1. Matt Senter says

    I actually code in silence. Music distracts me. I know I'm going to be in the minority on this one…

  2. Michael Manfre says

    Trance, techno, classical. Basically any music without lyrics.

  3. Benjamin Moore Eubank says

    I like anything without words that is a little mellow. Mainly to block out my coworker's voices though.

  4. Mike Murphy says

    either bach (piano) or chopin (nocturnes) work for me

  5. Nick Stott says

    I always have the best intentions of putting on some music while I'm working, only to look up 3 hours later and realize that I forgot to press play

  6. David Holman says

    I actually listen to some Swedish music, Swedish lyrics that is. But that's just when I'm stuck or writing somethings I've written a million times before. If it's a new problem I listen to the music until I get an idea of how to fix it and then I turn the music off until I'm done writing.

  7. Brad Leclerc says

    Usually silence, but sometimes I pop onto http://jamendo.com/ and just listen to random stuff I've never heard. Helps put my brain into "think about things in new ways" mode.

  8. Andrea Rossi says

    "Irish" playlist on iTunes works pretty well for me! πŸ˜€

  9. Adnan Siddiqi says

    It depends. Usually I put headphone while coding.. for concentration. πŸ™‚

  10. Dolidh Young says

    Daft Punk or System of a Down and staple code-music for me… I know the words, so I'm not being distracted by them… and I can't hear over the music – so not distracted by everyone else.

  11. Amanda Blain says

    + Nick Stott i so do that all the time too lol + David Holman + Andrea Rossi do you have some examples?

  12. Carmelyne Thompson says

    I code in silence too, but my go to Music is on loop. Arrival of the Birds by The Cinematic Orchestra

  13. Paul Eubanks says

    Usually I just throw on whatever strikes me from http://di.fm If I'm not in an electronic music mood, usually progressive metal like Obscura, Arsis, Encircle, etc…

  14. Patrick Shampine says

    Ambient music wins when I touch code.

  15. Stacy S says

    Hard rock or Metal

    Korn trash, Korn shoots and ladders, zombie any if it's exceptionaly hard.

  16. Stephen Gray says

    +Matt Senter I also often code in silence, but when I do "plug in" I'm usually on some kind of electronica or something … fewer words distract me less. Recently, it has been the Daft Punk library

  17. Benjamin Pett says

    I think choosing the music with which you best connect might help you dig into the core of your creativity and find a place where you feel most confident. Once you find yourself in that place, you will start seeing your code objectives as more linear and resolve them more outside the box.

  18. Akamu Akamai says

    I find that minimal techo is best for coding try Kether, http://soundcloud.com/kethermusic

  19. Michael-Forest M. says

    About half the stuff on http://www.magnatune.com works really well for me. If you like Celtic and Classical, you'll like Magnatune (if you're not already familiar with it, of course)…

  20. Hammad Fauz says

    If you wanna try something different (and foreign) try the cokestudio tracks. Beautiful music. (and free, too)

  21. Paul Spoerry says

    If rockin code out I usually listen to house or breakbeat. If I need to focus then classical or techno (just needs to have less vocals).

  22. Liz Krane says

    I normally work in silence, but sometimes I like to listen to something really lively and dance in my chair to make boring tasks more fun. πŸ˜€ Flamenco, salsa, and big band/swing have become my favorites for a while now.

  23. Steven Sherrie says

    I like wearehunted.com while I'm coding, because it's good and varied πŸ™‚ Check it out!

  24. Yair Barak says

    It depends on the hour of the day.
    For example, right now it's 9pm here (and I'm still coding..) – so it's stuff like Travis/Coldplay. I'm listening now to Bon Iver's first CD.

  25. Andrea Rossi says

    + Amanda Blain Loreena McKennitt – The Two Trees just finished…now playing Island lake ! πŸ˜€

  26. Andreas Stassivik says

    I listen mostly to lyricless trance (usually a DJ mix) while I code. Vocals that are more instrumental than lyrical won't distract me. Recently I've been repeating Paul Oakenfold's DJ Box on Spotify, mixed with Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Airbase, and Mind.in.a.box. Here's a sampler playlist for fellow trance coders: http://open.spotify.com/user/hx.stassi/playlist/6n2vKVyDqdUXbI72AaRJsd

  27. Patrick Shampine says

    + Steven Sherrie check out http://ex.fm too.

  28. Karl Hansen says

    I've tuned Pandora to play female singers over the last few years. Seems to work well for general coding, but I do switch to surf instrumentals when I've got a crunch or a nasty bit of code. Let me know if you want to listen to that station.

  29. Michael-Forest M. says

    + Andrea Rossi, that is one of my favourite songs ever. The whole album is excellent.

  30. Cory Swanson says

    Dubstep, techno, industrial metal, or, if I'm in the mood, death metal… similar to what + Stephen Gray said, fewer words (or in the case of death metal, fewer discernible words) distract me less.

