Facebook Affiliate Scams are Now Appearing As Sponsored Posts

Facebook Affiliate Scams are Now Appearing As Sponsored Posts

by Amanda Blain
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Facebook affiliate scams are now appearing on the network to “produce revenue” as sponsored posts  Why is Facebook changing the standard of what can be posted on their network? These type of posts were NEVER allowed before.  All ads have to be approved before going live. For two days now I’ve seen this same ad at the very top of my stream… It goes to a 100% affiliate diet pills scam site.. This one is for a “We need your credit card for a trial of Coffee Pure Cleanse and Colo Cleanse Pro”

You sign up for the trial, pay for shipping and immediately start getting charged $79.99 Plus shipping and handling a bottle… In other words… Pure scam garbage.

This is equal to what you use to see on Myspace back in the day…. Ridiculous. Others have mentioned similar garbage affiliate posts in their stream. Like this post here. http://www.punkviewsonsocialmedia.com/dear-facebook-drunk/ It really cheapens their whole website.

Facebook Affiliate Scams

In plain terms, this is a big deal. It means Facebook has changed it standards and is allowing garbage advertisers to bump up Faceybook’s stream of revenue.  Why would a major brand want to be associated next to this kind of content? They wont.

What are you thinking Faceybook?

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10 years ago

Haven’t used FACECRACK since the beginning and still won’t use it. Seen these signs years ago and sure enough they show there true colors. A wise man once said to me… It’s the delayed re-action of Karma that fools man into thinking he got away with something.

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