1. Todd Faucett says

    The real question is, do you ever sleep?

  2. Hannah McNeil says

    Good morning! hugs

  3. David Kasiniak says

    I have a solution for that……sleep in.

  4. Mario Aguilar says

    Good morning

  5. Pierre Punish says

    bonjour a tous

  6. shawn deena says

    well said

  7. Bruce Garber says

    I'm a morning person + Amanda Blain . Get R Done early is my motto.

  8. Lizzy Thompson says


  9. Amanda Blain says

    + Todd Faucett not really 🙂

    + David Kasiniak *eye roll* 😛

  10. Mario Aguilar says

    Waking up to the beautiful sounds of the ghetto bird. Native bird of south central

  11. Josh Peckham says

    I was wonder same thing as + Todd Faucett how do you do it?

  12. Todd Faucett says

    + Amanda Blain so when would your morning actually start then if you don't sleep? I think it may be too early to ask a question like that…

  13. masoud z says

    this idea is good

  14. ronashia cobia says

    i know thts right

  15. Sherry MT says

    Me too!

  16. ?? says


  17. Amanda Blain says

    + Todd Faucett …. what you say? …. Coffee.

  18. Hannah McNeil says

    Hahahaha + Amanda Blain

  19. ahmet altürk says

    sorry i can not enter this room how i will enter can you help me please 🙁

  20. Dawn Haynes-Grimes says

    I second that!!

  21. Lizzy Thompson says

    add me amanda blain please

  22. Harwant Kaur Chhachhia says

    I am a morning person. However late I may sleep up at the dot of 6 or 6.30am and enjoy the subdued light and a little silence that a busy city like Bombay can offer.

  23. Mario Aguilar says

    + Amanda Blain has no love for us ghetto children. 🙂 add me

  24. Hanley Wilcoxen says

    I go to sleep late, I wake up late, I feel amazing. I use the same hours and attempt to get to bed nice and early and wake up early and I feel horrible. Figure THAT out.

  25. Amanda Blain says

    G+ does not require you to 'add people' to interact with them.. So posting like that is kinda frowned upon… "add me" = "SPAM ME"

  26. syed quamrul Ahsan says


  27. Lizzy Thompson says

    add me please amanda blain love you

  28. Mario Aguilar says

    + Amanda Blain 🙁 I guess I was right no love

  29. Todd Faucett says

    I'm not sure what is worse…. people that say "Add me!" or people that ask for "Re-tweets" on Twitter.

  30. Emily Powell says

    not really. just go ahead and get morning over with

  31. Régis Millet says

    I agree! 🙂 By the way, it will be a good afternoon for me. 😉

  32. Jeremiah Payne says

    Morning is when you wake up,

  33. Donnie Strompf says

    Absolutely zzzzz

  34. Aaron Brown says

    Fewer words have been spoken true.

  35. Tazul Islam says

    You r right

  36. bella chiaravalle says

    so right!!!

  37. jennifer white says

    i guess

  38. mohamad masoumi says

    good morning to u , but in my side it is 1800 pm

  39. Hanley Wilcoxen says

    oh, that's cool – how is the rest of the day going to be for us?

  40. Mark C says

    Mornings are the disease and coffee is the cure

  41. bittersweet chameleon says

    love it!

  42. zubair saeed says


  43. Zoey Canfield says

    welcome to the morning hater club buddy.

  44. miguel mesias-acosta says


  45. Samia Elsaid says

    + Amanda Blain ,who wouldn t?guess all of us around the globe deeply would

  46. Bobby Cruz says

    Pull down the shades, set alarm late and sleep away

  47. Peter Santana says

    So would i !! ( fits me like a glove, great one )

  48. Tuan Nguyen says

    Ah… best way to deal with it is to just close your eyes and accept morning as morning is.
    – knockoff Tolle

  49. Peter Morris says

    Put your clock back 2 hours. lol : )

  50. Abhijeet Singh says

    Me too

  51. Anna Gilmore says

    Very true

  52. ????? ????? says

    i'd like mornings better if they started by my honey…

  53. Victor Salcido says

    I would have to say the same… Wait its10:30….

