Run For Your Life from Zombies… for real


All across North America the zombie fad is taking hold, from AMC’s The Walking Dead to news and media using the term any chance they get. The latest fun thing I’ve seen is this super neat idea called Run For Your Lives – Zombie races! What’s a zombie race you ask?  If you are a runner expect a 5k obstacle course including rough terrain, huge up to your waist pools of fake blood, slippery walls to climb and of course being chased by thousands of zombies. If you are a zombie, expect to be transformed into the part of the undead. Makeup artists to do the gore makeup for you…. Including costumes, face wounds, sunken eyes and tons of fake blood.

The runners have generally 2 or 3 “health flags” that they wear around they waist as they make their way through the crazy course, dodging the zombies who claw for their flags as they go.  The pictures look intense with teams of runners and zombies working together to accomplish their goals. Less than 20% of the people who run the race make it to the end “alive” with at least one of their 3 flags remaining. There are usually concerts, food, camping and beer afterwards. Sounds like an awesome geeky time. Maybe i’ll join the one in Toronto area in September. Would you be a zombie or a runner?

Learn more and sign up here —>

Photo credit: +Billie Weiss
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Run For Your Life from Zombies... for real

  1. Dustin Lewen says

    My wife did this last month, she had a blast.

  2. Nicolas Doak says

    Nice post!

  3. Joy Giovanni says

    I've already registered for this race!  Can't wait! 

  4. Andy Duchesne says


  5. Margaret O Rourke says

    Zombie … if i was a runner i would get too scared ….. freak out and possibly behead zombie pretender with the large hatchet i carried just in case real zombies had infiltrated the pretenders……..

  6. Jojo Castellanes says

    the dude  in the middle is really in character…….lolz!

  7. Kate Marie says


  8. Dan Zerner says

    Ok that would freak me out!

  9. Cliff Stallings says

    Huge market out there for it..That is for sure.

  10. Kevin Bowie says

    Thanks for the post. I want to try this.

  11. Kira Kroger says

    My husband and I as signed up to do the run in Washington at the beginning of next month. Can't wait, it'll be so much fun.

  12. Mike Minor says

    Sounds cool and fun!

  13. Alida Brandenburg says

    Gah. No norcal love! 🙁

  14. Manuella Betaille says

    If I was still living in Canada, I would have loved to sign up for the one in Toronto   🙂

  15. Stephen Gray says

    A coworker was just telling me about this.  Any more, I would need actual zombies chasing me to complete a 5k

  16. Matt Nall says

    oh god, so much win.

  17. Amanda Blain says

    Hahah yeah im thinking being a zombie is more my style too + Stephen Gray 

  18. Wilda Mazhar says

    I'll be the runner and fart my way out to the finish line lol… i hope the zombies will be fainted XD

  19. William Mills says

    I would like to experience this from both perspectives. Fun either way.

  20. Mariela Aguirre says

    Zombie . . . to bite runners after cath them LOL

  21. John Ward says

    Are the runners allowed to bring machetes and cricket bats?

  22. Fauzan al-Farisi says

    what's wrong?

  23. Cynthia Suiter says

    we have the zombie run and we also have a gun range where you can shot at zombies (real guns fake zombies of course) I love the whole zombie thing

  24. mansour arabnezhad says


  25. Alan Andrews says

    That is AWESOME

  26. Jeremy Neff says

    It would be funnier if there were zombie flash mobs at real marathons . . .

  27. Alan Andrews says


  28. Stephahie Krapa says

    Sound like fun to me.

  29. George M. Tsatsis says

    thats awesome

  30. Kat Shaw says

    Totally would be a zombie on this one. =)

  31. Jose Rodriguez says

    Wow it seen like a good way to run

  32. Miguel Abrego says

    I must go!!!!!!

  33. Arsalan Wasti says


  34. Chris Perez says

    This is awesome! I'm no runner, but I tried to convince my boss to participate…

  35. Walter Federhofer says

    lol im from miami i knew papo the real victim he been homless forever lol big resident evil fan lol where can i find these events yo lmfao

  36. Liv Love says

    Sounds like a blast.. thanks for the share!

  37. Tessa Kranz says

    Totally doing this in October!!

  38. Michael Confalone says

    Drove down from montreal for the Run For Your Lives in Boston, was a ton of fun!

  39. Relli Kappra says

    I heard about this! I wanted to join but I thought you had to pay some amount that sounded too expensive for me. Sounds like fun though. I'd probably "die" hahaha

  40. Khadijah Muhammed says

    That sounds really… interesting?

  41. Fayjah Cruz says

    run boy run

  42. LaLa Hummer says


  43. Cassidy Campbell says

    I would be a runner!! It sounds fun!

  44. Joby Elliott says

    I'm doing it. Colorado, this Saturday. I can't wait.

