Another night of Dungeons and Dragons In a Hangout


It's been over a year now… 🙂 So much easier to do. Hurry up +Tabletop Forge we need your updates to function again! 🙂

Have you tried Dnd in a hangout yet?

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Another night of Dungeons and Dragons In a Hangout

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  1. Ernie Nelson says

    I haven't tried that yet.  Will have to do it sometime.

  2. Eric Coffman says

    No. I've never even tried DND.

  3. jhokostar cicowolibra says

    hahaha" .. 

  4. nathan reynolds says

    Oh ya…brings back great memorys

  5. William Carter says


  6. Angie Booth says

    I've never played D&D before :/ I want to but I can't find anyone local to play with

  7. Nicolai Imset says

    Sounds like an excellent use case.

  8. Adrian Parsons says

    I haven't played in a long time. I want to but I can't find anyone interested. :'(

  9. Frank Crislip says

    No but D&D is always fun.

  10. Adrian Parsons says

    I think a hangout may be my only option…

  11. Justin Dennis says

    Now I see it happening. I think it would be cool if you could play Magic the Gathering on G+.

  12. Jake Kern says

    seethes with jealousy

  13. Christopher Vallo says

    Yes, I am waiting with baited breath

  14. daniel tokponmi says


  15. Angel Rivera says

    I haven't played D&D in over 20 years!!!!!!

  16. Sydney Van Nest says

    I've been thinking about trying D&D I'm a hangout.

  17. Sydney Van Nest says


  18. Christopher Vallo says

    Sounds like we have a few people interested in playing via Hangout, I'll see if I can pull that together 🙂

  19. Christopher Mehl says

    Like many folks here have already shared, I too have not played in years but have also had trouble finding relatively sane people who share the desire locally. The idea of playing via hangout is really intriguing and something that has never crossed my mind before. It sounds like an interesting proposition.

  20. Utin Dewi Sri Aryani says

    the symbol is dunkin donuts , isn't ?

  21. Sam Sager says

    Not yet, but I really want to!!!

  22. Axel Persson says

    + Amanda Blain I've never played myself, but I have heard this song about it 😉 Stephen Lynch D&D

  23. Jordan Gill says

    I've Still been wondering how the heck it works!

  24. Keenan Casey says

    OK now this sounds like it may be fun.  One question which version of D&D though?

  25. Aaron Brown says

    My friends keep drawing short straws to be the DM, but after five times we realized the straws were the same size and no one wanted to be the DM 🙁

  26. Gord McLeod says

    I haven't. I would dearly love to. 🙂 I haven't played D&D in forever.

  27. Amanda Blain says

    We are playing Pathfinder… I've also played 4th edition. We currently are using an amazing google doc by + Joseph Lee … and thats the best part… you don't HAVE to be local. We have people in Canada, Boston, New Jersey, Texas…. All over.. 🙂

  28. Isaac Vielma says

    Wow, I haven't played D&D since Junior High, I miss it!!!

  29. Eduardo Brito says

    Amanda Blain love you !!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Tim Smith says

    Awesome !!!

  31. Shawn Wiegand says

    Haven't played in years (still have original character) and never online. can you tell me where I can find it?

  32. Gregg Sakauye says

    Haven't played D&D since high school.  It would be interesting to try it in a hangout with the right group.

  33. Adrian Parsons says

    I'd love to play. I liked 3.5 the best. I still have reservations about Pathfinder (although I haven't played it yet)

  34. Arjun Das says


  35. Kipngeno Mutai says

    haha memories ofdamn days

  36. Tayo Adeoye says

    Whaooo….. D&D!

  37. Paul Giles says

    I really want to!

  38. Helene Torrinha says

    Ok. Cool 🙂

  39. Mark Stone says

    I haven't done serious role playing in many years. I have the typical problem: those of us who RPG'd together in college and grad school are now scattered to the four winds, we all have demanding jobs, and kids. So finding the time is challenging, but not impossible, while finding a physical gathering place is truly impossible. Thus far online tools haven't been good enough. Google+ may now finally be good enough. I'm ready to take the plunge.

  40. jason reynolds says

    No, but its on my list so I can add a game with friends who live in other states.

  41. Mara Mascaro says

    you play d&d in hangouts? I didn't know it  >______________< + Gabriele Ninci did you know?

