Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness

I know a lot of people get annoyed with "silly words over fancy pictures" posted on the internet… but I think affirmations are part of what got me here today… Simple beliefs that you can focus on, in a positive, constructive way…  Or ideas that give you perspective into things you might be feeling….

….and today I feel that darkness is required for you to see stars… and that is mighty ok. 🙂


Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness*Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness* I know a lot of people get annoyed with “silly words over fancy pictures” posted on the internet… but I think affirmations are part of what got me here today… Simple beliefs that you can focus on in a positive, constructive way… Or ideas that give you perspective into things you might be feeling…. ….and today I feel that darkness is required for you to see stars… and that is might ok. 🙂 #inspiration
  1. Rob E says

    I see you Blainy

  2. gordana comic says

    but they can
    Sun shines, and Sun is the star …
    when they are far, far, far away – we need darkness to see them shine
    (and that is a good metaphore as well)

  3. Edwin Liu says

    Very inspiring.

  4. Steven Watson says

    Not sure I've seen it phrased that way, but it does go along with the idea that you can't appreciate good without knowing some bad, or happiness without experiencing some sadness.

  5. John Chavez says

    I actually really like this one. We dont think about it. Darkness must exist in order for light to be able to shine. It is a basic affirmation for how the universe (and in part, our lives) work.

  6. Fred Fernando says


  7. karan singh sodha rajput says


  8. Euro Maestro says

    I like it + Amanda Blain
    Yin and yang.
    Now I may have to write a science post about this.

  9. Lucky Sysou says

    nicely done! this one doesn't bother me so much 😉

  10. David Moore says

    Realty nice light can't exist without dark they are like ying and yang

  11. Jesus Aaron Christ Payne says

    The darkness is only needed so you may see the star light with the human eye. I do not desire darkness for Satan holds its hand.

  12. minuli lokuliyanage says

    soo true

  13. Azhar Maikel says

    =-O lol

  14. Risty Pagadan says

    true :))

  15. Werner Klausen says

    Sure they can. It's just harder to see them 🙂 But I assume this isn't a scientific way to look at it, but more about dualism: there can't be light without darkness.

  16. Bob Schlaefer says

    And you will never be able to see the stars unless you are willing to look up. #dreambig

  17. Mark Crowley says

    Very nice picture and sentiment but the scientist in me is saying "sure they can!" They wouldn't stand out though, so shine is still true.

  18. Brett Bjornsen says

    "There is no light without dark, no happiness without grief, no improvement without error, and no true love without heartbreak. Take every bump in the road as a signal for something greater to come."

    It takes an absence of something to appreciate the presence of something else…

  19. Mohit Tiwari says

    yes you are right……..

  20. Werner Klausen says

    A few posts down, I found this new comic by The Oatmeal. It's also about dualism, in a sense.

  21. Mia Ahmad says

    i am agree

  22. Jason Bunting says

    An eternal truth lies therein, for "it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things. If not so…righteousness could not be brought to pass, neither wickedness, neither holiness nor misery, neither good nor bad."

  23. Ambra Vanderpool says

    This reminds me of this song + Amanda Blain 

    Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – "Stand A Little Rain"

    Basically, the chorus, "If we're every gonna see a rainbow, we have to stand a little rain."

    🙂  This is so true in life!

  24. elyas agustiawan says

    So the darkness is not always dark.
    In the darkness there is light.

  25. Saint Su says

    not really, look at the Real property of it, then you know that Yes, stars can sign in dark, because it is always shining, glittering, in dark we can see it and appreciate it, so it is a matter of twisting the Truth, stars do not need darkness.

  26. Faisal Hafeez says


  27. Adrian Martin says

    Simply refers to "balance." ..order requires chaos to exist — same reason people get a hard on over "The Dark Knight" film…lol. Humans enjoy the struggle.

    All terms are defined in scope by that which it balances against; words and concepts are all like the koans of Zen Buddhism — in the end, useless utterances that are cyclical and have no meaning without effort or emotion. Balance is the key to providing them purpose…

    I dig when + Amanda Blain goes all deep with a post. 😉

  28. Gulshan Sharma says

    How very true.

  29. Santosh Giri says


  30. limbu ganga says


  31. Tracy Hang Tran says

    Daily!:) 🙂

  32. Aaron Zhang says

    Worth considering.

  33. khuram shahzad says

    hey who are u and what reason of sharing me this post?

  34. Martin Holmes says

    #Like 🙂

  35. Saju Bhute says

    very true

  36. Ucowun Frank says

    yo right

  37. Masimba Chinamo says

    so true

  38. Ataullah Siddiqui says

    Right. Good night.

