1. Peter Dubowski says

    All hail the FSM!

  2. Jim Spencer says

    Just wow!!!

  3. Craig Shipp says

    Too beautiful to eat!

  4. Randi Miller says

    mmmm… did you make this?

  5. Kevin Campbell says

    amazing art

  6. Bryne Hobbs says

    Niiiice! I want it.

  7. Brian Wilson says

    hungry for cake now.

  8. Star Aasved says

    Not sure about this idea. I adore raspberry buffalo chicken wings as served by a local restaurant, but I can't wrap my head around raspberry sauce on pasta.

  9. Stephan Muller says

    To be honest it looks gross (not a fan of spaghetti), but it sounds delecious 😮

  10. Amanda Blain says

    I did not make this… i found it on the intertubes.

  11. Amanda Blain says

    LOL + Peter Dubowski may His Noodly Appendage rein supreme! lolz

  12. Stacy S says

    now i'm going to be later to work, as I have to stop and get breakfast.

  13. Marco Schepp says

    mjamm delicious like to have one here…

  14. Wayne Conyers says

    yum although I'm not sure if i want spag bol or cake now !

  15. Dovie Prayudhi Riskyananda says

    Looks delicious…

  16. Jean Pierre El Rami says

    Now I need to go for lunch:) u made me hungry

  17. ??? says

    I love it

  18. Maldives Paradise On Earth says


  19. Ignacio Puras says


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