*The Most Romantic Thing I May Have Ever Read*

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I know I post lots of romantic little quotes and cute little sayings here on gplus…. But this one really takes the cake for me… I personally believe this to be true… Everything in life happens for reasons that move you in a direction. Push through, get on, deal with it…  Single People…. There is somewhere for you to be and you are almost there… promise…. ♥

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*The Most Romantic Thing I May Have Ever Read*

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  1. Steve Kluver says

    All true.


    O era amor se transformou em ódio e se transformou em vingança que virou perdão e voltou a ser amor.

  3. Lana Horowitz says

    that is so beautiful,,,,

  4. Ronald Woodhouse says

    Yeah, maybe the marriage wasn't so smooth, but the kids turned out great!!

  5. Jessica Northey says

    + Amanda Blain that is romantic and I hope in my heart it is true!

  6. Cameron Silva says


  7. Brett Coulthard says

    When-ever life starts getting me down I try to keep this philosophy in mind.  All the good stuff in life happened because of the choices and the path I took getting here.

    I still haven't found that special someone but I know she's out there!

  8. Heather Manfredi says

    I said this once to someone.


    O esso de um sentimento do amor tem que ser tratado com o perdão, queixas e ressentimentos não levam a nada, o perdão ai é uma forma de amor.

  10. Stanley Victor Paskavich says

    Excellent Post everything here seems to revolve on a hit and miss system that sometimes is no larger than the head of a stick pin.

  11. haarika choudary says

    love makes everything blind

  12. Alexeyeva Smith says

    🙂 Thanks for this!

  13. Brian Alaway says

    Every long lost dream led me to where you are
    Others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars
    Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
    This much I know is true

    That God blessed the broken road
    That led me straight to you


  14. Gary Savary says

    Isn't this a song???

  15. Tiffany Henry says

    If you can't look at your partner and say this + UR DOIN IT RONG . Break up immediately.

  16. Rob Michael says

    Ella Fitzgerald – Isn't It Romantic (Original Theme From ''Sabrina'')

  17. nathan reynolds says

    Wonderful!! Thank you very much + Amanda Blain Have a lovely evening

  18. Amanda Blain says

    + Brian Alaway what a fabulous song… thanks for sharing 😀

  19. Bava Kasim says


  20. Sash Mishra says

    I agree Amanda!

  21. Mohammed Khaliji says

    Ice cream

  22. Phillip Ryan says

    I would like to believe that but I feel Darwinism is in full effect regarding me.

  23. Manik Sikder says

    thanks lot of you

  24. mesut tankulu says

    The Peace is Always In Islam.

  25. Cyne Yang says

    Very sweet

  26. Kirti Sonal says

    Awesome 🙂

  27. Christopher Calvert says

    Better than "destiny", it suggests the author almost understands how probability, chance, and possible futures are affected by our choices 😉

  28. Vic Loignon says

    Ils sont si vrai ces mots,je vous remerci de pouvoir les lire.

  29. Sunil Sharma says

    hello kirti

  30. Agnes Prince says

    In Romance everything seems not impossible…like an innocent lamb taken to slaughter….

  31. anica van zyl says

    that is true

  32. Sarah Lynn Anderson says

    Love this, its beautiful 🙂

  33. Lorne Hammond says

    Absolutely the true.

  34. Pat Someguynamedpat says

    Very nice.

  35. Saint Williams says

    Cool And True

  36. Tehseen Shaikh says


  37. Christopher delisle says

    so true

  38. Dominga Rodriguez says

    + Anthony Gonzalez <3 <3 <3

  39. Yared Abera says

    Yeh very clinical treatment girl!

  40. Anthony Gonzalez says

    :-* :-* :-* + Dominga Rodriguez

  41. Todd Mumford says

    "Single People…. There is somewhere for you to be and you are almost there"

    Yup. The bar 🙂

  42. Dominga Rodriguez says

    Muah muah muahz!!! + Anthony Gonzalez

  43. Anthony Gonzalez says

    Mmmmmmmmmm baby! Thank you! + Dominga Rodriguez

  44. Dominga Rodriguez says

    Your welcome.