  42. Gabriele Ninci says

    Nope… I remember someone did it last year, when I was just arrived here, but my memory it's not good enough for storing the names, too 😀
    (Plus, I think that any D&D hangout in the USA will be automatically removed from my brain due to the time zones 🙁 )

    Anyway, it has to be great _

  43. Jorshun Tan says

    Nice one

  44. Jenni Copeland says

    Not yet, but I plan to!

  45. Harald Wagener says

    + Mara Mascaro There's a ton of people in Europe playing D&D (and other RPGs) in hangouts as well. I can include you in some future invites if you want.

  46. Amanda Blain says

    OH yeh + Mara Mascaro  here is one of the posts from last year…. Its what we are still using till table top gets things figured out…

  47. Mara Mascaro says

    Cooool thanks guys!

  48. Harald Wagener says

    + Amanda Blain the best games I've been in do the following:
    – everyone rolls their dice in their home. It's almost always faster than online dice roller, and I have not yet seen it to be slower.
    – hangouts lower thirds where you have your character's name and class/archetype in the primary line and your name in the sub line
    – either shared Google Drawings or something non-integrated like twiddla for simple mapping
    – for a bit more old school feeling, don't share maps, but let the players sketch out from your descriptions
    – character sheets in Google Drive for easy access

    Everyone who's looking for a game fix also might want to check out constantcon ( as a somewhat organized hub for open RPGs on G+ via hangouts.

  49. ???? says

    what's this?My English notwell.sorry

  50. Suhail Sahil says


  51. Ahmed Alrawi says

    Hi how r u

  52. Deane Cockerill says

    Lol, I havent played D&D for about 30 years. I didnt know it was still around! Not sure if I'd want to play, but I'd certainly like to watch.

  53. Doug McCloud says

    I've wanted to try D&D in a hangout, but they always seem to take place when I'm at work, and I can't exactly jump in a hangout then…

  54. Charlotte Swy says

    I like Krispy Kreme's doughs more.

  55. Zana Rashyd says


  56. lana hama says

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  57. Kurtairel Cobain says

    ya u are hot mama i like it

  58. Donovan Colbert says

    I had a Gamma World campaign running with a group of co-workers at MCI in my mid-20s. As we got older, it was just too tough to all get together… and face it, to get anywhere in a campaign you're looking at a 6 to 8 hour session minimum. Hangouts do seem like a real viable way to do a live campaign, though. 

  59. Peter Ndicu says

    no never hope i will sometime's later.

  60. Leo Hady says


  61. RAYAN Ali says



    No no no

  63. RAYAN Ali says

    why no >.<

  64. Vladimir De Rosa says

    Might want to try now that they are out of Beta

  65. Hannah Roberts says

    I have never done a hangout full stop,  but I remember Dungeons and Dragons 🙂

  66. Benny Kellner says

    Oh, sounds like a great idea for a hangout! Haven't played for quite a few years now, but your post really got my interest back!

  67. Brad Price says

    We play 3.5 every week with tabletop forge.

  68. Ernie Nelson says

    + Mark Stone > I'm surprised you weren't sucked into a game at work…

  69. lucia laini says

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  70. Steve Wilde says

    We have re-started with my old gang on a 3.5 game, but we are scattered and haven't managed to get together since April. I'd love to pop in to a game and just watch how people are using hangouts to do this. I haven't even done a hangout yet! If anyone is running a game and doesn't mind a lurker (or you could toss me an NPC) I'd love to see how it all works. Maybe this is the answer for my own group.

  71. Mark Stone says

    + Ernie Nelson yes, its something I should have taken advantage of while I worked at WotC. One of many WotC-related regrets. I did play + Jonathan Tweet's 13th Age over the weekend at Game Day Tacoma, and was pretty impressed. I will be (a) buying a copy and (b) trying to adapt game play to Hangouts.

  72. Scott Burbank says

    I did Friday night, worked great! I was sick, so this kept my germs away.

  73. Teva armstrong says


  74. Noelle Echterling says

    Hello if you ever get a another game in a hangout I would like to join my name is Noelle Echterling

  75. sock man says

    What is this game?

  76. Phiroz M says

    Wow haven't played it in ages…

  77. jeff jare says

    + Amanda Blain Wow last time i played DnD i fell off my #dinosaur  🙂 Love to try it in a hangout. Thks Amanda!

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