1. denise murphy says


  2. Eric Hakala says

    Millions of peache's, peache's for me!

  3. Jorge Rodriguez says

    so very true… and then they get upset at it… go figure…

  4. Christopher T. Calhoun says

    You know who likes peaches?  Nicholas Cage; I heard him allude to such.  It's entirely possible that this occurred in a fictional movie though.

  5. Robert Bowden says

    I like peaches : )

  6. Summer Holmquist says

    <3 Love it! Thanks + Amanda Blain 🙂

  7. Eric JK says

    I love peach pie.

  8. Umeokafor Ikechukwu says

    Amanda am finished, pls help.

  9. Dan Zerner says

    Find those people that are encouraging and caring and don't let go.

  10. Marius Louw says

    "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."
    Bill Cosby

  11. Jean-François Simard says


  12. Amanda Blain says

    Another good one + Marius Louw 🙂

  13. Matthew Nelson says

    Although I'm not much for peaches this is still very true.

  14. Tiffany Elle says

    love this

  15. Mark Richards says

    One of my favorite lines from a lyric is from Ricky Nelson of all people " You can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself".

  16. Christopher Gaul says


  17. Sheila B. DuBois says

    I am me……..  


    You sweetheart are right! Oh yeah you are!!!

  19. Stephanie Mauro says


  20. Jason Foss says

    Very true.

  21. Said Cad says

    Very nice

  22. Simon Waddington says

    But the contrary is also true – you can be the bitterest, meanest apple and people will still love you!

  23. David Andrews says

    'This above all else, to thine own self be true."

  24. Harakrishna Iyyanki says

    A nice peach such as you none hate.

  25. Ummer Valiyakath says

    it's true

  26. I Gede Sumajaya says

    Today quote:
    "You can not please everyone, no matter how awesome you are".
    —Amanda Blain

    + Amanda Blain 

  27. masoud mesigar says

    im like


    that is the nature of humanbeings

  29. Amanda Blain says

    🙂 nice + I Gede Sumajaya 

  30. Naomi Joyce says

    yep, nt everyone can be liked by everybody but every one can at least conceal their dislike for others

  31. Lisa Sc says

    I can really relate to this.

  32. Eric JK says

    This saying kind of reminds me of the 1980's book…. If Life Is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pits?

  33. Dorian Hunter says

    How true!

  34. Omar Maitland says

    Have to be your self

  35. Ohieari Collins says

    how true

  36. Michael Hodge says

    A million beautiful compliments but takes one to usurp the attention.

  37. Wusa Philemon says

    Yeah thats true.

  38. Nia VJ says

    so moral of the story…juz please the God…coz only he knows 😉

  39. G.V. REDDY says

    very cool, but sexy. expression is very good.

  40. Harakrishna Iyyanki says

    All that glitters is not gold and allpeaches are not sweet.

  41. Darran Smithy says

    Il like the thought behind the pic that u use in a morn(i av my own :-)) i really like lol x Also u carn`t please all of the people all the time

  42. Jamaldin issa says

    9c 1 amanda

  43. harrison charo says

    not all c the best in u!


    but god loves all of us

  45. Babu Sarangi says



    that is the nature of man

  47. Rafael Ledesma says

    well isn't that peachy?

  48. Felix Chisom says

    Wow! Yes you are right. Just tell me what to do in that case

  49. Michella Mawass says


  50. Quan Do Van says


  51. Ranjith kumar says

    nice aunty……..


    even the monkeys never like all the mangoes on the  tree that is why they throw some at people

  53. Wusa Philemon says

    Nice pix,i like it.

  54. Michael J. McGuire says

    Double true!

  55. Juma Nelsn says

    yaap…thats true

  56. Nkululeko Makhubu says

    So why bother what they hav to say right. njoi yr own falva

  57. Blue Heart says

    Exactly ,so very true

  58. ivy nowart says

    so true…

  59. Sushil Sharma says

    100 percent true.

  60. Haresh Amane says

    nice its very true

  61. Matt Zhang says


  62. Haresh Amane says

    ????? what u mean

  63. Said Fuad says

    haha nice n very true

  64. duy nguyen ba says

    Well! Amanda Blain very butiful!

  65. Bryan Iman says

    yeah.! your hot.

  66. Crina Alexandra Plugariu says

    oh yes the most important thing is to please yourself

  67. carien scheepers says

    Very nice

  68. duy nguyen ba says

    Oh yeah! very nice!

  69. Matt Zhang says

    + Haresh Amane I mean good! cool!