  31. Jonathan Wright says

    It definitely depends on the day, but it will usually be something fast (Skrillex, deadmau5) or comedy (Flight of the Conchords, Lonely Island, mc chris) or indie rock (Black Keys, Raconteurs, Florence + the Machine)

  32. Akamu Akamai says


  33. Benjamin Pett says

    + Yair Barak Woo hoo! Bon Iver… they're from Milwaukee, where I live.

  34. Yair Barak says

    Till the birth of Google Music, I was using Jango.
    But now, I've got all my collection click away…
    Sometimes I just shuffle.

  35. Maria Stepanov Sommerfield says

    No I can't code to music. I know a lot of people do but I need absolute quiet. Sometimes my coworkers listen to music so I hear theirs

  36. Andrea Rossi says

    + Michael-Forest M. glad to see Google+ is full of people with excellent musical tastes…The Mask and the Mirror is one of the most beautiful albums of '90s!

  37. Brett Bjornsen says

    I usually code to Rage Against the Machine, Bad Religion, Daft Punk or anything with a decent beat really… if I really need to flush my mental cache I crank it to 11.

  38. Deanna Bonds says

    New Age meditation music, celtic, and pink floyd are my main ones. But late at night I will put on 'driving' music to keep me awake – Foghat is great for that.

  39. David Holman says

    + Yair Barak Until the birth of Spotify I used to buy music, now I don't.
    + Amanda Blain Great minds work… alike?

    Oh, and I've decided to try something new, seems like a lot of people listen to vocal free music when programming so I'm gonna try classical and jazz, hate techno and dubstep I've never understood!

  40. Adrian Arias says

    http://www.di.fm/ is the way to go! I highly value my premium subscription. No fussing over play lists and other distractions. Also check out http://somafm.com/ and http://www.16bit.fm/. I can't see how anyone can concentrate let alone write good code when listening to Glitch or Dubstep. I prefer liquidDnB, trance, vocal, industrial, progressive, and my new favorite, oldshool acid.

  41. Andrea Rossi says

    Mike Oldfield also does a great job on concentration…

  42. Michael-Forest M. says

    BTW, + Amanda Blain, here's an sampler of excellent Magnatune stuff: http://magnatune.com/artists/albums/braid-soundtrack/ (It's the soundtrack from the game Braid, which was taken from various Magnatune albums.)

    Stay away from their rock selection unless you really like Indie and Alternative and don't mind wading through hit-and-miss quality albums (especially the earlier stuff).

  43. Hal Thompson says

    Qntal, hard to find in North America, but if you like celtic you'll probably like them

  44. Stacy S says

    Oh, I mess with those that have to have silence

  45. Tom Ford says

    Bassdrive.com, UnitedBreaks.fm, NuBreaks.com and other assorted vocal and regular trance. Breakbeat, Drum n Bass and all around Electric…all on Shoutcast Radio (via Winamp)…

  46. Gavin Rasmussen says

    Beethoven, Craig Armstrong, Movie Scores if I'm struggling. Most forms of Trance music when I'm on a roll.

  47. Michael Rutherford says

    I code to the Sci-Fi channel (still can't call it the Syfy channel). So, not to music.

  48. Sebastian Carrozzo says

    Monkey present!

  49. Andrea Rossi says

    For ultimate experience, listen to binaural tones… πŸ˜‰

  50. Dave Wick says

    Code to neoclassical, trance or dubstep.. depending upon how much I've procrastinated and OTD is looming πŸ˜›

  51. Lil Peck says

    I find music too distracting while working. πŸ™

  52. Benjamin Pett says

    Otherwise, how about some theatrical score, like the "Conan The Barbarian" soundtrack (the original, not the remake)?

  53. Sergio Corrales says

    geez, this is a toughie since I listen to a wide array of music…I usually stick to my favorite genre: melodic hardcore ( More Than Life – I've Lost Track Of Everything (official)). If not that, then usually some Amy Winehouse, or pop punk

  54. Oleg Moskalensky says

    Gotta have music. Get some older + Dave Weckl, crank up the volume and type to the rhythm. You'll solve your problem in no time, with a smile to boot πŸ™‚

  55. Andrew Brown says

    Excerpt from playlist: http://i.imgur.com/B1tBV.png

  56. Sherman Smith says

    + Amanda Blain Mozart is good anytime. You can search Google on how his early works (4-6 yrs old) can boost your mental clarity & IQ (temporarily) – it's called the Mozart effect. Soft instrumentals are my favorite πŸ™‚

  57. Stephen Turley says

    I absolutely can not code while listening to music. I have tried and always get distracted by it.

