1. kowski ralf says


  2. Ryan Rodgers says

    I believe there is something out there, but I just don't think its really been found yet.

  3. Bardia Shahrestani says

    I need to see them myself….

  4. Ed Benson says

    well I  believe all crop circles are hand made, as i've seen people do it, UFO's are usually military experiments but i do believe there has to be other beings out there somewhere! 

  5. Suhail Manzoor says

    Yes about us not being alone, but the universe is a mighty big place so I don't really know what to think of UFOs. As for crop circles, they are almost certainly man made.

  6. Václav Pavlín says

    No way…….they aren't here…they are..I know a lot of them:D

  7. Bardia Shahrestani says

    + Ed Benson Why the military would want to make these crops????

  8. Jay Flemming says

    that is an awesome design.  I often wonder if there is other life in the universe (I am geek so I mean its par for the course) and if there is why do they waste time doing field art.

  9. Ben Diaz says

    I believe there is something out there.

  10. Ivo Bozic says

    Aliens are like god .. unless i see it .. i won't believe they exist

  11. David McDermott says

    Yeah I do. I would hate to think of the MilkyWay
    without any life when we're gone ???

  12. Willson Lee says

    Here, watch that video, not sure if that will mean anything.
    Disclosure Project…draw your own conclusions.


  13. ilayda alizadeh says

    i don't believe.all r hand made

  14. Kenta Kenta says

    Before the pure argument on an extraterrestrial life, we experienced too much much false science. 

  15. Rene BERNHARD says

    I believe in alien lifeforms but I don't believe that they have the abilities to "visit" us.

  16. Suhail Manzoor says

    + Jay Flemming , perhaps spray painting an up and coming planet is cool in our neck of the woods 😉 

  17. Michael Holodynski says

    Definitely. There are more stars (not planets) out there than sand grains on earth. Simple statistical calculation.

    On the other hand, the distance between our stars are really huge. This makes it doubtful if we ever hear from other civilizations. (And if we do, how long has the message been on it's way?)

  18. peetala swarna Kumar says

    no aliens………..

  19. Francesco Zappone says

    Penso che dio sia troppo piccolo se in tutto l'universo ha creato solo noi. Credo che in miliardi di galassie ci siano miliardi e miliardi di altri esseri viventi.

  20. Ed Benson says

    + Bardia Shahrestani  i meant that the UFO's are military planes, not responsible for the crop circles 🙂  Crop circles where basically started by two guys who had been in the pub and thought it would be funny!

  21. Sagar Kale says

    i've had a heavy doubt since a long time 😉

  22. Stephen Griffin says

    If we are here there has to be Sumer out there.

  23. sajjad heydari says

    Impressive .

  24. hendra poerwita says

    I doubt it…

  25. Stefan Van Theemsche says

    While I believe in aliens I don't think that aliens necessarily are behind crop circles etc. I also think that for most UFO's there's a very logical explanation.

  26. Bardia Shahrestani says

    + Ed Benson Hahaha…nice one

  27. William Mims says

    an open-ended question as stated…
    simple answer… yes, it is a big universe, and is unlikely to be so "empty" that there is no one else "out-there" to share it with.

  28. Chuck Wade says

    I believe there very maybe other beings that exist, we may not get a chance to meet them or maybe they've come & gone. Depending on your philosophical or religious leanings, the idea of angels & demons would certainly lend themselves to the concepts of aliens. We haven't even started about various myths around the world concerning otherworldly beings. Like Mulder, I want to believe.

  29. Luis Martínez Alted says

    Sólo es Celta una cruz una enseña Druida.

  30. Tr??ng Gia T?p ?oàn says

    wao !! great ^^

  31. clifford bean says

    Well the internet cannot think. Therefore you would be asking those who control the internet and that would be the government. Does the government believe in UFO's, well we all have most likely heard or heard about the stories that come to us from the so called Area-51. Now the question is, Amanda, do you believe those stories? If you believe them then that would be a yes, but if you don't then the answer is no. think about it.

