1. Ionatana Davis says


  2. Brian Aldrich says

    Too funny…at some workplaces, people might get fired for that.

  3. Bearman Cartoons says

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh put it back!

  4. Gustavo Ribeiro says
  5. Preetam Singh says

    u come hangout

  6. Laurel Lawson says


  7. Sheryl Blanca says


  8. Pascal Wallisch says


  9. Scott Schneider says

    Darn, was hoping for a Kevin Smith reference. 

  10. Ishafizan Ishak says

    smart 🙂

  11. Mar Atis says

    skew 🙂

  12. Naren Mangtani says


  13. Neil Morris says

    Works on mobile too. I have a irrational love of silly little things like this. More please Google.

  14. Harsha Mondha says


  15. Lambert Schlumpf says

    There was year ago or so a list with all the words creating effects in google searches. I just remember "do a barrel roll"
    I actually never searched for "askew", as the same effect was given by  performing a search of the word "tilt"

  16. Henry Linneweh says


    Askew means to be slightly crooked. (adverb)
    An example of askew is when a picture is not hung correctly and it leans to one side.
    Askew also means with disdain or a lack of respect. (adverb)
    An example of the word is askew is when someone looks at someone with a scowl, looking down on that person.

  17. David Neilson says

    I love clever techy stuff like that.

  18. carolyn pluff says

    askew, who?

  19. Marcio Yuri Fernandes says


  20. kiki six says

    omg thats awesome!!! lolz

  21. Mohamed Rafiq says

    Love google, they do things different!

  22. Stevie Rogers says


  23. Jonathan Mugan says

    That's pretty good.

  24. Geert Bleys says

    doesn't work on the iPad apparently.

  25. houcine amaidi says

    are u sur + Amanda Blain 

  26. Juan Carlos says


  27. Nathaniel Avoures says


  28. ashton herring says


  29. Shane Corning says


  30. Rene BERNHARD says

    Thank you + Amanda Blain now you broke my Google. 😛

  31. Anthony Nguyen says

    theres a couple more google tricks floating around the interwebz im sure everyones seen them at one point or another

    "do a barrel roll" normal google search
    "google gravity" (only works if you hit the "im feeling lucky button")
    "epic google" also hit im feeling lucky button
    "weenie google" same method as above

    my favourite is "google hacker" then hit im feeling lucky 

  32. Marcio Yuri Fernandes says

    they do things different!?

  33. Ralph Peralta says

    very clever

  34. Marcio Yuri Fernandes says

    Askew also means with disdain or a lack of respect. (adverb)

  35. Coleman Evans says

    Maybe there's just something I'm too young to understand (which does NOT happen very often), but I didn't find anything interesting… Help?

  36. Marcio Yuri Fernandes says

    Help? For?

  37. Graeme Duncan says


  38. Chad Suggs says

    I have a few…..google "zerg rush" or "binary" or "once in a blue moon" or "bakers dozen" or "the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything" or "the loneliest number"

  39. Mark Sturdevant says


  40. Nathaniel Avoures says

    So who's been Askew? I've run into some today lol..Ithink everyone does sometimes..So where did the Askew lesson begin tonight?

  41. craig morse says


  42. Eddie Mohan says

    Wow + Amanda Blain, brilliant find!
    There are a few other places Google humour can be seen as well.
    Google Maps comes to mind when you ask for walking directions that cross continents separated by ocean.

  43. Chad Suggs says

    Oh.  My fav will always be "do a barrel roll"

  44. Bill Gerard says

    + Amanda Blain Also #Google search "Do a barrel roll", Another good one

  45. Kirkda Khan says

    do a barrel roll

  46. Shane Corning says

    + Bill Gerard That did not work last year for me in Firefox on Linux!!! It works now. 😀

  47. Tera Christian says

    My favorite is "Do a barrel roll"

  48. Cameron Silva says

    do a barrel roll

  49. Bless Quarshie says

    lovely… noticed it instantly.
    talk about being realistic…

  50. Nobilangelo Ceramalus says

    Oh dear! 'Askew' drained the whole display out the bottom corner of my screen. It took ages to mop up all those listings…

    And I fell out of my chair on my head when I tried the barrel roll. You should have warned me to wear a parachute + Tera Christian (nice flowers, but your head has turned a funny blue colour).

  51. Hanley Wilcoxen says

    see it now

  52. astalavista bj says


  53. ersin tastan says

    very  nice

  54. negi ps says

    Love Don’t ask
    “Do U Love Me?”
    Love Only Says
    “I LOVE YOU”

  55. Shane Corning says

    I Love Lamp

  56. joseph shimoomba says

    Well Well,how can u be that funny? Enjoy the day

  57. Eva Bogomolny says

    They run out of things to do

  58. negi ps says

    i like it

  59. HG Nadel says

    Ha! Those of you who had a couple of cold beers today, might be wondering if it's them… Or perhaps to them, it looked aligned… 

  60. William Gomes says

    like it……..lol

  61. billy kelly says

    ha ha they must have been bored lol 

  62. Richard Hackney says

    cool !!!

