1. abo dalia says


  2. Denis Mutanga says

    C'est grave alors !

  3. sofyanne zinne says

    tre mignon abo

  4. Mark Harvey says

    So true! 🙂

  5. Lana Horowitz says

    hee hee

  6. Nora Qudus says

    I get thumped in the head a lot!

  7. Andre Duckett says


  8. nathan reynolds says

    LOL!  Happy Caturday + Amanda Blain! :))

  9. Evan Berge says

    Cats, trouble. Watch out.

  10. Marques Brownlee says

    Every time.

  11. Evan Berge says

    Yes yes correct

  12. Marie Hélène Visconti says

    My cat always goes where it's the more annoying for me.

  13. Hans van Veen says

    Beautyful  what is she thinking

  14. Desire Amata says


  15. Paige D'Winter says

    I get woken up to that a lot. Being a Crazy Cat Lady I'm pondering sleeping with a bike helmet on…

  16. Gwendell Parsons says


  17. cleiton ferreira says


  18. Evan Berge says


  19. Panah Rad says


  20. Daniel Kuciel says

    How true lol

  21. tiffany samson says


  22. Vicki Pryke says


  23. Derek Heron says

    Dos'kitties…stay furry my friends

  24. AZmiya Rafaideen says

    Lol scene

  25. Jeremy Smith says

    Lmao that's kool Amanda

  26. Mary J B Here says


  27. Wes Behrend says

    I saw another meme of the same pic that said "I don't always walk on your keyboard, but when I do, I make sure I fuck up everything you're working on."

  28. Gabriella Castro says

    That's hilarious! Dont forget to add dos catese… Or however you'd like to spell it 😉

  29. SHAAN XI says

    ouch! my eye! :p

  30. Maria Bauer-Rowe says

    You gotta love cats 🙂

  31. tameeka bull says

    Lol I love cats xD

  32. Fisal fatah says

    cats is lovely

  33. Cathie Cl says

    lol….. That's a cat for ya !!!!!   Love cats !!! : )

  34. jeff embury says

    our kitten does that too + Amanda Blain

  35. Jimbo Rizza says

    I wish cats were more like Heathcliff!

    Pestering the neighborhood milk man and stealing fishies……but they just walk around flashing their buttholes at everyone…

    And yes, I referenced Heathcliff.

  36. Wally Adams says

    tee hee hee hardy ha ha

  37. Pamela Good says

    now that's one cocky son of a bitch…

  38. Daniel Moore says

    I made this is my desktop background, It's just brilliant.

  39. Dana Fequiere says

    very funny haha

  40. Aries Gunady says

    The president of republic of Catkitten

  41. warwick mcdonald says

    Yes I agree, bloody fur balls.but the there to meet you when you get home,4 food.

  42. Miguel Alonso says

    but when i do i perfer dos xquis

  43. Marsha Reid says

    Every now and then, so does mine. Smh.

  44. briana crabtree says

    lol hahaha

  45. goumeliloko antoinette says

    hoo salut chef

  46. christina baker says

    that is so cute

  47. Jennifer Dominick says

    That's one feisty cat!

  48. achref ben daamer says

    that is so cute is very good

  49. Anthony Duke says


  50. Bradley DEETER says

    Thats one coooool cat. I bet it eats Cheetos and runs around with the wrong crowd huh? I hope that cat gets.his act together before nothing good happens from a not so bad situation… lol

  51. Natalya Neyman says


  52. Ron Cerrachio says

    I dont always eat cats but when i do i like ones of that color

  53. Bradley DEETER says

    Come on ron that's a bad putty tat. Bad putty tat won won. Tell her your sorry for being so forward and mostly for being an absolute perv

  54. Fernando De Lira says

    I like cats Nice

  55. Bradley DEETER says

    I'm betttin yous a creep. Creep. Don't go chasing waterfalls hahaha

  56. Ron Cerrachio says

    Omg its a joke r u going to cry now, creep thats harsh now im crying

  57. Maryann Dambrogio says

    that is the truth, because when they do wag their tails it means they are very angry with you and they will let u know!!!!! because i have cats and dogs altogether….