  32. Norbert J. says

    other beings: yes – the rest: nope.

  33. Bryon Carter says

    The internet has you + clifford bean …

  34. Nicola Cairncross says

    That is quite lovely – man made or not! Poor farmer though (unless he's charging to view!)

  35. Jordan Gill says

    I believe in people being high and completely wasted at the same time that believe Butterflies are aggressive crocodiles with wings!

  36. Manisha Sharma says

    so beautyful

  37. Willson Lee says

    there are several governments out there that have declassified their UFO archive for public disclosure, including the British MoD.


    Last I read, several other government have followed suit but not the U.S. Almost every single news source you watch will have stupid reporters dismissing the issue and mock the incident, up to and including the Phoenix Lights, where the governor who made a public statement denying what people saw, though he later retracted his statement.

  38. Bryon Carter says

    Do the aliens in question need to be sentient, or can they be amoebas, bacteria, et cetera?

  39. Jane Emmerson says

    i am an alien =)

  40. Ray Ray says


  41. darshan kuwar says

    hmm..i did'nt see them .so i doesn't belive them…

  42. nordin pumbaya says

    i believe there are alien life forms out there but they are probably just like fish and plants.. something that we may need for survival when and if we ever decided to go there!

  43. Willson Lee says

    I don't see air, so air must not exists, nice one guys, very nice.

  44. Ray Ray says


  45. Moe Hassan says

    I believe we are not alone in this universe. I just don't believe aliens are  like what we think them to be, grey skin big round eyes. They could be more advanced humans.

  46. jon paudel says


  47. nordin pumbaya says

    as for crop circles… they were hoax… i saw a picture of those responsible.. tiny men with big heads and huge eyes, thin arms and legs.. they didn't use lasers they just used lawn mowers!

  48. Stefan Van Theemsche says

    about governments not wanting to disclose the "truth": governments are made up of people, people don't like to admit they're clueless hence governments don't like to admit they're clueless as they would lose face and might cause unrest. Plus this way they keep the tin foil hat people in check 😉

  49. Bo Maryniuk says

    + Stefan Van Theemsche This is best explanation though:  http://9gag.com/gag/2851890 🙂

  50. Willson Lee says


    I'm assuming no one clicked on the link before, but here's a different one. Witnesses from all backgrounds with valid credentials on the topic of UFO. If there are any rebuttals, it should probably be directed at these witnesses.

  51. rachmat aditiya says

    all of you must see: Iron Sky
    then you will know who is alien :p

  52. Mesa Kimya says


  53. nordin pumbaya says

    or maybe crop circles were made by corporations wanting to scare farmers who are anti GMO's… you see they can modify plant genes in such a way that once you plant their seeds they can bend or behave in some patterns at a pre determined time!

  54. Bo Maryniuk says

    Guys, this all doing these trolling Russians after midnight vodka intake. They're just looking for path back to home. Relax. 🙂

  55. Stefan Van Theemsche says

    + nordin pumbaya  That would mean sentient plants as they would have to know how they relate to each other 😉

  56. Dana Dinca says

    Da !

  57. nordin pumbaya says

    + Stefan Van Theemsche the plants are the ALIENS! hahahaaa…

  58. Cameron Silva says

    Aliens are serious business. Didn't you see Men In Black III?

  59. beckingh marak says

    aliens! Yeah possible. Cause there are things and creature that we don't even know or seen in our planet itself.

  60. Rippy Brar says


  61. Ezekiel ofei says

    yes but ,as at now no discrovery have been about aliens living among us or on any planet anywhere

  62. Rowel Lirag says

    They are definitely out there.

  63. Stefan Van Theemsche says

    + Rowel Lirag  but not necessarily here :p

  64. Keith OB says

    I dont believe in anything 🙂

  65. Richar Woo says


  66. Dana Dinca says

    I belive !

  67. Alberto jose says





































    Amanda in the sky of Patagonia are often beautiful things in the night sky are stars in motion perhaps but the shapes and colors are impossible to match



















  68. Ezekiel ofei says

    @Rowel Lirag are you sure!

