1. Christopher Lira says

    thats the one i have

  2. Andy Napolitano says

    That is awesome!

  3. Sebastian Wehr says

    realy cool 😀

  4. Christopher Lira says

    just kidding.

  5. Muhammad Adnan Khadim says

    hi frnd…

  6. Cheong Tang says

    video game

  7. Jared Busch says

    nooo way!!! soooo cool!

  8. Lou Massari says

    thats sweet!

  9. Daniel Smith says

    Yeah, I need that.

  10. Jason Long says

    I would love this, my wife would too but not in the living room.  Must…work…on…my…recreation…room now!

  11. brian james says

    So R2-D2 was really a DVD player -back in 1977, years before DVDs were invented …. well played little robot.

  12. Amine GRABSI says


  13. Ryszard Klos says

    super Robots ….

  14. Jeremy Smith says

    Lol I've never seen an Xbox like that

  15. Richard OHearn says

    not "want", NEED

  16. Keith Carey says

    This is cool

  17. modjahed khouildat says

    nice 🙂

  18. Bob Schlaefer says

    I am floored! That is pure awesomeness wrapped in bacon!

  19. William Furby says

    R2D2 where are you?!?

  20. Kevin Marlin says

    I want one!

  21. kilex max says

    il fait quoi ce robot Amanda

  22. Derek Noble says

    Ps3 please ..

  23. Steven Holms says

    And yet, still not worth getting kicked off of Live. Really awesome, but would be bad if Microsoft catches you.

  24. Rudi Brits says

    Oh my -> perfect!

  25. Austin Rodriguez says


  26. King Arthur says

    its too cool!!! i wanna one!!

  27. Shiloh Stervil says

    That thing is cool

  28. Jessica Fuller says

    + Colin Stevens, it could be that there is now an acceptable reason to own an Xbox and then I could play fable ;p

  29. David Gómez says

    I don't like Xbox but I would love to have one of those.

  30. Marie Hélène Visconti says

    Wow. NIce toy.

  31. Stacy S says

    Poor R2 got a down grade.

  32. Brett Wyatt says

    Thats mint were do you get one of those from

  33. Kevin Powers says

    should be a PS3…….

  34. James King says

    that sweet

  35. Shannon Long says

    Where the hell am I gonna put him?!!

  36. Jesse Martin says

    i wonder how much they cost and where i could get one

  37. Taylor Nysten says


  38. Joey Jenrette says

    Take my MONEY!!

  39. austin pore says

    nice work

  40. Matt G says

    remote controlled RTD2?
    How more geeky could you get?

  41. Jee Sedentario says

    I want one!!!!!!

  42. Brandon Xu says

    WOW!!! That is the coolest XBOX!!!

  43. Francisco Gomez says

    It look like great deal of fun

  44. Justin Phipps says

    Wow that must have taken ages.

  45. Raven Simmons says

    ………!!!!!!! I WANT THAT SO BADDDDD!!!!!! im a huge geek and i just love that.

  46. SHANE BURTON says

    I want one sooooooo bad

  47. Owen McLean says

    Better hope they have a good cooling system.

  48. trevor spencer says


  49. Jamea Le Brocq says

    New .staytubular

  50. Jack Taylor says

    Is there also a C3PO PS3?

  51. Lorenzo Jones says

    thats is just playne epic

  52. lewis ato says

    nice one

  53. jaime fu says


  54. Matthew Garner says

    Where's C3PO?

  55. Jared Haywood says

    best xbox ever

  56. david gosselin says


  57. King Ventura says


  58. Steven Neyhart says

    that's sweet in your probly hot girl

  59. zaire morris says

    shut up

  60. Lucas Tobin says

    Mmmrrmmrmm, Yeessss. As Yoda would say; )

  61. dekgeh geviora says


  62. Gazi Shahi says

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! LOL. But sadly, YOLO.

  63. RIZKI NIWANDA says

    star warrssss,,,

  64. Niall Bradley says

    PS3 Version pl0x?

  65. Robert Walker says

    That's cool

  66. Aaron Lewis says

    I so want this

  67. Antonio Jones says

    😀 (Drooling)

  68. edgar torres morgado says

    hola como estas

  69. Mike Zimmerman says

    Fully… OPERATIONAL!!!

  70. Cesar Marte says

    Where can I get this and for how much!!???