  45. ionut gabriel Caraignat says

    wow , beautiful

  46. ch mobi says

    it's different 

  47. Ajmal Avesta says

    This is shit…

  48. saurabh singh says


  49. Ahmed Hussein says

    ture.  Like

  50. Donna Lim says

    Soo true

  51. tammy crossen says

    love it

  52. Md Ahmed says

    wow Its amazing……………………

  53. raymond hedquist says


  54. raymond hedquist says


  55. Mohammad Binyamin says

    so nice….

  56. Dodo H. says


  57. David Page says

    …and here is that thought as one of my favourite songs:

    Darius Rucker – This

  58. Christopher Waisanen says

    Oddly enough, my fiance and I had several opportunities to meet before we finally got together, but we always seemed to just miss one another.

  59. Pedro Sanchez says

    Be easy on you, and you will never be unhappy, easy does it Amanda, you are very Pro Active Girl, but all must fallow on moderation steps.

  60. Hong Cong Phan says

    Public expose,but seemly personal message.

  61. Doug Wittrock says

    Being grateful.  It works.

  62. Calvin Davis says

    I believe everything happens for a reason although the reason(s) may not always be clear.

  63. Gary Pinette says

    That is so beautiful …it made me cry.. lucky man you have bet he will cry when reade it

  64. Doug Wittrock says

    Agreed + Calvin Davis .  Life is funny that way, in my own experience at least.  If you're paying attention, the reasons often are revealed to you, albeit later down the road.

  65. Hemo tik tok says


  66. Karen Pluto says

    Did you have a chat to my hubby + Amanda Blain ?  He says that often.

  67. Peter Batten says

    WOW Amanda Blain is a poet and now we know it; LOL PedroJoy/Pete!

  68. nimesh vaghela says

    these is very nice message & I thinking you r very romantic.

  69. Vladimir Zolotykh says

    It can't be otherwise. Life's far too complex to be ruled by our logical or whatever decisions.

  70. Maria Modestou says

    ohhhhhh so sweet…

  71. dana camargo says

    I love it

  72. Karen Pluto says

    if you asked my daughter, she'd say that its all a chemical reaction… science rules her life.

  73. zwelihle msimanga says


  74. Amanda Wickramasinghe says

    but i feel if i did one different thing…….then i didn't meet u & u didn't leave me….

  75. Nestor Montelongo says

    the wonders of finally finding the One

  76. Rajdeepsinh Hada says


  77. John Burak says

    Wow, that's fluffy. If someone told me that I'd know they have never really faced heartbreak. There's no fate. Coincidences don't make a relationship last.

  78. thành trung nguyễn says

    hay quá

  79. Theo WolF says

    I say this often, in a much broader sense. Some life changing events are obvious, others are not. Whether it's Darius Rutger's This or Rascal Flatt's Bless The Broken Road or even the quote "If things were different, they wouldn't be the same."

    You forge the chain of events that is your life one link at a time. Though, as Gandalf said. "Not even the very wise can foresee all ends."

  80. manish N says

    Simply liked this..

  81. lewis ato says

    true love is  best in our lives , like dis message…

  82. Николай Бычин says

    хорошо умееш выражать мысль!

  83. Fran Kemp says

    I can appreciate this

  84. Joseph arguijo says

    Lol ahh yes the one good reason to make you more happy then ever to leave any other person behind and glad you will never see or hear from people in your past again 🙂 only the future brings some one worth your while and some one who will make all the past people who lied n promised you the moon and the stars look like shit lol 🙂 i canr wait for that real girl to come into my life yup yup 🙂

  85. Quốc Hoàng Vương says

    I want to you

  86. Quốc Hoàng Vương says

    Toi yeu em den nay chung co the.
    Ngon lua tinh chua han da tan phai.
    Nhung khong de em ban long them nua.
    Hay hon em phai ban bong u hoai.
    Toi yeu em am tham khong hy vong.
    Luc rut re khi ham huc long ghen.
    Toi yeu em,yeu chan thanh dam tham.
    Cau em duoc nguoi tinh nhu toi da yeu em!!!!!!!