  45. victoria skaggs says


  46. Khadijah Muhammed says

    Have fun! Oh don't get yourself killed.

  47. Sarah Kankiewicz says

    Waiting for it to come to Phoenix! Or is LA next year….when I'm not preggo. They give you a life belt with flags and the zombies pull them off.

  48. Jake Kern says

    + Amanda Blain This may very well be the only thing that could ever:
    a) get me to run, and
    b) crap my pants in terror

  49. Timothy Adkins says

    That would fun!

  50. Vinicius Moura says

    Left 4 Dead ? hahaahhahah

  51. holly robinson says

    Omgosh! this looks soo good……mee too!

  52. Alexander Rios says

    Just add bath salts to make this a bit more compelling. Probably could have it on pay per view.

  53. Sarah Kankiewicz says

    The run is $65 I think. Comparable to any other 5k obsticle course run.

  54. Jacob Bertrand says

    Oh man, I want to do this!

  55. Fayjah Cruz says

    u think u can run faster than a zombies

  56. Christopher Shane says

    That looks fun!!

  57. Rachel Couche says

    that is weird and REALLY gross 

  58. Jayne Albrecht says


  59. Alberto Monge says

    Unfortunately you can't use a shotgun, while running.. lol

  60. Diego Jušinskas says

    Os doentes do + Guilherme Guatan e do + Pedro Turco Neto iriam curtir isso.

  61. Brenda Bryant says

    I want to be a zombie!!! OMG HOW FUN

  62. pedro ivan says

    i hate zombies because i love kill zombies

  63. allison kuehl says

    Freaking awesome!!!

  64. michael ferr says

    oh my gosh

  65. Alyssa Rushton says

    well I guess that helps em run faster

  66. William Miller says

    What the heck

  67. Jack Curzon says

    The fat one will never get him. Zombies arn't scary if they are smiling!!

  68. Erica Carrie says

    bit creapy but ok. i have a dogs butt in my face

  69. Tom Mac says

    I think the the urge to stop running and splatter some zombie brains may be too much temptation for many to handle. Shit could get ugly..

  70. Janae Broadnax says

    That one guy kinda looks like Russell Brand!! 🙂

  71. sameul Githinji Mwichigi says

    almost to die

  72. Andrew Guyther says

    Hellz to the yeah!!!!

  73. jaylin Grasser says


  74. Gwen Goebelt says

    So cool!

  75. Teri Ives says

    no thanks  lol

  76. Jack Curzon says

    I just have one thing to say… DON'T DIE!!!

  77. Michelle Huhn says

    Boo to UNDER 14 GRRRR

  78. troy murawski says


  79. Panu Honka says

    Looks a bit like Finnish swamp football. Without the ball.

  80. jenny banta says

    what the hell

  81. Brandon Buhler says

    There are two back there not catching anything but a Chair and some sugary eats.  Looks awesome fun though!

  82. Ali Sharifiniya says

    This mAke u stronger

  83. kailie kephart says


  84. Faye Appleyard says

    u will get a bit muddy

  85. Philip Chou says

    Rule #1, Cardio

  86. Alvin Stearns says

    Lol. Love it.

  87. peter emerson says


  88. Alexia Peal says

    That look AMAZING!!!

  89. Wade Fields says

    My gf and I ran the MN one this year, it was a blast! Started with white shirts, ended in brown shirts.

  90. Geoff Dennehy says

    I would have enough trouble just doing the run.  Carrying a chainsaw also would kill me before the zombies do.
    Chainsaws are allowed, right?

  91. Sarah Corradini says

    zombie totally

  92. JeVante Burks says

    "I'll eat yo brain, broy!"-fat zombie.

  93. Nate Rose says

    I'd love to be a zombie!

  94. Isha Perry says

    eat brains!

  95. Arianna Valle says

    um… ok then!

  96. Jennifer London says

    if this came to Milwaukee, I would be signing up!

  97. Jake Carter says

    I survived a Tough Mudder and do Crossfit regularly. A Zombie run sounds like an off day.

  98. Emme Case says

    TEAM ZOMBIES!!!!!!!

  99. William Guo says

    Seems like Royal Pains

  100. Matt Burns says

    Sounds cool, but if they're going for "realism" where are the guns? Make it a sort of cross-country type event where I can stop every so often to pop the zombies that are getting too close in the heads with a paintgun, and I'm in.

  101. Junior Mo says

    Where do I sign up!

  102. Layba Zaman says

    looks fun, but not scary enough 

  103. Mark Blacklee says

    This looks awesome! Wish I was in America as this would be a regular haunt for me.

  104. Ethan Hill says


  105. Ken Smith says

    That would be real fun to try….at night, armed with a flashlight.  Now see how fast you run.

