1. Bobbi Jo Woods says


    Next time my what is in the snow?

  2. Amanda Blain says

    hey.. im not perfect yo.

  3. Marilyn Gerber says

    Those are great

  4. Bobbi Jo Woods says

    Heh…S'okay! Also, sorry for being dirty. My ____ was in the snow.

  5. Valtýr Örn Gunnlaugsson says

    I´m always in snow, I live in Iceland. Check my photos, there you can see the what it looks like in Iceland now

  6. Valtýr Örn Gunnlaugsson says

    No prob, You´re in 🙂

  7. Chris Porter says

    I wish they had made the one on the left into Pac-Man

  8. Fredwin d'souza says

    is this a cemetary?

  9. Amanda Blain says

    …. its mailboxes.

  10. Fredwin d'souza says

    deasigned as koffin boxes so!!!!

  11. Laurie DesAutels says

    That might be another ten years lol

  12. Michael Aksten Sr. says

    It's the pac man gang

  13. Brett Bjornsen says

    omg Pac-man snowmailboxart ftw… great find.
    and lolz to the "is this a cemetery" comment.

  14. Meisam Riahi says


  15. Brenda Curtis says

    that is so cute!

  16. Bob Libra says

    Practice random acts of art!

  17. Jessica Frank says

    I think their scared…watch out here they come!!!

  18. Brett Bjornsen says

    All this pic needs now is a VW bug painted like PAC-man running down the mailboxes and it would be complete. 🙂

  19. Brenda Curtis says

    now I want a Pac Bug

  20. Sean Gardner says


  21. Tajul Akbar Ismail says

    peeing contest … LOL

  22. Strovek Tee says


  23. Terrence Lui says

    That is just so awesome I'm not sure what to say …

  24. Arvind Sonu says


  25. Benjamin Casiano says

    love it

  26. Sara Micic says


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