Let’s start the week off right… A trip to Heart Attack Cafe!


Deep friend butter OR chocolate covered bacon… the choice is yours!

Happy Monday everyone. ☺

Let's start the week off right... A trip to Heart Attack Cafe!

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  1. Josh Saunders says

    wow this would be illegal in Australia

  2. George Endrulat says

    If that's a clove of garlic deep fried…. I might have got that.

  3. Gord McLeod says

    Wow. I haven't eaten breakfast yet and now I'm not certain I'm going to at all. 🙂

  4. Michel Plungjan says

    So you haven't yet tried the stick of butter on a stick?

  5. Eric Scardino says

    That's kinda crazy…and odd. It is using satire to make fun of something like heart attacks, and then making money off it…I'd hope they at least donate a portion off all proceeds to the American Heart Association or something like that…I mean yeah….

  6. Gord McLeod says

    It's in their best interests to do so, + Eric Scardino. It's the only way they can reasonably expect repeat business.

  7. Chris Windley says

    Thank God they have not got one near here 😉

  8. David Muller says

    Chocolate covered bacon? Oh my. I need to go have a lie-down now.

  9. Steve Robinson says

    Love honest advertising!!

  10. David Savard says

    Disgusting! :S

  11. Mac McCrory says

    simply awesome

  12. Joe Tomasone says

    What are all those thin people doing there?

  13. Mac McCrory says


  14. Joe Brownstein says

    I think I heard that someone actually had a heart attack there (or one like it) last year :S

  15. Jakub Zdzieblo says

    Good for their PR line then, if true.

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