*How You Picture Yourself In a Zombie Apocalypse*


How many of you have a zombie escape plan? …. Although its a bit hard to see you can click on the picture to see the full thing. SO freaking true on this… How many people plan to be eaten 5 minutes after the outbreak? 🙂

P.s. Almost time for walking dead again [¬º-°]¬ [¬º-°]¬ [¬º-°]¬[¬º-°]¬ 

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*How You Picture Yourself In a Zombie Apocalypse*

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  1. Jeff Wenz says


  2. Carlito Bangcuyo says

    Lol. I'm probably not even in the picture…

  3. William Martin says

    I plan on being locked in an underground bunker with a 10 year supply of baked beans and whiskey

  4. Patti Baker says

    Ahhhh scary though!!!! ……..ladynblk………ONE N ONLY

  5. Soroosh Amirghofran says

    in this situation, i'd rather be one of the zombies than the guy on the car…… such a scary situation

  6. stephen ferazzi says

    i picture myself as zombie .
      i will be eating long pork soon .

  7. Melissa Bryan says

    I fully plan to be a zombie… This is why I surround myself with geeks and other assorted smart people. Big. Delicious. Brains.

  8. aya elghazi says


  9. Patti Baker says

    Right on i agree!!!!!:) ………….ladynblk……….ONE N ONLY

  10. tom taylor says

    salut sai cool sa me plais

  11. Garth Frizzell says

    hmm. I'd prefer to be the guy taking the photo we're looking at.

  12. Gourav Sahare says

    I love eating flesh and blood
    Wanna be zombie king

  13. Zach Bressette says


  14. aya elghazi says


  15. tom taylor says


  16. Mihaila Marcel says

    in the car of corse
    my pleasure to kill some suckers  LET S KILL SOME ZOMBIES

  17. Amanda Blain says

    Ha + Garth Frizzell that was hilarious… 🙂

  18. Maria Bauer-Rowe says

    hmmm, ill be hiding with my bazuca 😀

  19. Dennis Jakobsen says

    Zombies? I thought Romney was giving a speech!

  20. Mihaila Marcel says


  21. mehia lyna says

    oo i love it

  22. Mihaila Marcel says


  23. Ramilo Holter says

    Zombie Mosh Pit…Going in, Head first!

  24. Mihaila Marcel says


  25. Serge vandeBeek says

    Maybe the zombies are allergic to the car. They' re keeping a nice distance. "Stay there; i'll get some help, not!!!"

  26. Grant Lanning says

    Hmm….. I'm thinking that would be a perfect test for my Rubicon….. Zombie squishing! 🙂

  27. rimas fakhrie says


  28. arindam Sena says

    I will bring my Rifle and starts shooting them and at the end i'll shoot myself to escape from ZOMBIE

  29. kripa singh says

    Most likely I'll be taking help from Dr. Walter Bishop and enjoy my life in parallel universe.

  30. rimas fakhrie says


  31. ali farivar says

    I recommend a perfect bullet to the brain before anything bad might even be planned to happen. that is the best response an immediate and permanent one. let the zombie eat my rotting corpse. hehe no fresh flesh.

  32. Michael Madison says

    Lol…. that's about right

  33. Zach Adams says

    Save one bullet.

  34. Christian Moore says

    In that situation, I would climb that aluminum light pole like an orangutan.  Then I'd die of dehydration or starvation.

  35. Gareth Robins says

    My zombie escape plan is awesome. We have a storage building near us with barb wire fences, no Windows, secure doors. Local businesses store food & drinks there. I'm sure my family could survive there for a while.

    I think I've been watching too much walking dead!

  36. Randy Hunt says

    I always think this way, when I get a cold.  How the heck and I going to survive a virus zombie plague, when someone who is sick, just looks at me and I catch it.

  37. Nicholas Burkard says

    True story

  38. Mike Rector says

    I'd rather get taken out by a horde than to get bit by the stray who wanders onto the farm.

  39. Ryan Van Sickle says

    LOL love this + Amanda Blain

  40. Dev Jaiswal says


  41. Hamed Mokhtari says

    It's time to hunt stupid zombies they walk slowly so ican kill alot of them by a knife

  42. Charlie Curry says

    I'd kill a couple than I'll have no choice but to die

  43. Mihaila Marcel says


  44. Randy Hunt says

    + Mihaila Marcel  its in the workshed!

  45. Mihaila Marcel says

    so many zombies and so litle time:)

  46. Micho Todorovich says

    I'm not pictured, as I would not be anywhere near there.

