валерий Филоненко says

    It is impossible to devote their whole life only evil memories. Otherwise, life "will be held" the past, as if You do not live at all.

  96. Marie Russell-Barker says

    Well that statement leaves me out, I am not able to remain angry for more than a few minuets, and easy to please.  When I was younger I hate myself because of my easiness of forgiving. Funny huh! I am easily angered but only for just a moment then it just seems to melt away.  I found that those who held things in a never let go lead a difficult life because of their wiliness to forgive and please forget.

  97. Izet sekić says


  98. ali raza says

    oh yes

  99. Daniel Smith says

    yess you do always its suits you

  100. Dimorais rezende says


  101. Izet sekić says


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