  106. aaron Medlin says

    wow creepy

  107. Tim Dunne says


  108. Maya Harris says

    why aren't you in america?

  109. Vivian Bernal says

    looks very fun count me in

  110. J.R. Gormley says


  111. Jerel Lorenzo says

    all of a sudden these mud obstacle races are HUGE! This one has some character!

  112. Matt BeDell says

    bath salts?

  113. Alvin Quidem says

    I actually like calling this flag football meets zombies.  My coworkers did it last year and had a blast being runners.  I think they were using each other as shields in order to stay 'alive'.  Fun times either way.

  114. Karen Adu Afari says

    Yeah america is gud

  115. James Rhead says

    + Dan Zerner ditto

  116. Alfredo Alvarez says

    Definitely Zombie.

  117. carter goodrich says

    Help him

  118. Alex Schneider says


  119. Andrew Silvia says

    Well that's awesome. I wanna try!!!

  120. bella Tartaglia says

    hee hee

  121. Carol Mckenna says

    Crazy funny

  122. Emma Feinstone says


  123. Best Person says


  124. Theunis Janse van Vuuren says

    A joke question blog about surviveing a zombie apocalypse said I would survive 30yrs, but there I was allowed a BOOM stick and chain saw, daubt I would do good in a 5k run lol

  125. Nick Abbondanzio says

    This looks awesome!

  126. vadim abrams says

    Wtf. 🙂

  127. casey vargas says

    ewwwwww so ……………….funny……………………….

  128. Cassi Campbell says

    This is cool, you should check out zombie theme park coming soon. Awesome!

  129. Jasmine Smith says

    ha ha

  130. Chuck Green says

    They had this on Royal Pains a couple of weeks ago.  very funny.

  131. tony hayes says

    Might half to add one to next years diery if thers a longer one in the uk

  132. Glas Cole says


  133. Karley Schilling says

    That would be so much fun

  134. Thomas Mason says

    Sounds like fun… except for the running part. 😛

  135. Mia Wong-Sang says


  136. Ben Matern says

    I did the mpls run a month or so ago.  Totally worth it, highly recommended.

  137. Verónica López says

    jaja… si buenísima

  138. Jesse Sullivan says

    Why are zombies so popular? They're dead, for cryin' out loud!

  139. Alex Curtis says

    Not real thats people with fake blood and ripped up clothes.

  140. Nathaly Corrales says


  141. Joshua Albarran says

    best thing ever

  142. pratap keshari sahu says


  143. Vanessa Bieber says

    What if the appocolypse started during the race and ppl thot the real zombies were the fake ones..

  144. loren peters says


  145. Marissa Clements says

    dude, this is freakin epic!!!! i can decide if i'd have more fun running for my life or being a zombie… lol

  146. Hayes Starns says

    runner for sure

  147. Charles hella smoov Coleman says


  148. Theunis Janse van Vuuren says

    Being a runner will only be fun if I can have a paintball gun to splat the zombies with

  149. Zack Moncrieff says

    Its a walker shane

  150. Chris Guest says

    I would totally do this

  151. Meron Shoptaw says

    Wow. If I ever had the urge to run in my life, might be fun!

  152. marufa chowdhury says

    tht looks fun

  153. Wayne Kozlovsky says

    Looks like a blast!

  154. Caleb Laurence says

    it would be awesome to get dressed up in fake blood chasing after people so i would have to say that i would be a zombie.

  155. Arika Becker says

    That looks like so much fun!

  156. Tori Summers says

    Zombies!!!!!!!!(say in strained and accented voice)

  157. emma north says

    lol fun!!!

  158. Chassidy Evans says

    That looks fun and nasty ille Blood my frend katlyn thnks blood iz good shez wierd i luv her thugh

  159. Brandon Perry says

    that looks like alot of fun

  160. Jayne Hopkins says


  161. Bill Hartzer says

    Run Faster!

  162. Raejean Hightower says

    haha lol

  163. Alan Landucci-Ruiz says

    I'm supposed to be running in one in Arizona this October.  Still waiting on my friend.

  164. Charlie Toth says

    Definitely want to organize one of these at my school.

  165. Chassidy Evans says

    Amanda Blain sme here…lol:)

  166. youssef kihel says


  167. tessie recoperto says


  168. Dirce A. Milchorena says

    thats awesome!

  169. Pamela Alcantara says


  170. Emelia Paulisczak says

    My parent were going to run it and they bought tickets then my dad broke his femur.:(

  171. Nasar Ashar says

    is that Russel Brand whatever how u spell his name

  172. Jessica Bray says

    hope your dad has a safe and speedy recovery, Emelia!

  173. Nicki Reyna says

    Can they chase me out of bed first?

  174. Joe Jimson says
  175. Jim Geraghty says

    Are small caliber pistols allowed?