  39. Frank John says

    Beautiful philosophy

  40. Akber Sultan says

    Yes u rit

  41. Ayesha Muzaffar says

    very well stated


    nice thought blain.
    but i dnt know who are you. can i Some thing moRe about you

  43. Eric Gaskins says

    This sums up Johnny "Shotgun" on Amazon. com.

  44. Shakeel Ahmed says

    of course dear

  45. 白溪 says


  46. Connie Carle says

    I like that it is oh so true

  47. Papaironaldo Ronaldo says

    Good morning im from Brasil…kissss

  48. Angélica Garcia-Boiteux says

    Hum, science says otherwise.

  49. Stefan Brenner says

    Well, I'd like to have some more darkness to take nice pictures of the stars and objects in our wonderful sky.

  50. Michael Kurowski says

    Good stuff… As Richard Rohr says, "Psychological wholeness and spiritual holiness never exclude the problem from the solution.  If it is wholeness, then it is always paradoxical, and holds both the DARK and the LIGHT sides of things."

  51. John Munro says

    I can see a star shining right now…. It's called the sun.

  52. akshita sharma says

    that is cool…//// comment

  53. Ajay Chauhan says

    very true lines…….

  54. Myint Kyaw Khine says


  55. Harry Monster says

    creating a mindset that you stick by and live by is merely what you are doing. Say you aspire to write. So everyday you do something around writing. Maybe you have a meek vocabulary. and so you learn a word. The next day you use that word or make up an excuse to use it. Before long without realizing it you are developing mental habits that cause mental growth in and around your aspirations. You can have near no talents in writing and over time completely turn that around and be a very skilled and capable communicator. You have to be determined to stick by your ambition. The rest will fall in place and the natural evolution of a writer will evolve..Its a simple use of your will.

  56. Shabbir Tankiwala says

    So true, dear Amanda

  57. Phillip Ryan says

    There is no spoon

  58. Nishi Negi says


  59. myQ mathenge says

    That is the life that we live

  60. 刘峥 says

  61. sukhwinder rana says


  62. Mason Vernon says


  63. shahid khan says

    Yes you right

  64. PETER MANANA says

    You must be a good counselor. great words

  65. Beth Laman says

    jas lyk wanna seat on the seashore while looking at the star twingkling above on the middle of the dark while feeled the fresh air comin from the ocean embracing my body

  66. Ryan Ng says

    Today, I do not see darkness. Too bad. 🙁

  67. shahid khan says


  68. Lisa Blair says

    As one of those people who gets annoyed at silly things on the internet, I can say these don't bother me a bit. Positivity is awesome. Chain letters/"98% of you won't post this as a status" crap, on the other hand >.<

  69. adam Ortiz says

    Yep yep…

  70. Ismail Sule says

    Thats very obvious,nice words.

  71. Redcell Rose says

    darkness saves us from exhaustion.

  72. Luka Luka kwaal says

    you are right, very nice

  73. bitu bhatti says

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  74. Minh-Khai Dang says

    Trite but true philosophy but bad science. The universe could be awash with photons yet anything brighter will stand out like a beacon to a receptor tuned at an appropriate sensitivity

  75. dinez kumar says


  76. Stanton Taylor says

    I agree with you +Amanda Blain 100%.

  77. asharam desai says


  78. Anne Ricci says

    These are "intelligent words over fancy picture". Simple yet profound beliefs that you can focus on, exactly! I am with you in this.

  79. Carlos López Solanes says

    So, shine like a star Amanda…

  80. Abhishek Bharadwaj says

    Stars will shine irrespective of the darkness or brightness. It's just that the eyes will acknowledge them during darkness.

  81. Jose Luiz Antonio Moraes says

    We already see the wonders, only our eyes show us!
    The beauties are confused on the look of each perceptive; may only be noticed or admired his way of seeing.

  82. مهدی مطلق says


  83. lee lee says


  84. Joseph Kane says

    Fun fact: the dark sky is proof that the universe had a beginning.

  85. chuanfu liu says

    yes,but sun do it!

  86. Brahim Sanhaji says

    This is true want you to be my dark (thank you google)

  87. Adnan Majeed says

    U r right, Stars only show when ever darkness…

  88. Qube Loc says

    Please believe it.

  89. Matthew Lee says

    However, you do not realise the one night stand you picked up the night before is completely rank until daylight!

  90. Bryan B says

    There can't be good without bad. There can't be light without darkness. There can't be fat without skinny. There can't be pretty without ugly. There can't be boring without exciting.

  91. Halo Abel says

    But now there are too many light pollutions

  92. Amber Keller says

    Soo true!

  93. notiq adekoya says

    people may use there mouth to sensing thing but they may it to say now-sence thing

  94. Tan Guan says

    Ya without dark side ; u can't see the bright side !