  63. rahman tyo says


  64. Bernadette Kelly says

    Hahaha clever

  65. Thomas Loncar says

    Lol I didn't notice it right away. I was reading the definition and each link below it and saw nothing until I looked up to hit "back" right above the black bar. Haha

  66. antony kakucha says


  67. George Githae says

    best way to show an example of a word

  68. Sree Ram Asokan says

    LoL……… I am still not able to see the page correctly

  69. Ali Raza Agha says

    wow.. 😉

  70. Usman Tarfa says

    fabulous…. must share! 

  71. Baris Bicer says

    Google Now does the same thing. Cool.

  72. misty rain says


  73. Kim Hoang Chau says

    What's going on here?

  74. Antonio Lee says

    smart ass

  75. Isaac Mutisya says


  76. Justin White says

    Google Rocks! even if there "askew"

  77. Abdullah Mohd Nawi says

    LOL! jokers..

  78. ???? says

    ????very funny

  79. Nahan Khan says

    it nice

  80. Morry Vogt says


  81. Josh Saunders says

    only works in chrome…

  82. Isaac Mutisya says

    works also in firefox

  83. Josh Saunders says

    onder why they disabled it in IE…

  84. Jean-Loup Rebours-Smith says

    does the same as googling "tilt"

  85. Amrita Chaturvedi says

    smart google!!

  86. Bassey Bassey says

    askew indeed!!! Interesting discovery.

  87. Tiffany Jean says


  88. Tiffany Jean says

    Now I'm going to google The Perfect Man.

  89. delano lex orlanda says

    i am askew, there i said it!

  90. Emad Khoury says

    Cool, if you Google the word "tilt" , you're get the same result…

  91. Daryl Edgecombe says

    Wish I hadn't now!

  92. John Stilwell says

    Weird I didn't see anything funny or odd….

  93. Lucian Lancaster says

    hahahahahahahahaha its a lil skew lol

  94. Mike Nash says

    nice one!

  95. budi santosa says

    Hi hi hi.-

  96. Angah Benyek says


  97. Fundisani Dewa says

    Even e page ain't straight

  98. SHI Moonmoonbird says

    I didn't notice the whole page was askew at the first sight. It just looks  strange, then……
    Thank you for bringing happiness to my life.

  99. Gabe Andrews says

    Many thanks for the advice. Good way to begin a dull Monday

  100. Bob Cussler says

    Thanks for joining my circle and I will Google askew.

  101. Jeremiah Ayodeji says


  102. Shiraz Nasim says

    Wow this is cool 😀

  103. Mike Brajkovich says

    What if you really wanted to search that word? ''-.-

  104. Raymond Mtizwa says


  105. Peter Welch says

    Very cool.

  106. Brandon Heid says

    + Nigil Valikodath 

  107. Nigil Valikodath says

    + Brandon Heid pshh olddd google 'Google Easter eggs'

  108. lovebooks kee says

    Ha! Google Do a Barrel Roll.

  109. Michael Ester says

    Well played, well played.

  110. Roger Granquist says

    Very fun

  111. Abegobe Abed says


  112. John Persano says

    Go to Google > Type in Google Sphere > Click I'm feeling lucky.  Gotta love Google Easter Eggs!

  113. Akrm Dosa says


  114. Simeon Lerugum says

    Wow! I like it

  115. antony kakucha says


  116. Kevin Koo says

    Even works on mobile

  117. Perry Kahai says

    + Amanda Blain I should have known before I did the search. Have seen Google do these silly things before …

  118. Trey Collier says

    Also google  "do a barrel roll"     LOL

  119. Andy Grant says

    Gives me a definition…big deal. #timewasted

  120. Stephen Jennings says

    That's so cool..

  121. Rob O'Reilly says

    Google "do a barrel roll"

  122. Matt Pflughaupt says

    You made me break my Googlewebs! Everything is so slanted now….it's almost….askew!?

  123. Noreen Qayam says

    khekhekhe…google i lub ur sense of humor

  124. knox j says

    Lovely 😉

  125. Partho Ghosh says


  126. ola akin says


  127. Afonso Sampaio says


  128. Alejandro J. Ruiz L says

    +1 to google and you!

  129. Gisselle Perez says


  130. jacob ellul says

    HOW DO U FIX IT!??!?!?!?!?!?

  131. ik bobo says

    feel good

  132. John Fanavans says

    Waste of shareholder money… Bloody + Google when are you going to fix search?  I've switched my iphone to bing… My browser will follow soon!

  133. Aswin Reddy says

    Try "zerg rush"

  134. rudy sanjaya says

    Askew really cool. . . It also works in my galaxy tab.

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