1. Brian Coca says

    I have a 13yrs old laser printer that still meets my needs, which are printing 2-3 times a year

  2. Randall Goya says

    Actually, I have never heard anybody say "nom nom nom" while eating – it's more like "num num num" I think. Rhymes with "yum"

  3. Drew Woods says

    I hate printers!!!

    I support software, and I can do just about anything on a computer; Hook up webcams, install new hardware, fix a monitor's resolution or things like that.

    When it comes to printers… I just give up. if I can't just plug you in, click print in whatever program I'm using and get solid print options… I don't want it. I will get someone else to print. I've had NIGHTMARES with printers.

    Agreen 100% + Amanda Blain

  4. Michael Ringland says

    The newer printer costs almost nothing..but the upkeep.."more grey ink"…I've gone back to an old HP (very old HP)

  5. Randall Goya says

    Funny tech story: My wife said she would like her iPad a lot more if she could install a certain program, but it kept stopping her. I asked what program? She answered: Adobe Flash (true!)

  6. Jeff Pettorino says

    Be careful!!! Nasty h4x0rz will make your printer 'asplode if you don't patch.

  7. Amanda Blain says

    I dont even… We cant even type sentences anymore? Ugh.

  8. xAdam Darin says

    There are exactly 2 things that have disappointment me about the 21st century… Its 20 fucking 12 and we dont have prevalent use of jetpacks, or working home printers.

  9. Jeff Pettorino says

    To be fair, we had working printers 21 years ago…maybe not HOME printers back then, but by the late 90's after HP had mastered engineering obsolescence into products, you could get a rock-effing-solid LaserJet III for a low price and use it at home. I swear I've seen some still working to this day; finding the toner/cartridge/thingys is probably a bitch tho. About the time that the consumer grade ColorJets came out, all home printer users were doomed.

  10. Nick Markwell says

    + Amanda Blain blarghlebalfhrfee moo?!

    (I dare you to try to pronounce it)
    *whistles innocently*

  11. Sunil Pratap Singh says

    ok whistles innocently .. i pronounced

  12. Mark Mercer says

    I should have kept my tank of an OkiLaser (really OkiLED) OL400 from the late 1980s. If I could get cartridges and if I could get the memory expansion. Everything I've had since then has been utter paper-jamming ink-drying-out toner-wasting weaselware.

  13. Douglas Jenkins says

    We have had great experience with Konica-Minolta color lasers. Would highly recommend. and they support Linux, too!

  14. Eddie K says

    + Amanda Blain


  15. Nick Markwell says

    + Sunil Pratap Singh so you think you're sneaky, hm? 😛

  16. manda evans says


  17. Aaron Malakai says

    I ams printing, will tell you after 200 business cards I am outs of cyan… mwahaha.

  18. Miia Ranta says

    am I the only one who has a "soundtrack" for these moments? A bit like Ally McBeal had her dancing baby? Every time I've got some trouble with computers, this song starts to play in my brain:
    John Paul Young – Love Is In The Air (1978)

  19. Joe Meister says

    Ya know that movie office space, that is what I want to do to my print currently

  20. Steve Tose says

    robots(motors, moving parts) with memory and memory storage that understand human written language(postscript), who we armed with lasers over a decade ago? For gods sake + Amanda Blain don't anger them until we're ready to make our move.

  21. Bronson Schoeman says

    The original from + Matthew Inman (the Oatmeal).

    Printers are a menace

  22. abhishek choudhary says

    its true printer is hungry for paper

  23. Joe Meister says

    Someone should make a animated short about a war between prints and trees

  24. Randall Goya says

    + Jeff Pettorino bad enuf people txt while driving cars. Imagine if they had jetpacks! The secret is that jetpacks really exist, but are only available in areas with no interweb.

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