  87. Edward Mason says

    I honestly feel this way about my baby now.

  88. lewis ato says

    how i wish i can get true love like dis  on earth

  89. Quốc Hoàng Vương says

    Hello niru.

  90. daniel fairclough says

    This is exactly how how I feel about my lovely partner Yvonne. We have been together since 2008 I was 41 when we met when i was working in spain as a hotel entertainer. I have asked myself many times. "should i have studied harder at school & got a degree" But I am lucky I have worked in all sorts of jobs both in the UK & abroad. I was married from 1997-2004 which was a mistake. I have got myself into debt, not now. But of all the mistakes i have made led me to that day in a spanish bar when I met my angel Yvonne. I never beleived in love at first sight until I met her. She was on holiday with her daughter & friends but she went home 3 days later but I knew then that i had met the one. We texted & called each other for 3 weeks before i returned to uk & we moved in together & been together ever since & will be 5 years in June. I was my best decision in my whole life. Thankfully she feels the same as me. So all you who are looking for real true love it is out there. Be patient don't settle for someone just because you don't want to be alone. The one is out there & you don't know when you will meet that person that will change your whole life. Lewis You can.

  91. tholony betty says

    hi friends

  92. reginaldo dos santos motta Santos says

    muito romantica adorei bjs

  93. Marianne Sansum says

    Yes good point…

  94. ruth larbie says

    this is very nice…..:)

  95. ekeh henry says

    true, but who really is it about?

  96. Nada Shahata says

    very nice 😉

  97. khan raja says

    u want to meet me dear

  98. Lovance Joseph Johnson Jr. says

    many thing's change to some it's just fun and games to me the mind go's as will as the hart these two make one person ally it's self / to lose or brake up cause a miss understanding without takeing the time to look at all the love an time each other put in to get to know eachother make the days more unthout'g of /just to say hi with the beging of let walk an talk even if it's just about how the wind is cooling the mov or a look that keep that someone won'ting stop just you /make the time each see /my change is to pay more a ten ion to that srten someone an not loseeing that joy that we started the walk with /an till then i will co ten u to plain a more + way to support an long nigth stay with x so lent outcome's                                                              7''

  99. ささりょーた says

    oh good!!

  100. Osment Saundra says

    This is so true

  101. Jazzy Stowell says

    awwww… cute <3

  102. Osment Saundra says

    This is so true

  103. Ishie Ansah says

    Wow….. Truly in love.


    absolutely true

  105. sasti raj says

    Ohhhhhh soooo sweets

  106. Qudratullah Khan says

    very fine

  107. Justin Warnock says


  108. dileep bhan says

    nice one

  109. Ria Deang says

    i luvd it!!!

  110. Maurice A. says

    I hope so. But then again I know she is out there. I'll find you soon wherever you are!!

  111. gvsreddy gurala says

    it is thoughtful

  112. Sam Webb says

    hello beautiful, im sure your the angel of someones eye

  113. Oscar Frias says

    Amazing, and so true.

  114. thuận nguyễn văn says

    very very true

  115. Visnja Zeljeznjak says

    This is exactly how I comfort myself moments before I start feeling sorry for my past self 🙂 I wouldn't change a thing.

  116. Amber Gibson says

    Well when something you seek suddenly turns bad……dont duck…stand up….do not hide…. and say exactly what it is that is not working….most people loose cause their own expectations hsve been overlooked.!!!!

  117. Allan Brimer says

    i hope you dont find her before me maurice a

  118. Marija Lazarević says

    So sweet.

  119. Abhishek Handoo says

    Almost there…. again

  120. Shirley Mack says

    Wow, I need to send this to someone today.

  121. Kaitlynn Jones says


  122. Dotun Muyiwa-ojo says

    Really nice stuff

  123. Adrian Martin says

    So true, + Amanda Blain …no lie, but I used to dream of a faceless woman for most of my life and no matter who I dated back then, she always existed. When I met my wifey, the face finally came into focus…and it was her all along. THAT is both poetic and romantic at the same time. I guess God was letting me know?…

  124. rohit soni says


  125. Jaime Dias says

    so help me god!

