1. Doug Brewer says


  2. John Berger says

    Sometimes channel 4 if you happened to have two such devices and the switch allowed for it!

  3. Xhamira D. says

    Blowing cartriges and resetting the console… The good ol' days. =]

  4. Hamza Al Hashemi says


  5. Gregory Lynn says

    Pong looked pretty good on channel 3.

  6. Jay Neill says

    Geez! I remember that! LOL

    Or how about when you had to load games via cassette? 
    Good ol' Commodore VIC-20.. lol

  7. Dave Peterson says

    After throwing the little switch to move from rabbit ears reception to the game system.

  8. Duane Davis says

    Atari 2600, yep

  9. John Wesche says

    I remember that, my TV in my room was always set on channel 3, the ps1 hooked up. I was always playing FF7 and the first Tony Hawk game.

  10. James Jewhurst says

    I remember when you could switch between 3 and 4….mind blown Remember when shaking the cable did work….

  11. Liz E says

    Channel 4 for me. 🙂

  12. Earl Baker says

    Well nowadays I have to change it to the hdmi input

  13. Joseph Compton says


  14. Christopher Soliz says

    I still do.

  15. Duane Davis says

    Load "8", 1…something something…was this a commodore 64 thing?  Sounds familiar….

  16. Gregory Lynn says

    I remember the year we upgraded to the Atari 2600.

    The parents had stuck a couple games in our stockings and neglected to mark them as "Open Last."


  17. Mike Minor says

    And it was NOT Wide Screen or High Def!

  18. Paul Wilkerson says

    I remember those day's all to well.  Had a switch on the game to choose 3 or 4 in case 3 was a broadcasting channel, which it was in my area, so I played my games on channel 4

  19. Sean Paul says

    I had an old system that played on either 2 or 3 (pong style games, pong, tennis, hockey).  Most of the other consoles worked on 3 or 4.

  20. Joseph Compton says

    All Commodore! I started on a Vic-20, moved to a C64 aith a 1541 drive, then to a C128 with a 1571 drive.

    Ultimate Wizard and Elektra Glide!

  21. Jason Brabander says

    First system I had was the ol' Atari 2600!

  22. Johnny Zed says

    Yeah… and I remember the actual channel's signal sometimes leaking through, so you'd see a ghost of the show playing over the game graphics.

  23. Alejo Martinez says

    If you had a video game console, I used steal quarters from my older brothers to go play donkey Kong, and pac-man, and some others, at the places where they had them.  I would always loose, jejeje

  24. Duane Davis says

    Who here owned E.T. on the Atari 2600??? lol

  25. Jeff Chapman says

    and channel 4 for the vcr.

  26. Austin Johnson says

    i remember those days

  27. James Karaganis says

    Add me to the list of RF modulator users. I have an original Atari 2600 VCS with paddle controllers, joysticks and tons of games.

    Hm. Maybe I'll break it out and hook it up to our 73" and go retro for an afternoon.

  28. Nick Shvelidze says

    Bitch please, I had a TV without channels

  29. Bob Schlaefer says

    Intellivision Ha ha!!! Always channel 3!!

  30. Jeffery Thomas says

    I have no idea what you are talking about, I’m not old enough… (quietly shoves pong console under bed….)

  31. Dirk Talamasca says


  32. Alexander Breedlove says

    still do >_<

  33. Tony Cacaccio says

    lmao, PERFECT + Amanda Blain

  34. Frank Merchant says

    Atari 2600 FTW!

  35. Joe Dutt says

    I was glad when they came out with a switch to toggle the video game or channel 3. We had a channel on 3 so I had to unhook the antenna wire each time until they came out with that little box. Forget to hook the antenna wire up after done once and there was no space invaders for a whole week.

  36. Josh Cook says

    Hey and sometimes channel 2. Damn I'm old…

  37. Petros Xarchakos says

    Meeee 2222!

  38. asharam desai says

    Very nice

  39. Ryan Matsudaira says

    SEGA Channel — FTW

  40. Ethan Dever says

    Wow I had totally forgotten about that.

