1. Joyce Donahue says

    omg – I had one of those!

  2. Scott Hill says

    Aaaand… I still have that CD. =/

  3. Amanda Blain says

    Me too… 🙂

  4. Shannan O. Williams says

    I had that tape.
    OMG…. I must hear "Don't Turn Around" right now.

  5. Brian Spencer St. John says

    My sister had that exact radio.

  6. Will Borkowski says

    OMG my mom had this in the kitchen – embarrassed to say I used it all the time lol

  7. Serge Jonnaert says

    I had one of those but it was light blue. Man, I must be getting old.

  8. Jessica Sims says

    LOOOOVE Ace of Base! Listening to it on Spotify now!!!! =)

  9. Amelia Wood says

    My 3 year old Acer Netbook is pink too.

  10. Michele Parker says

    OMG, I had this too. 🙂

  11. Amanda Blain says

    Thats what im here for folks.. reminders of how old we all are… and good tunes to re-vist on Spotify 😉

  12. PJ VanderKooij says

    I have that CD.. I burned it to mp3. I was driving some students where I work to the store, and I let one of em pick what they wanted to listen to on my iPod. I suddenly hear "wait.. you have this? You have this! AWESOME!" and here comes The Sign booming out of my car stereo. I was surprised they even knew what Ace of Base was!

  13. Angela McBain says

    Did you jump in the way back machine & steal this from my bedroom from when I was 15? I thought I had lost it.

  14. Jeffrey Powers says

    That boombox brings back a memory of a friend's sister who was killed in 1986. I can't believe it but that just brought a lot of memories and emotion. We rode by the accident scene on our bikes as they finished up and drove off.

    The boombox was what we had to play music while driving in this van to the funeral, then to the lunchen afterward at a park.

    I can remember those days like it was 3 hours ago…

  15. Amanda Blain says

    + Angela McBain Thats about how i felt when i saw the photo 😉

  16. David Holman says

    Whoooo! Go Sweden! ACE OF BACE FOR THE WIN!

  17. Cendrine Marrouat says

    Wow, I feel old, all of a sudden. lol

  18. RAVI mistry says

    i feel bed when i see it in junkyards

  19. Kari Enroth says


  20. Vartik Vika says

    Ace of Base songs are great! It`s a beautiful life…Don`t turn around…

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