  47. David Arjona says


  48. David Arjona says

    Who else has a plan with ur buddies in case a zombie outbreak happens??? ^_^

  49. Hamed Mokhtari says

    Remember if this apocalypse happend and it stated from usa call me i ll be there as fast as i can i cant wait here for zombies

  50. KayLee Pate says

    thats depressing

  51. meseanda postway says

    ill be in my basement texting with food and water

  52. Hamed Mokhtari says

    Most of my neighbers dosent use their brain
    Lead by islam
    maybe they r real zombies

  53. Amanda Blain says

    Interesting responses on here… lol

  54. Helene Torrinha says

    Everybody is egocêntric even one's who like anonimat!
    And I have to wanser your other question because like all the time I'm always late! It's difficult to love because the others are even mire lost that yourself!
    I like you Amanda 🙂

  55. Helene Torrinha says

    Anwser and more lost!
    I'm a silly girl 🙂

  56. Chase julber says

    i would go to safe way get a ton of food and then go to the highest moutain in the city

  57. Carter Gibson says

    + Amanda Blain – Dude….Your little zombies made me laugh out loud hahaha

  58. Nathan Meyer says

    Oh no, I have a plan, a stash of gear, and a long term survival location at a nearby hydroelectric plant, and the will to survive it. Bring on the Zombocolypse!

  59. Peter Lindelauf says

    So, the zombie meme isn't dead yet?

  60. Brandon Godbolt says

    I hope not exactly like this, it looks like certain death

  61. Brandon Godbolt says

    Sweet, the Walking Dead!! I hope I wouldn't….

  62. Armando Jones says

    Bananas on the moon and that's it…
    You survive…

  63. Mike Morelli says

    THAT'S TOTALLY NOT… actually yep. Completely true. Unless I am picked up by a travelling band of zombie hunters before I die.

  64. Paul Plate says

    one problem I never understood. Winter! Wouldn't they freeze solid?  We could then bulldoze them into pits and burn them.

  65. Michael Dimaio says


  66. athur trivikram says


    Cxx ;$2 ..m.q

  67. Elijah Irby says

    so true

  68. Mike Griffin says

    I would be the one IN the car realizing he had forgotten his keys…..

  69. Tinito Perez says

    i would be at cabellas getting weapons

  70. Anthony Alpert says

    Ill join team #Zombie for the mad crazy zombie sex 🙂

  71. David Horvath says

    I'm inside that car. Full tank. Leaving soon.

  72. Adrian Krajewski says

    i would have a rocket launcher and have a space gun and kill em all!! LOLOL

  73. Elijah Irby says

    so true

  74. Chuck Rose says

    If they climb up the anchor chain, I'm ready for them.

  75. logan morgan says

    kinda makes sense

  76. Johnathan Denney says

    Im locking myself down in a Walmart

  77. logan morgan says

    im going to jamiaca

  78. Tim Plowman says

    I would be making my base at Costco, trying to find the keys to the forklift.

  79. Anthony Alpert says

    + logan morgan

    Jamica is already showing signs of infection! You can tell by the dark rotting shade of skin color…..

    Trust me on this one… Im a profesional racist….

  80. Adrian Krajewski says

    what if when u were building yr base and the zombies just found ya?

  81. Elijah Irby says

    that would b bad

  82. logan morgan says

    ud be dead i guess

  83. logan morgan says

    but id go boss status so ya

  84. Anthony Alpert says

    + logan morgan You wouldnt be dead…. You would have a half black butt baby….

    Talking about half black butt babies, Did anyone see the election polls?

  85. Renante Ballesteros says

    hi miss amanda…. take care..

  86. Adrian Krajewski says

  87. Marisol Gutierrez Gonzalez says

    I will be that one on the car…what are you talking about?! Haha…

  88. Joshua Marshall says

    Wow, that's a killjoy.

  89. logan morgan says


  90. Isabel Wesman says


  91. haneeb khan says


  92. Adrian Krajewski says

    i hate zombies anyway so i would do worse than a space gun and those things…

  93. logan morgan says

    go obama

  94. George Ito says

    Sad but true…..wait a minute are the zombies Mitt Romney supporters?

  95. Adrian Krajewski says

    i would do……


  96. Hafiz Halwi says

    I think I'll be in the car enjoying some music.

  97. Joshua Marshall says

    What do politics have to do with this post?

  98. logan morgan says

    i dont kno but go obama

  99. Adrian Krajewski says

    until they smash the glass and eat yr brain?

  100. James Crump says

    I beg to differ. Not only being trained in the use of firearms, also being the master strategist, and already have a plan for such an event

  101. logan morgan says

    but zombies r retards

  102. Adrian Krajewski says

    100 comments people woohooo!!!

  103. teddi robinson says


  104. Stevan Bailey says

    I have and I can't wait

  105. James Crump says

    logan moran quite contrary according to the Zombie Survival guide zombies are only limited to the physical properties when they were human. But that doesn't mean you will have a lightning fast Infected Usain Bolt

  106. steptoe king says

    man is allready eating man.

  107. Motti Mesfin says

    Zombies aren't even real.