  176. Emelia Paulisczak says

    Thank You Jessica!:)

  177. Faith DuBois says

    That looks like some scary fun!!

  178. Katie Brong says

    I ran in the very first Run For Your Lives 5k in October 2011. Its a lot of intense fun!!!

  179. Tyler Stroud says

    Is that Russell Brand?

  180. Andrew Cummings says

    That's cool

  181. Elton Woo says

    According to 'Walking Dead' zombies tend to get stuck in the mud, So you don't have to run fast.  }-))

  182. Chris Bjuland says

    I'd do that.

  183. Koko Okashi says

    This is the only marathon I would ever volunteer for. I can't this year but next year is a must. What could be more motivation than zombies chasing after you!

  184. ???? ??????? says


  185. Taariq Mullins says

    This is awesome!

  186. Annalyse Acedo says

    i so would do that!

  187. Will Kirby says


  188. taote saitu says

    only if my parents join in the race 

  189. Ishika Singh says


  190. Jide Okesanjo says

    man, that dude has gotta run faster than that if he wants to have any hopes of getting away…

  191. Eric Piteau says

    Anything to help motivation 😉

  192. Alana Stanziano says

    I'm doing this in October!

  193. MJ Ricard says

    I would fly through mud if I had these painted freak shows on my ass. 

  194. Nikki Cartlidge says

    There is also a zombie run in Cambridge, UK in October!

  195. varun khanolkar says

    Cool that is awesome

  196. wafflecake man says

    This guy is dead meat. yummy

  197. Andy woody says

    I thought zombies were green

  198. Athea Kong says

    I would do the same run for my life…if that things chasing me…

  199. Madison Horan says

    those are the fakest things ever!!

  200. Keaton Engle says

    Cool that would be awesome. Idk which one I would be though.

  201. Tamsin Louise says


  202. Neha Pattan says

    + Santosh Astagi we should check this out 😛

  203. Dustin Wen says
    Going saturday =)

  204. Gracie Lubisky says

    I thought zombies were green too?????

  205. Guy Portier says

    Such a creative way to keep active and physically fit!

  206. Mela McMillian says

    I love this idea.  rule 1. Cardio 🙂

  207. junior torres says

    So nice…

  208. Vivien Wray says


  209. Ross Jepsen says

    I wish i could register for this, sadly i cant afford it right now

  210. bri mazzola says

    lol!!! i so wanna be a zombie!!!

  211. Christine Williams says


  212. Eric pena says

    how much is something like that?

  213. Sarah DuPree says

    THAT'S NASTY!!!!

  214. Taiye Robinson says

    hahahaha I love it.. I would want to run until I got eaten which would inevitably happen..Then I would want to be transformed into the undead.. The best of both worlds.. Although I think I would get my beer on before hand.. That  would certainly help out my performance.

  215. Eleni S says


  216. ayman nader says

    Beware of the zombies you Amanda

  217. Daisy Riley says


  218. Jack Downing says


  219. Raul Feliciano says


  220. Kaitlyn James says

    wow the zombie apocilpse is really coming 😉

  221. Nici Gillyard says


  222. Taina Monsanto says

    lol oh wow i didnt think anyone would take it this far

  223. leslie chess says

    Are they running with blood on them

  224. larissa sustaita says


  225. vincent ryan says

    Brill sounds like great fun!! ZOMBIES!!

  226. wahid noor says


  227. Sarah Bonkowski says

    The guy running looks like Russell Brand. 

  228. Gavin Bartholomew says

    ya sure.

  229. Jason Hearne says

    I'm doing this in October!

  230. tom Hiester says

    he dose

  231. Jimmy Morales says

    I'll be at the one in Austin In December. Cant wait!!!

  232. Rocksand Pickard says

    I would so do this!

  233. Mohammad Jan Khan says

    o.O ……. wrong turn 5 or what  hahahahaha

  234. Morgan Kelly says

    Omg!! That sounds so awesome! I would wanna be a runner because I LOVE TO RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  235. anna rodriguez says

    Where there be one in SoCal soon?

  236. Lily Greenspon says

    That runner must have a lot of motivation.

  237. Dan Foster says

    Awesome. We need this in the UK!

  238. Angel Piano says

    i agree, ewwwww

  239. Tehya Cifers says

    I wanna be a zombie!!!

  240. Laura Jean says

    i would so zombie out for this!

  241. Majesty Hicks says


  242. Alan James says

    Sounds like fun as long as you can turn around and knock the hell out of someone that's chasing you!

  243. jalal hussain says


  244. Russell Davison says

    Oh, they look scary with their trouser legs rolled up and left breasts exposed. Wait a minute …

  245. esther Rodriguez says

    I don't have the guts for this, so to speak.

  246. Theresa Maher says

    I think I would have to be a zombie.

