*Lest We Forget – Remembrance Day*


Resharing from last year… 🙂 My grandfather is still Just as Good … A happy healthy 92… He actually returned with the Canadian Gov’t this year to Dieppe, France to visit the beach where so many Canadians died…. He enjoys reading what people post here on Gplus about this topic. (Yeah he uses the internet pretty good)

I am proud to see it trend here on GPlus (especially after the recent election division in the USA) and am glad people around the world remember so many people who sacrificed for our freedoms.

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Reshared post from +Amanda Blain

This is my Grandfather. He is 91 Years old. He still lives on his own and was seen lately fixing the windows in his house, chopping wood and using email to talk to countless people around the world.

He survived Dieppe in France and Years in a World War 2 Prisoner of War camp in Lamsdorf, Germany. His hands were roped and chained from morning to night for over a year. But he Survived. Countless others he fought and lived beside never did. I’ve lived my life growing up hearing his tales and have huge respect for those who died and lived to make sure we have the freedoms we do today.

I hope you remember too. ♥ you Papa and Thank You.
#remembranceday    #VeteransDay #Remember

Please feel free to share this…. this is what Nov 11th Is about.

*Lest We Forget - Remembrance Day*

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  1. Sonja Meacham says

    God Bless him, I am sure he is an inpiration.  we can learn a lot from wisdom.  dont let that pass you by.  he will not always be here.

  2. Lacerant Plainer says

    Inspiring story. Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Ron Wise says

    From one veteran to another, thank you, sir, for your service.

  4. Teresa Medina says

    youre lucky to have him must  be proud of him

  5. Robert Eddy says

    Great man. hes gotta be very proud to have served a great country

  6. John Mitchell says

    Thank you for sharing + Amanda Blain !

  7. Bob Bergerson says

    may god bless him for ever he is a hero a true living hero i salute him and you for sharing

  8. Robert Eddy says

    this man looks like he can get stuff done. even at his age. god bless

  9. D.D. Davis says

    Thank you to all that serve.

  10. Tim Rice says

    God bless the military. They protect or freedom even when people use that freedom to bash them. By the way your Grandpa looks like a boss with all those medals.

  11. Sonja Meacham says

    Yes I agree, defending freedom is something that each one of us can do on our home front, but to those who put their life on the line for their country , their fellow man….they are our true heros

  12. Helene Torrinha says

    I respect and admire your Grandfather, but if soldiers don't exist war don't exist to! They make the war and at the end they are also who suffer the most!

  13. maria aguilar says

    thank you amanda iam thin the same this veteran dayglory

  14. Dela Cruz Patrick says


  15. Dela Cruz Patrick says

    HE LOOKS familiar

  16. Gunther Bravatti says

    Spanish and italiano

  17. robert meunier says

    Thank you Amanda for highlighting this great man.

  18. Ashutosh Misra says

    Looks like my Grand Father(no more with us)

  19. Dean Montague says

    You continue to fight every day you get up and accept those challenges in front of you until it's time to pass the flag to others. Keep charging soldier!!!!!

  20. Allen Kimble, Jr says

    I have the greatest admiration for your grandfather Amanda.  I would love to spend several hours asking him questions.

  21. Bill Ryan says

    God bless them all… 

    In Flanders fields the poppies blow
          Between the crosses, row on row,
       That mark our place; and in the sky
       The larks, still bravely singing, fly
    Scarce heard amid the guns below.

    We are the Dead. Short days ago
    We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
       Loved and were loved, and now we lie
             In Flanders fields.

    Take up our quarrel with the foe:
    To you from failing hands we throw
       The torch; be yours to hold it high.
       If ye break faith with us who die
    We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
             In Flanders fields.

  22. Ataullah Siddiqui says

    Nice to learn about  your grandfather. Good evening.

  23. Tonny Be says

    Be happy hes still who he is, I spend most of my days taking care of my 80 year old grandmother, deservedly so, but still.. it'd be nice to have her how she was, ya know? If for nothing more than her own sake.

  24. Lovance Joseph Johnson Jr. says

    that what a Vet, look like shsh make me one

  25. Amoroso Ilbeyg says

    He and I are always happy to say hello to healthy and sustainable peace in the world is now. Hoping health

  26. Ananda Sim says

    I wish him well and tell him I said hello with some music

  27. Trey Collier says

    I'm so grateful for the peeps like your Grand Father!    They are truly the greatest generation!      Tell him thanks!  😛

  28. zakir rangrej says


  29. Augustine Iniodu says

    Only the fittest by grace of God lives in good health as your Grand Father. Cheers!