  108. martin oz says


  109. Greg Welch says

    Psht I'm Kentuckian born and raised. A country boy can survive! Ill pull a Daryl on their arses, living dead army? What army? Haha just gimme a crossbow, an sks, backpack of survival gear and try to keep up as i truck it to alaska.

  110. Rob Pearson says

    I hate having to go through a zombie apocalypse. Makes you be late for dinner, perpetually and on purpose.

  111. Motti Mesfin says

    Zombies don't even exist.

  112. Heath Harris says

    As long as you were with me everything would be ok

  113. Bryan Fernandez says


  114. Jason Wagner says

    Sure they do. Haven't you ever seen a drunk homeless guy. LMAO!!!!

  115. Erik Jensen says

    I knew my relationship was doomed when my ex told me that she would go get bitten right at the start of the zombie apocalypse. 😛

  116. Alipoor Pooria says

    You're very nice

  117. Douglas Saylor says

    I would there… hacking my way over to save that person stuck top of that car.

  118. Danny S. says

    Might as well go down with the ship. The ship, in this case, being society.

  119. Matt Lorence says

    What were you saying + Motti Mesfin ?
    Snail Zombies
    Parasitic Mind Control

  120. Usmon Shaikh says

    Guns, ammo. More guns and more ammo. Flashlight. Lasers on most of the guns. Lots of knives. Oh and God

  121. Robert Caldwell says

    I just hope I retain the instinct to cook my human steaks.

  122. Joel Watson says

    Best to get bit right away…save yourself some drama.

  123. Andrew Reiwitch says

    Gun in mouth, I gently squeeze the trigger… Damn! Out of ammo!!!

  124. Grimson Grey says

    LMAO!!! The non-zombies will probably be those people who never got a flu shot.

  125. Larry Olson says

    juicy brains

  126. Sammi Long says

    Bitch in charge

  127. Alen Subat says

    I still think i would be in the first picture :v

  128. Darren Schebek says

    Best to get bit. I've heard there is safety in numbers. 🙂

  129. Rick Nuthman says

    I guess in fairness you'd be a lot less scared as a zombie than on the car..

  130. Chris Best says

    is the zombie craze done to death? seriuosly,games ,movies,tv,even ammo,,,ughh….

  131. Ashish Thomas says

    A hypothetical que. It depends on da level of dat situation…

  132. Bill Sidhipong says

    Zombies can't swim so I will be in my kayak, thank you.

  133. Jose Gonzalez says

    Yup, seems legit.

  134. Parker Lee says


  135. Marcel Batts says

    Haha Yup….

  136. Alex Muir says

    I feel like it would be preferable to be a zombie. If you're a survivor, you spend every waking moment fearing for your life, on the run, living in uncomfortable surroundings, never happy, never content, and knowing that there is absolutely no way to win. If you're a zombie, you're effectively dead, and don't have to worry about anything ever, cos your body is pretty much on autopilot looking for food. Pretty care free really.

  137. Timothy Mussman says

    Well we don't want another "I am Legend" the first was enough.

  138. Jake Yates says

    Fake and gay

  139. raw raj says

    Are Zombies real? DId I miss something, I thought Zombies were a concept for C grade Gore movies.
    People now speak like its a possibility(Yeah don't tell me about the guy who was eating another man, 15 years ago one of college mates was went to a fight so he took some drugs that increased aggression and he ended up biting a piece of the other guys arm off. He is not a Zombie still alive and kicking).
    This is really crazy. Its fun to see "athiests/skeptic/rationalist" talking about it like its really going to happen what is the the "skeptic version" of the "holy ghost" Life after death it is.
    Its just scientifically impossible for zombies to exist

  140. Igiehon Joel says

    Well,since e'rything is possible if u believe,I guess d time to fly without wings is now. Lmao

  141. Christopher Stone says

    A zombie is someone who depends on government for survival after a period of government austerity or collapse.

    Now, considering I don't need government for my survival, then I will not be one of the "zombies".

  142. David Delgado says

    It get cold in the winter in Toronto. They'd freeze over and die…again…but I don't know if I'd last if an outbreak happened in the summer.

    I think I need to order me a shark suit so they can bite me all they want without ever eating me 🙂

  143. Ponce Man says

    that is reakky deoressing man

  144. Ponce Man says

    really depressing

  145. Jude Ibe says

    I got that shirt it is from threadless sans all the text

  146. Jason Baker says

    I'm becoming one. Already got my pic of what I'll look like.

  147. Jude Ibe says


  148. Justin Chung says

    I don't think most people plan to be eaten five minutes after the outbreak… However, I do believe many of us expect to be! :p

  149. Habibur Rasel says


  150. Juan Delgado says

    I know I won't be eaten, too much ammo and training. Hehe

  151. Simon Parker says

    The problem seems to have arisen because he is stuck on to of a pain old sedan. If he'd had a Land Rover instead, he'd be outta there before the hoard surrounded. 🙂

  152. Russell Gibbs Jr says

    You go

  153. Brandon Buhler says

    Wrong. I am prepared.