  69. soltani souhil says


  70. Hannah McNeil says

    for anything at least, the pattern is a beautiful and semi-intricate.

  71. Adam Rowe says

    + Amanda Blain  We could be alone in this universe. For what we call life may not exist elsewhere. The chances of a "perfect" condition is almost endless, though space is almost endless as well. I believe we will never find life out there, not what we call life. I feel we are looking at it backwards. Instead of trying to find organism through the seeking of water… Erase what we might think of life and enter space not knowing anything about life. We will find that space itself is alive and we are just a couple cells living on it's skin. I don't think anyone in this world has actually seen or dealt with anything out of this world.But I do believe that we will find life somewhere else,It just might pass us by on our search for carbon lifeforms….

  72. Hansotto Kristiansen says

    I can't imageine that our tiny tiny little dot of a planet, should be the ONLY place in the entire universe with other lifeforms. 

    You can't prove aliens, but you can't disprove it either… 

  73. deepak pant says

    YES… 100%

  74. Feri Petfat says

    If there are aliens, they should have technology which is million years ahead of us and I don't think they're willing to reveal themselves to us because to them, we're savages who still have war, famine…. ( it's like you go back in time and meet the cavemen)

  75. Edward Dirks says

    Hmmm, Aliens, maybe, why not? An Alien life form could be a microbe, we are just conditioned to think they would bare some resemblence to us due to movies.

  76. Dayana Gomez says

    Yes i believe we are not alone. Ancient aliens on history channel 2 is Very inlighting.

  77. Jon Emmett says

    it would be pretty arrogant for us to believe that we are the only life forms in the vast of space.

  78. ????????? ?????? says


  79. Flip mo Styles says

    There is proof of life all over this universe, you just need to look harder and not believe everything you are taught by the people that find in necessary to hide things from us.
    If it was proven that there is life out there, it would debunk all religion. And that scares most people  

    If you believe in god and are reading this thinking we are all crazy, that is fine by me. But please understand that a magical man with big golden gates who lives in the sky and can make all the wrong things you have done better, seems a bit more far fetched then there being a chance that there is more then we can see or understand out there in space..

    ooh and @Adam Rowe +Amanda Blain… what do you think "we" class as life, because i know for a fact that they are looking for ANY life, be it sentient or even a virus…. life is life to science, there is no degree of it… it just is or isn't.

  80. Slavo Herman says

    Only in legal aliens… 😉

  81. Ron Enderland says

    I believe in crop circles and aliens, but remain skeptical about this "internet" thing…

  82. Scot Celley says

    Funny…when I look up and see the moon, I think how beautiful it is – and when are we going back? 

  83. Tanya Donohue says

    It would be much ego to think we are alone in a vast cosmos,to think we are the only beings. In fact,as a planet we are experiencing a paradigm shift

  84. Juan Carlos Martinez Alvarez says

    It's absurd thint so if something doesn't known, it doesn't exists.
    The universe is infinite, can has anything and anybody.

  85. Flip mo Styles says

    + Scot Celley 
    Better question…. Why have we not gone back… and why did obama cancel a mission that had over 9billion spent on it.  heres why

    USA already went to Mars : Astronaut Gene Cernan 

  86. Yerachmiel Altman says

    Not a question if life exists in other places.  Real question is intelligence.  And seeing as how they are smart enough not to come here, I'd guess they're brilliance is off the scale.  

    Now, as a cyborg, I am far more interested if any other planets have cyborgs on them.  A bunch of simple organic molecules, or even a greatly complex computer circuit, may be a nice addition to the kitchen shelf, but when you can combine the organic with the inorganic and develop a blend with abilities of both, that things start to get interesting!! 

  87. ankit nandu says

    i do believe , but in g+ when sm1 adds in u r circle!!!!