  30. Amoroso Ilbeyg says

    Hoping for peace in the world

  31. Mark Statham says

    I would like to say thankyou to those great diggers who sacrificed there lives to fight for their country and lost their live so long ago and for those men and women who are fighting the wars today thankyou and lest we forget

  32. Khalifa Ali says

    Whit out old no live and now freedom,hope oll healthy

  33. devendra mishra says

    supper thats amazing..even my grandfather lasted for 93 years..just passed last year…old is always gold

  34. Thomas Hofmann says

    Cool and strong guy

  35. dany sebastiao says

    he is tired … he needs a VODKA

  36. Alliy Seyid says

    old soldier never die.

  37. 张子成 says


  38. Tauseef Ahmed says

    soldiers are strong and brave mostly come out of blood bath and live longrer

  39. Jonathan Moore says

    I salute our boys and girls in uniform. You guys are #awesome!

  40. tha mer says

     Veterans are the pride and history of the United peoples who love peace

  41. zeus cronus says

    I am forever in debt papa,I promise 2 use my life to the good of our nation.zawadi from zambia

  42. tha mer says

    I am the man who wants to get closer to God than we who decide Karma love and be good people. Not evil in the earth Cultivate love among people everywhere find yourself whom I love America so picking the fruits of good living among its people.I'm from Iraq like the memory of veterans

  43. Stefan Corchie says


  44. Ararsa Abdeta says

    openly done
    i miss you

  45. Nia VJ says

    Amanda send my regards to your grandfather…God bless!

  46. Vinay Chaudhary says

    hi i,m vinay i also love my grand paa.. but he is no more.. i,m from india

  47. Robert Quick says

    Your lucky to have such a wonderful Grandfather , more power to him, He gives me Inspiration , I to am a veteran of the Vietnam War say thank you for me his generation gave my generation freedom and so every man must do their part for those behind him ,PEACE

  48. jackson w. njeri says

    i do salute your Grand pa and all those thousands out there or under the earth who surely did the greatest sacrifice of their lives for the sake of our today's freedom. and also not to forget the MAU MAU.

  49. Michele Griffin says

    I SAY THANK YOU TO ALL WHO DIED  AND ALL WHO LIVED THAT SERVED IN WAR!!!!!!The torment,pain,and all the ridicule they had to suffer just so we could be where we are today.You'll always have my respect.My father Thomas A.Griffin served in Vietnam War he was solid and fought hard core combat.Setting bombs and witnessing the unimaginable,Not knowing he would make through to tell his children why their here today.I LOVE YOU DAD!

  50. chalmers thain says

    that  great    to   hear   that

  51. Med Larbi Dkhili says

    que Dieu te garde ton grand pere pour qu' il reste comme temoin du prix de la liberte

  52. john hancock says

    Well Respected Thank you Freedom

  53. monmonu yunus says

    i wish him many more years in life with good health

  54. ahmed bentaik says

    longue vie et bonne santé

  55. Adrian Martin says

    Thanks for sharing this, + Amanda Blain …all due respect.

  56. Michael Coles says

    thankyou to your grandfather for his service to his country and for you sharing this and his incrediable story of survival to live and his will to triumph through all his hardship through war,, happy veterans day to him…i am also a veteran here in the U.S. and i thank him for standing up for his country and fellow country men …he sounds like a awesome grandfather and man..i applaud his bravery and courage ..god bless him and you.   : )

  57. Hiroshi Hasebe says

    I pay tribute to the U.S. war effort and pride as his employee.
    Now, I pray that you fall asleep peacefully Naru just plain.

  58. chalmers thain says


  59. sanmi aringbangba says


  60. Dedi Hermanto Sukses says

    Heroes people…

  61. maria belen teran erreyes says

    oooh , this is a real hero and fighther

  62. Ethan Lauridsen says

    i give you thanks hero



  64. nobert chemweno says


  65. emerson rosa says


  66. Martin Bennett says

    Thanks for sharing + Amanda Blain. Like many others, I took a minute at 11:00 to think in silence of my grandfather and what he wrote about in his field cards. And to remember relatives and others who served or were affected by war.

  67. Alan Rimkeit says

    Huge props to all war vets.  Thanks for sharing the story Amanda.  Your grandfather sounds like an impressive man.  All of my relatives that were vets have past from this world.  But both my grand fathers served in WWII.

  68. Nelson Kiogora says

    Respect to the old man and to you Amanda for keeping alive his thoughts, wishes and ambitions.My grandfather too served as a WWII VET.So big Up to both of you.

  69. emerson rosa says

    Meu avô,que não cheguei a conhece-lo viveu seus 104 anos de vida.parabens ao seu pai

  70. Manav Sharma says

    he is really brave heart……..