  154. Silver Vasquez says

    I'm am probably in their maybe lol

  155. Chris Morales says

    Lmfao! Ain't the the truth!

  156. christian jimenez says

    I prefer to be the lamp post

  157. Ian Wolton says

    + William Martin i love the idea involving all those beans & whiskey, but for gods sake dont strike a match!

  158. Divya Kumaran says

    I'd be driving the car…

  159. Ted Kutina says

    + Alex Muir but it would still be freakin cool to fight them off! XD

  160. Michael Sinohui says

    Fruit loops eating soup laughing stockpiles in my basement 🙂

  161. Thamsanqa Mvelase says

    I'd be riding a horse

  162. Robert Mahon says

    I mingle amongst the zombies every Monday and they've not noticed.

  163. tim morrison says

    I don't have to out run the zombies, I just have to out run you!!

  164. Eric Mumper says

    Not me.  I'd be at an undisclosed location in the Appalachians waiting it out.  At the first sign of a zombie apocalypse, I'm getting the hell out of any urban area.  I've seen Resident Evil.

  165. joseph chavez says

    Not me

  166. Ayden Black says

    Not me. I would kill the zombies.

  167. Jake Conarty says

    No ide be flattenin zombies. Pew pew pew

  168. Natalie Dombrowski says

    There was a lot of traffic in and my dad was wondering why because there weren't signs, there wasn't construction and there wasn't a car accident. I told him it was the zombie apocolypse.

  169. ReaperCheGuevara Alexander says

    I would picture USA being eaten because there to busy playing ps3 and xbox eating fat people food like McDonalds & Burger king. That is why there are so many fat zombies out there.

  170. jacob darker says

    I'd just give myself up

    Being a zombie is really cool B)

  171. Andy Riggins says

    Plan all you like, the only way you escape the initial onset of the zombie apocalypse is pure, dumb luck.

  172. Logan Middleton says


  173. gav gilmore says

    Id be in uk where the zombies sit down for dinner and drink lots of tea

  174. Adam Burtt says

    + mani mittal would be on the car because she always has to have the last comment. 😛

  175. Chy Hayden says

    yeah really

  176. Hannah Battle says

    awww me a zombie?

  177. BillyBob McFrenchfri says

    So the zombies broke down my doors t ofind I starved five weeks earlier…

  178. Killian Moss says

    I would be in that croud, true, though I would onlt be disguised as a zombie and waiting to make my escape.

  179. Mohammad Amziry says

    In this case, I choose to be the car..:-)

  180. Rajvir Manku says


  181. jeffrey topper says


  182. Anthony Ortega says

    Way to ruin it for me.

  183. Ricardo Ferro says

    I'm under the car below the manhole

  184. Fuad Youssef says

    I'd survive

  185. Jon Abad says

    Hopefully, I want to be a survivor like Glenn is in the Walking Dead and I hope I'd have my very own Maggie to romance it up. Any takers?

  186. ricardo lopez says

    me 2

  187. Niles Kimbro says

    i'd just be running them over. 😀

  188. leishangthem johnny says

    Datzzz funny

  189. Jack Carpenter III says

    Well since I always carry and just the other day bought a second handgun and now carry both, one shoulder and one hip concealed. I will be carrying 2 guns, and 74 bullets.  I'll probably last long enough to get home and get the rest of my ammo.  Will not be in the 5 minute eaten group.  Not saying I'll last forever, just not going to be one of the dies right away people.

  190. donald arrieta says

    I will be inside the car.

  191. Caitlyn Swope says

    Oh my god, there will NOT be a zombie apocalipse!!!! We will live. Geez. Didn't people say we will die when it is 2012 and we STILL continued to live?

  192. Keith Hair says

    + Amanda Blain Anybody not shown is in someone's belly.

  193. Ben Burton says

    + Caitlyn Swope Dec 21, 2012… Haha, not saying I believe in it, just saying that is the date that people say it will end on, not just when 2012 began.

  194. Tony Karas says

    I had those dreams when I was 6 then I grew up.

  195. Claudine Baringtang says

    Indeed. Joining the dead is much better. Seriously the stress of trying to survive.

  196. Keith Hair says

    + Jake Yates You will get turned by a literally "flaming gay" zombie.

  197. Darrell Crosby says

    grow up, there's no such thing.

  198. Blast er says

    Got you a car? check
    Got yourself a handy weopen? Check
    Are you able to stop eating for 24hrs? Check
    Got ball to run like a bitch when you about to get cornered? Check

  199. Kevin Webb says

    + Caitlyn Swope , for the record the end of time isn't until next month.  Also for the record it IS actually the end of a very long period of time parked by the movements of stars.
    Something discovered by primitive people with no computers.  Also this won't happen again for 20K years.  Give or take.

