1. Liz ?uilty says

    Its not much better when the sheets are washed and finished, but you cant be botherd spreading em on the bed!

  2. Maximilian Majewski says

    Then you sleep without a sheet, end of story.

  3. Brett Bjornsen says

    that's why one should always have a back up set ready to go… just in case..

  4. Steve Montalto says

    Two words – sleeping bag.

  5. Jodi Grim says

    Oooh boy, that bites! 🙁

  6. Andy Bohm says

    I always pull laundry out and dump it on the bed so I have to fold it before I go to sleep…

    Then I snuggle with piles of my clothes.

  7. Clare Cosgrove says

    Having children forced me to be prepared…doesn't matter how tired you are..what time of night it is…how sick you are feeling ….you have to spring jump,be prepared for everything….and one thing you have to have is a cupboard FULL of clean sheets and blankets….

  8. Samuel Valdenaire says

    + Clare Cosgrove, wives need to have all of that. Husbands only need a….wife.

  9. Clare Cosgrove says

    + Samuel Valdenaire but keep in mind that wives don't need husbands!!! ;O)

  10. Rehan Ahmad says

    That reminds me of my visit to Malaysia for summer semester (January 2011) where we were provided with beds without sheets in the hostel. My friend spent 5 hours to wash and dry sheet in the middle of the night coz she was hygiene and perfection freak

  11. Steve Montalto says

    + Samuel Valdenaire – doesn't work that way in this household ;-). + Clare Cosgrove – with two girls and many sleep overs my answer to all the bedding stuff is… more sleeping bags! We have a bunch.

  12. Brad Thompson says

    Slept like this for 2 months while Walmart lost my bedding shipment. FU WALMART!

  13. Samuel Valdenaire says

    + Steve Montalto, I was just kidding don't worry. Now I'm gonna delete my comment before my wife sees it.

  14. Rajesh Nagrale says


  15. Ratnesh Kumar says

    good night

  16. Amanda Blain says

    Dryer fresh is the best… 🙂

  17. Oliver Kraft says

    what do the mean with sheets?

  18. King Zain says

    Sleep years of living

  19. Anis Nis says

    hahaa.. like it

  20. Ika Kurnia says

    i like it

  21. Salman Zamir says


  22. Javed Iqbal says


  23. Emrys T says

    + Clare Cosgrove of course wives need husbands. If they didn't have one they wouldn't be a wife.

  24. Clare Cosgrove says

    + Emrys T having one doesn't mean you need one! :O)

  25. ????????? ???? says


  26. Akki Singh says

    be with u

  27. Aman Srivastava says


  28. mohd sharik says

    like this

  29. Zeb McClure says

    That's happened to me more than once. Also if you forget to clean the lint trap because you are exhausted, it takes HOURS to dry the bedlinens.

  30. Dave Kannikal says

    Sign of being a grownup – I now own 6 sets of sheets, so not an issue anymore…

  31. Joseph DeFazio says

    This just happened to me last night 🙁

  32. Kevin Deaton says

    such a horrible moment.

  33. Kendall Price says

    Next day – flip the mattress over 😉

  34. fawad chuhan says

    so nice?

  35. Dylan Smith says

    i would hate dirty sheets i agree with photo ……(kinda)

  36. Charlotte Earl says

    gd 1. that kinda sounds wrong in a way tho…

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