  54. Mackenzie Critz says


  55. Lonica Even says

    Omg so true

  56. Alka Jadhav says

    I don't agree, but I liked it

  57. Jodi Kann says

    I totally agree

  58. Kevin Rubin says

    I've always said mornings are best either slept through, or stayed up for.

  59. annamarie hall says


  60. Alice Sowa says

    so true. 🙂

  61. Kenza Bouzerma says

    True story haha

  62. Jodi Kann says

    Wat the heck that has nothing to do with this

  63. Jay Douken says

    but you would hate night

  64. Ariana Kimbrough says

    haha thats a good joke

  65. Joseph Kelso says

    Then you would be sleeping the day away so in this case i disagree, a nice mocha latte from Starbucks may be a great incentive to wake up earlier compared to an handful of other options.

  66. Nicholas Widener says

    Wish that was true

  67. King Cash says

    Here my number 🙂 513-6966666

  68. Kiana Coldrick says

    like? I'd LOVE IT

  69. Ariana Kimbrough says

    haha good one

  70. Ariana Kimbrough says


  71. Tina Sani says

    nice thought 😉

  72. Karsyn Young says

    So true

  73. Maeve Caraballo says

    I'd be on top of the world.

  74. autumn phillips says

    Omg yes lol

  75. avantika agiwal says

    i agry it

  76. Nicola Easton says

    i lv when i start later when i am @ college

  77. cLemon o.o says

    yes yes yawn

  78. Jovan Vari says

    (((.::*You read my mind, Amanda*::.)))

  79. Maggie Barnes says

    definately yes!

  80. Kimberly mattia says

    haha me too.

  81. Mike Maksymik says

    hear ye, hear ye !!

  82. ElMarie Burkhead says

    That a great idea!ill have to use that sometime!

  83. Chandreeka Groodoyal says

    same here

  84. Paige Dolich says

    True, so very true

  85. Salka Naushad says

    wah goodd

  86. Dustin Harwood says

    That's not exactly how time works. Morning happens at the same time , every day, regardless.

  87. Lindsey Salzman says

    mee to

  88. adrienne teed says

    i would definitly like mornings if school started later:p

  89. robbie watson says

    as i always wanted it to be

  90. Dana Garcia says

    i agree

  91. Jane Flowers says

    yeah like 3-5 hours later would work for me

  92. elisa chang says


  93. Mike Maksymik says

    Yes, mornings…it's really a 4 letter word…

  94. ??? says


  95. Ronald Stepp says

    I'd like Mondays better if they started on Friday.

  96. Karen Crawford says

    yes Morning is a for letter word

  97. jon maxwell says

    i would to

  98. Abbey Kitty says

    lets fuck i wann a fck

  99. meggen ducusin says

    haha! my mornings are!

  100. JP Smit says

    here kitty kitty

  101. Nicholas Woodworth says

    I agree. Mornings start way too early!

  102. Tracy Ndhlovu says

    yea that will be much better

  103. Brandy Sullivan says


  104. Aamir Hussain says


  105. Braelyn Brewer says

    tell me bout it

  106. Aysa Westrum says

    me 2

  107. Bobbi Jo Woods says

    Amen. S'why I get up at the crack o' noon most days ;P

  108. stewart lum says

    If only it would be great

  109. Lina Arlina says

    Morning here, Amanda… Nearly weekend, nice to know you. Hugs

  110. wana francis says

    hai .

  111. Stephanie Nix says

    Ain't that the truth! 🙂

  112. Andrew D says

    I agree to that!
    Im not the morning guy but I can't avoid it, duty calls at about 5:25am.
    I got it!
    "I'd like my job better, if it never existed !"

  113. Debbie Doglady says

    For sure! ?

  114. Daryl Webb says

    Completely agree

  115. Jasmine Pruett says

    That would be wonderful!