  200. Tony Benson says

    If it were me on top of the car? There would be an open manhole cover next to the car. I'd start the timer on the car bomb and then jump down into the sewer using it as a safe escape route from bomb and zombie horde.

  201. elizabeth shefield says

    i will make out with every zombie i come in contact with.

  202. Gardner Grove says

    hahaha !

  203. Aleksander Hropot says

    makes me worried that more people are prepared for zombie apocalypse than for natural disasters, like hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and similar, you know, REAL events.

  204. Kitty Meow says

    I would scratch them with mah claws. MEOW!!!

  205. Aaron Jeffries says

    + Aleksander Hropot Yeah, right? Fail

  206. Vandré Brunazo says

    > How many people plan to be eaten 5 minutes after the outbreak?

    Judging from the slowness, stupidity of zombies, and fire power of humans. I would guess less than a dozen people would ever be eaten in a realistic zombie outbreak. That's the kind of thing that only happens in movies where every character is dumb like a rock. Such as in horror movies where there's obviously something wrong in the dark attic, but the defenseless young lady will go there anyway, instead of calling for help. Real people would not go in the attic, real people would not get eaten by zombies.

  207. bob robert says

    Noooo!, not me, uh oh.. Having cravings for brains.

  208. JaMarieo MoneyMakin King says

    i will be a zombie

  209. Motti Mesfin says

    There are no such things as zombies.

  210. sayad javeed says

    wow wwe raw

  211. Vyomsarit Singh says

    i wouldn't be there

  212. Erik Maack says


  213. Simon Kaye says

    Focused on survival. A few descent machete's and try to find a place that can be siege prof. Somewhere with a moat (zombies don't swim),

  214. john mathis says

    I was bitten saving your life,13 babies and a kitten

  215. Patrick Corrigan says

    Epic lol

  216. Garrett Lutz says

    + Simon Kaye they don't swim but they can walk under water

  217. Miki Choo says

    yikes !

  218. Jesse Adams says

    Haha soooo true!!

  219. joseph yarborough says

    Respectfully, fuck that.

    I have a chainsaw polearm.

  220. Audrey Millslagle says


  221. Mohammed Saleh says

    Not to be the skeptic, but I don't think it would be too hard with some weapons…

  222. Ruyj young says

    life is goog ,,, no walking dead for me, see the MOON

  223. Mohammed Saleh says

    One of the reason you'd be a zombie is the fact that you tried to do what it shows.

  224. Ruyj young says


  225. danny vaca says

    es muy bueno

  226. Ryan Ng says

    I will take a shotgun and play Boxhead.

  227. Bernard Fields says

    I'm the car…. Transformers meet zombies!

  228. Drew Shollmier says

    I'd be standing near Rick or the Governor.

  229. Reeve Thorpe says

    I will say I have discovered a place where food in a abundance and tender meat that make your mouth water!  Then I will disappear LOL

  230. mike white says

    Wit u

  231. Keith Hair says

    I'll be a plant.

  232. greg s says

    Cardio…. Love Zombieland…

  233. Carter Shyers says

    I would be on the car but with lots of guns.

  234. Raymond Naraine says

    boomstick. nuff said.

  235. Blake Cicheskie says

    Well I have enough ammo to last a lifetime of shooting zombies. It's the lack of food that would get me.

  236. Gerald W. says

    Were i the person on the car the only logic solution would be to use the gun on myself …

  237. Jim Heath says


  238. Hafiz Abdul says

    Do you want to sex

  239. kamn robertson says

    if I was on that car I would piss my pants

  240. Ameena Safiya says


  241. Dallas Cole says

    Once had a Jaguar. 🙁 not good once they stop.

  242. Richard White says

    Not going to happen. Lol

  243. Zaimah Muhammad says


  244. Haitham Alqahtani says

    I prefer to be the leader who leads the zombies 😀

  245. luis esquivel says

    Lol true alot would be bitten but im pretty sure I'll some how figure it or an survive

  246. Kitty Meow says

    Guys! When all the zombies show up we can just add them as our friends! :d

  247. vero carrasco says

    i'd kill myself if that happened! if were to be the last and surrounded by them!:D

  248. george metzger says

    You are right

  249. Cambo Ford says

    Take refuge in the shopping centre……

  250. george metzger says

    How do u know you.

  251. Brian Rice says

    Then reality set in and you were still just sitting in front of your computer…..

  252. Floyd Blackhorse says

    ill be the one taking the picture from somewhere up high = )

  253. Ahned Liton says


  254. Robert Pratt says

    Speak for yourself 😛  And I wouldn't let myself be surrounded either.

    I don't have to be the fastest runner, just faster than you, to survive the #zombies.

  255. Jackson Anderson says

    People taste like chicken!!!!!!

  256. maysa idris says

    Drink red-bull hoping it might work.

