1. DON D says


  2. Long Nguyen says


  3. Waris Shah says

    crocs are shit..never liked them,,

  4. Les Saunders says

    Excellent! And true

  5. Sven A Lindalen says

    cool – attitude!

    Not afraid of US..

  6. Amy Redstone says

    They're fine if you're 4 years old. Otherwise, no. 

  7. Natalie Saliba says

    Why did they even invent crocs? WHY I ASK WHY?!

  8. Lone Jensen says

    arrgh – run for your lives 😉

  9. DON D says

    + Natalie Saliba  who knows

  10. M?ris Gulbis says

    I wore those every day ;8)

  11. John Chavez says

    People hate this?? I had no idea. Ive never owned a pair. But I though people went crazy for them. lol

  12. Dayrk Flaugh says

    To be fair, the clogs are f**** ugly! But they do make some other styles of shoes that are the most comfortable that I've ever worn. I just try to hide the logo.

  13. Carl Duncan says


  14. glenn archer says

    awesome haven't seen that colour, I hope they're not your legs Amanda

  15. Amanda Blain says

    Those are not my legs 😐

  16. Dirk Talamasca says

    It's SNARK Week!*

  17. Bobby Cruz says

    They look more like hippos

  18. Frank Merchant says


  19. Paul Snookes says

    Hey, I have a pair of crocs! 😉

  20. Ramone Hardnett says

    Haha, those are funny

  21. Tara Mulder says

    I'm not a kid person, but tiny crocs are pretty cute!  As in fitting a 3-year-old.

  22. Paul Jewkes says

    Did you hear it was Croc week + Steve Heath ?!

  23. Kostis Mavrommatis says

    Oh no!!!!My eight year old sister wears those and it's like a nazi parade when she runs around the house.

  24. Andrew Kenyon says

    My dad wears a beige pair of those for gardening.

  25. Kena Herod says

    Crocs or Uggs, pick your poison. Frankly, though I own no Crocs, I'm sure they are great shoes to wear around the house or in the garden (though obviously one's feet would still get wet and dirty). Uggs? I had two folks who bought me pairs–great around the house, especially on chilly days in Canada with heat turned low. But what blows me away is that teenage girls to at least this past winter in Montreal, Canada still wear them outdoors in snow–and like Crocs they are ugly and for a Canadian winter Uggs have no waterproofing. How do these trends for Uggs or Crocs continue? Last objection to Crocs and Uggs–promotes folks scuffing in them. I can't stand the sound of that on the streets. Rage over. Cheers! 🙂

  26. Paul Jewkes says

    "Never judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes . . Unless they're crocs . . . . then steal his shoes and throw them at his face."

  27. Dammon Lore says

    worst fashion choice I have seen people make in my lifetime and that's counting the 70's..  

  28. Imani Batipps-J says

    Haha…"They really look good on you." Said Sacastically by everyone. 😛

  29. Steve Heath says


  30. Gary Farber says

    they are not suppose too…. that's the point. .it's a fu to the fashionistas!!!

  31. lianne dupre says

    Love this. Crocs are the devils shoes!

  32. Thamires Vitória says

    No a my favorite…it is a esquisity

  33. Thamires Vitória says

    They are a fashionistaaa

  34. Jamie White says

    I have a few pairs…..wonder if they look that bad. They are so comfortable!

  35. Autty H says


  36. Sunny Day says

    they make my feet really really sweaty lol……



  38. Yuri Zaitsev says

    made in china 🙂

  39. John Bump says

    I admit I kind of like the ones that change color when exposed to sunlight… but I wouldn't ever wear any.
    Also: I work down the street from the Crocs corporate headquarters.  The people who work there? don't wear Crocs.

  40. Sean Paul says

    Crocs are brilliant, and only slightly better than the genius move that was Ugg boots.  Only in today's ironic, hipster culture can you deliberately make something horrible looking, yet moderately functional and it become a wild success.

  41. Maria Bauer-Rowe says

    i luv crocs xD

  42. Gary Farber says

    I wear mine, just to relish in the disgust and frawning looks from the fashionistas.. drawing and converting their negative energy into an effortless glide

  43. Luis Anaya says

    That's why mine are black… they do not stand out as much as the light blue ones 🙂

  44. amu dauda says

    But its the cheapest guys.

