This Might Be Every Game of Dungeons and Dragons I've Ever Played


How bout you? 🙂
3 hour walk: "You arrive at your destination with no farther incidents"…

Battle against anything: "Um i think i'll cast this.. NO this.. wait.. what is the range touch for that? Ok I'll do that… Now what do i roll? Ok.. Wait is there a boulder in the way? Ok.. I change my mind.. I move.."

Don't get me started on my party opening doors!

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This Might Be Every Game of Dungeons and Dragons I've Ever Played

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  1. Terrence Lui says

    yep.  This is me in pretty much ever RPG.

    Do I have the right weapon equipped?  Wait, what is my armor rating?  Is the enemy weak to fire? …

  2. Justin King says

    OMG yes! At least we had jolt cola told hold us over

  3. ed p says

    A snake bit my cleric?!! WTF! I pull out my dagger and cut the bite open a little bit so I can suck the poison out.

    That was my raddest moment ever in DnD.

  4. Alexander Courtness says

    Lol… Im not a dnd type but as far as games like skyrim are concerned, im all about the magic – use nothing BUT magic from the word go and seek out the mages imediately for trainimg and magic based quests… By the time ive learned the game controls and gotten used to the way the story and quests flow, nothing can stand in my characters path for long and almost certainly wont manage anything more than temporary wounding (healing spells ftw). Lol. Cant beat a quality console fantasy/scifi rpg game.

  5. Michael Kelava says

    Ahhh yes.. this brings back great memories. So much truth to that statement.

  6. Christopher Waisanen says

    It's kinda fun to really fuck with the dynamic. Play a barbarian who doesn't wait for anything. See a bear on the road, tackle it. Group arguing over a door, kick it in and run into the room. Watch how flustered the other players get without the pretense of planning.

  7. Zoe Tew says

    Sound logic to me. 🙂

  8. Jonathan Black says

    I start kicking down doors when my party starts worrying about every single five foot square.

  9. Mark Hennessey says

    "Food Stamps?! The Red Dragon's treasure was Food Stamps?"

  10. Jack Cull says

    There was once a game I was running where the entire gaming session (roughly 8 hrs) was a single combat.

    It was insane  >.<

  11. Nadeem Hossain Onee says

    what do you do without playing games????

  12. Sydney Van Nest says

    + Amanda Blain, I had a group where if I hadn't pushed them at their first T-Intersection in the dungeon, we'd still be waiting to make a decision… That was 20 years ago. 😉

  13. Sam Gilley says

    Our DM was never that nice and our adventures lasted months.

  14. Alexander Courtness says

    [email protected] in…for those who know a bit about WoW the 'rush-in-worry-bout-it-after' play smacks of LEEROOOOY JEEENKINS !!

  15. Amanda Blain says

    + David Sarachman + Joseph Lee + Lee Clarke + Charlie Hoover

  16. Adam Fulton says

    Accurate, and those are the best sessions. Similarly, I've only taken one character to level 20 and it literally took years.  Good times.

  17. William Furby says

    Happens at every game session. And I don't blame my players for hesitating at doors, I have put a nasty trap on one or two; now they check every door. So, naturally, I have to "reward" their hard work.

  18. Sam Gilley says

    I have a 16th Level Pit Fighter once… once. Started out a male half-giant, ended a female mul.

  19. Joshua Mandell says

    Yes, absolutely. I was DMing a game last year and one of the players, the sorcerer of the party, spent around twenty-thirty minutes on a single turn when, after he tossed a fireball at the enemy boat, we had to work through exactly what parts of the ship were damaged or destroyed, and how badly with each one. 

  20. Sam Gilley says

    I had a half-giant with a running proficiency, a dexterity of 16, and had been on the move for 5 rounds. My intent was to put the bullhorns to a small group of Orcs attacking a friend. It took us over an hour to work out the extent of the damage to all parties. Orcs = dead, friend = unconscious, tavern wall = demolished!

  21. Leo Deegan says

    Never a truer statement about D&D

  22. Fraser Cain says

    I used to be a pretty bad ditherer, but I'm a lot more "go with the flow" now.

  23. Nicole Angell says

    God we couldn't even go into a Bar without spending 2 1/2 hrs. So we had special limits: hack and slash games (no thinking allowed just kill and loot) & RP games (waste tons of time doing nothing by roll playing every aspect of everything) ? that

  24. David Sarachman says

    Don't blame me I'm just the DM 😉

  25. Richard Remer says

    I'm another door kicker.  Get moving or I'm deciding where we go.