  257. Logan Middleton says

    o my gawd

  258. Kevin Isaac says

    Haha, ironically, regardless of how you picture yourself in this, you'll always end up as show in the second one. The person on the car is completely screwed.

  259. Josue Collazo says


  260. Loyd Underwood says

    Id be under the car proably one way or other. Lol

  261. Safry Yansen says

    Never to be heaven

  262. Abdul samad says


  263. cesar jaranilla says


  264. Yusuf Dar says

    Nope! My senior superlative in high school was "most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse" 

    True Story ^

  265. Luis Galarza says

    It can be true…. For other! I would be a zombie killing machine! ;o)

  266. Ash Criton says

    no i am on the car killing you

  267. Sailesh Sharma says


  268. Jorge Enerly Montoya Zuleta says

    + Camila Franco where are you?

  269. Sailesh Sharma says


  270. anna zhu says

    LOL! But, i would try to at least be the one on top of the car (:

  271. Chris Borg says

    I'd be wrecking and not on top of a car like an idiot. I live in Texas so that pretty much sums it up lol.

  272. Naga Raju says

    i dont like sh___________________t.

  273. Jayce Wagner says

    Exactly lol.

  274. Claudio Ponisio Godor says

    Swimming in the ocean after escaping the zombies at land, screaming "oh come on" when i spot a shark-zombie

  275. michael dela cruz says

    Don't get caught without escape plan. I'd be behind the zombies way behind.

  276. marcus anthony says

    I have a zombie apocalyps plan as well 🙂

  277. J Miller says

    Don't bag on being a zombie until you try it. It might be a really relaxing way to spend eternity.

  278. Tommy O'Doherty says

    i would sacrifice myself for my little bros, and then turn them into zombies… i still need to work on that plan.

  279. lalo pena says

    i deal with zombies everytime i walk the streets, go shopping, whatever. they re socialyzed as humans. actually they re humans. i never left home without a plan of escape: JESUS.

  280. WILL RIVERA says

    Is it me or are walkers moving much faster these days

  281. Gilbert Lim says

    I'll probably become part of the hoard.

  282. Ron Lefler says

    I'm going to Disneyland!

  283. Alex Barrientos says

    No way man!!! I'm a survivor.

  284. Phil Pierotti says

    Nah, I'm that guy slaving over his home biochemistry lab trying to understand why he is immune to The Zombie Virus.

  285. amit parihar says

    what is this

  286. Nakus G says

    what if the zombie was the guy on the car? lol

  287. Chy Hayden says

    How do u know?What can I do ?I got the guns,cardio,and no fear but it's my dad and family I dont know…

  288. Ernest Navarro says

    Y'all been watching to many episodes of The Walking Dead… when the apocalypse does happen..I'm gonna be LMMFAO when the zombies turn out to be just like the ones from the movie 28 Days Later…try to out run those fkrs lol

  289. Nathan Tau says

    I think it's because of the fresh blood:)

  290. Ben Ogden says

    As if anyone would ever be in that situation.

  291. D Trunesh Jadhav says

    I didn't know it

  292. Vernon Addison says

    Wow nice. ..

  293. Michael Garcia says

    I was at home playing COD

  294. Orlando Deleon says

    I'm probably in the belly of that one.

  295. John Smith says

    I started my plan last Tuesday.

  296. Nazia Hussain says

    I wana fuck hard to u

  297. Matthew Hoover says

    First thing:  secure more guns & ammo using the ones I already have. (sorry, neighbors)  Second:  secure a viable source of water, then food, then gasoline and vehicles.  Find a good place of shelter and warmth (PA, here.  It gets cold.) that is easy to defend.  Then, determine the nature of said zombies.  The cause of them, their capacity to infect others, their life expectancy without food or shelter, intelligence if any, weaknesses, etc.  Survive at their cost.  Establish communications with the outside world, and any survivors.  Determine if the plague can be cured, or merely extinguished.  Cure and extinguish the plague.  Buy oceanfront property in the new world.  Invent google, again.  ??????   Profit.

  298. Nicholas Tvedt says

    I have the Zombie Survival Guide, so I think I'll be fine. I'm more worried about robots.

  299. Harshita Naithani says


  300. Zahid Nizamani says

    haha 😀

  301. Albert Nilaj says

    I would laugh my a$& off then kick some zombie a$& like a bowwwssss.

  302. charlie haugen says

    so true

  303. Daniel Johnson says

    wow albert nilaj that comment is so lame

  304. Daniel vargas says

    nah im on the car

  305. Peter Orillo says

    rawr! brains! rawr!

  306. Zack Butcher says

    + Daniel Johnson yup

  307. Arkan Hadi says

    doesnt matter, … ate brains ..

  308. Eliseo Rivera says

    I be well prepared and I think common sense wouldn't allow me to be cornered as far as last result I wouldn't be anybody's meal so to hand held grenades or a big freaken Bomb if it all goes south!!

  309. Jannie du Toit says

    Q: What is it with the US and Zombies this year?

