I really do love Geeks


The more video game, tech speak, DND and RPG, Code languages, I was on a C64 and BBS back in the day, ability to do more stuff on a computer… than me … the better…

Send the geeks my way.. for we rule.

I really do love Geeks

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  1. Brad Chasenore says

    + Amanda Blain do you like geeks?

  2. Nick Forshaw says

    dusts off shoulders I'm about to finish my Computer Science degree, so, you know.

  3. Tzafrir Rehan says

    Let's play LORD

  4. Josh Saunders says

    LOAD "*",8,1

  5. Chad W Darroch says

    yeah BBS!

  6. Scott Schneider says

    I wish it was cool growing up when I used to get the crap beat out of me. It sure didn't rule then.

  7. Lee Clarke says

    Been coding since I was 13, Apple IIe. Geeks rule.

  8. Tom Ford says

    +1 for c64 and bbs!

  9. Dan Glass says

    + Amanda Blain hey! I resemble that remark! 😉

  10. Carms Perez says

    I agree with @shara !!

  11. Al Ebnereza says

    Wow! I had no idea Amanda! I've had computers since I was 5, predating my favorite C64 with a "Spectrum 16". Heck, my parents got me to WALK using old calculators that had the green vacuum tube displays. I STILL love that color hah! 🙂

  12. David Kellin says

    My first computer was the 8 bit Timex console, with an 8 bit extension

  13. Kendall Price says

    I loved my C64 so much, and I worked all summer to pay for a $300 5 1/4 floppy drive for it. It was so worth it. I had a 300 baud modem and I paid $75 for lifetime access to the best local BBS, which turned out to be for the lifetime of the BBS instead of my lifetime.

  14. Sean Muron says

    pentium II is the best I can say. thing was mega fast comparatively when we first got it, though.

  15. Scott Schneider says

    My C64 still works. I run an emulator on my Mac when I have a bit of nostalgia because my immediate gratification ass is not going to accept waiting 5 minutes for a program to load.

  16. Brad Leclerc says

    w00t for geeks

  17. Eric Scardino says

    What about nerds and dweebs?

  18. Jacky So says


  19. Josh Saunders says

    I wish there were more geek girls

  20. Amanda Blain says

    This may be my fav post ever! So many new geeky people to circle… ?

  21. Aristotle Bancale says


  22. Brad Chasenore says

    + Amanda Blain do you have a iphone or a ipad2?

  23. Jacky So says

    + Josh Saunders, there are! They're just in denial. It's only a matter of time until they accept their inner geek/nerd though, so don't worry. 🙂

  24. Josh Saunders says

    no she is an android girl

  25. Scott Schneider says

    Well, let’s say this Twinkie represents the normal amount of psychokinetic energy in the New York area. Based on this morning’s reading, it would be a Twinkie thirty-five feet long, weighing approximately six hundred pounds.

  26. Brad Leclerc says

    Ghostbusters quote (other than the cats and dogs speech)… instantly circled. 🙂

  27. Scott Schneider says

    HAHA 🙂

  28. Ed Waters says

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane! I also had a C64 back in the mid '80s and ran a BBS with a 1 meg drive – I though that awesome back then.

  29. Brad Leclerc says

    This whole comment thread is making me want to re-listen to "Ready Player One"..even though I only finished it a few days ago. Nostalgia!

  30. Michael Rutherford says

    My first computer was an Atari with a 6502 processor. I think a cassette deck was my first mass storage device but soon graduated to a floppy disk drive. Dialed up to a local Atari club BBS. But, there were so few lines that time was limited to 30 minutes. Later subscribed to Compuserve. Anyone remember that?

  31. Scott Schneider says

    Who remembers the Koala Pads? We had Apple IIes in my grade school, but I never met anyone who owned one.

  32. Joe Brownstein says

    I ran a BBS, you know right? 😛 Two lines, international callers and over 1 Gig of software, documents and files. Yes, I just said 1 full Gig!! lol…really just a bunch of CD drives and two hard drives. Don't forget this was in the early 90s.

    Actually…what if I said this was recently…I don't think it would be as cool lol.

  33. Will Borkowski says

    +Amanda Blain I was just talking to another G+er about c128d & BBS days!!

  34. Josh Saunders says

    + Jacky So Not in Australia…
    we have a strong football, beer and being an idiot culture…
    Considering moving to Antarctica.. cause the geek ratio is higher.. me and a snowman with glasses on..

  35. Scott Schneider says

    I remember Compuserve and Prodigy

  36. Michael Rutherford says

    I tried Prodigy. Seems like it only worked on IBM PCs and I didn't have ready access to one at that time. But it was sort of a ground breaking service.

  37. Scott Schneider says

    I still have my dot matrix print outs from Prodigy. I am thinking about donating them to the Smithsonian one of these days.

  38. Sang Lam says

    + Tzafrir Rehan LORD was the best, remember Seth and Violet?

