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Do you believe in aliens?

Nice quiet full moonish night out, got me looking up and thinking. So internet, do you believe in UFO’s, crop circles or other beings from space?

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Amanda Blain

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  • I believe there is something out there, but I just don't think its really been found yet.

  • well I  believe all crop circles are hand made, as i've seen people do it, UFO's are usually military experiments but i do believe there has to be other beings out there somewhere! 

  • Yes about us not being alone, but the universe is a mighty big place so I don't really know what to think of UFOs. As for crop circles, they are almost certainly man made.

  • that is an awesome design.  I often wonder if there is other life in the universe (I am geek so I mean its par for the course) and if there is why do they waste time doing field art.

  • Yeah I do. I would hate to think of the MilkyWay
    without any life when we're gone ???

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