*All Three Seasons Of Walking Dead Kills*


Today is the day! The Walking Dead returns tonight… and just in case you  forgot here is a list of zombie kills by seasons… by those are are still left alive… Those who are dead are not listed 🙂

 Interesting that Carl has almost as many kills as Glenn… 🙂 Click for the big picture.

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*All Three Seasons Of Walking Dead Kills*

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  1. Benedict Corpuz says

    Look at all the kills!

  2. Jon Adams says

    yep tonight!

  3. sidney caudell says

    way to go rick!!!!

  4. William Mills says

    Carl has more kills than Merle. Ain't that a bitch!

  5. Pete Karas says

    It's been on all day, excited to see the new episode

  6. President Luthor says

    Merle: 5 zombies and 1 Gargiulo

  7. Annie Holesinger says

    poor carol. go gettem

  8. William Mills says

    Thanks + Amanda Blain for this graphic.

  9. Maria del Carmen Lepe Garcia says

    ya deseo que llegue el lunes a las 22;00para verlo aqui en España

  10. Lamine Coly says

    Jolie tof

  11. Abel Lopez Jr says

    very cool! keep up the good work. it has kept me well informed thank you.

  12. Amanda Blain says

    Can't waaaaaaaaaaaaait for it to start 🙂

  13. Peter Delarge says


  14. SU JORDAN says

    I am wating for……Walking Dead,in Taiwan have a lot fans…

  15. urano ferreira says

    que merda

  16. Rodrigo Muñoz says


  17. President Luthor says

    To paraphrase the Governor: "Compromise our schedule, destroy our viewing habits? I'll die before I let that happen because of the Grammys …"

  18. Rob MacDougall says

    so can't wait .. probably way too over hyped about this .. but whateve


    فى  الاحلام المزعزة لاتدل على شياء سو ارق مزمن يعانى منة الشخص

  20. Alex Melo says

    So cool.

  21. Bria Ward says

    been watching the marathon all day… about to watch the new one

  22. Thomas DeLorenzo says

    I seriously don't understand the attraction to this show. Not for any particular reason, I just never found it interesting enough to watch. shrug

  23. Eduardo Oliva says

    Great and funny statistics!

  24. Amanda Blain says

    its about humanity… the dark sides… 🙂 and the good ones… zombies are  only a very small part 🙂

  25. Ryan James says

    Thanks for reminding me! Almost forgot!

  26. Leo Gatica says

    When the zombie apocalypse hits zombie fans will last the longest. Lol

  27. Jai Auer says

    Prolífic work Rick…

  28. sara alves says

    good nigth

  29. Victor Torres says

    Wonder who's gonna add governor to their body count ??

  30. Luis Orellana says


  31. John Torres says

    30 more minutes till walking dead…. can't wait

  32. Aaron Augustin says

    This puts it into perspective well!  The longest 30 minutes, begins now, lol…

  33. Matt Gaskill says

    Why isn't Carl's mom on his list?

  34. Jose Soriano says

    I have been watching the walking dead marathon all day, waiting for the new episode

  35. James Nussbaum says

    I can't take the suspense!

  36. Tim Wallace says

    +Matt Gaskill the graphic shows only the people still alive as stated above. Carl's mom is dead.

  37. Gianna DAmbrosia says

    I was hoping Glenn wasn't dead.

  38. John Torres says

    Yeah and the Grammy's are dragging even more

  39. Amanda Blain says

    thanks + Tim Wallace  🙂

  40. Dana Littleford says

    I download them on my computer. I've need DYING for the new season to start (well, not dying as in a zombie tearing me apart).

  41. Gianna DAmbrosia says

    It's on right now! better watch

  42. John Torres says

    + Gianna DAmbrosia its on? Crap I have 10 more min

  43. Dana Littleford says

    No TV set (purposefully). But it'll be on one of the sites I download programs from later night or tomorrow.

  44. Ben Strandberg says

    I have no actual facts, but I feel like the books have had less total zombie kills than rick alone in the TV show.

  45. Bobby Murray says

    descent show personaly like breaking bad better

  46. frank D says


  47. Bill Nytes says

    Carl kills Shane in the graphic novels, not the movie. And he killed Laurie

  48. Leslie Duran says

    Can't wait! I"ve been suffering every single day I could not watch the walking dead >.<

  49. John Torres says

    + Leslie Duran its on now

  50. Ariza Suyom says

    Wow, i tried to d0wnl0ad al the epis0de of walking dead t0 my clph0ne, bt it faild.l0l

  51. David Galuppo says

    I don't have cable so when everyone's watchin on TV here in a half hour, I'll still be itchin.  I'll get a dl and be watchin shortly after 11p WORD!!!!! Hate mid-season.

  52. Barney Fife says

    is there any on face book now ?

  53. Grant Lanning says

    What is this show you all are talking about?

