1. Bud Hoffman says

    Yeah, but once it does, it'd be worth it!  :o)

  2. Michael Buttler says

    it does not matter how long it takes as long as it is worth every minute you are in there .. 🙂 

  3. fares ahmad says


  4. Anthony Cousins says

    Any amount of time would be worth it to soak my bones in this beauty =)

  5. Dawn Carl says

    I'd need a maid to clean it!!!  🙂

  6. Joe Bolin says

    Oh the pictures I could take in that tub. 😉

  7. Troian Ysayelle Gonzales says

    It would be AWESOME!

  8. Ahmed Ugaili says


  9. au llanto says


  10. Harold Fisher says

    How about this…" I wonder what we could do…in this Bathtub built for two "…he he he

  11. xolani m ndlazi says

    wow!!! amanda! im sure it cld tke up to 4 o 5hrs n i wsh 2 spnd those hrs in thr

  12. ELLY BRIAN says

    Wow! Never been in one of those…

  13. mohamed atwa says

    Very beautiful

  14. Roy Stringfellow says

    hi people whos on second life a

  15. James Barraford says

    Where's the diving board?

  16. Ardogane madridi says

    oh yeah

  17. Johnny G. justel says

    money ¡¡

  18. Sultan Almarwani says

    I wonder what sex's position to have in dat awesome bathtub 

  19. Matt Tuomala says

    47 minutes

  20. Armina habibi says

    theyre wonderful.

  21. antony Romero Montolio says

    beautifull you batron

  22. ???? ??? ???? says


  23. Stacy Stutz says

    + Dawn Carl I'm thinking that people who own bathrooms like that probably have maids. 😉 

    That would be a wonderful place to "soak"  

  24. Stanley Dietrich says

    It wouldn't matter! I'd enjoy the time while it was filling! Then there would be a real reason for the bath!

  25. Reza Adl says

    I wonder how many can you fit in that.

  26. Susan Lewis says

    I would end up living in it.

  27. Edward Woods says

    the single tub was   designed     for a banging good time for two people

  28. Edward Woods says

    but that is a lovely bathroom. I build bathrooms like this

  29. Shakeel Sabir says

    Would I live? L8tr

  30. Patrick Armstrong says

    Spend the money for an automatic temp. control and shutoff valves.

  31. jakshan shanpo says


  32. Edward Woods says

    yea people spend money all the time for side jets and misters, steam room for 15 minutes of fun. now add a lady in their and it's hours of fun

  33. joseph mellouki says


  34. theodora ullman says

    Wow that's awesome!!!! =D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Aftab Khan says


  36. Conrad Bianco says

    I hope it has a heater installed. Water would be child by the time it's filled.

  37. Rob Mayfield says

    it would depend what you are filling it with …

  38. marthI ramakrishna says

    98.9999999999999% don't use bathtubs for bathing.They are worhty of living in this world cause they don't waste precious water for pleasure

  39. Pepe Calderon says


  40. Aldric Williams says

    I like it 😀 I want one!!  and maybe you should install a faucet with a larger circumference?

  41. anis boukrouma says


  42. thành ph?mminh says


  43. abraham nwachukwu says

    wow amanda dat is a wonderful inspiration

  44. Muhammad Alhan says

    wow.. It would like to drown in the beauty of her …. for a long long time… and love has no position or place to decide.. it starts any where.. suitable.. :p

  45. Anthony K. Preston says

    Probably pump it from the cement pond,or most people that have them ,they are just for look's,Heaven forbid if you start using it,it's not going to stay looking all pretty anymore,when like big dark scrum water line all the way around,even a maid would have a hell of a time keeping that clean.Just for show,from a working man's point of view.

  46. abraham nwachukwu says

    wel its sweet.

  47. David Juska says

    I really want that one. I have a 2 person jacuzzi but that one looks very comvortable

  48. JD Fairweather says

    prefer showers, don't believe in sitting in my own dirt. this contraption says you should not only sit in your own dirt but the dirt of another.