  247. Yadial Ketema says

    It's halloween already? Damn, time does fly by..

  248. Artemio Olvera says

    Sounds fun

  249. Neenee Goodwin says

    Hahaha. Thts funny

  250. marie johnson says

    you couldnt pay me to do this, though i wouldnt mind being a zombie

  251. Chris Fry says

    Tough Mudder headband. Nice.

  252. Sophie Luisia says


  253. Morgan Kelly says


  254. neneboo swagg says

    i would be a zombie, not the human!!!!

  255. Marc Velez says

    AMC's The Walking Dead is doing something like this in San Diego during Comic-Con. They are calling it The Walking Dead Escape.

  256. Ronnie Aliaj says

    sounds cool to me, unfortunately I'm in London at that period…

  257. Tanomvun Franklin says

    Fantastic Idea… I want Zombie to chase me..

  258. paige contro says

    thats pretty cool would love to do this why dont england have this!!!!

  259. hyrum perez says


  260. laura garza says

    They will

  261. Romeo Monde says

    that show is just sick and inhumane just like true blood

  262. Yara Villa says

    now im scared

  263. Nicholas Brown says

    Imagine all the weight you would lose….  if you finished or they finish you!!

  264. Bartoos fpoRZ?Siu says

    [email protected]#$% sweat! Please "run" to Poland!

  265. James Blackledge says

    No one is sick of the zombie thing yet? When people in Florida started eating each other I thought maybe everyone would stop caring like I did a while ago…

  266. waqas ahmad says

    haha true Nicholas Brown

  267. Greg King says

    Interesting. Can you fight them off?

  268. kai theo says

    I run xc that would be so awesome

  269. Kayla Mrozinski says

    My friend just did one of these and she loved it and even loved the training for it.

  270. Dominique Dumadaug says

    I'll be going to the one in Southern California in October, I'm stoked!!

  271. Olivia McClain says

    Um, I'd be a zombie. 😀

  272. AJ Johnson says


  273. Marla Schutz says

    what has happened to the adult IQ??? 

  274. Sammy Bynum says

    Ding ding ding, the bath salt truck is here.

  275. betty batista says

    that is so fake do not belive

  276. zachary wagner says

    whatever James.. you seriously think the people who overdosed in Florida is related to the zombie pop culture?

  277. Miles Klein says


  278. Bilal Kabbani says

    Very cool 🙂 Love the expression on the guy's face!

  279. Kevan Higgins says

    Looks fun!

  280. Guardian Angel says

    That looks like a lot of fun :*

  281. sara nava says

    So want to do this .. Coming near San Diego soon .. Its a bit costly … But looks like fun and not to forget the after party ..

  282. Soni Dobi says

    i don´t know which idea scares me the most, to be running for you life, or to not have a life anymore :O

  283. Joe Sensor says

    do they have a version with slow, plodding zombies for the less physically fit?

  284. fayez alfayez says


  285. Slava Luchianov says

    Are the runners given any weapon to defend themselves? Any rifles, axes, knives, or something? With some of those working pretty well (in movies 🙂 I might be a runner.

  286. Lauryn Gonsalves says

    My friend was a zombie

  287. fernando rodes says

    hola buenas la verdad que tee marcado x que eres la que tenia la cara mas binita ,mira que no sd que es esto del gogle+si puedes y quieres ya me diras algo

  288. Stephanie Rodriguez says

    Seems fun…but it wouldn't be fun if it were for reals.

  289. Jillian Wolf says

    gross people in that race.

  290. hadyn marie says

    it's funny how almost all of these comments were +1

  291. Nathan Tichy says

    Awesome that would be awesome

  292. Andrea Garcia says

    awsome zombies

  293. Nola Fryar says

    Wow. LoL This is cool yet strange. :-/

  294. alain presillas says

    This seems to be a great stress reliever…hahaha

  295. Bowen Neufeld says

    what r the actors names??

  296. Daniel Mota says


  297. michael lazaro says

    kind of wired as long as he do not go in dark alley with the three it all alright

  298. Brian Thomas says

    wow, those zombies are bookin…

  299. Kevin Kelly says

    I think I would be too tempted to grab the nearest blunt object and start spartan kicking zombies.

  300. Marie Rose says

    hahaha. these zombies….

  301. Akins Josh says

    Zombie, I would never last the run!

  302. michael lazaro says

    threes nothing funner than chassing someone

  303. Clarke Elliott says

    I AM ZOMBIE!!!!!!

  304. Babangida Muhammed says

    You can run. But you can't hide forever

  305. Susan Suarez says

    Awesome way to break a sweat and get the heart pumping!

  306. diana jhonson says

    wow loll

  307. Bennet Wiafe says

    WTF is this zzz…lookz nice though wanna be part of this family haha

  308. jacob gross says

    I wonder how Forest Gump would have handled Zombies?

