1. David Bennett says


  2. Deanna Bonds says

    If only the leaves had cheese on them it would be perfect 🙂

  3. peter fregs says

    i never regret live on earth

  4. Jo Anne Shinn says

    YES!!! Brilliant!

  5. Kyla Aquino says

    OMG Where is this?!

  6. Sherman Smith says

    Can we get them locally? 🙂

  7. Ashley Manning says

    oh my… is there a scallop inside? this is awesome

  8. Laura Malick Smith says

    Anyone had chocolate covered bacon yet?

  9. Joseph Lee says

    why isn't this used more often at weddings? silly girls!

  10. Jo Anne Shinn says

    + Laura Malick Smith Chocolate-dipped bacon flowers! Now that, right there, is a web-foodist/florist idea!

  11. Laura Malick Smith says

    It's supposed to be pretty good . . .

  12. Rebecca McCarthy says


  13. Gail O'Bannon says

    oh wow!

  14. Mustafa Yousuf says


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