  116. Lilibeth Galvez says


  117. priyal patel says

    then their wouldn't be a longer day

  118. priyal patel says

    you could make the morning as late as u want it

  119. Ana Simms says

    that would be so cool we have to wake up at 5:30 am i wish it would start at 8:00 am

  120. Shaheem Murphy says


  121. Keerthana Gopal says


  122. JK Sharif says

    I know someone would love this +*****

  123. Elinor Atkins says


  124. katie Calandra says

    more like 9:00 am

  125. Niyah Shorts says

    yea me tooooo

  126. Elisa amiran says

    Really true

  127. John Batty says

    Love Garfield.One of his best.

  128. Tori Carter-Johnston says

    that is soooooo true i hate mornings! Expecially mondays but its SUMMER so no more waking up early!

  129. Lokigen Mahoney says

    Agreed, it's way to early to wake up that early~XD

  130. Yadial Ketema says

    But it wouldn't be morning anymore. :/

  131. Noor Ovais says

    me 2

  132. etilib abdelhafiz says

    u mean like 2:00 noon if its around this time i always start it !

  133. Karen Ann Mauck says

    I hear that!

  134. awni abutair says

    it not every time

  135. Kesheene Rae Revilleza says


  136. Tyler Yelverton says

    We don't hate Mondays because they are Mondays.
    We just hate getting back to work and school.
    So no matter what day we start the week, it will be the same

  137. Marisol Gutierrez Gonzalez says

    You are very right + Tyler Yelverton. For the first time I completely agree with a stranger. Haha…

  138. Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder says

    There should be 48 hours in a day… But coffee surely picks us up at the morning stage!

  139. Meadow Etheridge says


  140. Anusha Jain says

    i agree i wish that morning would start later so i could go to school later!!

  141. Alicia Wilson says

    Could't agree more!!

  142. Adam Eshel says

    yes, yes,yes, XD

  143. Deni Newman says

    couldnt agree more!

  144. Micki Zalatimo says

    like 11oclock

  145. Osaso Ighodaro says


  146. Lexis Mckay says

    True, i would be happier person

  147. Hansotto Kristiansen says

    Ew! More Instagram-like filters!

  148. Devanshi Shah says


  149. Sophie Church says

    then it wouldnt be morning lol

  150. Yahaira Ramos says

    U & me,both!!

  151. Rahul Vakil says

    This goes right for me

  152. Myra Follese says

    depends on situation….

  153. Drbanamalinath Nath says

    good night

  154. Drbanamalinath Nath says

    advaced good morning

  155. Paul Gorsuch says

    Late Saturday A.M.?

  156. tiri lak says

    if it will start late you will say i want that it start later

  157. Christie Davison says

    Haha too true x

  158. Kim Lakeside says

    So true :))

  159. Sarika Chandran says

    I agree!!

  160. Majid Dehghan says


  161. ??? ??? says

    Hi everyone

  162. jasmine Rice says


  163. alyssa gonzalez says


  164. ??? ??? says

    Hi everyone

  165. Zoey Borrelli says


  166. MiKayla Pennings says

    True dat!

  167. Aurelio ARIAS SANTANA says

    oh yes, yes , entiendo k hoy vas a viajar mucho.
    comprension he no hablo ingles

  168. Natasha Ornelas says

    Hell ya

  169. Crystal Veidt says

    oh!yeah i agree with this.
    i'm a night person,sometimes an all nighter.

  170. Angie Pike says

    NO KIDDING! My morning starts way to early

  171. Anil Sharma says

    good one angie

  172. Gabriel borrajo lopez says

    I am so dense today……………..but is friday ¡Jupppppppiiii!
    Be furiously happy

  173. Domingo Campos says

    Amanda donde estas

  174. Mary Byrd says

    What is a damn' morning?!

  175. Siphyr Lurzul says

    My morning just started.
    1pm, just the way I like it.

  176. Rohith Prasad says

    hi good morning

  177. Pundluk Jangle says


  178. Steve Ledford says

    thank you very much

  179. Kara Crudup says

    in wat you mean

  180. savanna groza says

    so true x)

  181. elizabeth allen says

    thats me totolly

  182. Pamela Johnson says

    Mine stars 11am everyday (lol)

  183. kaykay semi says


  184. noel carbone says

    ya i wish that too

  185. Sasha Rodriguez says

    Me too!!

