Cool Kinekt Gear Ring

I ♥ this ring. I got one since I posted about it the last time. I play with it often… Its as fun and addicting as it looks. 🙂

It never 'gets stuck in my hair' or clothes and putting it in a glass of water for a few minutes and wiping gently, cleans it off… 

If you want one, $165 and make sure you are careful with the sizing… It needs to fit snug The company is really helpful though 🙂
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Cool Kinekt Gear Ring

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  1. Rigoberto Islas says

    K BIEN

  2. ?ôn Lê Qúy says

    very ..

  3. Kim Moncure says

    Very cool!

  4. Janae Tubbs says

    I want one.

  5. Joey Lopez says

    "+1" for such intricate workmanship.

  6. amanda huddleston says


  7. Joe Parker says

    Cool I am on it.

  8. Long Nguyen says


  9. Hayes Starns says

    My friend + Paul Curry I believe showed me this one time. I didnt get one because of the price, but I do want one!

  10. Matt Sikon says

    I used to wear rings all the time then they kind of went out of style. I'm hoping they come back I spent a lot of dam money lol.

  11. Lukman oray says

    I like it!

  12. Jay Strong says

    This looks super cool! # orderingnow

    Thanks for share.

  13. youssef hadouchi says

    me to i want it's cool and nice

  14. Trevor Sharp says

    Saw this awhile ago and have been wanting one ever since. Might just pull the trigger now.

  15. Abdul Panganting says

    Very cool.

  16. Savanah Hoffstein says

    That is sooooooo COOL

  17. Crystal K. Wiebe says

    A friend of mine got one of those for his wedding band.

  18. Kristin Mouton says

    Like the uniqueness.

  19. Sanil Chawla says

    want it, but its too expensive..  i'm making one right now using spare parts i have 😉

  20. James Scott Jr says

    Very unique….

  21. Eileen Dixon says

    I have one.  Great if you're a ring-fidgeter, like I am.

  22. Blue Heart says

    That's pretty cool might get one for my dad

  23. Andrew Macintyre says

    I want one ! Looks Well Good.

  24. Stan Fraser says

    Do they have GR groups like AA have ?

  25. Danny Sytho says

    I need it one..

  26. Lloyd Montgomery says

    It took me a second then i caught on about the ring Duhhhh on my side .Ty for sharing  Amanda

  27. Mathew Hoy says

    i have one of these. my wife gave me one as a replacement for my original wedding ring (which i lost by taking it off and playing with it). now, no need to take if off…

  28. Major Joe says

    that looks like a good way to kill time. i like it

  29. Mathew Hoy says

    sorry, two quick things about these rings:

    1) the are bulky. it'll take a few days for the fingers next to your ring finger to get used to the thickness and relatively squared corners of the ring.

    2) as much as you might think hair or crumbs or even sand might get in there and gum up the gears, i have had mine for 3 years and have NEVER had a problem with it. it's rock solid.

  30. Tony Love says

    Those are amazing. I still wish they would play a tune and self-rotate as an alarm. Still, I do want one!

  31. Jey JeyY says

    now thatza world in motion, wrapped around ones geer-finger,
    play on…

  32. William Luo says

    amazing ring!!!   I haven't seen before.

  33. Cody Mac says

    I was with you all the way until the "$165" thing.

  34. janice bobis says

    unique.. nice! =)

  35. Simon Cousins says

    If I ever, I would…

  36. Katy Aussie says

    so cool. I want that one!

  37. Miskinak Periwinkle says

    ooooh… do they have matching g'earings?

  38. Julianna Hewitt says

    that's soo cool!!!

  39. Rahan Ahamed says

    really cool

  40. Casey Steffen says


  41. Nihar Ishan says



    An anti-stress …

  43. Katherine Castle says

    whew! what a cool ring.

  44. Tanya Partin-Lawton says


  45. Bruce Williams says

    Now you can have a worry ring to go with your worry beads.

  46. Eduardo Bolívar Magaña says

    en esos momentos cuando la ociosidad el estrés es grande

  47. Victor herrera mendoza says


  48. juan mogo says

    ooo yo quiero uno…

  49. Kevin Mebane says

    I must have one!!!

  50. raven cisa says


  51. Joey Ortega says


  52. Nick Stankus says

    That's so cool!

  53. Roy Hall says

    That's awesome.

  54. Steve Bronson says

    Agree. Their customer service is great.

  55. Shark Eme says


  56. Robi Khan says


  57. Hizan Hasan says


  58. Sayyid Rifki says

    wow that amazing

  59. christian robles says


  60. Robi Khan says


  61. Martin G Mendez says

    Nice I like it

  62. Luis Lekibau de Araujo says

    Nice ring….

  63. Mahesh Kumar says

    It's super…

  64. Kurt Magillacurty says

    If I wore rings that would be one.

  65. Va su says

    wow…wat a creativity..!

  66. Nour el-Sayed says


  67. Alan Landucci-Ruiz says

    $165 is a really good price for such workmanship. It's nice, but doesn't beat my Christian Bauer kinetic ring, except in price.

  68. Vaibhav Yadav says


  69. Steve Bronson says

    I like the movement on the Kinekt Gear Ring better.

  70. manap montok says

    wow is a magic

  71. Raulan Grajewski says

    Love it! I must get one! 🙂

  72. DINESH BHADRI says

    Yes.this one.

  73. Mahmoud Ahmed says

    i am love you

  74. kriis flax says


  75. nasir mohamed says

    I also fall in love with this ring.