  71. Zeeshan Yazdani says


  72. Neil Colville says

    Is this life size? One of the coolest things EVER!!!!

  73. RICHARD C YOUNG says

    Rogo rogo on robot !!!!!! Luv the colors on him/her ? Hows the voice sound ? How long on a charge ?

  74. Daniel Kenny says

    thats really cool!



  76. Ethan Corey says

    how much is that thing?

  77. Matthew Doyel says

    Where can I get this!!!!!!!!???????????????????

  78. tyler housley says

    super cool wish i had one

  79. fill gard says

    wow!! cool.

  80. Andre Macieira says

    Shut up and take my money!!

  81. david olsen says

    i totally agree way cool!!

  82. Aaamer Khan says


  83. amirul olid says

    you guys your choice are so bad

  84. Myrio Jones says

    That is totally badass lol

  85. Simeon Tantchev says

    I'm a ps3 fan but this is just plain EPIC

  86. mohammad farid says

    wa,that is vary nice

  87. Ágúst Friðriksson says

    only if it goes BLEEP BLOOoooop instead of BLEEP BLOOP BLEEP when it gets the red-ring-of-death!   


  88. Dawson Bruckner says


  89. Brandon Linck says

    So freaking awesome!!!

  90. Scott Good says

    Looks like it has a built in projector.

  91. RICHARD C YOUNG says

    Wat kind of plastic(s) ? Wat kind of electrical system does it hav ?

  92. Chukwuemeka Ebo says

    Freakin' Awesome!!

  93. Alantino Benjamin says

    what is that? what is all about for?

  94. Micah Wright says

    What. The. Heck.

  95. Alantino Benjamin says

    hi ?

  96. Dakota West says

    no comprendo

  97. Jeremy Gan says

    Duuude, that looks sick

  98. fill gard says


  99. Carlos Mariani says

    Want one..

  100. Jeremy Gan says

    I meant the epic version of sick not the disgusting kind

  101. Nick R says

    thats the sweetest x-box ever. it would b hella sweet if it had speakers and an i-pod dock as well.

  102. Zachary Martin says

    What does he do for the "red ring"?

  103. arkom worasiangsuk says

    Espresso machine.

  104. Ronald Czik says

    Impressive. Most impressive. But you are not a Jedi yet.

  105. Jack Eilers says

    right on it + Ronald Czik

  106. William Katz says

    When it Red-Rings, I really hope there's a cool R2 scream for the error sound…

  107. Jose Cordero says

    Love it

  108. sub marin says

    yoo. Heck..

  109. Christian Joanis says


  110. John Stierheim says

    I have the phone, does that count? Lol

  111. cha pi says

    R2D2XBOX!!!I LOVE IT!!

  112. zane corn says


  113. Stephen Arner says

    bad ass

  114. Kyle Duffner says

    NEED IT! i will take 50000000 of them

  115. Joshua Luu says

    OMG that is so cool … I'm going to save up money and probably buy one if its on sale

  116. Jackson Child says

    im not big on star wars but i kind of want that

  117. Lawrence Fencher says

    Amazingly AWE=SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. greg sands says

    Extremely Cool!!!

  119. Kashmir Sandhu says

    very cute

  120. Aleksandar Manolov says

    R2D2 and Xbox?Combined?Gimme!

  121. KJ Nelson says



    What is this

  123. Filip Lipinski says

    That is amazing!

  124. miguelangel gomezbarrera says

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  125. yolo usher says


  126. Andrew Chheng says


  127. Eric Lee says

    Ahhh… case mods came tot he X360… bravo!  although Ben Heck has done a lot of unique (and entirely functional) console case mods =)

  128. Derpy Hooves says

    i need r2-d2 as my xbox

  129. Gilbert Martinez says

    That is so awesome!

  130. Jacob Schultz says

    thats incredible

  131. omar ortega says

     i wish i had one of those!!!

  132. Nathan Rutherford says


  133. Danny L says


  134. Ryan Albert says


  135. James Reddell says

    + Kat Downward

  136. juan campos says


  137. Justin Szumski says


  138. Dillon Britt says

    there is 666 plus 1's when I posted this comment

  139. Justin Chettle says

    That is the most amazing thing ever!!

