1. Sebastien Defrance says

    "You closing your faceybook or bank account down today ?"
    I see what you did there…

  2. Ji?í Strašil says

    i will delete all my "friends" and stay only in groups. In fact, i dont use FB so much like g+… and i will transfer my money into local credit union

  3. Lord Miles Parker says

    And Remember My Ancestors for arranging Guy Fawkes in the first place please

  4. David Greene says

    I hope you do know that Guy Fawkes was a deranged psychopath hated by the UK for trying to start an anarchist revolution by attempting to blow up King James.

  5. Richard De Vita says

    not a villain !!!

  6. David Greene says

    + Andy Cameron, most people don't know the history behind the legend and mainly base their knowledge on the movie V for Vendetta.

    See this Wikipedia article regarding Guy Fawkes Night: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guy_Fawkes_Night

  7. Allen Firstenberg says

    I think the modern perception of Guy is more shaped by V for Vendetta than by what he failed to do (replace a Protestant Monarchy with a Catholic Monarchy).

  8. Lord Miles Parker says

    As I already Said Guy (Guido) Fawkes was hired by my ancestors to blow up parliament.. but he failed 🙁

  9. David Greene says

    + Lord Miles Parker, he may have been hired, but he was conspiring to commit treason, murder, and assassination of his king. If he succeeded, I doubt that the world would be as advanced as it is today.

  10. Jackie Wills says

    I do know the history behind Guy Fawkes. It should be a reminder to politicians…

  11. Richard De Vita says

    The sun never sets on the british empire, you mean that advanced world.

  12. Peter Wilds says

    "115" doesn't have the same ring to it as "the 5th of November".

  13. Jeff Johnson says

    John Lennon – Remember

  14. George Hilbert says

    Freedom Fighter and Hero?………or Treasonous Terrorist. History gets to be written by the victors.

  15. David Greene says

    I doubt that a hero is someone that would try to murder someone and overthrow the government through violence, + George Hilbert. History may be written by the victors, but that doesn't mean the victors are always wrong.

  16. Richard De Vita says

    Murder someone(many), overthrow sovereigns,sounds familiar.

  17. George Hilbert says

    + David Greene you have to be kidding me, right? When were governments EVER overthrown by other than violent means? Our own founding fathers were terrorist by every modern definition of the word and were really no different than the Confederates in the Civil War fighting to break away from a legal government. One won and one lost. History depicts them differently solely because of that fact.

  18. George Hilbert says

    And whether they are right or wrong, the "victors" are just about always treated kindly by history.

  19. Peter Wilds says

    Historians give a far more nuanced view of events than people are giving them credit for. They certainly don't buy into simplistic cliches like "history is written by the victors".

  20. Nikki Love says

    I take it the revolutionaries involved the French Revolution were not heroes either?

  21. Peter Wilds says

    Define "hero". They killed people to achieve their goals. Historians don't apply labels like hero and villain.

  22. Joe Ede says

    One mans freedom fighter is anothers terrorist. Its all a matter of perspective and much of history as we know it has been slanted by those who wrote or re-wrote it.
    Even what we know of what happens in the world today passes through other peoples mental filters before being reported.

  23. David Greene says

    + George Hilbert, I believe that the Founding Fathers sent a peaceful Declaration of Independence to the King of England, rather than killing him. Maybe some of the other revolutionaries wanted the king dead, but the majority of the Founding Fathers didn't want that. The American Revolution occurred due to the unfair treatment of England, not "just because."

    Guy Fawkes was planning on killing King James and throwing the monarchy into a chaotic flurry. He did not have an army, nor did he have many supporters. The Founding Fathers didn't conspire to murder the King, but rather break off from English control. As for nonviolent revolutions, there were many. These include the Glorious Revolution of 1688 in England, the People Power Revolution of 1986 in the Philippines, and the Peaceful Revolution in Germany.

    I'm not saying Guy Fawkes was a villian, however I feel that his actions shouldn't be so condoned as it seemingly is. Yes, his motives may have been righteous, but how he was going to achieve those goals were not.

  24. Ryan Anderson says

    + David Greene Actually he was planning on killing King James and replacing him with a Catholic queen.

  25. David Greene says

    + Ryan Anderson, I understand that and by doing so, he would have thrown the monarchy into a chaotic flurry.

  26. Nikki Love says

    You do remember that Guy Fawkes was not acting alone, and he wasn't even the ringleader? He just happened to be the only one caught in the cellar at the time. Even after torture he did not give up his co-conspirators, although some were caught later. And it was regarding the Catholic persecution by the Protestants of which James I was the head.

