Want to Know More About Amanda Blain and This Blog? Read on!

by Amanda Blain

I would like to welcome you to Amanda Blain’s Blog – my blog that is all about technology, video games, social media, geeky stuff, and human behaviors around these things!

I have a wide and knowledgeable background in technology. I travel a lot and frequently attend technology industry events as media to stay on the cutting edge of tech trends including CES, E3, Collision, EGLX, Fan Expo, San Diego Comic-Con, Affiliate Summit, and SXSW. I have spoken about various technology-themed topics at some of these conferences as well.

CES, SXSW And E3 - Which Conference Is For You?CES, SXSW And E3 - Which Conference Is For You?fan expo canada fx canada crest logo 1header imagewant to know more about amanda blain and this blog read on sdcc logowant to know more about amanda blain and this blog read on affiliatesummitwant to know more about amanda blain and this blog read on collision scholarshipCES, SXSW And E3 - Which Conference Is For You?

I played a lot of video games growing up,  starting with Atari and the Commodore 64.  Playing video games really enhances people’s lives and they are also a lot of fun. That’s why I like reviewing them. I build my own computers and have worked with companies like AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, and MSI.

Not only do I play video games with my PC, VR, and various consoles, but I also am frequently coding, doing full-stack web development, and making websites. PHP, Java, MySQL, are just a couple of the 10 programming languages I know. I’ve also dabbled in game development using Unity, and Unreal Engine.

Girlfriend SocialI founded and designed Girlfriend Social, the largest women-only, friendship-making website in the world, and have successfully managed, coded, and marketed the site for over 13 years.


WorldOfGeekStuffI also created and am chief editor of World of Geek Stuff. A popular pop-culture, video game, and geeky multi-author blog with over 12 writers.

These days I focus on producing thought-provoking content and well-researched articles.

I have been quoted in The New York Times, Time, Huffington Post, Reader’s Digest, Maclean’s, and many more media outlets.

goodbye google plus the final ghost town g eulogy screenshot 20190128 112447 googleI am well known on the internet with a large and interactive fan base on many social media platforms. At one point, I had over 5 million followers and thousands of interactions a day on Google Plus.  After achieving that level of fame and that entire crazy experience, I no longer want anything to do with being “famous on the internet”. 😉

All in all, I have been self-employed in technology for over 14 years.

I live in Toronto, Canada but travel all over North America and beyond for work and offline networking.

Feel free to drop me a line if you’re looking:

  • To sponsor one of my projects or content channels
  • To promote or review one of your products, games, or services on a non-affiliate basis
  • To discuss a potential joint venture opportunity
  • To hire me for a content creation project
  • For me to speak at your event

If you would like to contact me you can do so here.