  26. Angel Rivera says

    Well the last game I played they all died but me cause I did not walked through the door! Jajaja

  27. Charlie Hoover says

    Hey we didn't actually go through with blowing up the mountain so I think we deserve some credit for restraint…=)

  28. neri beita says

    que mal solo se español y nada de ingles

  29. Keith S says

    For some, the process of planning is part of the joy of playing. I liken it to those who prefer constructed-deck card games, and will spend hours pondering card choices … Different perspective.

  30. Ernie Nelson says


  31. Dana Oredson says

    My current character is a ranger, who likes to take up rooftop positions. Rather than taking a round to climb down, I've been jumping down and tumbling (legal? Not 100% sure). But it's been working pretty well.

    I bring this up, because when we get in situations in a dungeon, where everyone is wondering who will be the first down the rope into a cavern, he will most likely just jump in and hope for the best. That will probably be his undoing.

  32. Terry Ladd says

    Damn, I thought only my games was like that.

  33. Cameron Arthur says

    I play DND

  34. James Harris says

    It isn't just DnD, it's also Pathfinder 😛

  35. Douglas Thurman says

    My rogue likes to hide in shadows and move silently…through open meadows.  🙂

  36. Jeff Gibson says

    Timescale problems are a GM issue not a system issue.  Rules aside, it's your decision where you want to spend your time.  If your players don't enjoy 3 hours of intensely accurate combat, maybe loosen up and fudge some numbers.  If your party is really interested in a realistic depiction of wilderness survival, roll for that twisted ankle as often as you like!

  37. Jim Byrom says

    I've had one round combats (6 seconds) take over an hour to resolve. Yeah, this is totally a DnD norm. 

  38. Jerry Carter says

    lol.. yup.  

  39. Sajjad Jawaid says

    Hi amanda nice photo

  40. Sajjad Jawaid says

    Sajjad f england

  41. Daniel Pallotta says

    I remember the time I rolled a natural 20, the GM proclaimed it to be a "critical hit," looked something up on his charts, declared a "stat contest," in which I had to roll 3d6 against the GM's roll for the orc I had hit with the natural 20, I rolled low on the "stat contest," the GM looked something else up on his charts, and to make a long story short I ended up dead with zero chance of resurrection. It was at about that time that I switched to MMORPGs

  42. Sajjad Jawaid says

    Would y like to google friends

  43. Zach Rogers says

    lol it dosnt take that long i just go with what ever feels rite;P im normaly flying threw everything haha i playy it very fast pased you cant keep up you dont get to make a move haha its intense

  44. Jeff Gibson says

    + Daniel Pallotta should have found a new GM, not a new game.

  45. michel prins says

    only played those on computers.

  46. Sajjad Jawaid says

    My gmail is on google plus

  47. Sajjad Jawaid says

    Ok goodnight

  48. Daniel Pallotta says

    + Jeff Gibson Don't get me started on the dice rolls I had to make to get out of THAT situation…

  49. William Bethea says

    Hey, yeah, huh?

  50. Frank T says

    there was a character in my party who survived yellow mold because we poured burning oil down his throat. ironically, my pyromancer just died of yellow mold.

  51. Chris Knutson says

    Have had to stop many games until the next session because we knew combat was going to take too long… And the birds were already chirping their morning sings.

  52. William Bethea says

    Wait, girls play DnD? W…Where? Can I join?

  53. Chris Knutson says

    Sounds like you played a bit of Dark Sun, + Sam Gilley

  54. Frank T says

    + Dana Oredson  i bet that your DM will notice and throw in some illusory traps making a 100 foot drop look like 10..

  55. Jodie Wren says

    How often are you fighting 5 minute battles?  That's 50 rounds!

  56. Taylor Sangster says

    sometimes i wish i played DnD…sounds fun

  57. Zach Rogers says

    lmao who said they had to be 5 min lmaoXD i make them fast paced haha not all battles are 5 min they can be ended with a simple spell or a smart rogue or a  very pissed off barbarian haha

  58. Sam Gilley says

    Yeah, I got tangled up in closed room with 3 Wyverns. Needless to say, it didn't end well.

  59. sandeep pandit says

    Its funny

  60. Frank T says

    a bunch of 6th level characters killed a great wyrm in my party..

  61. halmar cisneros says

    Yup, sounds about right

  62. Sam Gilley says

    + Chris Knutson Yeah, we played either Dark Sun or some self-made lands… that was about it.

  63. ZommB Dubstep says

    iv never played 😮 is it fun?

  64. Patrick Conant says

    With good players not so much….. with min maxers….EVERY TIME!

  65. J. C. Baker says

    Amanda, you played D&D? Really?

  66. Erik Collett says

    Srsly. What's worse, if you end the night on an encounter, you're pretty much guaranteed to be exactly those 3 hours late.