  70. duy nguyen ba says

    Carien very nice 


    i have now got it right

  72. ??? says


  73. Arkadiusz Franckowski says

    Very Very nice

  74. ??? says

    Good taste??

  75. Bryan Iman says

    what kind of taste is it like?

  76. bargola saputro says

    so sexy

  77. maan maherr says


  78. Ronald Woodhouse says

    As Rick Nelson sang in "Garden Party", "…you know you can't please everybody, so you got to please yourself…."

  79. Prince Aadi says


  80. Tony Gutierrez Lopez says

    I do like peaches,and kiss

  81. Peni Duzit says

    the family tree is full of sweet fruit 

  82. Tony Gutierrez Lopez says

    Peni the tree don*t giving, kiss,or well? I send you a kiss

  83. Peni Duzit says

    Peaches & ice cream.

  84. Tony Gutierrez Lopez says

    Peni do you wanna,chat? +++kiss I do like you,,,,do it (english,frans,holland italy,or spanish) o.k

  85. Gowtham Raj S says


  86. Tony Gutierrez Lopez says

    you are not peni I don*t like man,bye

  87. Norbert Jaros says


  88. Mirxon Mirxonov says

    ????? ????????

  89. Atila Syah says

    good pictur!

  90. ana chan says

    yes i agree



  92. Jason Burak says

    Well at least there's no leeches on them peaches have a good day godbless peace ')

  93. sonny haryadi says

    like my sister.

  94. Jason Burak says

    I love milk and peaches for a snack and god he here's ya this is a sad thing that peaple can not Be trueblue god love's everyone just not some of the thing's his children do to one another this is a love your neighbor thing and to think we are all not neighbors of this garden of gods to prepare us for the after life mother earth do we care more about who is the stuff or who's better than everyone else what about are earth from witch we live and God's creatures that have an extinction problem because of are mind set of madness of the me me me syndrome I say just let it go your egos are crushing this earth and gods children I say don't say anything about someone that you would not say to ther face this is a stress reliever pray for all God's children and all the creature's of the world god sent us to grow but we cannot grow if it's all about you the me me me it's just a who cares anymore? who am I to say right well God Bless and he walks among us you can see the almighty in each and every one of us it's in the eyes expescially the third eye the all seeing eye well have a peachy day ')

  95. Pradip Pudasaini says

    hello    Amanda Namaste from country of himalayas,Nepal.

  96. Jason Burak says

    Amanda love your pics and wonderfull things you put down ') later peace

  97. Elizabeth Malone says


  98. habib yimer says

    kool words

  99. Fernanda Pereira says

    bom dia

  100. G.V. REDDY says

    thank you for sharing as followers.

  101. christian mark says

    I love peaches my lady.

  102. zeshan nadeem says

    so nice

  103. ranjeet kashav says

    i like this

  104. Adam Steve says

    it is true.

  105. Marriane Wamaitha says

    Truth. Like it >3

  106. Adrian Turner says

    Very very true and also pineapple is my favorite fruit!! Haha

  107. michael Morrison says

    amen to that one!!!!

  108. Heather Morgan says

    I love Dita 🙂

  109. Aaditya kumar says

    i agree to it 
    as i am an example 😀

  110. Nick Doss says

    honestly i think that chick is ugly XD

  111. Tara Mulder says

    And like peaches, you could be the one freshest and most wonderful on the inside, tasting the best and leaving a lasting pleasure, and someone will find fault in the fuzz on the outside.  Or a peach that looks perfect on the outside and is dry and shrivelled up inside, and people will praise it nonetheless.  I love her pointing out in the last part that everyone will have different taste, however wonderful the peach is.

  112. Lisa Sc says

    Like some people I've been around in the past they take one look at you, decide they don't like you and they never will talk to you let alone even acknowledge you.  

  113. Tanya Dubuisson says

    how is that make movie

  114. Ronald Woodhouse says

    People that don"t acknowledge that you exist, yeah I get that a lot.

  115. Vandad Ferestadeh says

    Just The Best

  116. Banti Kumar says

    Very sexy and beautiful ……..really

  117. Bryan Iman says

    not very.
    more then that……..

  118. morteza zaeimnejad says

    Not as much as you!

  119. yayan erasman says


  120. erlika surgayani says


  121. Ravindra Bhartaju says

    help hungry

  122. Carlos A. Sanchez says

    Complacer a los demás ?? Si intentáramos complacer solo uno, con esto los demás estarían en paz=complacido contigo "Dios"

  123. irfan aamir says

    maa choda i like u

  124. josif adnan says

    amanda hi how r u

  125. Ronny Mokotwana says


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