  71. Sagar Bhatt says

    i salute to a great soldier…

  72. fazle qadir says

    dear miss ur lucky having grandfather, i lost….

  73. Rico A. Rico says

    one of the world's heroes that must be remembered toll the next coming 100 generations

  74. Karim Zouhir says

    My grandfother Zouhir 82 years old has paticipated in the second world war with french army …when he returned home he spent all his time taking care off his olive trees and his old house he always told us about the terror he hit wile smoking his brown pipe peacefully he lived and left us 4 years ago god bless all of them

  75. amanda rushlow says

    he must be old

  76. scott barnes says

    God Bless Him,A Nobleman,Nobleminded,Goverend by his own will:Selfwilled

  77. Morry Vogt says

    God Bless!

  78. Hasan Sami Tasman says

    Toute ma gratitude. J'habite en France. Dites lui : quand je passe sur les côtes de débquements, je passe voir tout les soldats inconnus mais combattus pour la liberté. Je leur remercie. Merci encore.

  79. scott barnes says

    God Bless Him,A self minded,self willed,self made,noble minded,a nobleman. Governed by his own will,Courage,Heart,Determinist.

  80. Muhammad Fahmin A Aziz says

    reminds me of a quote from the Disney-Pixar's "The Incredibles"
    ".. that's old school"
    "…no school like the old school.."
    ..always the best in terms of inspiration & examples..

  81. Jason Connaughton says

    He reminds me of my grandfather, who also served in WWII but was never willing to talk about it with any of us. He'd only talk about the places he'd been and sing army songs for us (slightly inappropriate ones, if we were lucky).

  82. Marie Russell-Barker says

    My Grandfathers both have passed on I did not know My fathers, father my mom and dad got a divorce when I was a young child my mothers father, lived in Mississippi and passed before I could get to know him better.  We called him daddy Joe, his name was Joseph.  as a child I missed out on having grand parents and all ways wished I had one.  We can not always have the thing we want out of life.

  83. scott barnes says

    A man of character,a quality in understanding in principles of human nature:Noble minded,Wisdom in a manner in Governing his own will,self willed,self made. Noble deeds of courage,heart,bravery,dignity of mind.

  84. Ararsa Abdeta says

    childish looking man

  85. Walter Di Meo says

    + Amanda Blain My compliments,Also for the many medals for military



  87. Talan Sutton says

    My grandfather was a Spitfire squadron leader Wing Commander then Lieut. Gen.

  88. Talan Sutton says

    Rest in peace family Stanley Piesik Royal Air Force Spitfire squadron leader 1921-2005

  89. Walter Di Meo says

    + Amanda Blain Goodmorning,Lady Amanda from Peter Pan(up
    and down on the web).Also on G+,

  90. Jimoh Qudri says


  91. Talan Sutton says

    My grandfather was in the Royal Air Force and World War II Spitfire Fi commander He swim across Lake Muskoka In His last summer with us 1921-2005

  92. Talan Sutton says

    Stanley Piesik Grandfather of Talan Sutton -Piesik and Stephanie Sutton Linguist Man of knowledge Noble Born 1921 Spitfire squadron leader Fleet Commander And Protector of humanity Your Memory should be cherished above Without true man like my grandfather where would we be today Certainly not in a row the peace and freedom In which we have Today It's from their sacrifices Never let us forget So we may never repeat the same mistakes again

  93. jackson w. njeri says

    Amanda, kindly grand pa that we would be more happier to have in print, soft, hard but some records. the memoirs shall be read by our kids and all generations to come shall know that there was struggle for the good things we are enjoying today.

  94. Lakshan Fernando says

    replay me

  95. maria belen teran erreyes says


  96. Валерий Филоненко says

    I'am only 63 years. My father and my mother born 1925, as well as the parents of my wife. My mother, my wife’s father and mother were deported to Germany during the years of the Second World War. There were in the concentration camps. They are not alive today. From their stories I still remember that.
    Honor and respect to Your grandfather . 
    Wish him a cheerful spirit and not get sick.

  97. Валерий Филоненко says

    I'am only 63 years. My father and my mother born 1925, as well as the parents of my wife. My mother, my wife’s father and mother were deported to Germany during the years of the Second World War. There were in the concentration camps. They are not alive today. From their stories I still remember that.
    Honor and respect to Your grandfather . 
    Wish him a cheerful spirit and not get sick.

  98. ĐÀI ĐỖ says

    You are happy- very happy, b/c everyday you can see and talk with your Grandfather.
    Honor your Grand! Wish him always smile everymorning!

  99. ganie jafer says

    u r looking too nice jaferkashmeri

  100. Daniel Smith says

    Its ur Husband

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