  309. maria caple says

    BRill !!!!!

  310. Mark Yohnke says

    please get that guy in the back a shirt

  311. Jared Clark says

    ._. awesome

  312. Jane Brown says

    A zombie absolutely!!! ;D

  313. Lara Mikkelsen says

    amazing- wow- kinda fun

  314. christina wilhelm says

    Zombie 🙂

  315. Vera Wolf says

    Id run like an Olympic sprinter with that lot chasing me lol

  316. Ward Plunet says

    And now there is an app the simulates a zombie attack – they are taking over the world: apps and zombies 🙂

  317. Jori Rogers says

    haha. Thats a great running motovation haha

  318. stephen ferazzi says

    i am smoker , and would not get away .
      but i do got to share my problem with "the Walikng Dead" ( and i do enjoy the show) .
          the zombies show emotions sometimes . an easy example is when Rick in first season climbs into the tank from bottom and closes the top before they get to that hatch , a zombie claws at top to try to pull at it then makes a fist and bangs at it once , as if its being closed pissed him off .
             now if i were trying to eat some flesh and missed my chance ?
    yea , i'd be pissed too . but i am sick , not a zombie and am non-reactive .
                      time for a bath .

  319. Seth Bartlett says


  320. Pyke Thompson says

    that is so cool 🙂

  321. Jonah Snare says

    looks fun

  322. Mark Hebblewhite says

    This is just another Friday night at our local Weatherspoons pub: "Last Orders".

  323. Larry Johnson says

    Those are some happy looking zombies.

  324. Christopher Billman says

    Awesome, I'd do a 5k zombie run!

  325. Joe Jimson says

    zombies like to #boycottbieber nowadays I hear

  326. Sandy Amador says

    Zombie Apocalypse has arrived! Run Forrest Run…

  327. Danny Piper says

    Where's this being done?

  328. Alexandru Andreiu says

    Lol this looks awesome ^^

  329. Rose Nicol says

     ??? Dont Go Down!
    ???Are you listening to me? Don't go!
    ???Hello…? I said don't go.
    ???Stop it! Don't go down.
    ???Okay. If you wanna be like that then go.
    ???You are still headstrong and you aren't listening to me…
    ???I can't talk to you anymore.
    ???You listen to me! …don't goo down there!
    ???Can you please just listen to me ?
    ???You're dumb if you go down there.
    ???Ok I'm not going to tell you again…don't go.
    ???….Seriously I SAID STOP!!
    ???Are you bored yet?
    ???Last chance …don't go there..
    ???you will now have 5 years of bad luck unless you post this on 5 different photo?
    Collapse this comment

  330. jane chan says

    where is this?

  331. Funmi Jayeoba says

    …what's going on here?

  332. marlene co says

    that is not real 

  333. Zach Jones says


  334. Cindy Wang says

    An effective way to lose weight. Having zombies chase you is motivation enough to get you running for your life. =P

  335. Linette Westley says

    haha look at that guys face…ahhh!

  336. Vic Farrow says

    Zombies are no fun unless you get to shoot them in the head

  337. edward gadegbeku says

    don't bath for a week they would' int dare to came near u 

  338. Rachel Antosca says


  339. Sienna Henson says

    we did this at my camp! it was called a "nature walk", and we had to run from "zombies"….it was awesome 😀

  340. Sam Moesser says

    i wonder if you'd get more health flags if you dress up like a werewolf?

  341. Michael Markman says

    If you haven't heard of Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse… You should check it out…

  342. Beth Nutting says

    Probably one of the best races I've seen. This looks like so much fun.

  343. Max Files says

    im not a runner im a killer

  344. Ashton Ashton says


  345. abdifatah hassen says

    Fuck me

  346. Danielle Vasquez says

    I would probs crapy pants lol

  347. Isabel Jaramillo says


  348. Carson Packard says

    thats funny

  349. Tom Bodoczy says

    Thats cool

  350. Su hyeon puddunan says

    whaaa canibbals? lol

  351. Gabriel Martin says

    funny but stupid

  352. Frank Merchant says

    There is also this: The Walking Dead Escape If your in San Diego Petco Park have fun!

  353. Nakhaiya Jacobs says


  354. Dmitri Tcherbadji says

    This is awesome! Perfect practice for the real thing, which I know is coming soon.

  355. Carl Acton says

    That would be awesome!

  356. Raja Khan says

    Thats zombiefied

  357. Alex Stoutamire says

    I would love to be in that it looks awesome

  358. sgt. tedmadore says

    forever yes!!!

  359. Mark Liederbach says

    I'll come back to this comment when the stream maxes at 500. See you soon!

  360. ursula meyer says

    is that russell brand?

  361. Ian MacQuarrie says

    Must. Do. This..!

