1. Hermine Ngnomire says

    Love it and totally agree.

  2. Jeff Godun says

    Keep your stick on the ice!

  3. Tim Southernwood says

    Red Green! One of my favorite Canadian handymen! lol

  4. Andy Duchesne says

    duck tape handymans best firend

  5. Hermine Ngnomire says

    + Tim Southernwood Totally agree!

  6. Lesley Johnson says

    Because what woman in her straight mind would marry a man who doesn't know how to use duck tape?

  7. Tim Southernwood says

    Add me to the Canadian circle! 🙂

  8. Adrian Ellis says

    Only in Canada, eh?

  9. Jay Gilmore says

    I really never liked Red Green. (although I did like Smith & Smith).

  10. Stacy G says

    Aw I miss this show! Is it still running new episodes on PBS?

  11. Anthony Fox says

    I'm from Seattle. That's practically Canada. Eh.

  12. Bruce Orr says

    The guy is the quintessential Canadian ( I think – sorry if I offended you)

  13. Douglas Brown says

    Put me in your Canadian Circle too!

  14. Andy Duchesne says

    That's practically close to being almost Canadian ya

  15. Terry Davis says

    I'm thinking this should go in the duct-tape circle.

  16. Richard Davis says

    I love Red. One of favs.

  17. Abby Normal says

    It's not fair, you have better TV in Canada.

  18. PJ VanderKooij says

    I kind of identified with Harold…

  19. James Finstrom says

    this is/was on PBS

  20. Greg Scratchley says

    Very cool. + Lance Taylor (and I) just saw him a few weeks ago. 😉

  21. Jay Gilmore says

    Yes, Red Green was on PBS and was one of the most popular North American comedies to be on PBS. Save for some woodsy hunting and fishing references this show is pretty universal in it's themes and didn't really play specifically to Canadian audiences. Steve Smith is generally a human condition commentator.

  22. Abby Normal says

    I'm not Canadian, but I do have Shaw as my satellite provider (long story), can I be an honorary? I think I could get used to milk in bags.

  23. AEon CIpher says

    blast from the past

  24. Christopher Cole says

    HA HA! Love Red Green!

  25. Dakotah Steineke says

    thats the best show ever

  26. Abby Normal says

    Not sure it deserves "best show ever". It's good, but The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Fun Time Hour is currently holding that title for me.

  27. John Grassi says

    Remember, we're all in this together!

  28. Gerrypj gorman says

    I am a lumberjack and i am ok lol

  29. Charles Roberts says

    Man's Prayer: "I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess."

  30. Steve Oberman says

    Yep, that's me lean on a log and watching others' work.

    Would you like to share your Canada circle?

  31. Julie Bell says

    Now the theme song is in my head!

  32. Jeff Norris says

    I kinda look like Harold from the Red Green Show…

  33. Kurtis Whittington says

    That show, if taken literally, is horribad. Luckily, it is meant humorously, and is therefore totally awesome. I've only seen about… 10 episodes? All of them so very funny.

  34. Amanda Blain says

    I did yesterday + Steve Oberman scroll down on my profile

  35. Jay Gilmore says

    Interestingly, I was talking to a Texan today who out of the blue asked me if I had heard of the Red Green Show. Then shared this thread with him.

  36. Billy Wilson says

    I love Red Green! I have you on my Canadians list! http://gpc.fm/l/canadians

  37. Stephanie Glenn says

    He chopped down that tree with that tiny axe?

  38. Erik Swiger says

    It's not the size of the axe. . . .

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