  49. JecyParfait Kouamé says

    waouh that is a splendid

  50. Kanella Basilion says

    agree jdfairweather

  51. Diego Maillard says

    Je veux la même.

  52. R.Astro Aidho says

    kelas kon….

  53. Vamsi krishna says


  54. anis boukrouma says

    moi ousi

  55. locoh daniel says

    bonjour amingo

  56. locoh daniel says

    comment va ché  toi

  57. Tehal Sidhu says


  58. anis boukrouma says

    sv trai biane

  59. Clint Fudge says

    In answer to the opening question.

    45 to 47 minutes.

  60. Jaime Martinez says

    No way!!!! I want my babe next to me. Oh and sit in dirty water??? You can shower while the tub fills…. LOL!!!

  61. locoh daniel says

    mi name is daniel i nide relation serios

  62. R.Astro Aidho says


  63. locoh daniel says

    yes mi new

  64. ??? says


  65. thành ph?mminh says

    i like you

  66. Christopher Franko says

    idk but i think it would be worth the wait lol. unless it had one of those "gogogadget water" kinda systems.

  67. locoh daniel says

    moi aauussi

  68. joseph mellouki says


  69. Eleanor Cawley says

    OMG! <3

  70. Roger Clark says

    Hook this up as a spa tub and I may have just seen the perfect bathtub 🙂

  71. Erin Barrett says

    how much does it cost?!

  72. locoh daniel says

    idon no

  73. Harold Menyos says

    1,000,000 bucks that is my exact dream bathtub

  74. Erin Barrett says

    same here. they need a knock-off walmart version that i could afford lol

  75. Loriann Cordero says

    It does not matter how long it takes to fill, think of the wonderful moments that can be created while you are waiting… And then, imagine the long leisurely moments of pleaure you are awarded for your patience… 😉

  76. Harold Menyos says

    i love it is it urs

  77. Harold Menyos says


  78. Shamsul Alam says


  79. Kiara Guillory says

    Wow so that's totally a bath tub for a married couple

  80. Harold Menyos says

    it would be perfect for me

  81. greg forte says

    Going to need two water heaters to fill it

  82. Tony Chavis says

    I'm looking for the TV and Bar….This would be an extended stay!!!

  83. gary w jones says

    Anyone I'd want to share a bath with, wouldn't be someone I'd want so far away. Perhaps they had a dog?!?

  84. Dan McKenney says

    If the supply lines are piped right and the faucet allows the right flow these things can fill fast. Whatever you do don't buy the knock off faucets for something like this.

  85. erick contreras hernandez says


  86. mohamed meziane says


  87. Harold Menyos says

    no its a hot tub for 1 couple inside

  88. Bay Salinger says

    Hmmmm, reckon it would take twice as long to fill as a regular bath maybe?

  89. Mladen Tkalec says

    Great …

  90. Walter Johnston says

    As a general rule, I'm more of a shower person. However, I have to say that tub looks pretty darn relaxing.

  91. hazel chipangura says

    it looks very relaxing

  92. Erica Boomgarden says


  93. Stanley Dietrich says

    I take a bath once a year! Every other day i shower. So many people have pools it sickens me! But, i will find a pool about a 3 times a month.

  94. elizabeth spears says

    That's amazing!

  95. Sidhesh Ganeriwala says

    I have this tub at my house 😛

  96. Krishna Tyagi says


  97. hazel chipangura says

    @Sidhesh lucky you. so how long does it take to fill up?

  98. Noah Almansouri says


  99. Sidhesh Ganeriwala says

    About an hour. Trust me its exciting only for a while. After a month or two, yo're back to quick showers.

  100. Daniel 'DL' Parr says

    with water or people.?

  101. Furkan Koyuncu says


  102. Consuelo cardoso says


  103. Chris Diehn says

    What a waste of water. Disgraceful.

  104. Shannon Vatcher says

    who is the manufacturer?

  105. Benjamin Rice says

    who cares!