  54. Sterling Leavitt says

    What an amazing graphic.
     I will use it with permission, in my meetings this week

  55. diego alcaraz says

    copado 😀

  56. Josh Bryson says


  57. Nanda Linn Aung says

    Glenn's a lover, not a fighter.. LOL 😀

  58. Najmi Mustaqim says

    Aramai tii

  59. Freddy Pugh says

    Thanks Amanda! I had to share

  60. Kevin Matibag says

    Carol is the most useless in their group

  61. John Galindo says

    Can't wait to see it! Yeah, agree with you + Kevin Matibag. She is the most useless based on the # of zombies she killed.

  62. Jamie Stross says

    Why is Shane not on there?

  63. Andy Riggins says

    Oh G+ foul for not resharing this from + The Walking Dead's post, 4 hours prior!

  64. srini anjali says


  65. Austin Sommer says

    The new episode wasnt as good as I thought it was going to be. 🙁

  66. aungkhaing myo says

    i think

  67. jeannette perri says

    I like getting blocked. By people like grow up. Good way of getting some fucker to stop
    There post
    Amen to me

  68. Jamal Chambers says

    Ah …based on real life

  69. Mumtaz Baloch says


  70. Nitin Bahirat says

    Nice. ..

  71. Stefan Pahor says

    Michonne has probably much more, we just didn't see it. Go Michonne!

  72. Sean Mclean says

    Rick has killed to many zombies compared to the rest.

  73. Nathan Wills says

    86/0 KDR nice rick, very nice!

  74. bruce bryan says

    That was a great episode…Rick is on the edge.

  75. Michael Oconnor says

    Carol is such a plug.  Go get some kills!!!

  76. Michael Stokes says

    So does this mean Shane doesn't make it? I just started walking dead on Netflix and made it to season 2 episode 11 and am hooked. Did the same thing with supernatural. Great shows I would've never watched if it weren't for Netflix.

  77. Mozaffor Hossain says

    It's on right now! better watch

  78. Joshua Jazz Hernandez says

    Glenn gets my vote for tonights best walker kill…he went smashing pumpkin crazy & Michonne should have head slashed Hines Ward lol

  79. birhanu haile says

    Fack you

  80. Brian Seline says

    cant wait

  81. Pablo Alvarado says

    Killing spree

  82. clifford lowe says

    + Matt Gaskill Laurie isn't listed because Carl didn't wait until she re-animated.

  83. Asha ambika says

    sorry me nt unterstd

  84. Brandon Thompson says

    First one should have been a little girl, lol

  85. Noah Beiro says

    RICKKKKKKKKK give carol a turn god dammit

  86. udaya Ranaraja says


  87. Jason Bush says

    That chart is sweet lol.

  88. Charles Tanner says

    Very nice

  89. Diego CDeBaca says

    Thanks + Amanda Blain !

  90. Lester Gonzalez says


  91. Leary Adams Tenorio says

    + Gianna DAmbrosia I'm really hoping that they wont be as faithful to the comics… I was devastated on issue 100… T_T

  92. shubham maheshwari says

    old man

  93. Josue Sandigo says

    unsurprisingly, no dale.

  94. Ryan Ashton says

    Please make an infographic showing the number of minutes each character wallows in their own self pity.

  95. raman puhal says


  96. Jonathan Hayes says

    . M… E. C mtmb

  97. Baynu Misir says

    You are boring…

  98. Jimbo Rizza says

    I'm worried about Rick! They should think about raiding a pharmacy in the next 'sode.

    I apologize if this next statement is offensive to anyone, but Chris Hardwick has gotta go from talking dead. He was tolerable back in the "Hard and Phirm" days…but he just tries way too hard anymore. We get it…you're quirky and totally don't copy Eugene Mirman.

    And when will networks tell kevin smith that he doesn't have to star in everything he is involved with?! I want to like comic book men….kevin smith just makes it all so difficult.

  99. Austen Morrow says

    This is epic…

  100. Cory Sitar says

    Rick putting in work

  101. Kenneth O'Connor says

    + Ryan Ashton …or contemplates suicide.

  102. Chris Gardner says

    Was on all day today in Alabama… Watched A Few.

  103. folorunsho akeredolu says

    coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllll another season graet

  104. Steve Williams says

    Love the program

  105. Jenisa Castile says


  106. Ben Murphy says

    Nicely done.

  107. vipin kharwar says


  108. kevin howard says

    With all the kill streak that Rick has, he can afford a tactical nuke.

  109. Theo WolF says

    Would it be wrong to tag one of the zombies as + Amanda Blain ?

  110. Ali AL Sabakh says

    + Fadel Ahmed

  111. Tim Bates says


  112. rob chapdelaine says

    Rick's a boss. Definitely the big daddy a**kicker.