  27. George Hilbert says

    + David Greene that is the point. The reasons do not matter. In the Civil War, the Northern industrialists were oppressing the Southern agribusiness. It was not all about slavery. But let's not get caught up in the examples and their justifications. I am merely saying that in POPULAR history, not some obscure tomes (which DO tend to tell the truth), whoever wins tends to be treated better and their cause more celebrated. We came into this country and even used biological weapons to defeat the native population, including women and children. Yet the history books speak of "Manifest Destiny" . Most of our 'heroes" would have been tried for war crimes if such tribunals as The Hague had existed then. But instead, they are celebrated.

    Did I say "just because"? You put quotes around it as though it is exact words…….I may have said that, but I don't think so.

  28. George Hilbert says

    + Peter Wilds a "hero" is someone who, from a position of seeming weakness, displays courage and self sacrifice to help achieve a goal. Notice that I do not say whether the goal is a good one or a bad one. That is the relative part. Many smart people in China see Chairman Mao as a hero.

  29. Oz Warren says

    + David Greene As James was the son of Mary Queen of Scots, would that have been a 'McFlurry'?

  30. George Hilbert says

    + Nikki Love just for the sake of accuracy, Fawkes DID give up most of his co-conspirators. But he did hold out for a long time. He was a mercenary. He could have just as easily been working for the other side. he really did not have a dog in the fight.

  31. Nikki Love says

    + George Hilbert thanks, I just checked my facts again and he did eventually break under torture

  32. David Greene says

    + George Hilbert, I do not condone the actions of the settlers and what they did to the native people, however there's nothing that anybody can do about it now. History is written as it is. Bias is implemented afterward.

    I wasn't quoting you when I said "just because." I was quoting the phrase. I apologize for that misunderstanding.

    Also, by your definition of a hero, that would include Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson, and Jim Jones.

  33. Ryan Anderson says

    + David Greene To their respective people they were heroes. The entire point is that it is a subjective term.

  34. George Hilbert says

    + David Greene that is not my definition. I got it from a classic Greek reference. And I guess in their own way, they were celebrated by their constituents as such. The point is that there is no definitive criteria to be a hero, just that your peers look upon you as one.

    The attitude throughout history has been, "if your cause is just, any means are justified to achieve it". The criteria of "just" in that context is what seems to follow the winners and be lost for the losers.

  35. Dharamjit Rihal says

    I don't even use my FB anymore. And my money is already in a credit union.

  36. David Knowles says

    Richard De Vita – The sun never sets on the british empire, you mean that advanced world.

    The British empire probably did more good in the world than evil. A survey showed a few years ago that if former colonies had a choice many would choose the British empire over there current government.

    An it was our dominance of the seas, an the fact you were never going to trade successfully being at war with Britain, that ended the slave trade.

    It the fact empire and domination are so unpopular in today world that the British empire get a bad rep, that does not mean it was neccessary bad thing.

    I also suspect the world would be less advance today without the British empire.

  37. Henry Linneweh says

    hahahaha, he looks better in the picture than the mask

  38. Rick Calkins Jr. says

    It was not until about my 15th birthday that I realized it was on Guy Fawkes Day. Bonfire Night!! Enjoy!!

  39. Peter Wilds says

    I think that if Guy Fawkes had succeeded, we wouldn't necessarily be reading about him as a hero today. I am sure that opinion would still be sharply divided much like it is for Cromwell, who killed King Charles I.

  40. George Hilbert says

    + Peter Wilds of course it is not absolute. "heroes" will vary and their degree of praise will vary. However, the preponderance of evidence is in favor or those who are successful being celebrated as opposed to the "losers".

  41. Dan Wade says

    Speaking as an Englishman, I can't say I've ever seen or heard Guy Fawkes be hailed as a hero. How many heroes do you make dolls of then burn them on a fire??

  42. Chris Ernest says

    Closing down all BOFA accounts……going to a Credit Union!!!!!

  43. Victor Canada says

    This conversation is what I love about Social Media. So many smart people in one room discussing history and a conversation in the next room (circle) about Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburgers. Life is good. 🙂

  44. Amanda Blain says

    I make a point to remain out of politically things in public.. especially with random strangers here on G+…. BUT… it IS a holiday in the UK today..(even if schools and banks aren't closed) .. Celebrated often with fireworks, Bonfires, and Potato boilings.. and as such… I am not one to ignore my British buddies celebrations. 🙂

  45. David Greene says

    + Amanda Blain, that's what happens when celebrations are perverted into holidays that have nothing to do with the original events.

