1. Lord Miles Parker says


  2. Allen Firstenberg says


  3. Thomas Devaux says

    I think you should post it on http://thisiswhyyourefat.tumblr.com/

  4. Shah Auckburaully says

    Slaughterhouse Christmas Special – Epic Meal Time

  5. Valerie Miles says

    Have you seen + Drew Jones bacon epic?

  6. Emma Dingle says


  7. Arleen Boyd says

    That sounds strangely delicious! Kinda like bacon donuts…. which are superb!

  8. Rob Gordon says

    I used to make bacon wrapped hot dogs when I was in college. They are good if you don't want to die at 40.

  9. Ralph H says

    Ok, now it needs to be battered and deep fried.

  10. Wallie Hawkins says

    first thought is disgusting….then think about salty bacon meat wrapped around sweet cake with cream…YUM!!!

  11. Marie Axelsson says

    You're mad!

  12. Jeff Pettorino says

    -1 -1 -1 -1 -1
    Oy, my arteries!

  13. Lisa Fardella says

    anything bacon is good!

  14. Kari Hill says

    I'm sure my son would love to try it:) me…not sure Lol

  15. Stefan K says

    looks awfully disgustingly damn tasty… food architecture!

  16. Christina Lam says

    i love bacon and twinkies..but it looks too oily…the twinkie probably soaked in all the oil from the bacon

  17. Michael Anderson says

    Looks better and more interesting to me than the real Stonehenge! ;P

  18. I Smile says

    Cool cholesterol wrapped with more cholesterol 🙂

  19. Joseph Lee says

    lol I call it bacon-henge

  20. Valerie Miles says

    One of those and I'll have to double up my workouts for a week!

  21. Dharamjit Rihal says

    Oh my. If EpicMealTime taught use anything, it's that everything is better with tons of bacon strips. 🙂

  22. I Smile says

    Ha the answer to life is bacon.

  23. matt krieg says

    I'll have to have another stent if I ate that!!!! 😛

  24. Amanda Blain says

    Bacon death.. is a good way to go in my opinion.. .:)

  25. Dave Harris says

    Look, a heart attack in a pan.

  26. matt krieg says

    I was at my friends the other night and he cooked bacon wrapped scallops fried in butter with garlic and I couldnt eat them and needless to say it wasn't plesant 😛

  27. Luis Valencia says

    Whoever came up with this idea is pretty creative.

  28. Pierce Smith says

    Bacon for president.

  29. Shark Bait says

    O-M-G!!!!! this combines my love of ancient monuments …AND my worship of bacon products!!!

  30. Melissa Parker says

    This photo .. is perfection. <3

  31. Evgeniy OZ says

    time to wash the pan

  32. Alexandru Stefan says

    I want to vomit

  33. Morgan ABBOU says

    + Brenda Curtis this is for you 🙂

  34. Brenda Curtis says

    yup! I posted it a few weeks ago. You don't think I'd let something that fanatically
    bacon go by do you? LOL!

  35. Morgan ABBOU says

    + Brenda Curtis indeed, that looked familiar 🙂 You are my bacon reference. I had bacon at a brunch today and I had to think of your pictures

  36. Brenda Curtis says

    + Paul Was is the bacon guru. I am a humble acolyte.
    I'm having a chicken/mushroom/bacon sandwich now as I watch a so so football game.
    Bacon makes everything better!

  37. Morgan ABBOU says

    Yummy! Bacon has indeed a magic effect on food. Thanks for mentioning + Paul Was I didn't know that we had a bacon guru on G+, I'm going to check if he manages to express the same communicative passion as you do.

  38. Amanda Blain says

    + Brenda Curtis Bacon does make everything better… will have to add you to my bacon circle.

  39. Brett Bjornsen says

    there's a bacon circle? o_0
    I'm in!

  40. Brenda Curtis says

    I have a circle of one that is 'better than bacon"

  41. Jarrod W says

    + Amanda Blain you are already in my "tech" circle, adding you to the "Bacon Junkies" circle

  42. Kevin Hunt says

    I'm not sure about this one…..

  43. Meg Tufano says

    I just read that Google handed out bacon and chocolate chip cookies at their most recent convention. THAT sounds crazy, but? I'll have to try it before I give an opinion.

    My favorite "bacon recipe" is bacon wrapped around a water chestnut, baked with a tiny bit of brown sugar. (Again, why is my tech circle so full of talk of FOOD! ;'))

  44. Jarrod W says

    Bacon wrapped anything is great, which prompted me to come up with my greatest bacon idea ever; BACON-WRAPPED BACON
    I am still perfecting the recipe, and will post to my circle once it is ready

  45. Raymond Brooks says

    bacon heart attack cake.

  46. William Drewnowski says

    Really really good, thick, crispy bacon wrapped in old, crappy, undercooked bacon would ultimately taste worse.

  47. Meg Tufano says

    Please tell me + Arne Harling that you are hungry for fun food and not actually hungry. If the latter, we will need to talk. There is "Angel Food" in the U.S. But maybe it is late and I have been watching a serious film. But do let me know . . . I am not "hungry." I am just amazed that my "tech" group is so into FOOD!!!!!

  48. Tim DeYoung says

    Holy heart attack, Batman.

  49. matt krieg says

    I dream tonight of Bacon Wrapped Twinkees and slabs of baby back ribs and real mexican pork tacos and 30 Lb cheeseburgers and greasy Denver omlettes with 15 PEICES OF TOAST and I have to wake up and eat twigs and berrys. I jus want a ham sandwich please JUST ONE!!!

  50. Brenda Curtis says

    I have been craving Baby back ribs too!
    I want all the pig! all of it!

  51. Hernan Gil says


  52. Douglas Rehfeldt says

    A masterpiece! Meat candy coated forever cakes.

  53. Hernan Gil says

    meat candy? ^^

  54. Gary Blewaska says

    mmmmmmmmmmm bacon

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