  76. patrick curran says

    very nice

  77. Simon Ofori says

    II rlly lyk it

  78. patrick curran says

    how munch do ya like it

  79. Mohsen Shadkam says


  80. Gagan Sharma says


  81. visi lestari says


  82. Prodigalson Rodriguez says

    its like WOW)))

  83. DENIS RUEDA says

    hermoso e  ingenioso

  84. Joseph Paulk says

    That is awesome

  85. ???? says

    it's cool!

  86. Jackson Joshua says

    Thats god i like it

  87. Adil Shaikh says


  88. David Aguilera says

    That´s really cool!!

  89. bandenawaj attar says

      so  nice

  90. usman rasheed says


  91. Karim Masod says

    very nice

  92. Syed Ali Raza says

    very nice

  93. atta ullah says

    verry nice but what is the benefits from this ring. may be only wasting the time

  94. sergey zinowiew says


  95. sarfaraz alam says


  96. achille djaki says


  97. sarfaraz alam says


  98. sarfaraz alam says

    where r u from?

  99. NUNO SOBREIRA says

    1 entretem

  100. Dev Verma says

    nice ring

  101. Md. Fehad Hossain Himon says

    osm ring

  102. Amit Pandey says

    Wow.!! Nice Ring..!!

  103. vashu pandey says

    wow it  just like some mechanical equipment

  104. Albert Marcelo says


  105. Dwi Elpina Puji Rahayu says

    wow amazing……

  106. Chandra Shekher says

    kya ring hai

  107. nazir thiam says

    que c'est beau

  108. Stephen Connor says

    A great combination of art/engineering, beaufiful.

  109. abindabyamu barbra says


  110. FAROOQ MIRZA says


  111. mary joy castro says


  112. jonnel salgado says


  113. ISSAM QADDOURI says

    me to!

  114. ahmed shifax says


  115. pemuda idaman says


  116. Hassan Mohajer says


  117. Justin White says

    Want it

  118. Katy Kaperson says


  119. Ayub Khan says

    8882966005 call me

  120. Muttuza Lokhandwala says

    I want this ring from where i can buy this

  121. himanshu k says

    its weeding ring or murder ring

  122. Steve Bronson says

    go to:  kinektdesign . com website

  123. Prashanth Belure says

    so good…..ya

  124. Linh Tuy?t says

    woa , great

  125. endalk zemedkun says

    waw it is amazing so nice photo

  126. RICHARD OCHERO says

    That's wonderfull i do love it

  127. Phattarawadee Sornchai says

    ???? ??????????????….

  128. andre innocent pouda minkeng says

    bonjour parle moi de toi

  129. Tatiana Silva Brits says

    Além de belíssimo é muito criativo!

  130. Tausif Mujawar says


  131. Sandeep Dhiman says

    i like it

  132. Jaya Ganesh says

    mech eng creation nice 

  133. Joanna Umole says

    It don't even fit on to ur finger dude

  134. Francilda Pereira says


  135. Amira Kabir says

    It's very cool!

  136. Matet Gulle says

    so nice

  137. Nirbhay Choudhary says

    Amazing ring

  138. Tako Schotanus says

    Ok, so now I only need a geek girlfriend! Hmmm…

  139. Sanjay Panchal says


  140. Adrian Rodriguez says

    very cool, metal and gears who could ask for more.

  141. Albert Raj says


  142. twinkel sharma says

    want it….

  143. yaseen shaakira says


  144. manuel hernandez bello says

    Amanda, se ve interesante el juego de los anillos.  Me gustaría conversar contigo, solo hay uh problema: Solo hablo Español. Te animas a conversar en Español?

  145. Mutopa Romeo says


  146. Rafeeq Pasha says


  147. Adinda Bonnarens says


  148. Portgas Ace says

    wow !!

  149. Cameron Silva says

    I used to wear one of those rings that would spin in the center part. I was constantly playing with it.

  150. Natalie Saliba says

    need but dont have 165 bucks…sad face

  151. McCoy Pauley says

    This looks enticing, but I get the feeling it might be dangerous for those of us with obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

  152. mie kapewong says

    awesome !

  153. Reza Azizi says

    I like it 🙂

  154. gulam ghousemohd says

    zabardast Ring hai Bhai

  155. Jagvinder Sehota says


  156. kabeer khan says

    very beautiful

  157. Shaka Mohmoh says

    i wish i the owner

  158. Mohsen Bahmanpouri says

    Beautiful 😉

  159. Ler Huu says


  160. amir hasan says

    nice dud

  161. Abdelhay Serrakh says

    hahahahah very nice

  162. Shawn Donahoo says

    Ok Amanda, i am wsiting for u. Lol

  163. kayla obeid says


  164. Nanang Green says

    i like it…

  165. Cüneyt Çetiner says

    very nice

  166. patrick curran says

    hay you

  167. Ermon Bryan Fernandez says


  168. hossein beh says


  169. BHANWAR SINGH says

    like ring

  170. Zubair Anwar says

    great ring

  171. Ymer Bytyqi says

    Electronical ring ha ha…

  172. waheed zafar says


  173. awokoya samsideen says


  174. gean ganesh says


  175. syed raheem says

    awesome but to costly

  176. Jose Alfredo Rodriguez-Cruz says

    where can u buy one?

  177. Raghuram Reddy says


  178. Maryam Ebrahimnia says

    Oh this is so cool!

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