  140. Riley Colville says

    Cool. I'm jealous

  141. Dillon Britt says

    Ok now there is more Plus 1's so never mind

  142. Nick Richards says

    An R2-D2 Xbox360 now I've seen everything. What will they think of next? Perhaps a C3-PO PS3.

  143. Reinaldo Dejesus says

    FUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK! That is the jam! I need one were is it?

  144. Chase Van Huisen says

    Is his blue "projector eye" the Kinect?  That would be cool!

  145. Jared Carlisle says

    Not a console gamer myself, but that is epic. I'd love to see a gaming comp built into one; I'd buy that.

  146. Hunter Ganas says


  147. Terrell King says


  148. Joshua Jazz Hernandez says


  149. Robert Davis says

    Simply awesome

  150. aqib ansari says

    oooooooo datzzzzzz really kwel

  151. Blaine Taylor says

    So jealous haha

  152. Rochelle Mark Conol says

    wish to have it!

  153. Corey Guse says


  154. Eva Cami says


  155. Garret Armijo says

    Now that is cool

  156. Nicholas Reed says

    That makes the one I have seem lame… :'(

  157. Tristan Guidry says

    coolest thing ever

  158. Alex M. Pyryt says

    Does it still red ring

  159. Calypso Paramour says

    the screen?…

  160. Ben larimer says

    that is really cool

  161. Sean Godinez says

    oh mah gawsh…this is amazing… *Sméagol voice* MY PRECIOUS!!!! *normal voice* i want this thing so friggin bad…

  162. Joshua golonka says


  163. wahid rahman says


  164. Alvin Estrada says

    where to order one?

  165. Dominic deCastro says

    holy crap thts cool

  166. Jeremy Donovan says


  167. Elvis Le says

    Awesome – (-_-)

  168. Calvin Dunbrasky says


  169. Ricky Zhou says

    ill bet that costs about 1k easily

  170. Kevin smith says

    Hey im kas

  171. manuel Stubb says

    Extremely cool

  172. Jason Pendley says

    I want one so much.

  173. Daniel Gordon says

    It's a case-mod.  Only a dork would create one this sad.

    In case you didn't know: PC > PS3 > xBox, and Geeks > Nerds > Dorks.

  174. david pitts says

    How awesome

  175. Todd Baird says

    U rule Xbox is cool to

  176. giovanni ridley says

    that is cool

  177. Robert M says

    I want one

  178. Shotey wotey says


  179. eleazar liriano morales says

    yo tambien

  180. Iruo James says

    i don't

  181. Sleepy Giant says

    That oyez awesome

  182. Pedro Nunez says

    That is cool.

  183. Byron Young says

    Thats awesome

  184. Danny Isoldi says

    I want one. I bet even the red ring of death on that thing looks cool

  185. Dylan Tran says


  186. angelina cartagena says


  187. ricardo garcia says


  188. Ricardo Samuel says

    Sick! Ps3 next please

  189. Yahya Ali says


  190. Christian Hadley says


  191. angelina cartagena says

    cool x-box

  192. Nguyen Minh Tri says


  193. Pete Karas says

    That thing is just like it came from the movie, my sister had a remote control r2d2 years ago

  194. Brickie R. Bowman says

    I want it

  195. Brandon Padilla says


  196. Ambra V says

    Am I the only one who got the Motorola Droid 2 R2D2 limited edition when it came out in 2010?

  197. Rennie ranoo says

    O my god that is bullshit

  198. Hsiung Chen says


  199. Pat Casey says


  200. Kameron Black says

    man that is cool but what is the point of puting on all that extra stuff just stupid

  201. Matthew Devlin says

    yes, Fuck yes

  202. Chris Johnson says

    Might stop me from throwing the damn thing about when i get shitty with my games.
    Or it will more likely sit unused for months at a time like the console i have now does 😀

  203. Colby Bloomingburg says

    That's cool looking.

  204. Nicholas Burress says

    + Daniel Gordon opinions != fact. Since we are talking in logical operators.

  205. Dinesh Kumar says


  206. Preston Brantmeyer says

    How much?????

  207. Matthew Devlin says

    + Dinesh Kumar  No, just no

  208. walter almeida says

    Pretty cool.Where's 3cpo

  209. Ophylia Washington says

    Hot! R2D2….. Star Wars…. luv. ;-*)

  210. Patwig Nie says

    halo 4 multtiplayer: YES YES YES YES r2d2 starts to fly away from house NO NO NO NO

  211. Jose Naranjo says


  212. jaspalsinh jadeja says


  213. Schaum Day says

    I want

  214. Christian Tobias says

    That is gorgeous

  215. Emily West says

    I WANT ONE!!!

