2. Denis Lehane says

    Crispy bacon is nice though….unless it's intentionally burned, that would be a crime.

  3. Leo McDevitt says

    STOP cruelty to bacon! Eat vegetarians!

  4. John thomas Brewster says

    shut up leo

  5. Kwangjae Jung says

    Yeah, just shut the hell up + Leo McDevitt We're not rabbits.

  6. Thomas Hawk says

    I'm so reporting this post.

  7. Jake Kern says

    Burnt bacon?! Oh, the humanity!!!

  8. Andrew Honma says

    I dunno. Slightly burnt bacon is pretty good. 😀

  9. Amanda Blain says

    I'm pretty sure + Leo McDevitt is kidding people 🙂

  10. Leo McDevitt says

    + Amanda Blain was right, I was only kidding… vegetarians taste too much like vegetables to be palatable.

  11. Bill Urwin says

    Well on a technicality, he did say eat "vegetarians" not "vegetarian" .As cannibals used to call human flesh "long pig", he may be onto something 🙂

  12. Amanda Blain says

    ^^^ Ha! 😀 This post has reached human cannibalism in 10 comments… .. its definitely getting flagged for abuse! lol

  13. Kevin Bowie says

    Preach it Amanda!
    We should start a bacon circle?!?

  14. Kwangjae Jung says

    Bacon and Cats always gather more +1s and comments in G+ than posts on uncomfortable situations in Middle East. That's why I'm lovin' it. 😀

  15. BJ Cardon says

    I always like it when the edges are black and crispy. 🙂

  16. Brandon Cook says

    What a monster!

  17. Amanda Blain says

    Come now + Kevin Bowie I already HAVE a bacon circle –>  https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AmandaBlain/posts/N3BC8d2qNeQ

  18. Valentino Casias says

    Dont burn the bacon, damn it!!!!wtf.
    Lol. *<;~{'

  19. amy campbell says

    Oh the inhumanity of it all, please don't burn the bacon!!

  20. kevin kordosky says

    long live un-burnt bacon!!!

  21. Kevin Bowie says

    + Amanda Blain O_O Dafuq!! gosh, im behind lol. When you have the time please add me to that epic circle. 🙂

  22. david olsen says

    oh no, i'm doomed, my bacon is burning, funny stuff that one hahaha!!!

  23. steve booth says

    Crispy Bacon is the only words the cook needs to hear.

  24. Kendra Moss says

    Howl's Moving Castle :]

  25. Amanda Blain says

    I might have to go get some bacon.. right now… just cause im concerned.

  26. Kevin Bowie says

    Why think about it, DO IIIIITT!!! and pics or it never happened ;P

  27. Johnny Zed says

    "What is best in life?"
    "To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear their lamentation as they watch you eat their bacon."

  28. kevin kordosky says


  29. Firdaus Yusof says
  30. Firdaus Yusof says

    teke blood: on morning>d

  31. Steve Campopiano says

    Im not religious but thats a sin

  32. Amanda Blain says

    + Johnny Zed .. that dear sir.. is a fabulous quote.. 🙂

  33. Rudy Maldonado says

    If you cooked all the foam out of your bacon then you already fried it too long- it doesn't need to burn to be blasphemous.

  34. john duff says

    well done, not burned

  35. Johnny Zed says

    + Amanda Blain Why thank you, though I have to give credit where credit's due; I'm merely paraphrasing he cheesy "Conan The Barbarian" movie of the 1980s, which in turn got the original from Harold Lamb's book "Ghengis Khan: Emperor Of All Men".  I'll still take the compliment, though.  *bows*

  36. Preston Hiltz says

    Ummm BaCon!

  37. john duff says

    move over bacon,,,Now there's something meatier! LMAO

  38. Daniel Patterson says

    I kind of like burnt bacon. Or well done.

  39. Sebastiao Vicente says

    bacon for diner

  40. john duff says

    I remember peanut butter and bacon sandwiches! Toasted!

  41. john duff says

    funny what catches our eye and goes viral on here

  42. jason carnell says

    Burnt bacon only if its kevin burnt at the stake
    Only kidding kevin

  43. Hinsel Scott says


  44. lytonia coleman says


  45. isaiah Johnson says

    Bacon is better crunchy with it longer

  46. Aja Reeves says

    I like…. Turkey bacon only…

  47. jeff jare says

    + Amanda Blain I do believe that this is "Blasphemy"  Is this Canadian in your Bacon circle ? <(~_O)>

  48. Lindy Mase says


  49. Phillip Ryan says

    Amanda, you are a girl after my own heart. <3

  50. Jason Brabander says

    Can I wish for the bacon to burn my enemy instead?

  51. Wilma Sison says

    I love me some crispy bacon.. but not that burned

  52. Billistik Findlay says

    ahaha early morning, and i still laughed out loud

  53. Justin Warnock says

    Pig's a filthy animal.

  54. Rudi Brits says

    such a person deserves the death penalty!

  55. Candace Dempsey says

    Yeah, that beautiful smell, you are there waiting and … nightmare.

  56. ahmad atabi says

    چطوری آماندا

  57. István Gera says

    Én a Hagymás babot akarom! Ki ette meg…..? BUUUM……..PIFF……PAFF…Kellet ez neked??

  58. Justin White says

    that's just down right rude and unforgivable

  59. Генерал Ли says

    И  теперь делать? Вот сижу я, занимаюсь размышлениями о социальных проблемах человечества… И думаю, что наше время истекло!

  60. Malthus John says

    Even burning does not ruin bacon.
    It's invincible!

  61. Al Washburn says

    I like very crispy very well done bacon. I think burnt bacon is better than limp super fatty bacon.

  62. Aisha Muzaffar says


  63. Marianne Sansum says

    Al Washburn, – I totally agree with you…

  64. Lena Kindo-Kamara says

    Gotta respect the Crispy Fried Bacon! Bacon sells!
    "I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan…" One of my favorite jingles. Genius word play…using bacon to promote (sex) appeal and attraction, a play on the senses.

  65. Geoffrey Brown says

    If we keep having Bacon we will get rip of all the terrorists all the Indian & Pakistani Boat people that are coming to Australia are only coming to see there own Doctor Cheers AB xxx

  66. rahmad hidayat says

    may I ask whether you henphone numbers amanda blain

  67. enaam albyrrur says

    شيف ماعندوهش مريلة

  68. Firdaus Yusof says

    cofee are made from tree to burn and blen

  69. Dimorais rezende says


  70. Firdaus Yusof says

    bacon are made 4 emergency

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