  106. Ken Sharp says

    I love tits and vagina

  107. nayeli rodriguez says

    wow nice bathroom i would like to have one of those

  108. Hisyammuddin Hashim says

    very nice

  109. Arjo Ghosh says


  110. Clay Gump says

    Perfect for this idiotic Cialis commercials. 

  111. lauren graves says

    i like probley

  112. Tammy LeSane says

    Love, love, love it! How do it get one?

  113. joey tollison says

    When i get married. My wife and i are getting that bathtub (;

  114. Tammy LeSane says

    Ops! Autotype… How do I get one?

  115. Vikrant Seth says

    So sweet

  116. Vikrant Seth says

    So sweet

  117. shashank singh says


  118. Vikrant Seth says

    I want to use with my wife

  119. Violin Kuku says

    Macing ….

  120. terry warners says

    Wow!party tub

  121. Amrit Kafle says

    o, nice

  122. Aaron Brown says

    A bathtub built for two will make one feel more lonely when it is only occupied by one.

  123. Mohamed Faisal says


  124. mohamed asem says


  125. Erin Crawford says

    it looks comforbale and all but, A TUB FOR 2!?!?!? YUK!!!!!!

  126. iqra aliflamra says

    very cool bathroom

  127. Dix Bhatiya says


  128. Nour Alkabani says

    nice warm water and some hot gir

  129. Samarth Dev says


  130. mokhlas yusro santoso says


  131. Zshaan Ansari says


  132. Susan Suarez says

    I wish I liked baths – people enjoy them but they freak me out.  I think it has something to do with sitting in your own dirty water or the water doesn't stay very hot.  Dunno.  But it looks pretty!

  133. Paul Baena says

    I'm pretty sure it would take twice as long as a regular tub to fill up.

  134. Carla Chosa says

    Ugh not cool, y u wanna chill n sum ones ass water??

  135. darkside darkside says

    Wow thats nice

  136. Hernan Toro says

    You should check the ones built for three+.

  137. Jasna ?obovi? says


  138. Mbah Sharon says

    Magnificent luks pretty

  139. Jeff Bermingham says

    yes, please. 

  140. Stephen Sargent says

    It would be fun finding out.

  141. Doug Rogers says

    8 minutes

  142. THOMAS MICHAEL ANTONIO Kunishima says

    Boro, boro.
    Where do you put the kids?

  143. Jaspreet Singh says

    Beautiful…love to be in

  144. Stanley Dietrich says

    Ken, you should! You are showing yours pretty little ones.

  145. Bobby Owens says

    Idk but we can find out! 🙂

  146. kareem samir says

    Wondrful i will have one someday

  147. ashmeed rampersad says

    Good weed +white wine = a nice time

  148. yaw osafo says

    its stupendiuos

  149. Srishti Chopra says

    it looks awesome…!

  150. arief widya brahma putra says

    the right title is how wonderful life would be if we're rich.

  151. oscar theadore bear says

    If it's made of Steel, Yummy.  If not, it loses the heat of the moment too fast.  Ah love.

  152. Dinesh Gadolia says

    nice thing

  153. hani wahab says

    Nice very nice

  154. Chris Van Hoof says

    this down in fayetteville?

  155. Emily Narinsky says

    coooooooool i wanna have that bathtub for myself

  156. mathi vanan says

    haha nice

  157. Karl Knier says

    Not sure looks comfortable

  158. Mary Van Dusen says


  159. xatia gushkashvili says

    wow. daan magaria

  160. Geoff Baker says

    I'm a working man and I have a double massage bath, apart from the male/female fun bit, it's also therapeutic 😉

  161. Patricia Wiley says

    Why not just install a 6 person hot tub and be done with it?