  216. jacob jauregui says


  217. Alan Eager says

    Oh yes, and me please lol

  218. Abieba Ramsey says

    9x one

  219. khaleel Hicks says

    that is so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  220. Dawn Hoffman says


  221. Chand Sharma says


  222. Dominick Pasco says


  223. Jack Davison says

    That thing is AWESOME, I want on so,where did you get it?                                                     Please reply From,
                                                                           jack d

  224. Ryan Maguire says

    How much

  225. Terrence Winston-Campbell says


  226. Kuba Alvarez says


  227. Scott Dominguez says

    That sick!!!

  228. Erin Crawford says


  229. gian saballa says


  230. Nolan Rice says

    A Jarjar Binks one would be cooler.

  231. Matteo Salamone says

    Where can I get that for my kids

  232. albert muro says

    When can I get one ?

  233. Christian Noel says

    where did you get it

  234. Anthony Karas says


  235. Blaine Butcher says

    I want!

  236. 郑协 says


  237. Fahmi Idrus says

    must have item!

  238. Nate Solomon says

    Omg dats bosssssss

  239. Larissa Ladner says

    I need it!!!!!

  240. ted redsky says

    use your 3d printer


    is it posible to incoroparate kinect in this it 'd be awsome

  242. Nate rutter says

    Lol thats awesome!!!!!

  243. Dayline Jusino Velez says

    Love it …

  244. ethan hinds says

    only needs a light saber controller lol

  245. Sarchal Faraj says


  246. Jacob Morris says

    When is that going to be a PS3? That's cool!

  247. Nyle Silla says

    how much u want 4 it

  248. Jeanskinov Sherrer says

    PS3 sucks guys! Its no wonder she took xbox to be the feature console!

  249. K Gwynn says


  250. Abdirahman Abdi says


  251. michael taunton says

    thats cool

  252. Oscar O says

    My inner Nerd jst had an orgasm.

  253. Jacob Morris says

    Screw you dude! PS3 is awesome!

  254. Hamza Pervaz says


  255. Oscar O says

    How much is all I need to know.

  256. Obinna Nnadi says

    wow!!! nice

  257. Tyheme Harrison says

    I love it I got the smaller version

  258. michael utt says

    That's cool

  259. Chris Burbank says


  260. Oscar O says

    Ps3 is overrated.
    Online play nowhere near as good as 360.

  261. Chuck Rudish says

    speaking of growing up……………………

  262. Jacob Dixon says

    Oh well fuck me and my Star Wars edition 360, right?

  263. jimmy arevalo says

    No way

  264. Amber Logan says

    Super cool!



  266. erick gomez says


  267. Tim Dolin says


  268. Jacob Morris says

    Online play on PS3 is way better than 360 because it's free.

  269. Leningrado Florêncio says

    I need one 🙂

  270. Samuel Rodriguez says

    Thas so sick!

  271. Conner Shepard says

    Now THAT I want.

  272. Marcus Daigle says

    Looks like fun

  273. Samuel Rodriguez says


  274. Robert Luce says

    I knpw him.

  275. Brent Mudderdog McNew says

    uhm i want it to!!

  276. Harsh Raythattha says


  277. Elijah Sample says

    wow i cant baleive that is a xbox that is from star wars

  278. aditya gorai says


  279. Emaneul C Harris Jr says

    wow i never seen tht before

  280. Sandeep Chhillar says


  281. Jay Regz says


  282. Anthony Harvat says

    How much?!

  283. Emaneul C Harris Jr says

    were did u find it

  284. Gabriel Brown says

    That is so very cool!

  285. Juan Reyes says


  286. Samuel Kelemen says

    fully working…. as it can fly space craft from the era dubbed as 'long long ago'.

  287. Aaron Reotutar says


  288. Kyle R. Davis says

    So beast and don't call me a nerd:) *

  289. Eichi Akimoto says

    I saw this at Comic Con. There were some other cool custom systems too.