    "It shouldn't take that long, it's just one encounter."

    Famous last words, I say.

  67. Joshua Starbuck says

    A good rules lawyer can shut down the worst min-maxers.  The key is in phrasing.

  68. Virginia Perry Smith says

    Oh so true!!!!!!  After a brief jaunt from town to some "remote" castle ruins, Xandria and company spent 8 hours in a battle with 3 wererats, an army of giant rats, and one enormous gargoyle.  ("…wait; who am I standing closest to?  OK, I'll help Olo attack the head wererat, while Joanna defends our level 1 magic user.")  LOVED IT!

  69. Jim Byrom says

    + Erik Collett You just dead on described exactly how every game I've ever played ended.

  70. Kip Kipper says

    True Story 

  71. Tyson Jensen says

    Had a DM with an excellent solution. If a player took more than 1 minute to decide on an action*, he'd say "your character is paralyzed with indecision and fails to act this round." After that, everyone came prepared with a basic response to blurt out as the minute mark approached (magic missile!).

    *going around the table, occasionally mix it up by starting in the middle, so with 5 players it'd be 5 minutes / round roughly.

  72. Anton Lopour says

    Wow do people actually get together and play Dungeons and Dragons anymore? I thought they only did that online now.

    This thread is making me miss the wasted evenings and late nights of my youth when I should have been bozing and clubbing although I did find more than enough time for alcohol and bars as well.

  73. Pat Voce says

    "Ladies First";)

  74. Kip Kipper says

    Shit .. I just realized left 2 comments in an  + Amanda Blain post how the @#$k did that happen. 

  75. Will Payne says

    So true. My worst battle was with Loth =(

  76. Robert Pratt says

    Some friends and I used the MERP (Middle Earth Role Playing) system and it was almost always able to handle crits quite well.  The critical rolls almost always meant that battles didn't last long…….

  77. Anton Lopour says

    Pit Fighter, Pyromancer are those AD&D character classes now?

  78. Christopher M says

    It's all about the details

  79. Jim Byrom says

    MERP. Ha. The only thing I memorized from MERP was that on the Crit Fumble chart there is literally an entry that says, "You trip over an invisible undead turtle and drop your weapon. Lose your next turn."

  80. Roy DePhillip says

    Three words for long scenarios… lawful… good… paladin

  81. Dominic Maca says

    This is why I choose to play TCGs instead.

  82. Anton Lopour says

    + Roy DePhillip not with the crowd I hung out with Lawful Good Paladin = Dead Man Walking

  83. Joe Wei says

    Always let the rogue lead… whether by choice, or by knife point.

  84. Jose Velazquez says

    I spent more time watching elves check for secret doors…

  85. Ryu Pham says

    Chances are you scream "screw it all" and beat the crap out of the monster

  86. Dominic Phillips says

    So true…  Roll me a d20.

  87. Tyrese Thong says


  88. Isaac Sheff says

    Yeah . . . battles take too long, but do you seriously want 3 hour walks through countryside to take up game time?

  89. Vincent Pearson says

    I am the DUNGEON MASTER!

    Fear me!

  90. Grey McGloon says

    I know the feeling all too well

  91. Anton Lopour says

    + Tyrese Thong okay and your point is?

  92. Paul Soeller says

    as it should be

  93. john rambo says

    Sure loves DnD huh???….when i saw 'gamer' in your profile, i thought you might be a FPS gamer….honest. 🙂

  94. Luiz Zorzella says

    Good times 🙂

  95. Brad McClaren says

    VtM wasn't much better.

  96. Christopher Manar says

    I used to piss off all the GMs.
    GM: "A giant gate blocks your path."
    ME: "Is it chocolate?  Can I eat it?"
    GM: "A bugbear steps out from behind the bush."
    ME: "Is it stuffed?  Try to cuddle with it.  Make cooing noises."

    Curiously, I didn't get invited back.

  97. Lim Desmond says

    Playing this game kills alot of brain cells, don't do it.

  98. Roy DePhillip says

    I hugged dragons… and laughed at the outwitted gm that fell for a grapple lawl

  99. nicholas kohls says

    that is stupid

  100. Anton Lopour says

    + Lim Desmond I disagree, as a matter of fact, I credit RPG's for teaching me to think outside the box, way way way outside the box.  I always immediately come up with the most hair brained solution to problems and my co-workers think I am completely insane, I give the wasted hours playing Dungeon and Dragons in my youth a lot of the credit for my creativity.

  101. Matthew White says

    …reminds me of the confusion that was "THAC0"
    ha ha ha… awesome!!!   =)

  102. Dominic Maca says

    + Matthew White Taco?