  41. Kenneth Mills says

    I sure do 🙂 ive still my old game console its in my storage building

  42. Jeffery Thomas says

    Don't forget the Commodore and TI systems and the book you had to type in to program the latest game to play.

  43. Patrick Saimesier says

    I used 4

  44. Jeffery Thomas says

    …and the good old cassete tape backup.

  45. Valdemar Ruiz Gonzalez says

    yea!! on Atari 2600

  46. Aaron Brown says

    I used 4 also, the RF interference from the local tower would bleed over into channel 3

  47. David Timmins says

    Yes, turning the dial Channel 3, those silly little antenna adapters that you had to screw on, turning the fine tune knobs to get rid of the static and snow. How did we ever survive?

  48. TONY R says

    I miss those days. Things were much more simple then.

  49. Andre Hughes says

    Yea I remember my Oddessy . That's pre Atari . Playing it on a 13 inch black & white t.v. because that was, the only t.v. we had.

  50. Keith Nelson says

    yeah, that is nothing like today

  51. Anastacio Guerrero says

    Ohhh, memories.

  52. Adrian Martin says

    Remember these? …coupled with Channel 3 or 4?  Good times… "NO!  A FLAT HEAD SCREWDRIVER!  GRRRR!"


  53. Keith Nelson says

    damn things must have been different back in the day

  54. Caesar Gomez says

    yes indeed..

  55. Nestor Nieves says

    Oh the good old days..

  56. Philip Chou says

    My kids don't even remember what a CRT looks like.

  57. Keith Nelson says

    okay, what is a CRT anyways?

  58. Vincent McMillen says

    Forgot about that! Remember… rewinding + Amanda Blain?? You could switch to channel 3 and play off a few rounds with Yoshi & Mario before the movie was set to go

  59. Mario Gomez says

    or cannel 4, good old times

  60. Anastacio Guerrero says

    Or using an uhf to coax converter.

  61. Keith Nelson says


  62. manik das says


  63. Keith Nelson says

    whats up

  64. Chris Lichowicz says

    Funny, I had to go to the arcade with a pocket full of quarters!

  65. Keith Nelson says

    now and days we have play station 2 and 3

  66. Jonathan Moore says

    I grew up with the Super Nintendo, and Sega Saturn, and PS1. Man, I feel old….

  67. Keith Nelson says


  68. Kenny G says

    ATARI 2600 🙂

  69. Guerrero Valdez says

    I'm from that season also..miss!!

  70. Humberto Cristobal says

    When you were playing Mario and we're about to get to Bowser then all of a sudden it froze and you couldn't save your progress lol

  71. Keith Nelson says

    the atiri damn, that must have been like 50 years ago

  72. Russell Williams says

    If I recall there was a switch on the connector for channel 3 or 4.

  73. Glenn Coello says

    Recently I had the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice…the in-laws were trying to figure out how to get the vintage vcr working on a tv that had been wired years ago. I suggested "maybe it has to be on channel 3". Success!

  74. Keith Nelson says

    damn, then there were antennas fort he tvs as well

  75. Maher Krayem says


  76. Keith Nelson says

    what country is that? just asking

  77. amir sadr says


  78. Parker Capson says

    I still have a commodore 64 In my basement:)

  79. Teremun Griffin says

    I remember channel 3….now its channel 4

  80. keith newton says

    So didn't I:*);

  81. ROB TIPPING says

    I remember channel 3 now its HDMI

  82. Jorge Ramirez says

    your cool i love video games to

  83. Kenneth Coombs says

    Ha i loved to do that.

  84. keith newton says


  85. Robert Chavoya says

    I know huh

  86. Amanda Blain says

    Yes LOAD"*",8,1 is the syntax for loading the first program on disk of Commodore 64 + Duane Davis 🙂

    + Vincent McMillen heheh Please be kind and rewind! 😀

  87. Igor DeCamps says

    I still play on Channel 3! Rawr

  88. Andreas Zimmermann says

    It was always fun to get people in my house confused, and toggle the switch at the back of the Atari from Ch3 to Ch4. =-)

  89. Duane Davis says

    ahhh there we go
    now I remember!
    + Amanda Blain 

    I still have my Commodore 64 too…I should fire it up for old time sakes

  90. Andrew Franklin says

    I DID!!!