  362. Andi McDermott says

    haha lol ZOMBIE APPOCALIPS!!!!!!!!!!:0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0
    id love to try that

  363. Abbit Ivins says

    looks like fun

  364. Robert Acosta says

    That guy finished Tough Mudder…those zombies don't have a chance.

  365. Teh MacGregor says

    That's bucket-list material.  Awesome.  

  366. jaidyn adams says

    That seems so much fun

  367. Air Speed says

    By far the only 5k run I would be excited to do.

  368. Kristaps Freimanis says

    I Pope they are fake zombies 😀

  369. Nathan Gantt says

    Russel brand… runs from zombies

  370. Avi Bahar says


  371. Hazel Coate says

    I would turn around and start kicking zombie butt if I did that thing ????????

  372. Kendra Ristola says

    They're kind of scary looking

  373. Nakhaiya Jacobs says

    not cool

  374. Tyrell Pratt says

    sounds like something i would want to do…minus the location :-/

  375. Jhong Felicitas says

    CARDIO!!! need to be in a very good shape to do this thing…

  376. Colleen Gaudin says

    I SERIOUSLY LOVE me some zombies!!!????????

  377. Lizzy Mcguire says

    wow…this looks fun 🙂

  378. Alphonce Nazarius says


  379. Lee Pellymounter says

    I have also seen zombie walks on youtube. It shows people taking to the streets dressed as zombies. People do this all over the world. I have posted one on my home page. 

  380. Matt Joiner says

    If you don't have good cardio, clearly you should join the opposition.

  381. Jennifer Jara says

    haha i would love to run away from zombies 

  382. Christine Peltier says


  383. lexy bolton says


  384. emma north says

    wow language looks fun

  385. david armstrong says

    Are there bath salts involved?

  386. dajaneaka kirksey says

    what the is that

  387. amin khoshzahmat says

    What a cool game 😀
    I want to play,too

  388. Adel Afifi says

    is it arace and who is gonna win i wish u

  389. Eugene Johnson says

    Florida Zombie Attack caused by bath salt

  390. brook crosby says

    thats really messed humans eating other humans is not a joke

  391. Jordan Gringo says

    Wouldn't I love to do this

  392. michelle witt says

    that looks like something I would do

  393. frank davila says


  394. amin khoshzahmat says

    Stupid,this is just a game

  395. Shaden Mohamed says

    We don't need this in Egypt. We get enough action during protests! On a lighter note… how do I become a zombie?

  396. amin khoshzahmat says

    Stupid,this is just a game

  397. lilly como says


  398. Muneeb Hamad says

    What the heck is this???

  399. Kush Khan says

    I'd make it but then again I bite,I scratch, and I don't fight fair(:

  400. John Harlan says

    [sigh] now were the hell is my luger?………………

  401. Julie Collette says

    Hey thanks, Amanda! This looks like fun!

  402. Andy Green says

    Biting a zombie is kind of doing their job for them ^^

  403. Elizabeth Barrera says

    Awesome idea!!

  404. Obeyy fernanda says


  405. John Harlan says

    THE AMAZING RACE……. now with zombies…

  406. Serafin Silva says

    I never understood. You have people running to get away from zombies that can only walk with their hands reached out forward. What's the rush people? You can easily outpace them in a brisk walk!



  408. Hamood Saraff says

    That sucks we know that it is not real

  409. Hamood Saraff says


  410. Hamood Saraff says

    Nonsense idea iswear to god

  411. Mere Tuaua says

    Killer ideA 🙂

  412. Hamood Saraff says

    They even look not real right guys

  413. Serra Elizabeth says

    That is so STUIPED

  414. Olun Riley says

    Well that's one way to lose weight.

  415. Totoro co says

    can we kill some yomi veg zombi ???? i have a gun (green pipe) …. funy stuf …. make real zobmi 

  416. Mohammad Abbasian says

    Good Amanda sexy

  417. Lynda Lencaster says

    No no and more no!!!!

  418. dika bakhtiar says

    Hahaha…sure looks fun..wish in my country someone make this occasion too

  419. Fergus Flanagan says

    Love it,what a great idea

  420. Lora Sandy says


  421. brittany lindao says

    okay i will use it

  422. Layba Zaman says

    Aw snap!

  423. Javelin Zooka says

    russell brand? is that you?.. run mufucker run!

  424. Becca Even says


  425. Eric Smith says

    This looks fun

  426. chyna normann says

    run man run

  427. Jesus Galvan says

    I am all about getting dirty

  428. ceramic qinghualiu says


  429. Bella Joan says

    is that russel brand?

  430. Hazara Boy says

    Run fat boy run 😀

  431. Austin Norwood says

    I have to so join tht. XD

  432. J Keyser says

    AHHHHH! i would so do the same Chyna!