  186. whitney hires says

    i would too they just dont :]

  187. TAYLOR PUMFORD says


  188. dhiren sony says

    Good one

  189. Taimi Krys says

    everyone in my office knows this to be true about me! 😀

  190. Melissa Zengin says

    Hate mornings

  191. Justin White says


  192. Sophie Handford says

    i luv mornings!!

  193. Laura Regan says

    uhh….HECK YEAH

  194. Jennifer Hutcherson says

    NO DUH

  195. karl kost says


  196. Jami Baker says

    around NOON! haha!

  197. Lili Ardian says

    uhhh ya, not a fan of mornings until multiple cups of caffeine and or morning protein shakes

  198. Elianna Benhamu says

    for sureeee!

  199. Arisa Parr-Whalley says


  200. shreya chakrabarty says

    ssly….mornings r vry early!!

  201. cassidy eneix says

    lol true

  202. Tara Eby says

    Defenitly! <– pretty sure i spelled that wrong >-<

  203. Cristina Berlinschi says

    so true

  204. kid ockenga says


  205. Ryan Rodgers says


  206. mason joe says

    everybody wishes that

  207. tracy bernotas says

    How true amanda…….

  208. eylen bermudez says

    true, man

  209. Bobby Asklo says

    Afternoons can be good and the nights eve better. End of the day a day full of satisfaction to the heart

  210. Marissa Clements says

    agreeded, i <3 sleeping in… 🙂

  211. Brett Bjornsen says

    the planets rotation needs a snooze button

  212. alex barrera says

    we need to stop the world at some point bcuz im so tired of waking up

  213. Saquib Akhtar says

    true.. we shall be start calling it MOuRNING soon..

  214. abby welsh says



    i knw right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. James Cannon says

    Seriously 🙂

  217. cora field says

    oh how true!!!!!!!!

  218. Giuliano Penichet Orsi says

    Who disagrees?

  219. Sopheii Taylor says

    i disagree

  220. Jez Hopkins says

    No if you work nights

  221. arturo montes de oca says


  222. ayush agra says

    Every one same view

  223. Jill Van Ersvelde says

    I sure that is the same for everyone

  224. vishnu nayak says


  225. muhammad sheeraz says


    Overall rating

  226. suchi kumari says

    Amanda Blain
    Very good morning & good day

  227. Craig Miller says

    I agree completely,
    I am not a morning person

  228. naveen rawat says

    hello dear

  229. nazish khan says

    good morning…

  230. Craig Miller says

    I'm doing some travel and work in California lately
    Which is 2 hours later than the midwest, Where
    I have traveled most of my life

    I told my mom, I have been on WEST COAST
    TIME my whole life. I just NEVER KNEW IT!

  231. Armando Rodriguez says

    Night of course best time to relax and enjoy a good cold brew and SlEEp

  232. Aziz Hamdan says

    I like other things to begin later!

  233. Rakesh Kapoor says

    hiiiiiii frends

  234. olivier yao says

    très bon ( so good )

  235. rp sharma says

    Hi dear friend

  236. Dominic Mazwi says

    toil the rest of d day then remember to sleep early
    make it a principle to get in bed before 10

  237. Katy Morgan says


  238. ??? says

    ?? ??…….
    ??? ??????….

  239. pat haggart says


  240. Mackenzie Critz says

    amen sister

  241. Armen Meltzer says

    i'm here

  242. Mickey Martinez says

    me to

  243. Christian Clarke says

    Me too!! Much later!!

  244. Mike Maksymik says

    are mornings even mandatory??

  245. Midhin Jacob says

    i lyk u

  246. Noreen Qayam says

    And that's EXACTLY what I said to eb today…x_X

  247. Melese Bekele says

    you need extra rest due to your sleepless night.

  248. Victor Salcido says

    That's true, but it's thrown out the window when it's time 4 wurk

  249. Valerie Rodgiguez says



    thanks my Chhieald

  251. Victor Salcido says

    What's that supposed to mean?

  252. zubair saeed says


  253. KRYSTIAN BIER? says


  254. wewe hidayat says

    selamat pagi.

  255. ravi SHANKAR says

    in my case they never started early 🙁

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