  162. Alali Almaini says


  163. Ihsan Khan says


  164. Guilherme de Campos says

    Wow o/

  165. Luie Hndez says

    I like the idea, I wonder how much would it cost to have one customized? but then again how much would it cost to get a home that would have a bathroom that size? 🙂

  166. pape amadou ba says

    i love you

  167. Terelica Davis says

    Are these really symbols of wealth? Or has the times changed and everything should be looking this way by now?
    As of 2012, every one should be on vacation. If I could only find out who keeps marketing the same old out dated housing models from 1900 – 1976!

    Give the "new power generation" a chance to get past the time periods of old. We would look a whole lot better. Quality of life improvements come from those who learn new things.

  168. Keerthana Priya says

    It's a good idea! I'll take up.

  169. Ryan Shepard says

    Based on estimated volume, nozzle diameter, and standard flow rate…about 9.4 minutes

  170. Umur Devellio?lu says

    If you find the other it wont take much to fill it 🙂

  171. Joe Gleeson says

    Room for all the family

  172. Michael Ireland says

    + Amanda Blain our tub is only slightly smaller and it takes roughly 20 minutes with a normal faucet. My parents' tub is about the same as this one, but they plumbed it with oversized piping so it fills in about 10. Throw some candles around the outside and a bath-bomb in the water, a couple of glasses of wine ……

  173. Dmitri Deke Parker says

    The waste of water is simply scandalous…

  174. lalahhnd schmunk says

    looks wierd you should loes some wieght befor you go in there

  175. Jaan Kaarid says

    kissing toes position

  176. Blaze Dsouza says

    hey amanda it's look g8t……….

  177. Adam Said says

    hy dude nice collt

  178. Emily Broome says


  179. Jim Moore says

    Does it have Jacuzzi jets? THAT would be perfect! I like the style and it only takes just a little more space.

  180. Meganne Oh says

    Ohh nice. Just looking at this makes me feel calm and relaxed…I think it's a sign! Better tell the hubby. =P

  181. Parivartanindia jammu says

    It is just for me and u only…………….Amanda

  182. Evan Maryniuk says

    Hot tub?

  183. omar holder says

    I think that will cause problem in a relationship, like 2 double beds in a room

  184. Roderick Murphy says

    Where you buy one lol

  185. Shane Maroon says

    I would have your legs twitching and twat soaked and i only kissed and touched your cute pie

  186. david pick says

    till its full

  187. david pick says


  188. Leo Spooky says

    Depends on your own volume

  189. AMANDA KIS says


  190. SHIVAN RAMDAS says

    it will take about 3 to 4 hours

  191. James Suresh says


  192. Dian wulandari says

    can i spend the time on it .. :lol

  193. ??? says

    I always think bathtub is such a waste of water..and not as healthy as shower.

  194. Shawn Jacobson says

    That is the best part because the preparation for the best spa day provided by the significant other start with an foot message and end after full body and finish with rose petals and lavender oil floating in the water while stimulating all erogenous zone preferred by that other involved

  195. Rob Vasquez says

    One side for me and other my honey and i be singing move bitch get out the way 🙂

  196. simon igbinoba says

    Yes, it will be nice

  197. David Terpening says

    Oh heck, it looks comfortable enough to use without water, just toss in some pillows and grab a book.

  198. Laura M. Artis says

    I want one 😀 

  199. LAURA MOISE says

    I like this!!!

  200. sunil barot says

    Nice to have demo

  201. Alexis Fuertes says

    Pretty hot!

  202. adrian wilson says

    depends how fat the owners are

  203. Ian Cartwright says

    It would be a bit lonely in there on your own, would take ages to fill, and would  waste a lot of water. For two people it would be fantastic, though.

  204. Tony Hernandez says

    I like it!

  205. Camille Widman says

    that's col.TAKE A BATH WITH A FRIEND

  206. Dennis S says

    A Cialis moment ?

  207. Rene' Ortiz says

    If u like sitting in a soapy pool of ur own filth, sure. I'm a shower person. Give me a good "Rain" shower head with some Steam and a little seat and I'm in heaven! Maybe some music too. Mozart, Tchaikovsky, or Sinatra, Martin.

