1. Cliff Wade says

    That's one thing about hotel A/C's, they certainly get freezing cold most of the time. Why our home A/C's can't always work like those things!

  2. Chris Bement says

    Well put.

  3. Bobbi Jo Woods says


  4. Rennie Fisher says

    Good Point! 😀

  5. Kazuhiro Fukazawa says


  6. Lee Clarke says

    No doubt, I would be forced to move out of FL if it wasn't for AC!

  7. mohamed alluqman says


  8. Brett Bjornsen says

    As a native desert dweller, I can completely appreciate this statement. Vegas would be too hot to tolerate otherwise. We even air condition the outside.

  9. Paul Terry Walhus says

    With it getting to 107 degrees in Austin, TX I was happy to be driving across Texas in a car with a great air conditioner.

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