  290. John Odeleye says

    I wan it

  291. Aiden Romero says


  292. SATAKUN diomioya says

    Haha r2d2

  293. Andy Riddler says

    Absolutely amazing and a MUST have

  294. Paul P says

    Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, your our only hope! Um okay what do I press? 🙂

  295. ernest ruiz says


  296. Marquette Smith says


  297. Aiden Hebert says

    That is awesome

  298. David Nightingale says

    "Fully Working" as an XboX, not fully working as an R2D2.

  299. uw badger says

    My son wants one BAD!

  300. Nick Larson says


  301. Eiton Barker says

    Need this!

  302. wassapid withbest says


  303. Donagh Reardon says

    What happen when you ask it for help?
    Does it give you instructions or show a 3d message of a women asking for help?
    Also, does it have a light saber as an extra?

  304. greg s says

    Need one…

  305. ignacio ruvalcaba says

    Want want want

  306. Carl Schloegel says

    Show me! Did you make a video of it that we can watch?

  307. Maria V says


  308. jiesy wagan says


  309. Allen Weston says

    Omg amazing, i want!

  310. William Young says

    I'll take an army's worth & put em to work.

  311. Adam Leiter says

    That's so awesome. I want one!

  312. Robert Liu says

    Very cool.

  313. Nomeneta Saili says

    No good. It's going to red ring lol!

  314. Rubel Parvez says

    wow ,its dream

  315. Hector Carrillo says

    I want!

  316. Athony Valencia says

    that is so sick  were did you get

  317. JP Gonzalez says


  318. Maddie M says

    THAT IS SO EPICC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  319. bimas jaan says

    thatts nice wow

  320. Brian Kim says

    brings me back memories of how future used to be.

  321. Bre Riffe says


  322. Maddie M says


  323. husni husairy says


  324. larry phillip says

    That's cool

  325. Maddie M says


  326. ben archibeque says


  327. vaswani Thomas says

    IT LOOK SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  328. Tiger Lee says


  329. Gannon Boone says

    That is so amazingly kick ass

  330. Cody Lactin says

    That's cool

  331. Matt Milner says


  332. Tiger Lee says


  333. Adonay Yonnas says

    ill take that for 300 dollars

  334. Zachary Coles says

    Very good!

  335. zack guy says

    That is rad

  336. Guoliang Zhang says

    What is it?

  337. keilon hughes says


  338. Curt Hoptry says

    That's serous nerd love.

  339. Matthew Bagheri says

    I want one

  340. Aura Falul says

    WOW.. I really wanna to join nd get more fun.

  341. Harold Wilson says

    Thats relly cool…!

  342. Thomas Lappenbusch says

    Good design, if U took away the controllers I would think its a average R2D2 Replica

  343. Joseph Parkson says

    That is not the x box you are looking for.

  344. Elwilton Eligon says

    Shut up and take my money!!

  345. G. James Berigan says

    Next matching panel needs to incorporate the Xbox external HD DVD drive.

  346. Austin Nobles says

    That sucks

  347. Demi Adeoye says

    what the…

  348. Andrew Hernandez says

    II still have the kenner r2-d2 wired remote from the Jcpenney catalog with the original box at home. Thinking about selling it one day.

  349. Karl Roe says

    Hahaha so cool 😀

  350. Kim Landers says


  351. Poipo Adi says

    it's like android 15 in dragon ball 😀

  352. Sascha Schut says

    I dont like the Xbox 360 But the R2D2 is cool

  353. anthony ramirez says


  354. hasser kasim says

    hahahah ur right its luk lyk android 15 heheheheh ^_^!

  355. lyo lapinid says


  356. trish hammel says

    Cool.excuse my old school but …r2d2 I remembr. K….but what exactly IS AN XBOX?

  357. Nicholas Ruppert says

    oooohhhhhh. it's an r2d2 xbox 360 consoll.

  358. Tre Phillips says

    I need one

  359. Erick Lantigua says

    Now that's a customize console.

  360. DJ yamin says

    Hey hey what is this ? I'm eager to know what that is!

  361. Douglas Joyce says

    its an awesome xbox 360 omg cool man

  362. Adam Wallace says

    Bad ass!!! 😉

  363. Jacob Wallace says

    Thats amazing

  364. chad warner says

    Oh want one of those thanks for posting

  365. Albert Ugwu says

    Awesome, but i never fully watched ANY Star Wars movie.