  208. Nadeeka Jayarathna says


  209. Nia Davis says

    idk about that

  210. Mann Patel says

    such a wonderful 😉

  211. paul crawford says

    very nice tub for two !! probally about 50 to 55 gallons to fill up ..

  212. Dana Garrison says

    I take a bubble bath every nite .. I would love this bathtub!

  213. Bismark Chevalier says

    thats nice

  214. Sherman Greene says

    + Dana Garrison I have one and as great as it looks we don't use it much. Cleaning it is such a hassle!

  215. Roshan Khiani says

    save water…save the planet….

  216. Daphne Sylk says

    Kramer: I just took a bath, Jerry, a bath!
    Jerry: No good?
    Kramer: It's disgusting. I'm sitting there in a tepid pool of my own filth. All kinds of microscopic parasites and organisms having sex all around me.
    From Seinfeld

  217. David Sulewski says

    Wow! Do you have to call a pool company to clean it!

  218. sanjeev badola says

    Wow so beautiful.

  219. Steven Uzzell says

    With the faucet I see, a long time and you would need a lot of hot water.

  220. rylee gorman says


  221. Thesweeperman Scalrog says

    i'm gonna take a wild guess that this bath takes about twice as long to fill as a single one….

  222. jaune hendy says

    Am i friends with you. Google plus is odd

  223. James Milam says

    Why not just get a hot tub

  224. kata turbo says

    exciting at first, unless the banal everyday does not erase all his ardor – would be romantic to spend a few nights in a hotel

  225. sammy mcsnuffles says

    i'm hoping this is for a married couple… 😉

  226. anand kumar says

    Hi very nice

  227. Graci Hicks says

    i agree

  228. Ibrar Yunus says

    One tub for me…One for my duckies!

  229. Varun Shah says


  230. Rahul Hallen says

    of course this is for a Married couple & for lovers also :p 🙂

  231. Zuzana Šev?íková says

    one for me, one for my alter-ego 😀

  232. Layba Zaman says

    oh wow

  233. Alice Threets says

    wow i would have lots of fun with my baby 🙂

  234. Mangas CG says

    Cool, but to much water in there!

  235. Michael Garcia says

    I know they would sell and I would buy obe.

  236. Michael Garcia says


  237. Tio Mozes says

    thats already a pool LOL

  238. Arshad Ali says

    A fat persons dream bath tub, no need to get stuck on the sides

  239. Brandon Robinson says

    Wow. You would have to get up early in the morning to start the evening soak.

  240. Hanuman Jhawar says

    That's pretty big

  241. Michelle Brenneis says

    I want to soak in that

  242. pintu shah says

    fine & beautiful

  243. Emma Rish says

    I want it

  244. Venus Satara says


  245. April Kindred says

    How wonderful I just love it

  246. Raymond Burgart says

    I agree with Venus

  247. Monir Monir khan says

    I like its

  248. Summer Wallace says

    Looks kind of crazy and pointless to me because it's nothing more then a hot tub for two. But an excellent thought of creation for sure.
    ***Note: This Double Bed Tub Isn't Designed for Everyone! OK! LoL

  249. Sohan Thakkar says

    Its worth it…

  250. Soumyajit Sarkar says

    It wud be better if youre one of the users of that tub amanda.

  251. magdy francis bouless samoel says

    not suitable for families but for hotels .

  252. christine anderson says

    Howany water heaters do you have lol

  253. Ohad Gilbert says


  254. Jalal Nasser says

    it doesn't matter how long time, because when set with beauty girl will forget the time to fill it

  255. Navedh Maitraiya says

    a very good trailer 

  256. kay Baisden says

    awww a couple can be in there or a mother and daughter that is paradise

  257. Paul Daulby says

    It takes about a hour coz I had 1 the same an wanted 2 kno an the water gos cold quick aswell

  258. Nehemiah George says

    That's hot!!

  259. Guddu Vijayprakash says


  260. Bea von E says

    Looks quite comfy!!