  103. Ryan Bates says

    Haha, especially the initial learning curve of grasping the game. A 5 Minute battle takes the entire length of play.

  104. John Milligan says

    Toatl war

  105. Jay Cie says

    Depends on the edition and the party. My current D&D next game Rounds haven't lasted more then a few seconds each, not quite real time but pretty close. My old D&D 4E game Each player had to spend at least a minute examining their powers 30 seconds of combat could take and hour and a half.

    But then again no one should play 5 minutes of combat. Keep track of how many turns a typical combat runs for.

  106. Brad McClaren says

    + Matthew White If you can calculate THAC0, you can fix the economy.

  107. Jonathan Perrine says

    John Wick says that D&D and it's associated games are not Roleplaying games… They are evolutions of tactical wargaming you Roleplay with. There's nothing wrong with that, but if you want storytelling you can do better…

    I just spent 72 hours at RinCon in Tucson. Let me tell you, I played for about 16 hours. I talked about Roleplaying games and board games and story games for a LOT longer than that.

    I do not get people who think outsmarting or beating their friends should be the point, let alone the draw, of a 'Roleplaying' game. I play D&D for the edge of tactical wargaminess and storytelling, but all the good stuff comes from our heads and from our creative interpretation  not from the grid combat rules D&D is nowdays. 

    If you aren't enjoying your Roleplaying games, play different games people. Here's a few awesome ones.

    Houses of the Blooded
    Our Last Best Hope
    Apocalype World
    Monster Hearts
    Dogs in the Vineyard
    Spirit of the Century

    …and many many more. Be open minded. D&d isn't the only game in town, hell, it's from a small village many leagues from here. There's a whole massive wave of brand new Indy, GM-less games coming onto the market, and one of them at least will probably appeal to you.

  108. Gabe Newell says

    A life where a 3 hour exercise session turns into a 5 minute session and a 5 minute snack turns into a 3 hour 'snack'.

  109. Jonathan Perrine says

  110. kevin parekh says

    Trying not eat during night time.

  111. Sam Gilley says

    We had to be completely in character in everywhere except in melee. If we were about town and talking amongst our selves about how to proceed everything was part of the game. So if someone overheard our plans or discussing prior engagements our DM made it a huge hassle.

    During melee we could ask question like, "OK, who is doing what?" but if we went into a tavern and noticed some baddies and said , "Oh great some more of those." they would hear it and call us on it.

  112. Crystal Black says

    Mhmm. I am familiar with this situation.

  113. Jerry Palmroos says

    I think I can top all the OGs here when I speak of playing Steve Jackson's "The Fantasy Trip" back in the day. A friend (playing a Halfling) got tired of the other guy (Elf) deciding what to do upon encountering a cave in a field. He threw a bolo at his legs, tripping him, then pushed him down the stairs into the dark unknown….
    ….AND THEN…….nothing… empty cave….was that act of sabotage worth it?…..

    …the Elf (now twisted and bent up at the bottom of the dirty, creepy stairs) then declared, "I reach into my sheath, pull my dagger, and cut off this %#$×@@**ing bolo.".

    The outrage expressed by the hobbit-player at that point was truly, truly hilarious.

    Conclusion: no combat, but GREAT tole-playing. Good fun.

    Epilogue: the hobbit is now a doctor in the real world, the elf a science teacher, and me? A tech dork (4 life).


  114. sunil singla says


  115. Donald Sinatra says

    Walking is boring. Fighting is cool!

  116. Benjamin Zilar says

    I've had groups like that.

  117. Wade Wyant says

    Played with my kids tonight, we had a great time.

  118. luis lopez says

    Wow taking me back when we had a game that lasted a week and a half their was like 15 of us we pulled out all the books we had 3 .dungeon masters. It was sick…

  119. Vincent Palmieri says

    Yep. ….and yep. Need to find a truly good roleplaying crowd.

  120. Lee Clarke says

    Nah this never happens… OK we do have our nights. I really did want to help + Charlie Hoover blow up the mountain…  Maybe if we just distract the dragon for a little bit….

  121. Jimee Andrey Aying says

    haha, true! I played that one!

  122. Joel Furnari says

    Bwahahaha, oh wow. I rolled a 20 to hit on a party member with a pine cone. Good times

  123. edwah zephaniah Joshua says

    Dungeons of the dragons is a game that attracts demons for possession; a real deal demonic tool to attract idiots who have no discretion of Christian good sense

  124. Nate Robbins says

    True that…in 32 years of gaming it has always been this way. But at least you are with friends.