  45. Bobby Sahijram-Dansingani says

    So true…still dont understand the fascination! 

  46. Misty Hall says

    eww he has old ppl legs!!!

  47. Lily Cubitt says

    ewww gross

  48. Harry Farquharson says

    I plea the Fifth on this one!

  49. Jennifer Hanson says

    Heh… duh?

  50. Sandra Steakley says

    High Fashion…such a hot look….

  51. Miskinak Periwinkle says

    I would plus 12 this if I could. bahhahaha! keebler elf boots..

  52. Ross McCord says

    meanwhile, the inventor of Crocs is rolling around in massive piles of money.

  53. Justin Greer says

    First time I ever seen crocs was when my buddy got out of jail haha

  54. Eva Bogomolny says

    The longest lasting slippers ever.

  55. Rodny Willson says

    Independence day of India…………..!

  56. Rachel Stein says

    I hate Crocs. They are the worst and ugliest shoe ever made. Sorry. :/


    I dont like this crocs… these are very awfull

  58. T.Stephen Gaunt says

    I'm too sexy for my Crocs……=P
    Real men don't even hang out with "men" who wear Crocs.

  59. Kiwm Row says


  60. Jean-Loup Rebours-Smith says

    Just what is wrong with crocs?

  61. Charles Cross says

    One for the NHS!


    what is NHS?

  63. Manel Marina says


  64. Charles Cross says

    + EDUARDO HERRERA http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Health_Service

  65. T.Stephen Gaunt says

    + Misty Hall The "old man" legs are a by-product of wearing Crocs! 


    oh ya. i now understand thank you + Charles Cross 

  67. Stephen Connor says


  68. jan edman says

    They are swedish and the name is foppatoffla engineer of it is hockeyplayer Peter forsberg

  69. John Penland says

    Bad shoes, nice ankles

  70. Pratama Suprih says

    i want all friend google please some in talk Indonesia becouse i m can not lenguage english..wht is can..

  71. Manel Marina says

    i can speak french english arabic that's all i'm really sorry

  72. Pratama Suprih says

    is okey..not problem tanks

  73. Jake Coventry says

    I know I look like a prat in my crocs which is why they never go past my front door!

  74. Sidd Jones says

    I have those!  They match my clothes perfectly!

  75. Geo Suno says

    OK for garden work.

  76. Tad Toring says

    That's what they wear in the Bozeman jail, only they're orange. Are you on some bad drugs today? Did you post it On Facebook too?

  77. win ko says

    This is good. You are great.

  78. Stephen Connor says

    They're a strange mix of Si-Fi and 70's retro… much thanks to the person who informed me about their origin. 

  79. Sandra Steakley says

    Even better is leg hair + crocs…

  80. Tad Toring says

    "Crocs founder George Boedecker IN DUI. 'He's drunk as crap.' TMZ

  81. Stephen Connor says

    …or could be a case of too much hallucinogens?!!..    

  82. Tad Toring says

    Crocs founder arrested. TMZ This just in! "The ultra-rich founder of Crocs shoes was SO DRUNK when he was arrested for DUI this weekend, he told cops to "f*ck" themselves "in the ass" … and delusionally insisted he was dating Taylor Swift … this according to the insane police report. The police docs show … cops in Boulder, CO responded to a call about a man who was… +Amandablain

  83. Joshua Schlotterer says

    That's not always true!  I work in healthcare, most of us wear Crocs…

  84. Noel Ganay says


  85. Judy Carey says

    HA HA HA, Funny!!!!!!!

  86. Mohammad Jan Khan says

    hehehehehe 😛

  87. Jason Rutherford says

    It's even worse when people think the best accessory is a pair of pyjama pants!…. in public!  😛

  88. Judy Carey says


  89. Graham Baker says

    It's stupid because originally they were made for gardening.

  90. Doug Rogers says

    no shit. lol

  91. Douglas Saylor says

    _"Wearing crocs is like getting blown by a dude; feels good till you look down and realize you're gay" by + Adam Carolla

  92. hand itchy says


  93. Nathan Weaver says

    Get a real pair of shoes…some vibrams, Birkenstocks, or salomons…

  94. Qasim Hussain says

    Breathing shoes

  95. Qasim Hussain says

    Bring back the flip flops

  96. Allicia Beadle says

    These aren't as awful as those earth shoes…you know those shoes where the front is 2inches and the heel is 1/2inch, and when you walk you feel like toppling back…slowly?