  113. brian Jones says

    what about dead ol shane. what was his ending total?

  114. Daniel Carr says

    I just finished season two and I don't remember anyone called Michionne?

    Edit: duh, must have been the hooded figure. ok ok, no more spoilers, please 🙂

  115. Larry Williams says

    The episode wasn't as exciting as I thought it would. But next week should be really good

  116. Jay Dela Cruz says

    Not one comment before mine about how those pictures look nothing like zombies?

  117. AL B says

    nice 🙂

  118. Michael Sean Christensen says


  119. Neil Boothman says

    Ah. Seeing that some of the zombies are named suggests plot spoilers for anyone who is still catching up to the latest season.

  120. udayakumar plk says


  121. Pierre Egan says

    Your so hot ; )

  122. Marco Ramirez says

    This may be accurate from the shows perspective but from individual character perspective I would dare to say Darrel or even Glenn may have more kills because they were out there since the start while Rick was in a comma after getting shot in the first episode.

  123. Muhlis Hajar Adiputra says

    i like

  124. Hamson Ham says

    Hello hello

  125. Ruvindika fernandopulle says

    I lov walkin dead!!!! Can't wait to c it

  126. Rudolph Liggins says

    bam bam bam

  127. fraiem saifi says

    much croud

  128. Junyuan Zheng says

    so many…

  129. ritik goyal says


  130. james johny says

    ok 3

  131. siu wing yeung says


  132. Resat Emre Ayvaci says

    Lol u must love the walkingdead

  133. Thabo Tsotetsi says

    jst need to see

  134. Luke Ashe-Browne says

    + Matt Gaskill Good catch, but I'm not sure the kill was onscreen though, it cut off and there was a bang, or noise (can't remember if he used the gun or the knife. or the candle stick in the conservatory)

  135. John Netterwald says

    you're already taken good too many guys in your life

  136. Jeremy Horn says

    Stay in the house carl

  137. MD. Arif Alam says

    you are very nice picture.

  138. olalekan wahab says

    I can't waith to watch this

  139. Rajesh Babu says

    whose in it?

  140. Impatial Nonso says

    ofcourse we will


    Please any 1 in UK know when walking dead season3 ep9 will return on sky?

  142. norkhairi misdi says

    Daryl, wai u no follow Rick back, bro? Wai follow ur ass-bro instead?

  143. LEONEL MAZA says

    I am bored about dead walking. Hey , you! Are you going forever to become a zombie fanatic?
    Which are better for you if zombies movies or the adventures of Flash Gordon and Mong, the heaven emperor? Why do you stick forever to the zombies movies? They are easy to kill,they are slow walkers and can be enslaved as mules to transport items. But I prefer Flash Gordon to Zombies movies…unless you be an adict to blood spilling.

  144. Ade Abolarin says

    I get it not everyone dies at the same time but how long does it take a zombie to starve to death.

  145. Ryan Ng says

    Look at all the kills….

  146. Daniel Babylon says

    Why is this sent to me

  147. abdullah abdulaziz says

    what is all this about

  148. Thomas Watson says

    I Would you still watch the show if Rick died?

  149. Keith Cotton says

    One of the stupidest shows ever.

  150. rebecca ginn says

    michonne is a  bad a**  and i think shes killed more than daryl and rick  but i watched the new  one

  151. jeff i says

    And Who the hell cares?

  152. Macoy Mejia says

    ain't no one have time for that

  153. Adam Overmiller says

    If Chuck Norris was on this show, there wouldn't be a Zombie Apocalypse.

  154. Kai Six says

    I hate when one character has too much bad assery. Really twice as much as the runner up.

  155. Jennifer Stidham says

    Just love the show ,it was awesome last night

  156. Trisha Reese says

    Didn't carl kill his mom?

  157. Trisha Reese says

    + Keith Cotton I just don't understand how someone could say that…

  158. rebecca ginn says

    no he shot beside her

  159. Trisha Reese says


  160. rebecca ginn says

    u now when rick stabs the zombie in the stomach it was her

  161. Michael Shaye says

    Merle has to step it up.

  162. Trisha Reese says

    I thought the zombie ate her

  163. rebecca ginn says

    merle is just a plain out beeeeeeeep

  164. rebecca ginn says

    no i wish

  165. Trisha Reese says

    Whoaa whole new perspective 0.o

  166. rebecca ginn says

    lol so who is your fav.

  167. Marcus Wilmore says

    Wow…i gotta start watching this show!

  168. farman ali says

    wow so

  169. MICHAEL LONDON says

    That is so cool,I was just wondering about that the other day,is it an accurate count…

  170. Dale Medina says

    I don't know why…but I hate Michonne and Carol. Love Glenn and Man-Carl. The kid is a beast!

  171. Dale Medina says

    + Ade Abolarin I think the zombies don't starve to death because starvation is almost something that the brain fabricates to trick you into eating in order for the body to create and store energy.