  125. duncan macgregor says

    yes, yes we have all had thoughs moments

  126. acai ayen says

    haii…im from malaysia
    you mee…ok

  127. Donald Dorey says

    Leroy Jenkins!!!!!

  128. Christian Nussbaum says

    Ha I was just thinking of getting this game as I've never tried it but I know it's a classic. Is it worth playing?

  129. Mike Hovey says

    + edwah zephaniah Joshua typical bible thumper. Calling people idiots who do not share the same beliefs they do.
    Love each other as i have loved you.

  130. Jay Cie says

    + edwah zephaniah Joshua I'm assuming you are a Poe. Else I'm very sorry for you.

  131. Samuel Lawson says

    Wubba wubba!

  132. Chad Copenhagen says

    Excellent description

  133. Skull Dixon says

    in all honesty; most game I have played, a walk or "traveling" always took forever and never with out at least one incident but usually with more than one. 

  134. Jay Cie says

    + Jonathan Perrine Really no. What you are describing is the difference between a character driven and story driven game. Character driven games don't focus as much on rules for plot or the like. Bother are just setting up a system in which you can play a character. just one is a genital nudge and the other is a sledgehammer to the face.

    Story games aren't the be all and end all of RP either. Some provide interesting intensives to RP but that's not where good RP comes from. Forming a rapport with a character is far more important then the system. 

  135. dj kirker says

    So if the battle was a hour it would take over a day for it to finish

  136. Mike Brown says

    This takes Me back…… Great memories!

  137. Mark McDaniel says

    I'm an Elf Rogue, you can all thank me later!

  138. Shane Reeser says

    Still have those old books.. even 1st Edition… lol

  139. Anton Lopour says

    "Dungeons of the dragons" What the hell is that?  I've heard of Dungeons and Dragons or more generically RPG or FRPG's but never "Dungeons of the dragons".

  140. Moe Tousignant says

    Not so much. Definitely in 4th edition and often in 3rd but I've run five minute battles in AD&D 2nd edition in which there were 15 goblins. 

    The D&D next playtest also plays very quickly: The first time I ran it I fit in 12 encounters in a 3 hour session.

  141. Kenny Dockerty says

    Warforged Artificer here. ATM playing with 4 mew players with no rp/dnd experience….. makes it hard for me to enjoy the game at times, but also gives me lots to laugh at

  142. Kenny Dockerty says


  143. Troy Peake says

    I fondly remember my Asherati Scorpion-Heritor-wannabee: She spent the whole campaign looking for a giant scorpion to sting her. After much xp, she finally found such a group. So she tumbled down in front of them, and was stung 5 times in the first round. Then she failed her fort save…

  144. david branwood says

    no offence but id rather play minecraft

  145. maddie seifer says

    Boo!!! 🙁 come on! Really?

  146. Tommy Kindle says

    Lol yup

  147. Gary Guo says

    That photo catches exactly my first game of D&D.

  148. Matthew Welborn says

    Is it just me, or is the greatest feeling in the world rolling that Nat 20

  149. Andrew Jay says

    That's 50 rounds of combat. 3 hours is very conservative.

  150. Drew Molina says

    Bad casters not figuring out what spell to use on other people's turn.

  151. Demetrious Jackson says

    Truuuuueeee lol

  152. Cecilia Patterson says

    ah the good old days/nights/days no sleep, too much cafeen and cigarett smoke so thick every hour or so you'd have to open the doors so you could see across the table.

  153. William Sizemore says

    + edwah zephaniah Joshua I must not be an idiot then, because I've been playing for 19 years and haven't seen a single demon that wasn't an NPC about to get slain.  And folks, REAL Christians don't judge D&D players as idiots tempting demons to possess them.  This poser just wants people to visit his profile so he can profess to be a minister of the Gospel when the truth is that he is either an idiot himself or simply lying that he is in fact saved.  He makes a bad named for those who DO preach from the Holy Spirit.  People who preach all fire and brimstone turn out to just be full of piss and vinegar.

  154. Siddharth Jagtap says


  155. Mousa Ghaderi says

    Very good

  156. Kevin Weiser says

    What battle takes 50 rounds?!

  157. john caballero says

    I'l go with the 3 hour walk any time

  158. William Sizemore says

    AND AND AND, he follows that Benny Hinn quack with his faith healing.  This goober (Hinn) actually clapped some deaf woman's ears with his hand to give her back her hearing!

  159. Darren Hawkins says

    very true … but geek-tacular cool !!!