  366. Keith Nelson says

    Thats awesome, amazing, cool, and nice all at the same time

  367. Shabaz Ganiyani says

    Nice machine dude

  368. jagdish sonawane says


  369. Gargya Sen says

    Its really cool….!

  370. jake haley says


  371. Jacob Kim says

    Shut up and take my money…

  372. Aedan Armstrong says

    that's so cool

  373. Ryan Freddyanto says


  374. David Chace says

    I must have this wonderful creation.

  375. Jayme Beacon says

    Where do I buy one?

  376. DJ yamin says


  377. James Hitchcock says

    Drool augh ausom

  378. Isaac Williams says

    Price I want it

  379. Carlos Elias Soliman says

    wow awesome. the best xbox i ve ever seen.

  380. hector aponte says


  381. Myint Maung says

    robot xbox..?

  382. zlybax o'mally says

    God you're annoying. Surely you've noticed that 90%+ of the comments you receive are from bots/dumbasses?

  383. Sean Cook says


  384. lucas colman says

    🙂 !

  385. Brian DuCharme says

    That's why i love Amanda!

  386. earl miguel mendoza says

    Interesting and super cool!

  387. Geo Myrie says

    Ha, are you on twitter?

  388. zlybax o'mally says

    + Brian DuCharme Why, exactly?

  389. Cole Carlile says

    awsome i love starwars

  390. Tejesh Shah says


  391. Vincent Wilkinson says

    That is cooler than he'll!

  392. Elizabeth Kirk says

    Whst up r2 🙂 ~ ek

  393. ke v says


  394. Saleste Carrillo says

    hey R2 🙂

  395. Inderjit Singh says


  396. Shawn Andersen says

    i needed an upgrade on my xbox looks like i found it

  397. Chris James says

    Wow + Amanda Blain I've only spotted the Star Wars one – where is this available?

  398. Rafik Eldin says


  399. Carlos Sanchez says

    R2D2 is fucking amazing I want that Xbox I will pay anything for it in a huge Star Warz Fan

  400. Durand Green says

    This is exclusive.

  401. Kevette Kane says

    My son would love this!

  402. Carlos Sanchez says

    Psh Idc I want it like I said I'll pay anything for it if not I'll find out where it's at nd I will personally steal it

  403. Naitik Rawat Rawat says

    vary fantastic toy . i think

  404. Anik Ganguly says

    WOW !

  405. Doob Snax says

    Sick lol that's freakin awesome

  406. andrew gangl says

    lol thats fresh yo

  407. LeVar Brown says

    How much to get one?

  408. Brian Smoots says

    oh yeah

  409. Sean Archer says


  410. Nick Vogel says

    That would be awesome to have

  411. PRANAV THAKUR says

    Itz coool

  412. Oliver Liang says


  413. daniel montelongo says

    can i have it jk thats really awesome to have lol:)

  414. Noah Moffatt says


  415. D. Dixon says

    Where to get it?

  416. Tommie Branham says

    Right on

  417. Lucas Sachse says


  418. Ricardo Arcelay says

    Wow were u get that

  419. wil lavender says

    that is sick

  420. Ravi shah says

    nicely painted!!! 😉

  421. jazmin siharath says

    that is so awsome

  422. Abu tasser Ahmad says

    Whoooaah.. Really??

  423. Jalen Beck says

    Hey how they get a picture of my xbox?

  424. Grant Ye says

    u have one of those!!

  425. Antoine-Etienne HoShing-Bridge says

    That is so cool

  426. Kori ahhn says

    i wat one shut up and take my money

  427. Ernie Guerrero says

    I likie.

  428. Mike Melvyn says

    MMMM I LIKE + Amanda Blain

  429. Reggie Lakehurst says

    how cool

  430. Gage Contreras says


  431. Lou Gordon says

    Hghhhyyyyh uj

  432. Boyd Zegers says

    thats awesome, i so want one.

  433. William Fuentes says

    Love it

  434. Stephen Gomez says

    so cool!

  435. Kimberly Jordon says

    Aww was gunna asj if I can change me face inpresstion but I love r2d2 ……. classic made me change

  436. coco nut says

    How do you get one?

  437. Kimberly Jordon says

    I'll be back in 8months I'll show you;)

  438. Gholam Vakili says


  439. anaruell hidayat says

    good 🙂

  440. viciy ahir says


  441. Michael Jackson Sr says


  442. Micah Duker says

    thats is so frickin cool and awesome i want one

  443. jose icaca says


  444. Joe Moreno says


  445. Maya Fabri says

    Soo awesome

  446. Robby Hayes says

    omg i freaking want one!!!!