  91. Michael Gee says

    Hell yeah.Nintendo, Sega..lol

  92. Justin Cross says

    I still play video games on channel 3. Lol.

  93. Duane Davis says

    HDMI 6 for me

  94. Jose L. says

    i remember flipping the switch to channel 4 because channel 3 looked fuzzy.

  95. Jonathan Moore says

    My how time flies….

  96. Marion Phillips says



  97. Jason Thaine says

    My 2 sisters and I wanted an Atari like everyone else. My parents said "No. We've talked to other parents and they said it ruins the TV." So that was their excuse. I did get to play at my friends though!

  98. King James Cook says

    i used to…when i was 4 xDD

  99. Jeremy Little says

    Haaa aint it the truth

  100. Bishop Charles says

    last of the decent generations, the ones following us are scary to say the least, but then again, I guess that what our parents said about us! lol

  101. Ben Sumner says

    Our VCR was weird. it was via channel 4. :/

  102. Keith Winnett says

    Pong from Radio Shack.  Yeah, I'm that old

  103. Marie Brew says

    Omg I literally took those days for granted! O_o

  104. Marty Demichele says

    Yep! Wait….what?

  105. Rudy Leon says

    channel 4

  106. Kwame Kipp says

    Up up down down left right left right b a a b select select start…

  107. Kwame Kipp says

    Where's that from???

  108. Chad Smith says


  109. Matt Traylor says


  110. Tammy Nordlund says

    Yep. I remember, it was called Atari

  111. Ernesto A. Jimenez says

    + Kwame Kipp : Konami code XD

  112. Mauricio Custodio says

    Where's that from???

  113. Chase Ironwing says


  114. Keith Bingham II says

    Channel 9.  It's an outer space game.  It's called 'Galaga' in France.

  115. Theo WolF says

    I steadfastly refuse to "grow up"

    As an aside, it's not theft if you have permission.

  116. Daniel Bell says

    May I steal this?

  117. Evelyn Blandino says

    Not just Atari, Nintendo and Sega as well.

  118. Jovany Villagrana says

    Definitely good times using a q tip and rubbing alcohol to try and clean the Nintendo cartridges

  119. Mark Sunshine says

    I experienced a treat, having had a Bally Arcade console.

  120. Jose Macias says

    Me too I remember that

  121. Tim Thimman says

    Wow, I totally forgot about this – but yeah, I do remember doing this for my Sega Genesis!

  122. Brett Bjornsen says

    It was channel 4 here in Vegas… but I get your drift 🙂
    old school gaming ftw

  123. Vlamir Silva says

    Now I see that I'm quite new, I just remember to play GP Accolate when young! 🙂 … some "days" ago!

  124. joe micheau says

    I remember playing with sticks and throwing rocks at each other because there were no video games ant television was black and white, but there was science fiction even then.

  125. Vlamir Silva says

    no ems
    command /c

  126. Russell Paschall says

    I still do…..   …..I don't "have" to, but still have some of the old equipment. It's starting to wear out though……

  127. Gee Flores says

    Yes Ms Amanda, I remember. They were Good Times.

  128. KC Blake says

    lol I still have to do this!

  129. Mike Scheno says

    sometimes still wish for that haha

  130. Marcus Braswell says

    Thanks for taking me back…don't forget to switch the button in the back of the TV.

  131. Cj Rodriguez says

    remember the long passwords that you have to write down because there were no memory cards back then?

  132. Sam Jr. Kiema says

    i love you girl

  133. Michelle Traynor says

    I remember the good ol' days of playing outside. All. Day.

  134. Sam Jr. Kiema says

    wanna get with me

  135. Tobias Beckwith says

    Had to go there to work on my Atari 800!

  136. Jose G. Yescas says

    Jajajaja is true…..

  137. Sam Jr. Kiema says

    amanda i want a baby witn u boo…

  138. Daniel Alejandro Perez Jimenez says


  139. Jessie Salgado says

    I went to channel 4

  140. Roy Wasilco says

    I'm 16 and I know this… Never to young to go old school.