  261. Jose Bonilla says


  262. Shemika Wynn says


  263. Andrew Cowle says

    I want one!!!

  264. faye simpson says


  265. chipmunk alviani says

    i wanna sleep there

  266. Justin Cook says

    Kinda gross, I cant stand my own used water let alone somebody else.

  267. Justin Cook says

    I would still take it though

  268. Andrea holloway says

    mr grey would be happy

  269. Peter Foti says

    Who cares, that thing looks awesome, do want, do want.

  270. Bobby Tucker says

    You're missing the point.

  271. Thesweeperman Scalrog says

    Problem is if you pee in one half your partner shares it…

  272. Musungu Kent says

    it's worth the wait

  273. Renata Gathings says

    What a wonderful world it you be to have this!!!! lol But do I have to share it? the room itself looks so inviting

  274. Tony Brimberry says

    About10-15 minutes

  275. Neal R. says

    Wonderfully beautiful bathroom but Talk about water conservation… ; D

  276. Amelia Rosario says


  277. ella hathaway says


  278. Grant Lanning says

    its nice, but makes me sad to think i would have no one to share it with.

  279. Towfiqur Rahman says

    for 2? what they will do in there???

  280. kiashemshaki mehrab says


  281. thurman munson says

    A bathtub for two, one for me and one for you!
    Anyone seen the ''Lets get naked'' shower head by James Betz?!
    Totally Cool……or hot, depending on how you look at it.

  282. Mohammad Hasanein says

    Not to much!!!

  283. ashok kamat says


  284. SAYED QASIM says


  285. Nanie Aswad says

    I like it so nice..;)

  286. Vera Wolf says


  287. Shawnetra Bunting says

    Nice bathroom!

  288. Dever Johnson says


  289. Parker Barron says

    dibs on it

  290. billy bob says

    i want that

  291. fattaneh arjmand says

    verry … usefull…

  292. jeff hulgan says

    Nice tub.

  293. Cétacé ? Leniaisage says


  294. Kelly Truong says

    fancy…i like one bath tub for two…hahah

  295. Paul Rissler says

    finally a bathtub where you can stretch

  296. Jason Anderson says

    I would have to say about half hour and a big power bill to boot

  297. Peter O'Brien says

    Wow. Very cool

  298. Athena Brown says


  299. Josh Kowalski says

    The question is who would be worthy to bathe with?

  300. Jacqueline Acosta says

    LOL…It Would be a BLAST for Me!

  301. Qammar Abbas says

    separation in bath also ?

  302. Lillian Mikesell says


  303. Kaitlyn Bradshaw says

    very cool

  304. Michele Burnett says

    I envy the tub. Just pictured using it….ahhhhh, refreshing

  305. Matt Plourd says


  306. Carter Gibson says

    You KNOW if we lived together this would be in our house + Amanda Blain 😉

  307. Abby Kleinman-Eddy says

    daisy, daisy, give me your answer do.
    I'm half crazy, all for my love of you.
    it won't be a stylish marriage,
    i can't afford a carriage,
    but look what i bought
    it cost a lot…

  308. ben eastwood says

    Ugly house… no offence 😛

  309. Angela August says

    Damn id love this

  310. Isaac Clark says

    nice tub i want one some day

  311. Andrew D says

    I'd say 11 minutes.

  312. Paul Daniel says


  313. hand itchy says

    one second,after raining drop.

  314. Sherri Wehde says

    I could just jump right in!!!

  315. Brian VanVreede says

    The size of the faucet is completely undersized for the proportions of that tub. Poor design

  316. emma bosco says

    well this is where you can have "FUN" if thats what u want to call it 🙂

  317. Nuria Madrigal says

    "Let's waste water!" 

  318. antony travis says

    it really depends on how much water is coming out of the taps but that doesn't matter as how much time you could spend relaxing in it.   