  97. Keith Hair says

    I hate all people who wear crocs.

    I hope real crocs crawl from the swamps and eat everyone of your legs off.

  98. Keith Hair says

    + Allicia Beadle wtf? Sound like it was designed to make you feel like you walking uphill.

  99. Larry Henderson says

    the first thing to get ventilated by automatic weapons fire…

  100. Jeltzia Guajardo says

    wow…. no one said a word like this……! yeah…….!

  101. David Kaczynski says

    I haven't worn crocs in years, but they are very comfortable, never smelled, good on slippery surfaces, and could just be hosed off when they got dirty. All of the haters are just jumping on the "let's make fun of the different thing that we don't understand" bandwagon. That's right, you're all a bunch of shoeists!

  102. Grnfinger cory says

    I thought crocs were done, buddy really should work the calf area. Looks like a couple sticks

  103. Kelly Middleton says

    …to top off my distaste for crocs, we now find that the  #crocsfounder    is a psycho who thinks he is in a relationship with #taylorswift  

  104. celeste Williamson says

    *true *

  105. Daniel Porter says

    I'm 6'3" tall and wear size 16-17 Crocs, for me, they are cheap (compared to my other shoes) & comfortable. The size 16-17 only come in 1 style, which is the one pictured. Thank Heavens that they only come in the black and dark blue in my size!

    I got my first pair about 6 yeasr ago and have run the sole down smooth of about 10 pair.

    What is ugly to some, is functional to others 😀

  106. Tim Moor says

    That made me laugh. Thanks

  107. Jeanna Mason says

    Love mine!!!! So comfy! 🙂

  108. Kaitlyn Denman says

    haha(: at least he isnt wearing SOCKS and crocks(; 

  109. Josie Dryden says

    I cant believe people actually wear these things. Their so ulgy!

  110. keith williams says

    My dad gave me a pair just like this (color). They are comfy, but they look hideous. I dropped them off at goodwill.

  111. Jamie Sizzlehands says

    Yep. You will never get laid wearing those.

  112. Andrew Macintyre says

    Great for Paddling in The Sea n Walking on stoney Beaches I Suppose ?Never wore them Never will Yuuck ! Footwear,but People around me luv 'em ! Cos I've seen many about with them On. I luv Shoes but not these pads of plastic.

  113. Carol Wichlacz says

    Grandma needed a pair of shoes. Asap.


    Those are for lazy people who don't want to bother with anything else.

  115. Richard Kim says

    Crocs are the definition of function over form. They are ugly as sin, but they saved my feet when working in the ER and have great ventilation. However, why people wear them out in public I will never understand.

  116. M Haroon Zafari says


  117. Sara Akim says


  118. PJ Rosenberg says

    cause you are not wearing one of these…

  119. Ellen Sette - De Jonghe says

    I have exactly the same !!  XD
    ugly, but comfortable (at home)

  120. T.Stephen Gaunt says

    + Allicia Beadle You're right, the earth shoes were in a fugly  league of their own.  I had a science teacher who wore them…….come to think of it, he probably has a pair of Crocs too.

  121. Dammon Lore says

    So Crocs are a guilty pleasure people do not admit to?  Kind of like owning any George Micheal or Prince music? lol

  122. Edelquim Lima says


  123. john robert says

    I HATE THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Juan Matias Schüttenberg says

    so how i share this on facebook?

  125. Juan Matias Schüttenberg says


  126. Ann Marie Meadows says

    Although I understand the purpose peeps wear them. But I don't agree for kids to wearing them, bad for there feet!

  127. Zaka Khan says

    Then why do people buy it?????

  128. craig newman says

    what ever turns your crank

  129. Noel Ganay says

    + Juan Matias Schüttenberg just go copy the link and paste on Facebook.

  130. Karen Vi says

    Except when they're on toddlers–then they're adorable!!!!! …Or is that just me 0_o

  131. silpa sunil says

    My  cousin  use this type of shoes  for going to bathroom!!!!!!

  132. Pratama Suprih says

    hai friend all…

  133. Kartarsingh Tomer says


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