  141. John Stierheim says

    First TV oriented game was Pong…. First computer Commodore VIC20 (with cassette data drive) , then TI994a (with cassette data drive), then T1000 PC (with 5 1/4  disk drive). 🙂

  142. Brian Workman says


  143. Yo Paulie says

    When I was Young… We didn't have Video Games

  144. Catpire Cat says

    On some of the tvs i have i need to go to channel 3

  145. Xavier ruiz says

    My mom still thinks is on channel 3.

  146. gillian bailey says


  147. Cameron Hawkins says

    I still do go to channel 3

  148. Ruben Lizardo says

    me to

  149. Amanda Blain says

    I am concerned for the amount of you who seem to still have to go to channel 3… 😉

  150. Justin Poirier says

    + Adrian Martin nobody ever had a screwdriver laying around at that age.. My go to tool was a butter knife 😀

  151. Lee Wilders says

    atari was the top game

  152. Roy Wasilco says

    + Amanda Blain I think they are just trying to out old each other. XD

  153. Eugene Greenwood says

    When I was young we didn't have a TV.

  154. Michael Lander says

    Had to get up to change the channel. No remote control.

  155. David Gary says

    Pitfall,Sonic the Hedgehog,Super Mario Bros,Tecmo Bowl etc

    Yeah…I remember.Those times are priceless

  156. simcha yisral says

    Oh yea, remember it well.

  157. Ben larimer says

    i did had to do that

  158. Tina Lee says

    This probably included my Atari!

  159. David Gary says

    + Cj Rodriguez I definitely remember the long passwords!

    These kids today claim to be the best gamers but they don't know how much more brain power you had to use back then.They're being spoiled nowadays.

  160. Nathaniel Yang says

    I'm young, whats channel 3?

  161. Nathaniel Yang says

    And excuse us "youngsters" for having advanced technology, cause THE WORLD ADVANCES!

  162. Michael F. says

    My Atari and then my Nintendo. Significant aspect of my 80s life.

  163. emmanuel owusu says

    i like to watch video

  164. Andrew Franklin says

    It's the channel where any inputs show up on old TV's 
    + Nathaniel Yang

  165. David Gary says

    + Nathaniel Yang You wouldn't have that technology if not for us paving the way for it,Little One.

  166. Shellyn Perry says

    i remember that time!

  167. Nathaniel Yang says

    Thanx +Andrew Franklin

  168. Andrew Franklin says

    OMG, I just used an apostrophe on a plural! I HAVE SINNED!!

  169. David Gary says

    + Nathaniel Yang You wouldn't have that technology if not for us paving the way for it,Little One.

  170. Nathaniel Yang says

    And we are the ones who teach oldies how to use iPads iPhones etc. Older one

  171. Andrew Franklin says

    I remember using floppy disks and I'm only 15.

  172. Cameron Hawkins says

    I have a old tv

  173. David Gary says

    + Nathaniel Yang I taught myself how to use an IPhone/smartphone.And they still don't compare to the classic games,Little One

  174. Hendryxz Mercado says

    Not just video games but also VCR (vhs/betamax) playback uses channel 3.

  175. Steve Lien says

    come to think of it, that's the first time i ever debugged anything! When the switch on the console was set on channel 4 instead of 3.

  176. Nathaniel Yang says

    Betamax I know that!!!!! Everybody Hates Chris helped

  177. Dain Perkins says

    I always set it to the other option – channel 3 came in too well…

  178. Nathaniel Yang says

    +David Gary FROM YOUTUBE?!

  179. Nathaniel Yang says

    Now there's Fox 5 (Georgia)

  180. Nathaniel Yang says

    I was born 2002 apple 2 just came out

  181. jesse burrows says

    Mee too channel 4 lol channel 3 was for vcr!!

  182. Chance Trahan says

    Oh how a picture paints itself.