  160. Jesus Garcia says


  161. Ben Maxwell says

    Never plaid, but I did know a Dungeon Master once…~:]

  162. William Sizemore says

    And he also thinks he IS the word for God: "I am what I believe, and what I believe is what God has spoken"

    Anyway, Dice and Paper RPGs are lots of fun.  We did that to our DM- we explored an empty cave and ended up trapped in a small room with 300 goblins outside the only exit.  So we stoneshaped ourselves a new door, only to find that we would have fallen hundreds of feet into a a ravine.  We had to fight the goblins and my paladin became trapped in a magical shield as punishment.

  163. Daari Shirer says

    yo any1 has monster hunter tri

  164. Scot Close says

    You were killed by a Grue.

    (Noteworthy that my tablet wanted to change that to Gruber)

  165. John Luby says

    I guess my group was one of the few that drank hard while playing.

  166. Jaymeson Lane says

    So true……….

  167. Argento Dragone says

    You should have witnessed the 2-hour conversation my group had over whether or not to spend 5000gp to summon a hoard of barghests to eat the soul of the dragon we just killed (the second time), despite the fact that we also just murdered his cleric.

  168. William Ashcraft says

    + atilio cedillo you can do both you know. It's like "should I play football or try and rub up against sweaty men"

  169. Michael Rios says

    It took a week for us to to get out of a hole and every comical thing had to happen on the way out. Damn you strength check.

  170. Ichijo Honen says

    So very true.

  171. Abidan Putney says

    also: reading a book

  172. Nitin Patange says

    Hello, so very true

  173. Thalygart Wolfsbane says

    How about a battle that was to continue the next day hahaahah

  174. Jon Woodland says

    Perhaps the reason I play Savage Worlds instead.

    Hellfrost anyone?

  175. Luiz Zorzella says

    Paladin with vorpal fighting demogorgon 🙂

  176. Bang Badai says

    i like cooking? 

  177. Robert Young says

    Hell just equipping our party before starting the adventure took 2 hours!

  178. Brad Siedner says

    wow blast from the past of ad&d in my basement….lol

  179. Aaron Ludlow says

    Party gathered at door in dungeon, party rogue annoys my barbarian, barbarian picks up rogue and throws him through the door, trap springs and rogue is poisoned and paralyzed….. good times….

  180. Mohammed Noor Abdullah says

    Which is why I'd need a real battle to get my adrenaline flowing and a real journey to test my patience.

  181. Den Berandal says

    Hi, names wawan .i come from Asia.can we make a friends

  182. Tod Salvador says

    In1982 we played so much DnD in germany that our post comander outlawed it. He said we werent getting enough sleep. He was so right!

  183. Khairil Ashraf samsudin says

    I love this kind of games but i dont understand how it's played, first i came across DnD is on computer games

  184. joe bobby says

    DnD is awesome

  185. Jessica Astrid says

    I never play this game but once I saw my brother play it.. and I agree with the statement 🙂

  186. narendar yadav says


  187. Dray Brownz says

    Dont forget about the smoke break afterwards………..ex DM.

  188. Nate F. Grepo says

    I never saw the point of these types of games. Are people really that unhappy with themselves to constantly invest so much time into a virtual world character?

  189. Yonggary Rex says

    I still play every week. use skype for chat or video chat and maptool for dice and map.

    if someoe can't decision his action, GM start count to ten…

  190. Adam Wightman says

    Life is like this… combat or battle or intense experiences seem to slow time down and be memorable, whereas common occurrences are easily forgotten.  Role playing is fun and so is jumping into another world, realistic and believable, like a horror flick or a fantasy novel.  Real world issues can be used and as long as the game doesn't take over, like video games, tv, gambling, drinking etc… are we still in the game?  Just play

  191. De Clark says

    + Nate F. Grepo It's no different than playing WoW or Diablo 3 or Zelda or any other RPG.  The difference is most of it is done in one's imagination rather than on a screen.

  192. George Nasr says

    Nice, + Christopher Waisanen , you brought a real RPG into the RPG, and blasted your way through the game… Damn the torpedoes… Maybe we longued for the same thing that + Mohammed Noor Abdullah longs for… We played rowdier games in larger surroundings, and somehow rules kept on changing; what mattered was to keep up the pace… But we still lack something, as we haven't found a way to integrate paintball into D&D.

  193. Stephen Prout says

    ermagerd durngerns ern drergens

  194. Robert White says

    Please, a five minute fight is fifty turns. That never happens.

  195. Adi Adrezak says

    it the best…..

  196. Nemesis Silver says

    Just go crazy and watch your foes face carefully lol

  197. elif çimen says

    i dont like that game much

  198. Matt Chen says

    Ohhhh DnD…..