  447. Pranav Menon says

    thatis awesome

  448. jeric mabuting says

    nice !!

  449. Samantha Murphy says

    That is very cool. I knew that little robot had more tricks up his…. ah,, shell.

  450. jacob hernandez says

    Thar is cool

  451. imtiyaz khan says


  452. Fernando Verano says

    I want one….

  453. Miguel Gonzalez says

    Soo baddass!

  454. Samantha Murphy says

    UN-related gobble-de-goop

  455. Siri Loner says

    me want

  456. Howard Ngo says

    your just jealus

  457. florante guarino says

    Wow..orig ba yan?

  458. ajay pawar says


  459. Aniyar Amat says


  460. Elijah Garrah says


  461. Jennifer Sager Cosgrove says

    Total awesomeness !!!

  462. Santhosh P.C says

    hai amanda add me

  463. rohit pradhan says


  464. Jaroslav Kral says

    The times are coming when this will no longer be considered cool.

  465. Vyomsarit Singh says


  466. Shmitty Shmit says

    Shut up and take my money!

  467. Hilario Perez says


  468. muhsin hassan says

    nic rbt

  469. ryan barnes says

    Wow, that is badass i bet that took a lot of time to make. i would pay to have that done to mine!

  470. Trakeyse Hatchett says

    Soo awesome

  471. kishan singha says


  472. Brian Medina says

    This is awesome!

  473. Annur Maruf says

    okay let's join

  474. Alex Wilson says

    When it red rings does it do R2s little overloaded act?

  475. Kyle Kinder says

    Very unique and cool!

  476. Sanjay Dutta says


  477. Issa Darvishzadeh says

    nice  device….!

  478. RON BATCHELOR says

    Simply awesome

  479. jithin ajith says


  480. Srinivasa Reddy says


  481. chetan kumar says

    hi friend how r u?

  482. amit atarthi says


  483. valentin alcantar says


  484. Jessie Altamirano says

    That's so cool… I love it

  485. Gerank Fok says

    looks nothing like an xbox but for some reason it works like one

  486. Juanramon Hervas says

    Very cool

  487. tony vargas says

    I am a xbox guy.

  488. Rafael G. says

    Thats fucking genius. Way ti go….

  489. Jessie Altamirano says

    Yes but not like that

  490. Christine Justice says

    my brother would lv that, too bad he grew up, had 2 boyz that would mush him if they couldnt play too

  491. Brian Irwin says

    XBox360? Lol

  492. afonso muatocuene says

    Ho ho, whats that?

  493. abhishek ababhi says

    oho robot

  494. natyh sunny says


  495. Michael Sirjue says


  496. kamalee arasu says

    very nice

  497. Damian Elliott says

    That's easy to make take xbox 360 apart ad get a cd r2d2 and put them 2gether with a few holes in the back for all the wires to hangout and you, got it 🙂

  498. ANKIT PANDE says

    very nice and  very good

  499. manoj saini says

    very very nice piss

  500. Mychal Young says

    I want one! Haha…..

  501. Moshin Khan says

    I like it

  502. robert slejher says

    ez valami szuper robot.

  503. SHAYAN khan says


  504. Ivica Stojiljkovic says

    hahhaah i like it to 😀

  505. kyaw thet says

    It is good

  506. Justin Mizer says

    So cool!

  507. Jermaine Harding says

    Is that for real?

  508. Matt Tice says

    Fudging SWEET

  509. Charles Lordfresh says

    I Ǻ♍ really interested in that

  510. Kevin crook says

    ppremier league table

  511. sandy Sandhya says


  512. shenol kika says

    I want one

  513. محمد العش says


  514. Vinh L says

    haha….I like to have that on my desk as my PC tower. That'll be cool.

  515. Prince Donkor says

    now technology is the enemy on this earth

  516. 小逯 says

    a fashion dvd player

  517. Ida Ebrahimi says


  518. Albert Gifford says


  519. Albert Gifford says


  520. Jamie Badgett says


  521. khaleel Hicks says

    can you by it at all??

  522. Major League Mods says


  523. Jonathan Russell says

    Is there a PS3 version? =)

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