Game Of Thrones First Birthday Cake Is Awesome

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Well i'm not so sure about calling your daughter ARYA, but at least you went all out and got this awesome cake going for her first birthday, including dire-wolf cupcake cakes…. But i'm going to say that sword is a bit large for needle. All in all,  I still vote this as #win  


Game Of Thrones First Birthday Cake Is Awesome

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  1. Brett Bjornsen says

    methinks that cake is more for the parents than for the 1yr old to appreciate… still pretty cool

  2. Evan Swanepoel says

    I love game of thrones 🙂 🙂 🙂 This is so cool 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Amanda K Brookhouse says

    That's a cake for a 1-year-old?! Pretty sure it's really a cake for her parents. 🙂 

  4. Ludo Telecastillo says

    very nice

  5. Brian Medeiros says

    For you're birthday you get to name 3 names

  6. Ian Enright says

    I can look at this cake with out squinting (:

  7. Krzysiek Derkowski says

    Arya is a cool name… now if you buy her a wolf pup for her 2nd birthday that would be getting out of hand.

  8. Miskinak Periwinkle says

    mmmmmm…. now if it was a red velvet wedding cake it would be win win… poor taste but on the nose. 

  9. Amanda K Brookhouse says

    Didn't mean to rip off your comment, + Brett Bjornsen! LOL It wasn't there as I was typing. 😛

  10. Yifat Cohen says


  11. pily Alava says


  12. Mike G says

    Not to mention Arya would be caught dead in a dress 🙂

  13. Miskinak Periwinkle says

    ah, but fondant tunics are much easier to mold than trousers and boots.

  14. Jamie davis says

    Pretty awesome. Winter is coming!!!!!

  15. ??? says


  16. ????? ??????? says

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  17. Danushka Kuruppu says


  18. Liv Cepe says

    Two thumbs up for this cake!

  19. april ladesz says

    nice design////

  20. bernie ione says

    its a funny cake….

  21. april ladesz says

    but children… will really love it…

  22. Steve Elliott says

    awesome cake happy birthday … arya

  23. jasbir singh says

    My son name is arya

  24. Hrishad Gazi says


  25. abiodun asade says

    Lovely cake.
    I loved the movie "Game of Thrones"……Is season two complete now?

  26. Shahid Ahmed Qureshi says


  27. Prince Slogan says

    nice pic 

  28. Shahid Ahmed Qureshi says

    Thanks my dear…..

  29. Edore Brorhie says

    it's nice

  30. Rudi Brits says

    Very cool. Dragons would be cooler.

  31. GOPAL S Joshi says


  32. ali naved says

    happi birthday  arya

  33. damir jovic says

    happi birthday ….!!!!!!

  34. Dadhiram Sapkota says

    happy birthhbay

  35. Rudi Brits says

    Very happy birthday indeed. Enjoy.

  36. Nan Chee says

    Happy 1st Birthday! I absolutely love this show…keep the episodes coming!

  37. ali naved says

    happi birth day

  38. Fateme Rezaeezade says

    Arya is an Iranian name= from Iran

  39. Kamran Alimohammadi says

    arya …sweet little girl

  40. Cymer Mac says

    what a delicious and nice cake for arya

  41. Majed Hemede says


  42. Omar Al Qaqa says

    hey…how are you x] ??

  43. Ntow William says

    Thats a very cute cake for a special person

  44. ali naved says

     am ali naved

  45. ali naved says


  46. Cristiano Muricy Montanha Montanha says

    hello   kiss

  47. ali naved says

    hello  love

  48. Marisa Canales says

    Me too

  49. Clara Wellman says

    How did Arya get into that dress? She would never

  50. Clara Wellman says

    But still, I would totally love that!

  51. chakroun hamza says

    Hello everybody!

  52. ali naved says

    nice barthday cake

  53. Edore Brorhie says

    wow .is nt bad at all

  54. rodriques joao Tamela says

    Yao you like

  55. Edore Brorhie says


  56. vaibhav hujare says

    nice one

  57. Muzahid Mondle says

    ARYA Happy 1st name day for you

  58. Prem Anand Balraj says


  59. Oliver Y says

    stopped watching this.  I went to the book store and skipped to the last page of the last book in the series…  crappy ending. 

  60. mahsa abs says


  61. Barun Thecooldude says


  62. Muzahid Mondle says

    Aria Happy Birthday

  63. William Meredith says
  64. Danny Alvens says

    Like arya   of sunshine   it`s cute

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