7 Tips to Using Google Plus Communities

Signed up on Gplus but not getting much interaction? Communities can help you get a boost. 

Have a look at these tips to using communities… in an article by me 🙂

7 Tips to Using Google Plus Communities

7 Steps to Using GooglePlus Communities to Corner Niche Markets – Viralheat Social Media Strategy Blog
GooglePlus communities are a great way to help grow your following for your business or as an individual to help you corner niche markets.

  1. Hampig Minassian says

    Awesome blog Amanda well done.

  2. omar holder says

    my problem is my post don't stay in community and people who click on my name can see what i post in my communities even though their not in said communities.

  3. Ugo Ano says

    Gotta say, I still find this difficult – keeping users in my community interested

  4. Raphael Gluck says

    + Amanda Blain love that tip. So far its the communities that are really forcing me to give this sleeping giant #googleplus a proper evaluation

  5. Amanda Blain says

    I recommend joining a few active communities before trying to start one… You could have a look at my zombie community https://plus.google.com/communities/114093761017316566380 … or my canadian community – https://plus.google.com/communities/106472141734321342946 as a good example of active content, users and targeted posts.

  6. Joe Vargas says

    Very informative, Amanda. Google has done a great job thus far making Google+ more useful in such a short time. Thanks for sharing your great tips,

  7. Jed Lloyd says


  8. Ugo Ano says

    Yeah, I'm a member of like 24 communities. Granted my Cyman AI one is quite niche, but how do I get people to join without blatently advertising?

  9. Gary Brumley says

    I need someone to teach me how this works I am not that smart

    Gary brumley

  10. John Stokes says

    Fantastic 😉

  11. Jason Davison says

    Great tips + Amanda Blain, I'm going to share this to the Science on Google+ community. 

    I think one of the main things people forget about the communities is that commenting is more important than sharing.

  12. Shannon Adelson says

    Definitely agree with #7. That's the first thing I did after joining communities.

    One question though… In my experience, engagement is much better for the private communities. Amanda, what are your thoughts on private versus public communities?

  13. Christina Torres says

    OHHH… ok. 🙂

  14. Robert Misner says

    The Zombie community is basically the only one I'm active in at all. I have joined a bunch to help vary the content I see in my stream, but posting to communities is somehow just odd in my opinion. The whole way it works.

  15. Tara Mulder says

    While some of the large ones get some interesting posts, I prefer the smaller communities.

    In general though, I'm more likely to engage in individual posts from people in my circles than in communities, in particular specific subject matter ones.  It's less intimidating if you're not an expert in the subject.

  16. Piro Papa says

    Thank you Amanda

  17. Franco Hernaci says

    Lack of participation, and Interest could be a an issue why some people don't get much interaction on google+. I don't think this has anything to do with communities, or anything else google+ offers. I think Tara Mulder is on the right track with her last comment, and paragraph. You can also engage with people who are not in your circles, and it doesn't have to be in communities

  18. Dharam Pal says

    amanda is amanda

  19. Avi Newmark says

    Is there a difference between using communities and creating a page? Been playing around with google plus and trying to get my head around it for our companies website.

  20. Jaana Nyström says

    + Avi Newmark Create a Page, then a community for it. Make sure the Page is the owner of the community so it shows up on the Page's profile.

  21. PRITAM THAKOR says


  22. Slavo Herman says

    A nice introduction to Communities on G+ + Amanda Blain 🙂
    People craving more interaction should realise they need to communicate and they should start by commenting on good posts and comments. When you react to something you've already started a dialogue. On the other hand when you're beginner here and too little people have you in their circles so far, many a good post, no matter how interesting, may become just a cry into darkness.

  23. AKASH PAREEK says


  24. George Lowrimore says

    For a while now I've been getting invited to a lot of different communities. I'll check them out they're all nice. But I can only handle so much!

  25. Michael Lander says

    Has anyone here had a problem creating a community from your business page. I can't create a community for + Fashion Industry Network

    I think this may be because an age restriction setting I accidentally selected when I first created my business page. Any thought?

  26. Safiril Safie says


  27. bosha Joyce says

    Well informative amanda,thanx tips r great 🙂

  28. Amanda Blain says


  29. Avi Newmark says



  30. Zubair Warsi says


  31. shabin sha says

    what the day

  32. Matthew Miller says

    I see that + Amanda Blain's article is written from a blogger's perspective. The suggestions are well crafted. Let me add a few thoughts from the perspective of a moderator of an active community and an avid community user:

    I think communities are the great equalizer of G+. I have felt from the beginning that G+ was a bit of a popularity contest. You mostly only see content posted publicly from people you have circled or limited content from people that have you circled too. That is a great way to keep spam out of your stream, but if you want to view content topically, it can limit your scope.

    Yes, you could spend time cultivating your circles and then filtering by those circles, but unless you have circled people that all post on just one topic, it is tough to focus it. 

    Personally, I spend 85% of my time on G+ bouncing from community to community. Craft beer. Board games. Science Fiction. Technology. Those are the things that I like to read about. By getting my content delivered in communities, I get 1) the aforementioned focus, and 2) great content that was posted by people that I don't have circled.

    The other 15% of my time is on my "home" stream. That is where I get my current events/breaking news. It is great for those purposes, but a little chaotic for general reading.

  33. Kongminkiong Kiong says

    <[⊙□♥]> hi,+Amanda blain

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