  183. Nathaniel Yang says


  184. Gianluca Grinzato says

    For me the pong like console was on the 33. It required tweaking with a screwdriver most of the times… now I'm missing the possibility to connect it on my smartv! Should be funny to see the face of my son… probably even more than when I connected the snes and he discovered that Mario is… of my age

  185. Kris Niedbalski says

    + Sean Paul I remember the Christmas when we got that system. We were so excited and we played that game until the wires leading to the knob controllers wore out. Do you remember when pong hit the bowling alleys and arcades? How about when pinball machines were only a dime to play? Those were the days…

  186. VALERIE ST JOHN says

    Our children are going to say, I had to wear glasses at a 3-D movie!

  187. Jacob McClain says

    i can relate

  188. J A CHAN RICALDE says


  189. kevin camey says

    like !

  190. Nathaniel Yang says

    Valerie ikr I'm gonna say that XD

  191. Eric Lee says

    GAH! lol i remember those days!  or linking a bunch of RF connectors to each other to the TV…. XD

  192. Joshua Lagare-Howard says

    I was there too. Remember there was a switch. You could choose between ch.3&4.

  193. Andrew D says

    The good old days. Unforgettable

  194. Nate Williams says

    This pic makes me wanna run home and hung my Magnavox Odyssey

  195. Luis Daniel Vergara Isaac says

    asi era mejor! no necesitabas de control remoto pa jugar

  196. AleJo MOnTez says


  197. Tom Lambert says

    Giggling the cables actually did something good…mostly.

  198. Carlos Navarrete says

    Brings back memories!

  199. brittany lindao says

     i dont get it

  200. Marco Meijer says

    Past my time, I'm afraid. I have to set my TV to AV to play on my SNES.

  201. Arianna Toney says

    + brittany lindao when people first made video games that we play on the TV, people had to go to channel 3 because they didn't have all the stuff the world has now.

  202. Alvin Dominguez says

    Wow, I remember lol

  203. gaby yiahia says

    life is once so live it the way u like .

  204. Michael Johnson says

    Ahhh floor model TVs with antlers, turn the nob to get the best color maybe a little aluminum foil on the tips. See SEGA and Nintendo. No memory just had to sit there and play the game though. Michael Jordan on video games.. WHAT!!!

  205. Junel Butac says

    Haha. Totally forgot about those days.

  206. Michael Johnson says
  207. Brennen Chua says

    Colecovision then NES! Our TV didn't have av ports at that time.

  208. Michael Neese says

    + Brennen Chua Colecovision??? That was way too advanced 🙂 I go back to the days of …Pong.  Ouch! I just felt another gray hair coming on.

  209. joel king says

    I remember those days!

  210. Michael Deering says

    Yes I do

  211. Brennen Chua says

    My last console was snes 🙁 I'm more of a pc gamer now (sc2!!!)

    And android… Ingress!!!

  212. Jon Sheffield says

    i still remember the first time i saw an atari on a color tv…that was the coolest thing ever! 😀

  213. Andrew Morrow says

    Nostalgia is the failure of true emotion

  214. John Reasor says

    I remember those day TRS80 oh boy!

  215. mark jason says

    Our name for video games was; Etch-a-Sketch

  216. Keith Nelson says


  217. Henry Young says

    True dat

  218. Levi Parker says

    I thought you still needed ch 3

  219. vittorio ulinovich says

    as a very young child –T V –didnt exist ——

  220. Andrew Yi says


  221. David Cayetano says

    them old big heavy tvs.

  222. Jay Mars says

    Or channel 4. Depending on which one worked best.

  223. David Holmquist says

    I remember that 🙂

  224. Yahel Caldera says

    Yes I do remember

  225. Yahel Caldera says

    The super nimtendo yep

  226. Krishna Chaudhari says

    My Friend still does

  227. Keith Nelson says

    that must be old

    On 4/8/13, Keith Nelson <****@**> wrote:
    > i forgot about that one

  228. Wyatt Schutt says

    oh man i still remember when the adjustable 3 or 4 coax came out, big shit back then haha.

  229. Evie Gonzalez says

    It would suck if I couldn't find the remote! lol

  230. Charles Belanger says

    That brings back memories

  231. korbin king says

    Had to unscrew the antenna from the TV and slide each connector under the antenna connector and screw it back down while holding it and making sure it didn't slip out.

  232. David Esquivel says

    Or 4 if you flicked the little switch in the back!

