Geek Birthday For the Win Thank you Internet!

Geek Birthday For the Win Thank you Internet!

by Amanda Blain
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levelupI have woken up to hundreds and hundreds of geek birthday messages from people all over the world… ūüôā It’s truly an awesome world we live in where on my birthday I can have greetings from people in Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Gaum, ¬†Transylvania, UK, Australia, Canada, USA, China, and so so so many more!

Just think… a few short years ago, before Facebook or Twitter or YouTube, ¬†before you could send a text message even, you had a handful of people that you saw on the specific day be aware what was going on. Maybe you had a party and saw a few more friends for your birthday. Through social media we can connect, really connect, with people all over the world. ¬†Share in their great moments and support them when they are down.¬†Although some complain it is easier, and ‘lame’, ¬†is it any less awesome to wake up to hundreds of cat pictures, geek birthday greetings, and little notes that say awesome things? This girl sure doesn’t think so.¬† It’s really very impressive when you think about it all and how much we have changed in just the last few years.

Internet you rock ‚ô• Thanks for following me and commenting along with this geeky girl.



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Tony Reiriz
Tony Reiriz
10 years ago

Happy late birthday ūüėČ

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