  58. Neeta Tolani says

    i normally stick to adult contemporary.oh wait i dont code. πŸ™‚ ahmm can i have some celtic music recommendations though + Amanda Blain i been trying to get some good stuff but so far i been all over the place πŸ™

  59. Daryl Fritz says

    Instrumental electronic music is the best background. Try Nine Inch Nails' four album instrumental release called Ghosts.

  60. Michael Payne says

    The vitamin string quartet. check them out. Simply fantastic.

  61. John Johnson says

    Club music

  62. Vincent Brown says

    Bach's Cello Suites

  63. Rob Meijer says

    On those rare occasion that I get to choose:
    * System architecture and other abstract work: Don Giovanni (Mozart)
    * Technical design work: Frank Zapa's 'Jazz from Hell' album.
    * Coding: Some bachata/merengue internet radio station.
    * Debugging: 80s hardrock (AC-DC, Iron-maiden, etc), Rammstein.

  64. Alex Bruce says

    Mozart, and Hollywood Undead. Balance is key.

  65. Sahar Rachamim says

    I code in silence if there's a tought problem. If its only HTML/CSS I put my headphones on and play something on my Google music πŸ™‚

  66. Igor Raihlin says

    Randomly everything. From classical, via Balkan, Irish folk to Hard Rock & Punk

  67. Brian Spencer St. John says

    Typically silence, occasionally Bach when programming, Fantomas while designing.

  68. Melissa Parker says

    Electronica… and dubstep are my new personal favs… Scary monster and nice sprites FTW!

  69. Ryan Drewrey says

    I listen to Pandora – either a techno station or a comedy station

  70. Mike Kloss says

    I can't code while listening to anything with lyrics so I usually just put the Tetris theme on loop.

  71. Harold Chester says

    Punk rock for me.

  72. Leo Diaz says

    Anything with a good beat. I've always found it fun debugging to Queen's Another one Bites the Dust though. πŸ˜‰

  73. Maria Stepanov Sommerfield says

    + Leo Diaz when ever I hear that song I think of my last CS final in college. For some reason the song was going through my head. I flew through the test and realized I was about to graduate (I can't remember which class but it had a lot of Fortran coding for some reason). Anyway I sat back in the lecture hall and watched student after student handing in their exam, singing that song in my head. Sorry total digression, but that is definately a coder song.

  74. David Yates says

    I code to almost anything that I like…..weirdness ensues

  75. Lee Clarke says

    When I'm working on something really complex I go with music, but when it's time to crank out code it's usually electronica/dubstep . Daft Punk can be very productive!

  76. Dorell James Galang says

    I usually find myself more productive when everything is going well and a loud music around my room. Any kind of music does for me. πŸ™‚

  77. Jan Hermann says

    I prefer " 1.FM Ottos Baroque Musick" but I also listen to various movie Scores.

  78. Craig Roberts says

    Something with a heavy beat – some Nine Inch Nails or Prodigy or similar…

  79. Bruce Humphrey says

    I listen to classic… classic heavy metal… MotΓΆrhead, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden…

  80. Joel Shea says

    Typically silence, or low frequency whitenoise – if I were coding to music it be the least distracting instrumental classical or electronica (non-intrusive vocals would be acceptable)

  81. Jeff Andersen says

    Usually silence, but if I need to clear my head I'll go for some Enya or Fiddlesticks (American folk crossed with Celtic)

  82. Terry Sansom says

    I eat healthy, exercise daily, recent studies have shown unhealthy lifestyles (over weight) inhibit brain function. – I need all the brain I can get.

  83. Faraday Defcon says

    I make electrical designs to dubstep (glitch)…does that count? I code in silence, because it makes me drop it and go back to 'lectrics.

  84. Daniel Belcher says

    I can't listen to anything with (interesting) lyrics, and it has to have a driving beat. I can't code without music, at least not well/enjoyable, so di.fm vocal trance. Mind you I only listen to techno when I code, been that way since I was at least 15 or 16 (30 now).

  85. Amanda Blain says

    I am still going through this list… so many great suggestions…

  86. Jonathan Wright says

    You know what's really great, + Amanda Blain? The Black Keys' new album: El Camino. Check it out.

  87. Jeff Andersen says

    Star Trek TNG Ambient Engine Noise (Idling for 24 hrs)
    I only discovered this track today, but I suppose it would be excellent to program to πŸ™‚

  88. Jake Gove says

    I listen to the same stuff, + Bruce Humphrey, classic rock and classic metal.

  89. Nick Markwell says

    Recently I've been listening to Chevelle, Killswitch Engage, Three Days Grace, Sentenced, and Tool quite a bit.

    If I'm having trouble coding something I'll put on music I've not heard before. Found out about Orianthi and Lindsey Stirling that way.

  90. Tanay Surya says

    be the one who reaches!

  91. William McGehee says

    If I am having trouble with focus, ambient electronica like General Fuzz can be very helpful. If I'm not doing anything hard then it is the flavor of the moment. Right now I am catching up with Gorillaz for the first time.

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