    With that said, since zombies are brain dead, "eating" for them is just instinctive and no longer a necessity to live. Yep, you really gotta suspend all your beliefs when it comes to these things 😛

  172. Torry Thompson says

    + Matt Gaskill I was asking the same question… + Tim Wallace , Matt Gaskill is talking about why isn't Carl's mom one of his kills? I think it must mean they are bringing her back somehow, but hopefully not just as on of Rick's hallucinations.

  173. Torry Thompson says

    + Joshua Jazz Hernandez Michone didn't kill Hines Ward… I thought Rick or Maggie shot him out the gate?

  174. Torry Thompson says

    + Jimbo Rizza yeah I agree Chris Hardwick is super annoying. I can't even watch Talking Dead because of him and I wanted to because I saw Glenn on there but Chris was too annoying to stay with the show. Ugh

  175. Jon James says

    + Kevin Matibag Carol serves a different purpose.

  176. Marc Morales says

    Here's what I'm curious about: what is the rate this group of ppl kills zombies at? Rick killed 84 zombies on screen, but how many does he average per day?   He's obviously above average for this group.  How many zombies does the average person kill before they die or are turned into a zombie themselves?  With a high enough kill rate I would think that eventually the zombie populace would at least be manageable.

  177. Torry Thompson says

    + Marc Morales never that… More than 75% of the world is infected. If there were military bases not infected and military people with the ability to fortify and take them down, maybe. But you saw how weak the military was on season 3.

  178. Kahar Rashid says

    Love that game

  179. Amanda Blain says

    Lori was killed before she was a zombie…. Hence nothing for Carl….

  180. Jim Nevins says

    No wonder Rick is having troubles…

  181. KAZIBAH MUSA says


  182. Michael Bowman says

    cool, did not know that .

  183. Brian Klippel says

    Don't the zombies get to represent on this chart? # of converts? 😉

  184. Jessica Irvine says

    hahaha 🙂 cool cool x

  185. Sarah Tamez says

    Didn't Carl kill zombie Shane in the second season? Maybe I'm not understanding the graph but it looks like he's standing with the purple 3rd season zombies. Awesome looking tally regardless 🙂

  186. Marco Urias says

    Rick 86 kills 0 deaths, what a camper!

  187. Miskinak D says

    Wait'll Judith can lift a crowbar!

  188. Gabe Post says

    This is awesome!

  189. ambresha wiley says

    thank for adding me as a friend

  190. Matt Gaskill says

    + Tim Wallace I'm aware that it's only the kills listed for the remaining living members. But call shot Laurie. She isn't listed in his kill column

  191. cupid ivy says

    Rick puts in work but Imma miss Daryl

  192. daniel oliveira says

    sera possível

  193. nixon jordan says


  194. Jared Maddux says

    wow so many zombies. whoever is the smartest should have the most kills. as richard castle said the smarter the victim the tastier the brain

  195. Joshua Demian says

    carl and maggie lol

  196. Stuart Ponder says

    Does Shane count for Carl AND Rick, or just Carl?

  197. Maksim Glazkov says

    Ха, Рик реально самый злой мужик – бородат, брутален и с большой пушкой! Но нежити еще много, так что работать работать и еще раз работать, товарищи!

  198. Zbigniew Piasecki says

    Spis  powszechny   istniejącej ludzkiej rasy

  199. Nicholas Schmelzer says

    Look out, undead world.  The hunters are hunting you.

  200. Ken Hall says

    Cool, where did you find this?

  201. daniel oliveira says

    sera possível

  202. Lindy Mase says

    yes another Walking Dead Fan…nice info. Carl will be the new leader.

  203. Steve Mallory says

    That is not the truth

  204. Gabriel B. says

    Commentator: "Well ladies and gentlemen, it looks like Rick's in the lead with Daryl playing a close second…"

  205. Dana Littleford says

    Don't know who has the most kills. Don't care. Just love the thing. Actually, for the most kills, I'd probably go wit one of the zombies.

  206. Joel Moreno says

    Hola amanda. Como estad

  207. Zbigniew Piasecki says

    + Amanda Blain  Życzę miłego dnia , samych sukcesów i radości – a razem z nimi dużo całusów.

  208. Christie Turlington says

    Maggie did kill a zombie in S2, and on horse back somemore, how could the person who made this chart miss that. That was her grand entrance openner, the cavalry has arrived.

  209. Hieday Khalid says

    today is bore day for me….
    couse I feel no friend here…

  210. Chris Falck says

    + Christie Turlington daryl killed that one she just knocked it over

  211. daniel oliveira says

    Deus e bom!

  212. Elvis Ebeh says

    splendid.wat episode of s3 is comin out tonite

  213. GUGZA GUGZAR says

    Lvly I lk it.

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