  126. Mohamed Amrani says

    Bien exprimé,à la mode romantique qui s'oppose comme une réalité face au monde matériel qui nous cerne. Merci, God bless you.

  127. marizethebraz fernandes says


  128. Simran Rajani says

    So true

  129. rich young says

    On the 20th  of November my wife of 33 years past away .I feel that your quot is very true . It brought a happy tear to my eye . Thank you

  130. mohammed benaricha says

    i's so … so….so…..! i's just … romantic and true.

  131. DOUGROU Franck says

    I like your posts

  132. suresh babu says

    i still not met my angel but still its inspire me

  133. Joyce Clatterbuck says

    Very true life happens for a reason is life pre calculated?

  134. rohit soni says


  135. chris mueller says

    when i think about my fragmented vita i always come back to that. 🙂

  136. Kongminkiong Kiong says

    Okaywhat,s one thing ,you done,differently.tell me.i am waiting,lol.

  137. Ruth Hochman says

    So true.

  138. Shreyosi Roy says

    awwww dats so full of love and love and love…<3

  139. Zaghbani Mohamed Ali says

    love it !!!!

  140. David Belliveau says

    Or, If one thing was done differently, you may have met much sooner.  

    You never know.

  141. Robert Ligon says

    Very true

  142. Shreyosi Roy says

    + David Belliveau like ur optimism!

  143. Dennis Duffield says

    Good advice Amanda and true.

  144. Bhargava Manjunath says


  145. Nurezwan Mokhtar says

    This is exactly what he/she will tell to another girl/boy after he/she break up with his/her couple….
    P.S.: I purposely made it hard to understand. LOL

  146. Dominique Blochlinger says

    It a Wonderful Life

  147. Mary Ponzi-Free says

    Love this

  148. Bill Newton says

    I really like this little sentiment. Seems like a genuine heart-felt statement.

  149. ste lavoie says

    not bad, not bad at all,I GUESS ITS TRUE CAUSE I MEET YOU TODAY! 🙂

  150. Thor Erickson says

    I want a girlfriend ):

  151. usman hamma says

    Nice one!

  152. Ian Kelly says

    Those things that bind us, intertwine us, more than we know.

  153. Nadia Uhlenahker says


  154. zulfiqar ali says


  155. mohamed osman says

    I think this is what exactly happened to me

  156. David Paula Petrey says

    Amazing! So true; my wife and I have had to reminds each other of this often.

  157. Paria KM says


  158. josi Sens says


  159. Kimmy Long says

    Eyes wet now just beautiful verse

  160. nagaraj raju says

    It happen's & its true quote.

  161. Robert Wiecz says

    Then you woke up and came to realize sometimes life sucks but you can not stay in the fantasy land that you made up, People will live and day and there is nothing going to change that, and there always what they are when you meet them or not.

  162. Hasan Gül says

    hmm, it's nice ^^

  163. Willi Bambach says

    lovely – and not only true for THE one person but for your whole present !

  164. Margaret Lee says

    Totally agree all lifes ups & downs,twist and turns,although we don't realise it leads us to the people and places we find ourselves with today….. 🙂

  165. Kongminkiong Kiong says

    Ya,ya almost there,thank you.my dear.

  166. Marcus Shepheard says


  167. paloma baeumler says

    cute romance

  168. GSM Terra says

    Aw shucks 🙂

  169. Osment Saundra says

    Very romantic. 🙂

  170. Osment Saundra says

    Very romantic. 🙂

  171. Osment Saundra says

    Very romantic. 🙂

  172. Igor DeCamps says

    Ahh. Just when I thought romance was dead. Loved reading it. Thanks for the share.

  173. Randy Wilkins says

    So true one can not know by the choice that we make at the time where we end up but when a person get there it all come together.
    That if a person is in tune with themselves and what is around them?