  88. Tanya Donohue says

    Angels walk among us

  89. Jasna ?obovi? says


  90. ankit nandu says

    u r of it –> + Tanya Donohue 

  91. Nuno Duarte says

    + Giorgio Tsoukalos ancient aliens! 😀

  92. Saheed Odutola says

    there can be

  93. Erik rivas-rivas says

    very cool…how do you think this came to be?

  94. nordin pumbaya says

    when we say there are aliens and government says we don't know, yet there are cover up, isn't it possible the aliens are the ones doing the cover up?

  95. trai nghèo l? v?n says

    very nice!

  96. nordin pumbaya says

    calling all aliens, please if you are on G+ speak up!

  97. lovely angel says

    so nyc…………

  98. Arnold Parker says

    Speaking up now

  99. HASENE HASENE says

    The term foreigners, I do not consider myself a foreigner in Google +

  100. Eliane Hale says

    I don't know, but It is a score though, everything is possible, if God exist…. heheh got profound now..kkk

  101. Anand S says

    I believe…

  102. Bogdan-Adrian STEFAN says

    You should see 'Taken' (2002). Now that's some alien show!

  103. Yeonwoo Lee says

    i believe.

  104. Jackie Midkiff says

    We are not alone!

  105. Mohammad Mirzaei says

    I saw a documentary clip that showed normal people did that amazing    thing .

  106. Sean Stringer says

    Hoax. You think aliens would travel millions of miles to play in our crops?

  107. FrankW Tomjack says

    that ole` crew still says that (crop circle decoded) all the time!

  108. Craig Hartel says

    Crop circles – I believe they are real…good examples of man-made art.
    Aliens and their space craft? Great for TV or the movies but that's it.

    I am, however, open to the possibility they may actually exist.

  109. Arnold Parker says

    Yes my relatives do play in the crops when they come to visit me.

  110. Jim Crawford says

    I'd like to believe they exist, but wonder why they're so fascinated with the human anus.

  111. Maria Nesloney says

    Considering there is 8 planets around a single star and there are billions of stars just in are galaxy, there probably is another race. Maybe even a superior one. The only problem is reaching them.

  112. Jeremiah Payne says

    I dont believe in aliens besides illegal ones

  113. Jay Rimmer says

    It's a shame they only like to use farms with our crops in and not… grass. 

  114. jose luis Bibiloni says

    somos una ceracion, evolucion, etc. SI existen otras formas de vida, pruebas, muchisimas, desde la antiguedad, solo es cuestion de ver y analizar.

  115. Chuck Davis says

    i believe. doesn't mean that god didn't make them too. i think that there is something to the sumerian stories

  116. Leo Degon says

    Odds are is there are any close, they always were on earth.  

  117. Brenda Thomson says

    In the words of Sagan: "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence." So, I suppose all of the questions you ask above can be answered with a firm: "It's possible."

  118. Benjamin Redden says

    I believe there was a better chance of aliens "seeding" this earth then some guy on a cloud sending his son down here, etc. Religion is just a way to control people, period.

  119. Jeff Barber says

    There is much much more to the crop circle phenomenon than just "art in a field".  Sure, it is possible to make some kind of crop formation by hand, but really, you shouldn't form an opinion until you research the topic thoroughly.  I'm not claiming aliens here, either!  Just that it is impossible for many of them to have been hand made.  

  120. Rob Mayfield says

    interesting question – "do you believe in aliens" – its like saying "do you believe in god" … a more appropriate question surely is "do you believe aliens exist" (you can believe something exists, or doesn't, with or without believing "in" it … or not …)

  121. Ron Enderland says

    + Benjamin Redden Yep, and your theory holds just as much water as the existence of a god. When you get proof of that, let us religious controlees know, OK?

  122. Rob Mayfield says

    or to put it another way ….
    "That's right!" shouted Vroomfondel, "we demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!"

  123. Doris Evans says

    I don't think there are I know there are from personal experiences and it would be unlikely we are the only one's in this vast universe. Many things are fake, but some are real.

