1. Josh Saunders says

    I remember this book from friends.

  2. Jamie Matter says

    I Love this book!!! I can't tell you how many times I read it to my daughter!?!

  3. Josh Saunders says

    my daughter reads it to me now 🙂

    then proceeds to tell me that was the most boring book she has ever read and picks up some giant 1000 page novel she is reading…

    they grow up WAY too fast.

  4. Rob Russell says

    Used to read this one to my kid too 🙂

  5. Eric K. NOJI, M.D. says

    Where'd you get that picture? That looks just like me, I mean my brother. Yeah, just like Greggg

  6. Chris Hughes says

    this was my mom's favorite book to read for me…. in fact she told me that the last time I was home to visit a few months ago. 🙂

  7. Eric K. NOJI, M.D. says

    + Chris Hughes Loved your National Lampoon movies.

  8. Dani J. Muccio says

    Every time I tried to read this to my boys I'd get choked up…

  9. Acadia Einstein says

    That book is a tear factory.

  10. Brett Bjornsen says

    Never heard of the book series… is it a How To book for toddlers throwing a raves in the bathroom? o_0

  11. Andrea Memenas says

    I adore this book.

  12. Christy Sandhoff says

    My favorite.

  13. David Yonge-Mallo says

    Yes, I had The Paperback Princess when I was a kid.

  14. Matt Barile says

    My mom loves this book and read it to me all the time as a kid. I tear up just looking at it :).

  15. Bobbi Jo Woods says

    I got this book from my mom as part of my gifts from her one Christmas (as an adult), with a note written to me, on the inside cover… it was precious.

  16. Renata Sherwin says

    Our house is awash in Munsch books! : )

  17. Carter Gibson says

    Ha! My parents read this to me when I stole balloons in the first grade.

  18. Maureen Sytsma says

    I just adore this book. I got it at my baby shower with my first child (who is now 15), and I have read it to all of my babies…(we have 4 now)

  19. Marcus L. Twyford says

    PIGS!!!!!! (Hey you Dumb Pigs!!!!) Legendary, Epic…..
    Don't forget – I Have to Go!, Dirty Socks, Sandcastle, Stephanie's Ponytail…..

  20. Jason Warren says

    I read Love You Forever to my son a couple years ago and had to pause to collect myself. Even thinking about it chokes me up now.

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