  433. Nicole Borowicz says


  434. Robi Priyadi says


  435. Maddie Williams says

    ha! yeah right why would they have zombies??? where was that taken??

  436. sufjan musliu says


  437. abdul f ahmed says

    it looks really cool

  438. Sarah duley says


  439. Marco Peralta says

    who wouldn't want to run a marathon…… with zombies chasing u??

  440. Mattie Chapman says

    thats kinda freaky

  441. John Verne says

    Are headshots still expected.

  442. Jordan Barker says

    really just fake blood and black makeup and they didnt do it very good the makup in zombieland is pretty cool

  443. John Lafonte says

    i went out on a blind date and i know without a doubt she was a real  zombie.. i could not run because i had bad knees.!!!!!

  444. Kevin Matthews says

    Rule number one in Zombie Land, cardio,cardio,cardio!!!!! Lol……

  445. ayani simmons says

    sam heare

  446. Renee Li says

    funny, and fun to do, yet it seems familiar

  447. Renee Li says


  448. Marisa Hensch says

    I would die if i did something like that

  449. Javier Aviles says

    I'd do this event if it was in #Australia  

  450. Scott Buchanan says

    Totally Zombie

  451. Joseph Tulikihakau says


  452. Michelle Savage says

    Talk about motivation…

  453. Tony Difford says

    I love the run for your lives

  454. Jerome Pettiford says

    I want to do one. The one for STL is coming in August.

  455. Abraham Quintana says

    Sounds intriguing. Anyone agree?

  456. Jenny Stapleton says

    Oh my!!! This is awesome. I need to sign up.

  457. Rory Clare says

    5KM course!? that sounds pretty damn hard. I want in.

  458. D Watkins says

    It's only real if you can turn around and shoot them in the head! Sorry… I just had to!! LOL

  459. Tyler Bates says

    Definitely looks interesting!

  460. Meredeth A. says

    …thanks…thanks a lot

  461. Ben Keyser says

    That is just a little scary. Who organizes this???

  462. zaffar bajawray says


  463. Barry Stewart says

    Zombie spots go fast. Looking at running the event here in Austin on December 15th with + Yifat Cohen. Join us + Amanda Blain! I could use another human shield

  464. Miguel Ortiz says


  465. shubham raj says

    Zombie things are my favorite!

  466. Adrianus Alfian says

    Hahahaha niceee!

  467. Joseph OLeary says

    I needz 2 do

  468. Jordan Gill says

    This just makes me think of RoosterTeeth's Horde Mode!

  469. Joseph OLeary says

    I <3 zombies

  470. Fritz Cooks says

    That would be awesome if you added a few chainsaws and a machete  or two. Fitness levels of the participating candidates would soar. People who cant get motivated …….here's a way !!

  471. Liam McJannett says

    Love this idea. I would totes do it.

  472. Nico Bronkhorst says

    lol.. crayzeee people

  473. James Phillips says


  474. sigit widayanto says

    wkk…it's funny for me…hhh…lol

  475. mike clarkson says

    oh no just what we need more people on bathsaltz…lol…

  476. Lauren Solzak says

    Omg zombies lol

  477. Emma wilton says

    not real right??

  478. John Bunker says

    Runner, I'd I can be armed. I wanna go.

  479. John Bunker says

    Where do I sign up.

  480. Dana Bedolla says

    Interesting…might have to see if there will be one in San Diego area.

  481. Lauren Metter says

    i. want. 2. run. that. lol.

  482. Ian McKenna says

    wow that looks hard not (except if you ACTUALLY have to kneel)

  483. Matt Edwards says

    well, that aught ta give you a lil boost lol

  484. Gladstone Taylor says

    I need to organise a zombie run with my friends

  485. Tim Groeneveld says

    Best zombie advice is use a club – it doesn't run out of ammo

  486. John Bunker says

    I wanna go, where do you find out where they are doing one ?

  487. Chris Sondag Sr says

    Cool id do that be runner or zombie

  488. Marco Ogawa says

    no way… hahahaha.

  489. Seanny Hunter says


  490. Drew Coel says

    That's really nasty!

  491. Kai Williams says


  492. austin gila says


  493. Leif Soederberg says





  494. Ahmad Furqan says

    what kind of sports is this ?
    anyone can explain….

  495. keeshaun walker says


  496. Jesse Harris-Braun says


  497. Erika Gonzalez says

    Omg tht seems cool!!!!!!!!^_^

  498. Jeremy Albright says

    Looks like a total blast!

  499. Saud Akram says


  500. Valeria Ayala Alonso says


  501. Leah Zubke says


  502. Miguel Granados says

    Id try that

  503. Camyron Orf says


  504. Mydogisdead Li says

    Its trendy to use the threat of simulated death to get exercise

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