  95. Nabil Kamel says


  96. Terry Johnson says

    Darkness comes at night sine in day!! Good raining day!!

  97. philipina nicolaus says

    realy,darkness is what makes stars 2 be seen,sameways  desired can be recognized in by the presence of undesired.

  98. Amanda Blain says

    Even with my nice intro still get the science sun comments eh Lol oh internet! You are so factual! Lol

  99. Adrian Martin says

    LOL + Amanda Blain …love it!

  100. John M. Trotter says

    Hi Amanda. So true. The darker , the more they shine""""

  101. mudit dassani says


  102. Uttam Rajpurohit says

    so true

  103. Leandro Santos says


  104. VALERIE ST JOHN says

    That's a good quote.

  105. chitra dura says


  106. Muhammed Anees says


  107. Muhammad Faizan says

    + VALERIE ST JOHN I like all the people,even that all the peoples are not bad according to my oppinion  the society is responsibe  for this that the people lose the confidenc, emotions and feelings.

  108. Debashis Halder says

    In dark ,we common peoples,notice them easylly.

  109. Jason Bunting says

    Actually, the pedantic posts are wrong – stars don't "shine" unless someone with eyes observes them; they emit radiation of a kind, it is true, but the notion that something "shines" is typically understood as a quality of human sight… Either way, being pedantic is not much fun.

  110. Walt Rich says


  111. Tony Dalphonso says

    Light cannot exist without dark nor the other way around. So, to really appreciate anything you have to be open to all aspects of the forms. Something like that.

  112. Narendra Nazare says

    Beautyfull words

  113. Keith Nelson says


  114. Narges Doran says

    so meaningful!

  115. Keith Nelson says


  116. Jake Landreth says

    There's no darkness in stars..even when darkness surrounds them..they shine th brightest, even brighter if they fall.

  117. Keith Nelson says

    thats true too

  118. Tia Lewis says

    Stars are always shining darkness just allows them to be viewed!

  119. Keith Nelson says

    but if it wasn't for the sun we would even see the stars

  120. Alieu Jeng says

    love dis mann

  121. BOUTAHR IKRAM says


  122. Keith Nelson says

    thats right

  123. David Edwards says

    Very true. I like this quote.

  124. Keith Nelson says

    who don't

  125. Bahloul Meziane says

    like this

  126. Bernardino Villena Salas says

    Everything has its counterparty.

  127. Lovance Joseph Johnson Jr. says

    We smile together

  128. Em C says

    stars wouldnt be bright and pretty without darkness 😉


    R u right

  130. zougari mustapha says

    stars need to shine sun light too

  131. rohit kumar says


  132. Kongminkiong Kiong says


  133. Patricia Wall says

    It is so easy to experience self in contrast.  It's also possible to experience self in comparison.  We can see our light with light, as well.

  134. Isabeau Stroh says

    so true

  135. Keith Nelson says

    to true

  136. Uglio Herrera says

    Muy cierto y profundo

  137. Jose G. Yescas says

    Is true….

  138. Edwin Harris says

    I think it's because you are just awsome all by yourself!!! Take care hun!

  139. Keith Nelson says


  140. deepak deepu says

    Send me ur facebook id

  141. Keith Nelson says


  142. getachew fentie says

    this is a good thing to make you more convince to my idea. today on words i will meet you with the internet.thank you for today.

  143. Keith Nelson says

    I agree with you getachew fentie

  144. Ashraf Ali says

    Yes you are right Amanda

  145. Mangal Prajapati says

    Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness—-Positive thinking always on  fancy pictures Nature will Shine & Change every ones mind

  146. Keith Nelson says

    thats true

  147. Sanjay Sathe says

    u r right,…………….

  148. Keith Nelson says


  149. tom Smith says

    Why is it in darkness one can see everything in the light. While someone in the light can't see wat is in the darkness?

  150. Keith Nelson says

    well the light swallos the darkness whole

  151. jeevan sharma says

    yes we need darkness as well as light . light give us strenth then darkness give us calm which is important as strenth.

  152. Keith Nelson says


  153. Patil Raosaheb says


  154. Keith Nelson says


  155. gulraiz khan says

    its true

  156. 周汝飞 says

    Never complain what situatipn u r in, just do your duty.

  157. Muhammad Aslam says

    very goood

  158. Keith Nelson says


  159. jeevan sharma says

    Amanda Blain you have a very possitive attitude & i also belive in this. and i think if all people belive in possitive attitude then we can create heaven on earth. we should have give respect to all religions & countries because they all are important like us like light & dark.

  160. Keith Nelson says


  161. Peter Balcombe says

    Very true

  162. ujaya kumar says

    darkness cannot glitter without stars

  163. Keith Nelson says


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