  124. Victor Salcido says

    Listen, police have been working on new tech to mimic
    UFO's, and such. Do I believe in aliens, no.
    Do I believe in ghosts and spirits, yes.
    Amanda, get a ghost video, and I'll tell u whether
    it's fact, or faked.

  125. diego fernanado martinez bareño says

    😮 mierda

  126. brandon gallegos says

    i am an alien

  127. David Sigafus says


  128. BIPIN KUMAR JHA says

    i don't believe in Aliens…

  129. Dennis Miller says

    + Benjamin Redden explain who made the aliens that seeded us!! If you look at it,GOD is the master inventor and scientist so why would he stick to just one prototype? I would think he would have many different types of experiments and lab rats running around!! Just my opinion!! Have a great day guys!!

  130. Emuladores Game says

    seep, no tendran nada mejor que hacer que dibujitos en campos. Si miraran cada tallo verían que está hecho con una cortadora mecánica -.-

  131. Christopher Cooke says

    Do I believe in crop circles?  Of course I do.  You've posted a picture of one.  They're made by people with too much time on their hands, and a working knowledge of wooden planks.

    Is there life out there somewhere?  Most likely.  Has it been visiting us?  Not in 4.6 billions years.  The distances between the stars is so immense, it would be like an ant making its way to Pluto.

  132. John Forest says

    I believe qualified scientists should be investigating the reported phenomena in an open transparent manner. This is the only way to progress beyond questions of 'belief' to scientific evidence. For those not acquainted with the subject, start by reading the book by journalist Leslie Kean titled: "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record".

  133. Gene Renfrow says

    It is crazy to think that this is this is the only place that life exists. I also believe that there has to be intelligence out there, although I sometimes wonder about here. 😀

  134. JD Stewart says

    I believe in aliens! I see them everyday I go around the farms in Idaho!

    Reminds me of a topic our presidential candidates need to address…BORDER CONTROL!!!

  135. Anthony Mark Christian says

    JD interstellar aliens my chum!

  136. Aliah Ware says

    thats kinda hot thooo

  137. Ronald Czik says

    I do not believe we are being visited by extraterrestrials. I do believe there is other life in the universe.

  138. James Davis says

    I believe in crop circles.  I know they exist.  I doubt they are left behind by alien ships.  especially when people have come forward saying they did it.  I believe their are aliens out there, it is arrogant to think we are the only intelligent life in such a huge universe.  I don't know if they are wasting their time buzzing us  though.

  139. Joseph DeFazio says

    I believe that other life does exist, but have not seen sufficient proof for visitations. If the proof does exist, link pl0x :-P.

  140. Xhamira D. says

    Yes. Along with many others, we can't be the only ones in this huge universe. Perhaps sometimes they can have sense of humor or are just passing through when there are UFO sightings or weird, unexplained activity like crop circles. ;D

  141. Michael Holodynski says

    + Amanda Blain, the Fermi Paradoxon describes this topic very well:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fermi_paradox

  142. Rabie Abdulwahab says

    It is not a matter of believes in UFO or not. It is a matter of what you know about the universe? What you know about the God? What you know about great creation? What you know about the solar system and beyond, central universe, seven great layers of multi-universe, seven great skies, and beyond? UFO something we can’t understand it depending on what we achieved of developments in sciences and technologies. We need to learn more and more about Universe, Astronomy, and great creation. We need to spend our money on more scientific research of Astronomy and space sciences and technology but not fighting each other and killing each other. UFO is a subject over our ability to understand.// Prof. Dr. Rabia AlAlusi//

  143. Clyde Davidson says

    No, I don't believe in aliens. What really bothers me is that some human just ruined a large part of this farmer's crop.

  144. beckingh marak says

    Yes, demons of hell could be alien. So also angels and even devil could be aliens too.

    original message
    Subject: Re: *Do you believe in aliens*? Nice quiet…

  145. ngoc van says

    i love design

  146. Nelson Enzo says

    AlienTeenager:"Dad, can I have the keys to the car?"  
    AlienDad:"As long as you promise not to go messing around on the neighbors lawn again"
    AT: "It's called artwork Dad!  You will never understand me!"