    A: Must be something in the water. ~[••]~

  310. Akshay Karadkar says

    i like it

  311. samson Ang says

    True enough!

  312. Jacob A. Hernandez says


  313. Alexander Papagno says

    Thanks to science, and the fact that whenever a disease becomes and outbreak we tend to not mess around, a zombie apocalypse will not happen ever 🙂

  314. Elian Gomez says

    Iam so not in there

  315. Demetrio Stella Ripa Chavez says

    In the middle

  316. SiLee Yognaut says

    Im not in the picture. I would get a gun and a single bullet.

  317. Kelsey O'Brien says

    I'll be in HEAVEN!!!

  318. Grayson Pruitt says

    The guy in the car obviously no lie. I could just use my driving skills and run over them!!

  319. robert jeffers says

    With my ar15 ready and willing to cut em down.

  320. Kevin Billett says

    [email protected]#Braaainss55*%^

  321. Jacob Young says

    In a zombie apocalypse. It's better to be dead. Not undead but just dead.

  322. Derrick Simmons says

    I would have to go down fighting if this ever happened

  323. audy gt says

    القرآن الكريم

  324. Molly O'Connor says

    Actually, I would be dead before this even happened because I would have killed myself.

  325. Breck Beatie says

    Oldie but a goodie.

  326. Scott Berlin says

    Do zombies mind being zombies? That's what I wonder.

  327. Arzoo Siddiqui says

    I would rather b on zombies side coz dey r more.

  328. nihal hussain says


  329. Russ Burns says

    First thing I'd do is procure myself a nice sharp samurai sword..and go from there 🙂

  330. Ian Schumacher says

    If you are 'there', then you have no worries. Your troubles are over. No point planning for that then is there? 😉

  331. rishikesh shukla says

    there is no plan just move forward

  332. Tony Mattar says

    lol well probably bc i know i will get killed bc of a cute girl 
       well that what all ways happen in the zombies films ( all ways the boy get killed bcz of the cute girl )

  333. azwar iwank says


  334. Punith B N says


  335. Tae kim says

    I picture myself as Paris Hilton walking through this complicated thing called life… 'Brains….brain zzz…'

  336. ijaz khan says


  337. Tae kim says


  338. Jac Alcala says

    so true

  339. Peter Lee says

    The longer you spend wasting time in front of the computer, the greater chance you are a Zombie.

  340. Greg Kellogg says

    I'm pretty sure I'd be subject 0.

  341. Nate L says

    At some point, all of the zombies WERE the guy standing on the car.

  342. Sabelo Gazol Yika says

    Thinking more than 3secs after yawning, its possible that ur a zombie

  343. Todd Shealy says

    Many people go there everyday! Its called hell #<3

  344. Muhammad Aslam says


  345. Tehseen Shaikh says


  346. Kyle Say says

    I don't want to be a zombie

  347. Awais Malik says


  348. Shreyash Nigam says

    I plan to steal a tank seal the doors and stay inside the tank with Oreos and water

  349. Khalifa Ali says

    The ant found sugar

  350. mitul Kumar says

    i m in the car

  351. aaron arvieux says

    I would probably be the only guy that didn't even know there was a zombie apocalypse even happening IDE be chillin with my xbox playin left for dead2

  352. Joseph Martinez says

    this pic doesn't apply to be but only to most of you, fast zombies or slow zombies I'm prepared guns, ammo, axes, fuel, water, food I'm going nomad bitches

  353. Brandon Flecksteiner says

    With a gun helping my buddy on the car of course.

  354. Michael J Pierce says

    My escape plan involves me killing as many zombies as possible with a contingency to blow my own head off if bitten or overpowered. Collar explosive for the win. Running man style.

  355. james ermides says


  356. sourabh soni says

    I'd prefer to strt da car nd smash ol da zombie

  357. Craig Bailey says

    Perfect timing for world war z, try o escape those mofos…

  358. Noel Guerra says

    I'm so grabbing my double barrel..

  359. Timothy Martinez says

    In the zombie apocalypse, swords and stealth > guns and force

    I'd rather have a ninja on my team than a soldier.

  360. Jason Baker says

    That's already like Folkestone and ashford on a Saturday! God, it freaks me out going to those places

  361. Hamed Mokhtari says

    Real zombies live in middle east
    First attack was in afghanstan
    Last attack was in libia
    Zombies have killed usa ammbassy
    Trust me they r real and killing people
    In my country (iran) last victim was a worker/blogger named sattar beheshti

  362. Reza Rezaei says

    Hamed mokhtari I agree with you . Sattar was that guy in the pic.

  363. Mohseen Ansary says

    i rather fight back:-)

  364. Aj Zaad says

    no no please

  365. Monty Mohon says

    U look good

  366. Monty Mohon says

    Hey sexu

  367. Bashar Abu-muis says

    Being a zombie is very cool.