  233. Gary Sherrick says

    remote, Evie, when we played on channel 3 some tvs didnt have remotes

  234. Alan Morris says

    Trini men can cook.

  235. John Gomes says

    Yes I do

  236. samuel hanson says

    Yeah i do!

  237. walter crane says

    I've played a few times, were I had to be on channel 3. Weird, how th world changes so quickly.

  238. Cheryl Ann MacDonald says

    I do…indeed 😀

  239. Jose Miranda says

    Oh god… Do you remember those TV/Game switches that had two cables to attach it to the antenna screws? They had a little stick to switch it and they use to break a lot! I hated them!

  240. Rafi Kharman says

    and Mario was a carpenter.

  241. Kevin Kirberger says

    Intellivision. Best console ever. Yes, nostalgia plays a big a part in that decision:)

  242. Bradley Burke says

    I grew up in the era of Reagan, what's your flipping point?

  243. Kevin Gates says

    Space Invaders!!


    I still do this now

  245. Chris McMahon says

    Commodore 64. Atari.

  246. Kurtis L Greene says

    Lol yes

  247. Frank Cern says


  248. Greg Smith says

    My parents sucked!!!

  249. Kenneth Mills says

    Probably pretty close

  250. Kenneth Mills says

    I loved that game it was awesome

  251. Jed Liang says

    So is yo face!

  252. Micah Nordland says

    Yep, I caught the tail end of the N64, although I've never owned a game console in my life.

  253. Quincy Godfrey says

    Like wise.I miss those moments

  254. Donovan Vaughn says

    i miss those days 🙂

  255. Jay Pieretti says

    Wow, I remember that!!

  256. Chandran Thazhathuveetil says

    I am remembering that sweet memories

  257. Kelly Barnes says

    I went to channel 4, channel 3 was the local ABC affiliate.

  258. Stephen Brown says

    Big white dots on my Magnavox Odyssey, so lame. Even back the I knew it was lame. Upgrade to intellivision was killer… Banderts, 12 oh clock. That wers not a terget.

  259. John Motschenbacher says

    VCRs had to be on 3 as well..I wonder how many on here are gonna Google VCR lol

  260. John Motschenbacher says

    I remember I had to wedge a wood chunk in my NES to get games to play

  261. John Motschenbacher says

    Intellivision was my first console

  262. James Trejo says

    Hell I had a celecovison you had to put plastic film on the tv for a game & the only one that worked good was pong.

  263. Ian Blakeman says

    Nope, channel 4 😉

  264. David Ayala says

    I still living in that era: (

  265. Stefon Reid says

    I remember those days.

  266. Amean Abdelfattah says

    When I was a kid I played my N64 on a TV that had broken Speakers, I have played the console for years without sound.

  267. naveen radika says


  268. David Oñate says

    Indeed nostalgic memories….!!!

  269. Andrew Cale says

    That was me for many years

  270. David Moran III says

    yea!!!!!!!!!!! i remember that shit!!!!!

  271. Raymone Simmons says

    That used 2 be the best

  272. David Moran III says

    this needs to be a shirt!!!!

  273. Erick Lantigua says

    I remember doing that a lot.

  274. SALI MAZ says

    When I was young , rich and beautiful , I didn't play video games, because its waisting of time.

  275. Eric Lau says

    Haha I'm one of the human remote control to change it to 3 since I was the youngest

  276. Nestor Lopez says

    Or channel 4

  277. Mike Morelli says

    i had to do this with my SNES when i was playing at my grandma's house. her tv didn't have composite in.

  278. Steven Barnes says

    i remember them days wow we are getting old lol

  279. David Aguilera says

    Mine was channel 4.

  280. sandeep mishra says

    I am really missing my child days

  281. william ocholla says

    Thats true

  282. Prince Aadi says

    you remind some very beautiful days thanks…..!!!!

  283. Jet Li says

    Also to watch movies. I used to call that channel, the betamax channel ^_^

  284. Tosha crump says

    Damn, u r right! I definitely feel old now:(

  285. Biltu Sarkar says

    I also like game 100000%

  286. Jude Pelaez says

    I grew up playing on "Video 1". ^_^

  287. ravirajsinh parmar says

    i like it.