  147. Jay Cantu says

    First question is do you believe in aliens? There is too much that happens in the heavens that cannot be ex[plained away as shooting stars, weather balloons, or swamp gas. The jury is out on what could really be happening and until I see hard facts to confirm or disprove aliens, I will be an interested observer.

  148. Luciano Matos says

    muito bom

  149. Amanda Blain says

    + Bogdan-Adrian STEFAN Love taken… great miniseries .. well if you can call it that 🙂

  150. Harish Tiwari says

    can u say that we r alone 

  151. Matt Burns says

    I tend to agree with Carl Sagan.  With a universe this vast, it would be foolish to think that we're the only life, and only intelligent life, in it.  As equally foolish as thinking that aliens with technology sophisticated enough to travel between the stars would do so to abduct rednecks and doodle in cornfields.

  152. daniyal shoaib says

    i want see your bobs

  153. Charls Guillerme says

    I dont believe in this…Evil lies!

  154. Rafael Vega says

    Art field! they're well on Ireland. 

  155. Rick Matthew Beckett says

    Absolutely believe.  Human arrogance is silly.

  156. Rebecca Schofield says

    Umm yeah. The Doctor is out there somewhere!

  157. José Macena says

    Hi Amanda, Are you beatiful,

    Hellow girl Fantastic , your number telefone ,

  158. Jabar Alshamri says

    wow beatiful a photo

  159. Nick Dean Naugle says

    it says recycle from within here…

  160. baskaran veni aravind says

    for what ever you take from nature there is a way out naturally to re use or to re create it just try!

  161. OGAH Matthew Ogobeche says

    right from the time of creation as recorded in the Bible there have never been a story to support other beings existing anywhere else, I should think we are alone.

  162. Nelson Pedrosa says

    Universe is too much big, so, i don't think that we are alone, sure are planets with unicelular life and other with much more complex living organisms

  163. Victor Sampson says

    no, all borders are arbitrary

  164. Mohammad Hussein Ba 'Smat says

    hahaha! no, why they do that?!!!

  165. kailash bohra says

    Yes I do believe, we gets some hints from time to time.

  166. ravi SHANKAR says

    i think its time for you to watch the movie KOI MIL GAYA 😛

  167. mömö johansson says

    Hi baby am mömö lives in Sweden , can we be reall friend? If yes Pls let me know u:) u r so sweet( [email protected]) thx

  168. Bisalee Thonger says

    WE Exist as well as Alien Exist !!!! I believe in Aliens. Nasa Knos but they Hide it from us :'( 

  169. Willie Washington says

    I am an alien.

  170. Ian Rautenbach says

    B E A utiful

  171. Awesome guy ! says

    area 51 ! yes !

  172. Awesome guy ! says


  173. Tr??ng Gia T?p ?oàn says

    yes, sure!

  174. hectot manuel rodriguez sierra says

    porfa en esopañol amandita soy de Colombia

  175. Awesome guy ! says

    porfa en esopañol amandita soy de mayanzz

  176. Igor DeCamps says

    Yes mam!

  177. Richard Torres says

    as agent Mulder would say: "the truth is out there, trust no one…"
    but if there's any extra-terrestrials visiting, hope they're like "Paul", from that comedy movie…

  178. Walter Trujav says

    Los únicos extraterrestres son los virus y bacterias

  179. sidhu nani says


  180. Bella jonson says

    that is cool

  181. Mustafa Ahmadzay says

    That is very nice

  182. David Acuna says

    do you?

  183. summer anderson says


  184. Jordan Hoggard says

    . . . and they have a great sense of aesthetics!

  185. vivek kumar shiv says

    i've seen them in the Discovery Channel.they r not made by the UFO's but r made my mans

  186. Mahaveer Kanchgouda says

    aliens, really gud at geometry

  187. jade hayes says



  188. jasmine mcwhorter says

    thats so pretty 

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