1. Julie Schippnick says

    No, but they might say #YouOnlyLiveTwice  🙂

  2. Jimmy Hat says

    One sure sign that you may be a zombie: you don't get a zombie humor. Haha

  3. Daniel Campbell says


  4. Billy LaRocque says

    I thought #zombies say "*Uuuurrrrhhhh….*"? 8^)

  5. Karla Clark says


  6. Jennisha Simmons says


  7. Abhijeet Belhe says

    To err is human. To Arrhhh is pirate zombie.

  8. Artemis Entreri says

    no they wouldnt zombies would say "mnngrrrrrrgggggggrrrraaaaaa", "braaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnsssss",  "send more paramedics" and "send more cops"
    thats the extent of thier vocabulary

  9. ericssom mulato says

    hola amanda teadmiro

  10. Billy LaRocque says

    I'm going to put Shaun of the Dead on right now! 8^)

  11. Julie Schippnick says

    + Artemis Entreri +1 for Return of the Living Dead 

  12. Julie Schippnick says

    Most people don't know about the real classics like Zombi 2, Carnival of Souls, Zombie Holocaust, etc .. shame that only the mainstream stuff gets attention these days. 

  13. Kyle Salewski says

    Haha, nice.

  14. Artemis Entreri says

    zombie holocaust was a HORRIBLE…. heh
    Carnival of souls was alright and i dont think ive seen zombi 2, shame on me 😉

  15. Julie Schippnick says

    Carnival of Souls is the Mother of all Zombie movies 🙂 

  16. Kaiana Mullen says


  17. Raymond Duke says

    Cats say YOLNT

  18. fahrul azha says


  19. alfy de jesus says

    hahahaa yala!

  20. Young Richard says

    Yes ok

  21. AJ West says

    Goonies never say die…

  22. Brian Reynolds says

    Maybe not. But they do often say: Nyaaaaaaa UUhhhhhhhh GGGRRRRrrrrrrr

  23. Young Richard says

    Yes but is it

  24. Gisselle Perez says


  25. Jogender singh chouhan says

    yes but is it

  26. Alan Landucci-Ruiz says

    And Buddhists say YALA (You Always Live Again).

  27. Eddie Mohan says

    Awesome + Amanda Blain, just love it!

  28. Young Richard says

    Fun women to know

  29. Raymond Duke says

    Spammers love you.

  30. Luke Kinney says

    good one

  31. Young Richard says

    Why not

  32. Isaac Vielma, MD says

    I'm getting the feeling that you have a thing for Zombies? LOL!

  33. kat Cooke says

    either do ghosts

  34. Luke Kinney says

    oh yeah i watch the walking dead love it!!

  35. donald hakala says

    Wish they would hurry up with Max Brooks-World war Z movie

  36. donald hakala says

    BTW + Jennisha Simmons …it's "Carpe Cerebrum!" 😛

  37. Michael J VanDerVelde says

    Im not quite sure how you got into my find people you know, but hell im gona say it anyway ,=i,d do ya-=   that is all,  good day

  38. Michael J VanDerVelde says

    opps never mind, unless donald is really donaldine,,,,,,,,no,,,,,than discard last message …I was somewhere else…..eh!

  39. Michael J VanDerVelde says

    wow along day for me ,,,everybody just don,t bother trying to make sense out of any of this cuz I don,t even goddamn know anymore………sob

  40. Shibu Anu kulakkada says

    yolo means??

  41. Ibrahim Rasheed says

    Only talking zombies say yolo..

  42. Lilprinz Teko says

    got me……. ..lol

  43. Savage Skulls says

    I got a zombie next door, one that dos drugs.  

  44. Lance Cozad says

    people are dying for good zombie humor.

  45. Ayalkibet Tekaye says

    How can I use the application on my nokia 6300

  46. Arnold Pingas says


  47. Mike Pestano says

    Check out my zombie friends  Zombies Go Green & Healthy

  48. janeth guizar says


  49. Rachel Ray says

    this is how you can tell im not  a zombie: i always aay YOLO!!!:)

  50. Isaac Umoh says


  51. Dan Smith says

    But they do say LOYO!! LOL

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