  174. Ahmad Isnawahyudi says


  175. Saul Garzon says


  176. analyn quecoy says

    Dont you worry have a special girl for you.And ready to accept what is past and never regret you and she akways be there for you.gudluck and godbless you

  177. Anthony Ortolani Jr says

    I would love to have somebody to say this too. #someday

  178. analyn quecoy says

    Really maybe just coming ready the ryt girl for you

  179. leroy browne says

    can we chart

  180. analyn quecoy says

    Can in whatsapp ok

  181. Marcus Shepheard says


  182. analyn quecoy says


  183. Jean Arne says

    I like it.

  184. analyn quecoy says

    So meaningful story

  185. purnima yerraguntla says

    But its not imprtnt what i feel coz even if i feel so ,what if he nvr wnts to frgv n frgt.so its imprtnt dat he undrstnds al sed n done wz in srch of d rght one.and nt to tk advntg hurting u al life tlkin abt things u wana frgt inspite of u bin honst in tlg him evrything n putin an abslute end to al of it…coz den dey wud nvr b n end to this.

  186. analyn quecoy says

    Really thats gud you a really person that full of understanding,and open minded to all just keep doing like that more people impressed and salute you

  187. Ronald Holliman says

    In the words of my 4yr old…Yuck!

  188. purnima yerraguntla says

    Thanx analyn fo apprct my views.life teachs us many things in our life or
    by d lives of ppl arrnd us.

  189. Maurice Rankins says


  190. ani chukwuebuka says


  191. Michehe Conner says

    That is a very true statement. If I hadn't married my first husband moved from Ohio to Tennessee with him,I never would have met my second husband. They worked together. When my first marriage ended, #2 started calling me,we became friends,then married 20 years later.

  192. Rita Wroblewski says

    Very romantic and sweet words to say to the ONE and ONLY!

  193. nagaraj raju says


  194. He James says


  195. Lindsey Madison says

    love it i almost cried

  196. Kurt Kara says

    Deeply moving

  197. Gilberto Flores says

    Bus koamigas

  198. m c stanly Emeh says

    my dear am happy for the worlds of yours because some people dont no that qoullity things mengs a lout to nice ones am glad for you ,my name is stanly from nigeria i lives in togo lome capital cuoju via cope ;+233544701108 amanda your picture is so nice to me i will like to be your fr pls, is tru that i dont no you but am in love with you thanks is my pleasur bye stanly

  199. Vito Sapienza says

    Trovo sia molto vero quanto hai scritto.

  200. Rita Wroblewski says

    So much true and lovely words.

  201. Derrick Simmons says

    I like this, good one.

  202. Mark Maness says

    Are you getting all Google inside Amanda. Love is in the air.

  203. Neal Beer says

    I just hope they're not talking about their defense attorney!! 🙂

  204. paresh Wadekar says

    "someone somewhere is made for you"
    ya i know its scientifically foolish statement but ya give positive energy to all the singles !! Haha
    right? + Amanda Blain

  205. mian Rashid says

    nice deare

  206. Jeeva Johnson says


  207. m c stanly Emeh says

    hi am stanly

  208. Souhila Bouncer says

    Im wainting for the day i will say it or hear it frome some one !!!! very nice thx

  209. james kkessinger says

    I love this it says so much more then word it has a soul

  210. lewis ato says

    For me think upon , all the mistakes we do , love is the most important thing we need to look first b4 calling it a quit or stay to one another, cos at the end , both of u guys will regreat it ,,,, love is very stronger than human beings on dis earth,

    Sent via Nokia Email

    ——Original message-

  211. Anthony Allison says

    That's so true.and I agree.

  212. Anthony Allison says

    That's so true.and I agree.

  213. Marco Alvarado says

    Very nice

  214. gvsreddy gurala says

    above all these things what we are knowing is not enough, but there is one thing : practical living for others

  215. lewis ato says

    Is good to love sumone ,

    Sent via Nokia Email

    ——Original message-

  216. ciera davis says

    very true especcially when you are in love

  217. Catrina Murray says

    Yes! This is a nice poem.

  218. Naga rajan says


  219. Ahmad Isnawahyudi says

    very nice

  220. MD IRSHAD ANSARI says

    Hi friend h.r.u

  221. Ahmed Hussein says

    Good morning

  222. tholony betty says

    friends hope all is well

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