  368. Monty Mohon says

    You look good

  369. Mri Pirim says

    You won't be in any of these places.. There are no Zombies and no vampires.

  370. Stephen Frost says

    Haha; so funny. If true, then I'm about to lunch on the guy on the car…

  371. Hossein Sobhi says

    you have very nice taste.

  372. Med Larbi Dkhili says

    merçi pour la traduction

  373. SP George says


  374. Alberto Guzman says


  375. Mohsen Ahkami says


  376. Jorge Estrada says

    Above in a building taking that photos.

  377. Anna Kooienga says

    Actually, i would be hiding in my attack with a shotgun. BRING IT ON ZOMBIES!

  378. maria altaf says


  379. Kaydee Dryce says

    If you are raised in Texas

  380. Mohd Shahlan Puasa says


  381. Michael Brown says

    No + Mihaila Marcel you game avatars has activated the necessary program to make the AI zombies activate their death display. In a zombie outbreak, there is no pause…

  382. Michael Brown says

    Read max Brooks zombie survival guide. When you think you are most secure you are most vulnerable.

  383. Leo Aguilar says

    Fast zombies or slow what's your preference?

  384. Omar guzman says

    Hi you look good

  385. jay browning says

    Got my bat ready.

  386. Matt Muscat says

    Just roll with it……

  387. Rashid Hiyasat says

    nothing wrong about joining the horde mate !

  388. Helder de Brito Cabeçadas Dias says

    There is no such thing as zombies. It is all fiction.
    And yes, I would be one of the few's surviving. That is the point of the zombie fiction exercise: figure out how to survive!

  389. Marston Garber says

    i would be on mars!!

  390. nika bushelashvili says

    love is for you.

  391. belal amr says


  392. Daniel Van Der Werken says

    I looked and found myself in the picture! I'm the zombie directly to the left of the car.

  393. Andrew Bailey says

    I think I'd be a pretty cool zombie!!

  394. Reeve Thorpe says

    well, I will have to say I have discovered a place where loads of food in abundance and tender meat which make your mouth water and I 'll slip through only thing you see after me is my dust LOL

  395. Joseph Petitti says

    I wouldn't be the idiot standing on his car with just shotguns (very inefficient for zombie hunting).  I would be the one who built a massive underground complex in northern Canada, who you never see until all the zombies rotted away.  That's how you really survive a zombie apocalypse.

  396. Reeve Thorpe says

    Or you can chant; google yahoo youtube and then they will start the chant with you! Voilà, it is kinda sorted because you will make a cult and be their leader LOL

  397. Emanuel Rodriguez says

    I have plenty of training prepping for the Zocalypse. Ty L4D1&2!

  398. Lovance Joseph Johnson Jr. says

    so pos|z me in my shadow will become as we are best friend alot of
    frying kant^u's an awell use's of to wu sring last but not least the leasos of all stand strong an a hold the staff …

  399. Douglas Godinho says

    is are Brazil!..

  400. Rob Rogers says

    I would definitely join the zombies at my first opportunity, they will ultimately win.

  401. JAKE ANDERSON says

    Heck ill kick butt!

  402. JAKE ANDERSON says

    To play Dead Island to brush up on your skills!

  403. Musa Adam Ibrahim says

    dont know

  404. Tahir Ahmed says

    Hai frands Ho u do

  405. Jordan Smith says

    i would be the one on a deserted island with a banana tree and a fresh water stream. Livin the life.

  406. Theo Whitehurst says

    im n the car about to run down all the zombies

  407. Joseph Walls says

    I must be the one taking the picture.  Damn I am not good with the click.  I mean where is the contrast and is it me or did I shoot this out of focus?

  408. Dallin Bledsoe says

    I am right above them with a nuke

  409. jon whittaker says

    im in the middle of the desert

  410. Jake Lindblom says

    well someone out there is that person

  411. Chester Tan says

    hahahaha! I wouldn't.

  412. ian eilert says

    I know have the best way to go about in my head just haven't really gotten around to the preparing bit

  413. braydon shaw says

    I got this I will be ready and will survive I got power and stelth to survive! XD

  414. Μανώλης Μελεΐσης says


  415. กมลชนก พุทธพันธ์ says

    i love you

  416. Armond Dillard says

    i ahve lots of plans

  417. Armond Dillard says


  418. epinette david says


  419. Khan Mai says

    So much
    But only One

  420. Armond Dillard says

    Everyone should have a plan

  421. Myint Naing says


  422. Mensima Margaret Efua says

    u r correct m'dear………..

  423. marian liatlatmal says

    hahaha yeah…. you're ryte.

  424. braydon shaw says


  425. Rob Hoesly says

    Hate to tell the guy on the car that he can't carry enough rounds to handle that crowd!

  426. chokri brahmi says


  427. Dimorais rezende says


  428. Jiuliano Ocampo says


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