  46. Dan Wade says

    + David Greene are you still talking about guy fawkes night? Do you even know why we celebrate? We don't have "holidays" like you guys do in the states (mores the pity). We celebrate this night more as a reminder what happens to terrorists and traitors. I think the last phrase of the rhyme says it all:

    I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot

  47. David Greene says

    + Dan Wade, the majority of people in the UK who celebrate Guy Fawkes Night don't even know who Guy Fawkes is, aside from the V for Vendetta movie. Most probably think Guy Fawkes is some legendary hero from long ago and they just go to the celebrations for the fireworks and free food. And before you start ridiculing holidays in the United States, remember that Guy Fawkes Night is celebrating the capture, torture, and dishonorable death of a hired mercenary who wanted revolution. You do know that Arab countries and other 3rd-World Nations are the only places that still celebrate the death of a person they assume to be a "terrorist and traitor"?

  48. Dan Wade says

    + David Greene what do you base your assumption of the British people on?? Are you British? We have this thing called "schools" and in them we learn a subject called "history". We know who he was and what he did.

    I'm sure some of the holidays you guys celebrate would be considered very poor taste if I were to ask a native American. Sure they LOVE the fact Columbus landed on their land. Just a guess……

  49. Dan Wade says

    And what the hell is V for Vendetta?? I don't base assumptions on other cultures from movies

  50. David Greene says

    I'm basing my assumption on the fact that the majority of kids I talk to from the UK only perceive Guy Fawkes as "that cool dude with the mask from the 'V' movie," + Dan Wade. And if it hadn't occurred to you already, not a whole lot of kids listen in history as it is; that applies to both American AND European countries. Nonetheless, are you seriously prejudging me based upon my nationality? For God's sake, it seems like people from the UK just get more and more hateful against Americans.

  51. David Greene says

    + Dan Wade, V for Vendetta is a movie based on Guy Fawkes. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0434409/

  52. Dan Wade says

    + David Greene no I'm not prejudging you. Just letting you see how it feels to be judged the way you are judging my country and our traditions.

    I don't hold with preconceptions of people. That just breeds ignorance in my mind. But believe what you like about how an why we celebrate this day. Just if you're basing your judgments on whole countries traditions, maybe the youth isn't the best place to start, when have they ever really been bothered with history and it's lessons?? That wisdom generally comes with age

  53. Amanda Blain says

    + David Greene Please play nice on my thread. I realize you are a high school student with a 120 IQ… but perhaps you should chill out… before starting random trolling rage filled provoking statements on my thread.

  54. Dan Wade says

    Might watch the film. Any good??

  55. Dan Wade says

    Sorry + Amanda Blain not trying to high jack. I'll back off from this discussion. Happy Bonfire Night (c:

  56. Amanda Blain says

    No need to back off.. everyone just needs to play nice… no " Uk against America hate discussions" + Dan Wade

  57. David Greene says

    + Dan Wade, I never once judged your country, but rather just stated what I've observed. Regardless of whether I did or not, however, an insult of my nationality won't help. If anything, that just makes you look immature. Yes, SOME may celebrate Guy Fawkes Night for its appropriate reasons, however from what I've seen and heard, that number is diminishing by the year.

    + Amanda Blain, although both of those aspects are irrelevant in my opinion, you don't need to worry. I'm certainly not "trolling" and I am quite aware as to what Guy Fawkes Night is all about. I never refuted that, but rather why people celebrate it nowadays. Nonetheless, I apologize for any animosity I might have displayed. That was purely unintentional.

  58. Dan Wade says

    + David Greene I'm confused where my insult came into this?? I never once insulted America. I think you're reading a tad more into this than is actually there.

  59. David Greene says

    + Dan Wade:

    "We don't have 'holidays' like you guys do in the states (mores the pity)."
    That may not be a direct insult, but it sounds like you're demoting the festivities in the United States.

    "We have this thing called 'schools' and in them we learn a subject called 'history.'"
    To me, that sounds almost like you're insulting the U.S. Education System.

    In retrospect, I probably am reading too much into it, but please understand that most of the people I meet from the UK tend to despise the U.S. for one reason or another. It was wrong of me to presume you as being another one of those type of people.

  60. Dan Wade says

    Jesus, you ARE touchy!! In relation to the holidays comment, I meant we don't have days off to celebrate events like you!! That's why I said more the pity, I wished we did!!!

    Education point, I was merely pointing out that we learn about the gunpowder plot at school (part of our national curriculum) and NOT from a movie.

    Again, don't tar everyone with the same brush. You've met some bad eggs in the past, haven't we all, but don't use them to judge us all. Also, it's always tough to judge people's tones and points over the net, you miss out on body language and speech which shows whether they're being insulting or not

  61. Steven Vargas says

    Nice Lennon song + Jeff Johnson


  62. Henry Linneweh says

    I was aware of the history and anonymous comment

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