  288. Tony Sanam says

    I plad video games on AV not channel

  289. Charles James says

    I did the seething. And still do

  290. صہعہب تفہهمنہي says

    ͣέᵕƸ̶Җ̶͟ª̶Ʒᵕз i like games &hug

  291. Roger Pittman says

    Channel 3 on my old trusty Atari 2600…how I miss those days. Space Invaders, Star Raider, Missile Command…good times.

  292. kevin ivory says

    Wow. The days of rf adapters. Forgot about that. That's how old I am.

  293. Anthony Ramirez says


  294. Larry Williams says

    CH. 3 was the VCR and 4 was the Nintendo. Anyone remember blowing into the cartridge when the game didn't work? Or using rubbing alcohol and a Qtip to clean it? I did that 🙂

  295. Kevin Ball says

    Just had a discussion in class about the now generation teaching older folks the new tech. It would be a sad day if a city lost power. Oh no! Board games and the dewy decimal system then those same ones will be crying to us older folks for help.

  296. sergio brunn says

    We played ATARI.

  297. Joseph Martinez says

    if all else fails when i connect something to my TV channel 3 will always be tried and tested

  298. Nathan Cordova says


  299. Bruno Barroso says

    HΣLL ΨΣΔ!!

  300. EggFu Young says

    Good ol RF modulators

  301. EggFu Young says

    + kevin ivory two prong or Type F?

  302. Dave Eden says

    Hell, when I was a kid, we only had channels 2, 6 and 8 — for watching television (if we was lucky!). Gotta love the '50's.

  303. kevin ivory says

    + EggFu Young two prong. Type f was for them rich folks y'know? Had to use it up til the snes. I really miss those days. Metroid kept me entranced for months.

  304. Edwin Harris says

    I remember those days. Who would have thought the gaming industry would have come so far!?!

  305. Luciano Rizza says

    Amanda!!?? you aren't old!

  306. Joe Bloggs says

    I think my Atari2600 was on channel 5a or 6.

  307. Mohammad Khosravi says


  308. Nicholas Schmelzer says

    I haven't lived during these Dark Ages, thank God.

  309. Michael Garcia says

    Mee too #90s

  310. james tan says

    yes i remember that haha!,,family computer and playing mario bros. haha..

  311. Ahmed Sayed says

    Absolutely right…

  312. Cole Mertz says


  313. Qi Zhang says


  314. E J Finneran says

    I grew up in there era before there was a channel 3 :-/

  315. Mohamed Hassnin says


  316. Joe Gaspar says

    Pssh. Channel 4 >> Channel 3 …

  317. Brianna Herrington says


  318. James Calle says
  319. Brian Bierie says

    UHF/VHF channels.  <shudder>

  320. Gary Wbiteside says

    Yes space in vaders

  321. Jay Moore says

    I still have nightmares about the clunk clunk noise the tv made when turning the dial to change the channels. Oh and there were only 13 channels to choose from.

  322. Rich B says

    Mario looked sweet on channel 3

  323. Haley Zandstra says


  324. Kristie Ashlock says


  325. bill mateta says

    + Kristie Ashlock gooooooooooog
    im lik

  326. 落落寡欢 says

    good times

  327. Austen Onek says

    …and now I work at Channel 3. #Ironic   #GrownUpGeekGamer

  328. David Portillo says

    I remember those days like it was yesterday

  329. Blade Zeta-King says

    Ah! tiempos aquellos! Tardes de Atari, luego Nintendo…

  330. Chris Wellman says

    LOL!!! I can't even remember the last time I thought about that. Good stuff!

  331. Troy Davidson says

    You didn't need to load a cassette to play our first video game,+ Jay Neill. Pong was one all one piece!

  332. Kevin Kirberger says

    + Stephen Brown
    watch out for flak!

  333. Lindy Mase says


  334. bill mateta says


    Le 10/04/13, Kevin Kirberger

  335. Priya Krishnasamy says


  336. Brad Barton says

    That's showing your age. Haha

  337. Joey C says


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