1. Sue DeBrule says


  2. Ali Alhasani says

    I carry them all in one time! I agree!

  3. Nathan McCandlish says

    "reshare if you agree"? I didn't know this was facebook

  4. Joseph Lee says

    Disagree! Then again I do live a few blocks away from a 24-hour grocery store πŸ˜›

  5. Sandra Lee Schubert says

    I rather order from Fresh Direct and have it delivered to my door.

  6. Brian Wilson says

    Definitely. I live up 2 flights of stairs… one trip is all I need.

  7. Amanda Blain says

    + Nathan McCandlish dislikes my shameless self promotion techniques. Noted. Trying things out here eh?

  8. Daniel Wong says

    me too!

  9. Mohamed Mansour says

    Then come home with a messed up back :)-

  10. Azmaria Dei Post says

    i totally agree. better to carry everything up all those stairs (4 flights) in one go than 2 or three. if i have to make 2 trips, whatever gets left behind stays in the car until i need to go back out again.

  11. Oden Nordstrom says

    Just chill-out, call a few friends, grab some beverages, and have a picnic!

  12. Trudy Connor says

    I carry everything I can to cut down on trips to and from the car.

  13. Joseph Chiu says

    Super-sized plastic bags from IKEA (or the green ones that Costco used to have) are fantastic! The longer strap slings over your shoulder – you can carry about 10 shopping bags worth of goods relatively easily using two of those bags.

  14. Joseph Lee says

    This is why I hate walmart, you go in just wanting some sugar and you come out with a TV?!

  15. michael nelson says

    lol, i do the same exact thing. πŸ™‚

  16. Will James says

    and if I can get them all in one hand. . . .

  17. Zev Mo Green says

    10 on each finger, right?

  18. Shawty Bo says

    I agree completely!

  19. Padmasambhava Shrivastava says

    U r most rational minded, keep it with u as lifesetting !

  20. francesco giuliani says


  21. Frankie Dolan says

    You shouldn't be using plastic carrier bags. Get some reusable cloth ones, take them with you to the supermarket each time, save our environment, please.

  22. michael nelson says

    Well, I do use plastic bags but i go shopping like…. never. Plus, you could just reuse plastic bags til' they break or something. The only bad part aout using plastic bags over and over is the fact that u will look cheap :/

  23. Frankie Dolan says

    Plastic bags like the ones shown here won't last very long. I'd say a 'maximum' of 3 times. And then they'll probably end up in a landfill somewhere, contaminating the land, or end up being burnt, contaminating the air and land, often with dioxins, or might blow into the sea, where they could kill a sea turtle for example. They take on average 500 years to decompose. Plus they use up unnecessary oil resources – the mining of which is also very polluting. A few facts here: Plastic Bags…"The Harsh Facts"

  24. michael nelson says

    i'm sorry to say but i'm not what you call an "environmentalist" i fell as though an animal won't really effect my life to much. and yes you are right with the 3 uses but i still cut back on how much i do put in landfills if i reuse them for other things.

  25. Frankie Dolan says

    Thing is + michael nelson I didn't used to be an environmentalist either, but one day I came to realise that what happens to animals through our lack of consideration for our environment always comes back to bite mankind through knock on effects in the ecosystem. And it is only when people right at the beginning of the chain, such as the consumers, start to get that and change their habits, that problems in the world will ever get resolved. Your inaction makes you guilty of the end consequences. Have a watch of this: Story of Stuff, Full Version; How Things Work, About Stuff

  26. michael nelson says

    ok. you are right but what i don't see is the fact that about 75 species of random animals die a day because of us (and cows). i just don't see how us throwing away a bag is going to kill an animal or something (except for plastic soda holders). i'm sorry for arguing (kinda) about this but i'm still young. someday i may change my mind :/

  27. Frankie Dolan says

    I don't mind the argument at all, and I don't expect you to change your mind overnight – rather thanks for the discussion. Did you watch the story of stuff link? It's quite long, but really worth it. It is the consumers that buy and live without any thought that drive the system that pollutes our planet, that is resulting in the destruction of much wildlife and the extinction of many species of animals. I understand that when you are young it is hard to make the connection, and maybe until you have children of your own you might not be too concerned about the future. But maybe you will reach a point in your life when you will stop and decide to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Plastic bags do actually kill thousands of animals every year. Maybe that doesn't bother you, maybe because you can't see them dying. I reckon if you saw just one die before your eyes it would change your habits. What do you think when you see this turtle trying to eat plastic? Sea turtle eating plastic bag remnants Or this whale dying because of a stomach full of plastic: Footage of whale who died after eating plastic bags and these beaches covered in plastic: http://youtu.be/7cCza9z07F0
    If you are ok with that, then carry on with your plastic bags. But if you would rather not contribute to the problem, then please think about getting some reusable bags instead πŸ™‚

  28. michael nelson says

    +Frankie Dolan sorry for the late reply :/ . i dident mean i was that young lol. yes it is depressing that animals do, do that. But, my stupid grandma wants them to do other stuff so im not to sure what she uses them for. lol

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