  199. Julian Espinosa says

    And within one of those turns are endless game lawyering between the GM and our magic user party members which can almost take an hour. I'm seeing this more on GM who are more about sticking to the rules than GMs who are more on playing out a story. 

  200. aq nguyen says

    start playing DnD with a life size board and real combat sequences… id pay to watch that

  201. Jay Cie says

    + aq nguyen That's called LARPing

  202. Signal Kosova Signal Kosova says

    E bukur

  203. Jay Cie says

    + Nate F. Grepo It's not about investing time into a virtual world. It's about having fun with friends. 

    Sitting round a table with dice and a few people is no more crazy then watching football with some buds or going to see a movie. It's just entertainment. 

    I'm not saying RP is for everyone but it's an enjoyable hobby that you can share. 

  204. peter dave dela cruz says

    its only one RP i ever know….lol

  205. Shannon Daley says

    Dungeons and Dragons what the. 

  206. anees paikkadan says


  207. Javier Vega says

    Playing D&D and waiting for my friends open the door takes them longer then that.

  208. Russell Dillin says

    Only if you're playing 3.5 or 4e.

  209. Konrad Zielinski says

    To be fair this is true of most fiction as well. Simply because more interesting things happen in the battle then during the walk.

    That said only the first player on the  first round has an excuse for umming and arring a bit. Everyone else should have their dice ready the moment their turn comes up.  Also how hard is it to roll your damage along with that shiny d20.

  210. Lars Berntrop-Bos says

    reminds me of a time when our DM had setup our antagonizing warlock in a farmhouse.  Traps everywhere! a couple of details spoilt his fun: It had a thatched roof, and my character was carrying fire arrows.

  211. Gene Chiu says

    Three hour walks are boring while 5 minute battles are fun. In D&D, time flies when you are not having fun.

  212. Randy Jensen says

    I've to a few partys like that only I had to walk back.Next morning my car was still out partying.

  213. Aaron Boyes says

    Yeah, it was fun to play a wizard and hand the halfling some sling stones in a battle.  When he launched them at an orc and went to roll damage, having me ask the DM what damage a boulder does since I cast the Item spell on a boulder to shrink it down to stone size only to have it revert back on impact.  Or my mage/cleric when our party was being chased down a dungeon corridor stop and cast the spell Rock to Mud on the floor and wait till the goblins were sunk in to their ankles only to reverse it and have the party shoot them with arrows from a distance.  Oh, those were the days!

  214. Natalie Jackson says

    lol so true!

  215. Daniel Coffman says

    I made a campaign where travelling took resources and people had to talk for a certain amount of time or they took penalties. That campaign ended quite quickly.

  216. Michael Vaughan says

    This is the very reason i got so bored with games that just to speed it up i picked fights with my party. This usually ended in my death but hey, it sped things up and introduced facepalms to the game lol

  217. Arron Selter says

    So true!!!

  218. Oluwafemi Akinwa says


  219. Tg Iskandar Tg Hashim says

    If you see a Monk, run but once I turned into Ninja, just kill yourself. <<<BASH>>> ???SLAM???

  220. aditya Sharma says

    The best RPG game is monster hanter series

  221. Ned Pearson says

    Rpg games are about how to level up,
    Trying to level up takes a while,
    So yes, a walk would take 5min to get to the next creature, but a battle could take a while depemdimg upon the creature you are battling, did you bring the right equipment?

  222. Mark Navo says

    + Kevin Tan

  223. Trey Setoki says


  224. Jacob Juenger says

    If you can do a 5 minute combat (50 rounds) in 3 hours, you're either doing something wrong or your group is made up of extremely intelligent players. 3.5 minutes a round is pretty impressive when you consider 4+ players plus the NPCs being controlled.

  225. aditya Sharma says

    Monster hanter have very awesome places like jungle,volcano,mountains,forest and hill,desert island,and underwater place,and more new place,and 100 new monster's including boss monster's,and new weapons with elements powers like thunder,fire,water,dragon,stun,snow,all weapon have there on power,lots of weapon like great sword it's my cool weapon,simply swords,bows,hammer,lance,switch axe,long swords,bowgun,and 600 verity of armor my and in online its multiplayer so can play with others including chat ,but in online game is more difficult you need team to play but it's easy to play and you can combine all thinks and create new think to become combination master

  226. tobi wood says

    Illusion be gone.