  39. Tzafrir Rehan says

    + Sang Lam very vaguely. I was 10 at the time 🙂

  40. Joe Brownstein says

    lol I ran LORD on my BBS. I also ran that space trader game (can't think of what it was called?)…a mafia game that my friend developed and a bunch of other really bad ANSI/ASCII graphic games. Ah the memories! Nothing matches downloading the newest 0-day pack and checking out that fresh .NFO file lol

  41. Artemis Entreri says

    SRE(solar realms elite) BRE(Baron Realms Elite) and Tradewars(2020)
    PS: L.O.R.D code, Jenny 🙂

  42. Aristotle Bancale says

    These conversations always, always remind me of 64k RAM! 😀

  43. Keith Holland says

    Nerd baiting?

  44. Scott Schneider says

    load "this kicks ass",8,1


  45. Craig Janssen says

    Brings back some good memories of BBSes and AE PRO Lines lol

  46. Amanda Blain says

    + Artemis Entreri + Joe Brownstein + Sang Lam + Tzafrir Rehan ahhhh Lord… Seth able at the Inn… 😀 Typing Jennie.. but dont call her UGLY… – Get kicked from the game and lose 2 hp… Ahhh games you could never win but played forever anyway… Zynga what took you so long.

  47. Jennifer Barr says

    I love geeks too!

  48. Tzafrir Rehan says

    I was once killed by someone at 23:55, then again at 00:03. Then had to wait until the following day to be able to play again.

  49. Sang Lam says

    + Amanda Blain Personally I preferred Violet to get my HP up, but Seth able wasn't too bad either. 😉

  50. Derek Ward says

    I wish there were more geekettes around where I live.

  51. Keith Holland says

    Who remembers sending email through FIDOnet?

  52. Craig Janssen says

    Keith: I do 🙂

  53. Jeff Norris says

    shhh. I ran a BBS on a commdore 64 😀

  54. Joe Brownstein says

    Hahaha I tried to find out if FidoNet was still up but no go! I'd still use it!

  55. Michael Rutherford says


  56. Dale Norman says

    BTW, I did put you in a Geek circle, lol.

  57. Sang Lam says

    Hey ladies, I can go from Geek to Freak in less than 6 seconds. Just putting it out there.

  58. Craig Janssen says

    + Michael Rutherford Plugh lol

  59. Al Ebnereza says

    There's nothing like loading a program off of a cassette tape, where you'd have to first rewind the tape, reset the counter to 00000, then fast forward to approximately where you think the 3rd game/program's counter would be. Then LOAD "blah",8,1 that sucker and listen to modem-y screeches and color bars jumping around on the screen while the thing loaded 🙂 hah! Ya can't emulate THAT! 🙂

  60. John Wilkinson says

    Geeks Unite!!!

  61. Dovie Prayudhi Riskyananda says

    geeks forever

  62. Jerold Haas says

    I had a C64, 1530 tape drive, 300 baud modem, 2 x 1541 drives, the official C64 monitor, the dot-matrix printer, the daisy wheel printer, and the 1520 mini-plotter. Plus, the boat anchor Executive 64 with an extra floppy drive. Man, I wish I had the modern "grown up" equivalents of today!

  63. John Wilkinson says

    My Dad had a Radio Shack TSR-80. That's where I first learn to do basic programming on DOS. During Jr. High. I took a class that had Commador 64 computers. I just wanted to play the games on the old Apple IIe. Ah, memories. Playing Loadrunner. What fun!

  64. Ayoub Khote says

    I remember my old C64 with fondness… So much fun 🙂

  65. Happy Haxor says

    I started on a VIC20 at the age of 6… spent two to three weeks playing games, and then proceeded to pick up the manual, read, and write my first game in BASIC. I was hooked on programming and electronics ever since. Throughout my childhood/adolescence got more into OS programming/AI programming/embedded systems/game and graphics programming and software/network/systems security, which is what I now work in. I turned my hobby/obsession into my career.

    On the hardware side I've owned a plethora of systems from the VIC20, to a C-64, a TRS-80, TRS-80 COCO2, An Apple IIG, a Samsung S330 (Intel 8088), 286, 286sx25, 486dx2-66, 486dx4-100, I had a pentium with MMX technology at one point, a celeron 400, an AMD 1.XGhz, and on up. I've got a couple of sparcs (although I'll be getting rid of them), an SGI (getting rid of this too), an older mac (getting rid of this too), and I run several servers at home. My power bill is atrocious ;)… but my crown jewel is a still-working C-128 (I won't be getting rid of that) :D.

    I know several (over 20) distinct programming languages and several dialects of each. I make my own hardware, and tend to "DIY" stuff to enhance any hobbies I might have (such as brewing beer).

    Yep, I'm a geek. Hear me roar.

  66. Richard Rosewall says

    Nerd? Werd.

  67. Scott Hill says

    My first computer was a Tandy 64K plugged into my TV. But the first computer in my house… Commodore 64, followed closely by an 8086 and an IBM 286. Man… those were the days. I remember learning how to program my own games in Basic.

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