  58. Julie Brooks says


  59. kalen bolton says


  60. Madhavi Trikha says

    Aaw! Adorable!!

  61. guido brun says

    super Fotomodell

  62. nick ruggeri says


  63. brandise pruitt says


  64. Huon Pinnock says

    cute kitty

  65. Jennifer Sager Cosgrove says

    Haha – too funny !!!

  66. Reet Vahesalu says

    Such a cat thing to say…ha, ha, ha!

  67. Martin Muldoon says

    I'm the most interesting cat in the world

  68. Jimbo Rizza says

    + Jimbo Rizza 's do+ Amanda Blain+Amanda Blain 's cat to a duel!

    Press Start to accept fate! Press Select to go to Main Menu.

    I'm pretty sure cats' tails have their own brains…so 2 brains to a cat lover….1 to all other dogs.

  69. rocky qazi says

    what a intersting..

  70. Bruce Williams says

    Usually female cats do that to male cats when flirting for copulation.

  71. Pete Daly says

    Cat says " tell me about your mother" ( at £50 an hour) lol!

  72. shubham sharma says


  73. vahid beyramifard says


  74. Ermal Tahiri says

    Yeah right, cute cat

  75. Ansuman Mishra says

    Yes u r right

  76. Saeed Khakshor says

    cat power

  77. George Al Sayegh says


  78. Teresa Bao Tran says


  79. rohit sagwan says

    Me agree with u

  80. Andreas Isaak says

    All cats are birches… 😀

  81. Jack Longchamps says

    Our dog does this too – with his ears…

  82. kassim keah says

    So nice

  83. niaj morshed says

    ha ha!

  84. mary g Cadigan says


  85. Avtar Panesar says


  86. thong to says


  87. Aimen Mir says


  88. Abderrahman BENCHADDA says

    c'est bien

  89. sobhi saede says

    wow its beautiful

  90. Julia Peterson says

    seriously whereever do you find these + Amanda Blain

  91. David Snape says

    LOL – that is truly a cat's thinking.

  92. Darren Ireland says

    How cool is that cat.

  93. Georgianna Ross says

    Isn't that the truth! Dead aim. Lmao

  94. Jason Horner says

    Haha. Smooooth

  95. Ria Vashishat says

    sooooooo CUTE!!! 🙂

  96. assoua abdelkader says


  97. Aimen Mir says

    tat taray ki

  98. Dacia Chavis says


  99. James Guenes says

    And he also sprays you with his/her pee.

  100. Mohd Khan says


  101. miah shamim says


  102. Naomi Sosa says

    hahahaha funny

  103. Joe Kushner says

    My sister, Cherie, would completely agree with this.

  104. Cihan Mabocoglu says

    hey amanda! let me get your number:)

  105. Eric Kindley says


  106. Susmita Bhowmik says

    What an attitude of your Kitty? Cute cat.

  107. Getrude Nabulya says

    me dot lyk [email protected] things so scary oh no

  108. Mesut Ozil says

    Cool cat

  109. Rudi Brits says

    Must be a close relative of my cat Java then!

  110. Stuart Hart says

    Very true

  111. Nicholas Schmelzer says

    Cats: the most diabolical animals in the world.

  112. Akotua Seth says

    Mine does that too.

  113. irevana vernon says

    cool cat.

  114. Aaron Baca Sr. says

    Cute cat!

  115. Jose Matias says

    eres muy bonita

  116. lily hope says


  117. 추영호 says


  118. asiedwin Kan says

    am like this

  119. uRich Erb says

    Do you ever get down to mi?

  120. Justin Warnock says

    Laughing hard

  121. thong to says


  122. Theresa Slimmon says

    It my cat Rosey she like this Theresa Slimmon.

  123. Jose Matias says

    si muy bonito

  124. Marcus Hart says

    I like cat's other people's cat's i would never have one.cause they dont do shit.

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