  227. farokh farahmand says


  228. Luis Galarza says

    Is not the game is your mind!… :o)

  229. Pratim Das says

    I think its a mastermind game

  230. Steven Lockey says

    LOL, yeah. Was GMing, had a party spend a whole game session trying to work out how to open the doors to a template. After 2 hours discussing their plan, one of them walked up to the door and push them. They were unlocked! 🙂

  231. Nic Johns says

    I'm chaotic neutral. The 3 hour walk is never without incident because I'm likely to do something bonkers. Hehe. I'm also good for wearing mysterious rings or pulling cobwebbed levers. 🙂

  232. Dani Kane says

    Only 3 hours? 😀 depends on the players/GM 

  233. Denise Garcia says

    Hehehe… 🙂

  234. richard slemaker says

    Amanda, you're much sexier to me now.

  235. Jess Lancaster says

    woah guys please get a room

  236. mohammed ali says

    I will c now

  237. Laurence Roberts says

    hi how are you

  238. Paul King says

    Now that brings back memories 🙂

  239. Jason Anderson says

    I didn't play my first game of DnD until I was 19 because my parents thought it was evil devil worship.

  240. christian michael barnard says

    i have never played DnD

  241. Inotak Tho'adu says

    That's why I'm not that interested in the game.

  242. Justin Smith says

    yea sounds about right

  243. Igor Blaževi? says

    And that's where fun begins 🙂 Especially when someone forgot to ask if there IS a boulder in the way 😀

  244. Sam Gilley says

    For a good time, call Giggles the Elf! Anyone run into that one?

  245. Rich Peall says

    I rolled a D20 and all I got was this Google+ thread.

  246. Lorena Avina says

    Amanda i hv an awesome game called Dissidia Final Fantasy 012 its incredible i <3 it

  247. Diego Garcia says

    That's dumb!

  248. Aaron Kramer says

    Video games killed the scrabble star!

  249. Daniel Zook says

    It's all coming back to me now… The dark, dank twisting corridor widened up ahead into a vast subterrainian cavern, where the clowns had set up their circus tents, and they were putting on such a good show that the three dragons were enchanted… DM grants you the following: One free attack plus +2 to initiative for the next 2 rounds. LOL

  250. Daniel Zook says

    It's all coming back to me now… The dark, dank twisting corridor widened up ahead into a vast subterrain?ian cavern, where the clowns had set up their circus tents, and they were putting on such a good show that the three dragons were enchanted.?.. DM grants you the following: One free attack plus +2 to initiative for the next 2 rounds. LOL

  251. Ruben Orduz says

    I fail to see your point + Amanda Blain . D&D is an RPG. And unless there's something important about the 3 hour walk, there is not much in terms of RPG while hauling to the quest. Combat, however, is complex and it also involves RPG. So, yes, combat is the bread and butter of D&D and as such it takes as long as it takes. Getting to the quest is not important at all most of the time (unless the DM decides to throw a curve-ball encounter).

  252. fabio ronal aguilar flore says

    no entiendo nada

  253. Dc Calamity says

    I lost my d20 dice.;-)

  254. Ray Snoke says

    + Amanda Blain: my party has a simple solution to doors. We have a Mage, and he blows them up with Magic Missile.

  255. Christopher Franko says

    oh the times

  256. Mike Morse says

    @Ray Snoke: Nice.

  257. Mahendra Singh says

    oh realy…

  258. Isabel Linda says


  259. Lim Desmond says

    I still prefer GTA

  260. Bill Hartzer says

    I remember playing it…. in the 1980s.

  261. PARDEEP RATTAN says

    I will try it

  262. Hugh Caldwell says

    Too true.

  263. Will Nicholson says


  264. Irvin Leon says

    true story

  265. Rene Rendic says

    Remember those days

  266. Michael Macauley says

    5 minute battle? Try 1 minute!

  267. Robert Gao says


  268. Aaron Brown says

    Truth has never been so awesome 🙂

    My last group would turn around rather than open a door

  269. ???? says


  270. Nelson Noland says

    Keeerist!! That takes me back empty red bulls, cloud of smoke hanging above the table, one hundred irate trolls bout ready to sack the town the party was protecting. Evil wizard standing at the back of the horde laughing manically. 17th lv halfling Incantar walks out into the field casts translocation trick on the wizard dropping him right in the middle of the party. Then dropping a sudden/maximized/enlarged/twinned acid storm on the horde. DM was kinda pissed. Prep time & buffs took two hours…… but it was worth it. 🙂

  271. neri beita says

    solo se espanol

  272. Zach Rogers says

    lmao nice move man

  273. PHINIAS MASIJA says

    Yes,no victory in life without sweat or hard hours.

  274. Jeffery Smith says

    Ha as GM I find this hilarious.I was just running through a play test of the current 5th ed content last night and this about sums it!

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  277. Ivan claudio nunes says

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    Ever try opening a door?

  279. Alan Rimkeit says

    Dungeons and Dragons – Where the interactivity if INFINITE.  😀

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