  319. Thomas Gehman says


    *Pulls the plug*

  320. fayaz khattak says

    very cool

  321. John Maguire says
  322. Abby Tepper says


  323. nathan kercheval says

    Why would I want weird angles and edges in my tub? If its a bath for two there is not going to be any separation between us

  324. kemo ashraf says

    what a lucky man and woman who would have this
    they would be together  for along time at shower

  325. Wilma Agosto says

    That looks so good and relaxing, who cares how long it takes, it'll feel good afterwards

  326. Oscar Daniel Aguilar says

    hola soy de argentina, me gusta mucho

  327. Jazevox Jazevox says

    i dont mind having that master bathroom, looks relaxing

  328. Maggie Valdivia says

    I'll take one…hmmm… imagine the possibilities…

  329. Justin White says

    I would rather find a tub with Amanda in it

  330. Edward D. Elliott says


  331. Melissa Decker says

    love it

  332. Jake Vasquez says

    So much fun

  333. Brian Rohan says

    A long time, especially if it is being filled by a natural hot spring

  334. Nicolai Sondresen Kvam says


  335. Erika Gonzalez says

    nice!! ;D

  336. Nicolai Sondresen Kvam says

    Beautiful how much does that cost?

  337. Rohit Shukla says

    Wow… may be in future I can afford this… but not the water that will fill it. 

  338. David Baker says

    It's only like filling two bath tubs plus they probably have high water pressure, so I don't think it would take too long to full er up …and with two people getting in that's already less water again..

  339. joe diepenhaar says

    wouldn't a tub for 1 with 2 bodies in it be more fun? 

  340. ???? ???? says


  341. Anndrav Sevatker says

    why open area ledis bathroom

  342. R.Astro Aidho says

    indonesia yes yesssss….

  343. Carol Mckenna says

    Tooooooo long, but worth the wait

  344. Ira Ingram says

    Bathe with a friend you'll not even notice how or when it got filled.

  345. Mark McAllister says

    …about three minutes.

  346. Krish Nani says


  347. massimo marricchi says


  348. francisco antonio losada says


  349. tina wong says

    what if single for a long time, and see this…O(?_?)O

  350. maria wibisana says

    enough to shower with her ??ehmm …

  351. Ebrima sowe says

    o yeah

  352. Chris George says

    I'll light the candles for you.

  353. Dima Tisnek says

    or 3 or 4 or 5 or ….

  354. Dima Tisnek says

    I know who gets left side and who right! one has a pillow and taps are nearby, the other requires nimble footwork!

  355. yaw osafo says


  356. Trinitec Ge says


  357. Shahidmanzoor Manzooramhad says


  358. Shahidmanzoor Manzooramhad says


  359. faye simpson says

    soooooo like it how much is it 

  360. faye simpson says

    lol za

  361. James Suresh says


  362. Andrew Gonzales says

    A tube for two my wife says I would not fit anyways.

  363. Raul Henriquez says

    que rico para relajarse escuchando buena musica .y con el amor de tu vida

  364. elynna chan says

    So relax,better than on a bed.

  365. mohd Anwar says


  366. Refaat Al Haleess says

    very nice

  367. John Hamelin says

    Like next day

  368. John Okula says

    as an owner of a bathtub big enough for two, it is almost as perfect a thing as could be…

  369. Sohail Ahmad says

    more than 30 min without us, less than one min when we r in.

  370. gerhard Funk says

    Hallo Amanda daich kein Bad hab, würd mich freuen mich einzuladen
    das ich mal in die Wanne mit Dir Baden zu können.
    Gruss   Gerhard aus  Germanay

  371. pinakin prajapati says

    wow realy nice 

  372. Delsiree Watson says


  373. Athena Brown says

    wow i would like that

  374. Jean Galdino says

    manheeeeee eu queroooooo!

  375. Isabelle Cardinal says

    This is just pure awesomeness … where is that genie with his 3 wishes?? This is wish no 1 !!!

  376. bhavesh sahu says


  377. Ahmed Salman says

    just your soul is  wonderful & life would be with you better. 🙂

  378. Dinesh Gadolia says

    cool and nice

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