1. Christopher Rizzo says


  2. Erik Ammerlaan says

    Dragon's Lair was one of my all-time favorites.

  3. Rafael Morales says

    dunky dunk was awesome, and pitfall was the it for me….but the one to top was TRON arcade…you get to either pass the robots thingie or ride the bike, awesome!!!

  4. RADHUL RAM Tv says

    Funny game

  5. Jimmy Hamm says

    definitely needs Joust

  6. Paul Huckabee says

    No love for Samus Aran?

  7. Sakari Maaranen says

    Manic Miner, top right!

  8. izaiah guzman says

    is that a pokemon chasing pac man

  9. Gayle Chaves says


  10. ????? ???? ?????? says


  11. Rob Steadman says

    there were some great old video games , but also some truly terrible ones.

  12. Paul Huckabee says

    + Erik Ammerlaan If you have an android device 

  13. Radoslav Dejanovi? says

    Most of them… damn, I'm old!

  14. Mike G says

    Good memory test…I think I've played them all…but can't name some.

  15. Thomas Mims says

    Ghouls 'N Ghosts! YES!

  16. Shaun McLane says

    Pitfall! Most pointless game ever…yet I still wasted hours on it on my Atari 2600 thinking, "There MUST be a point to this."

  17. jose becerra says

    Dig Dug Mega Man Qbert Bubble Bobble… there's so many….

  18. Paul Brittain says

    Pacman, Chuckie Egg, Ghosts 'n' Goblins, Bubble Bobble, Airwolf, Super Mario Bros, Galaga, 3D Tank, Duck Hunt, Space Invaders, Pitfall, Dragon's Lair, DIzzy, Balloon Fight?, Avalon…it's going too far back to remember the rest 🙂 (although I do recognize all the sprites in the picture) and a couple/few were US releases and not released in the UK. Great picture + Amanda Blain 

  19. Donatas Karklelis says

    Azbis – leave it to me

  20. Amanda Blain says

    Well Done + Paul Brittain 

  21. ashraf awwad says


  22. Jonathan Lancaster says


  23. Ramilo Holter says

    Game N' Watch…? that's classic

  24. Sakari Maaranen says

    I'm not sure if Tennis is the Salora Fellow version. I learned basic programming first on that machine when I was about eight years old. 🙂

  25. Meren Longchar says

    Anyways pac man and donkey kong — classic!! Stil have them! =)

  26. Craig Crowder says

    Nice pic! Does anyone know what game that metallic face in the top left corner is from? I recognize it but can't remember the game.

  27. Bob Baldani says

    + Craig Crowder  I know that game too and have been trying to remember the name of it forever!  Use to play it in 1985 at the arcarde

  28. Grym Digger says

    Duck hunt, Pacman, Super Mario, Dragon Lair, Q-Bert, Ghost n Goblins, Link, Spy vs Spy, Bubble Bobble, Mega Man, Galaga, ET, Star Fox, Donkey Kong, Pong, Space Invaders and Pitfall.

  29. Sakari Maaranen says

    The crosshair near the middle is from Star Wars and the vector tank is from Battlezone, but where is Elite??

  30. Luis Hernandez says

    jeje great!!!!

  31. Lee Pellymounter says

    So many to chose from I love pac man and bubble bobble and even now I have that bubble bobble music in my head just looking back on the past. 

  32. Ryotaro Dojima says

    Adventure, That Dragon Duck thing is a fond memory… 😀

  33. Michael Mastejulia says

    I see Berserk, Q-bert, Mega-Man, PONG!!!, Asteroids, Carmen San Diego??  The one that's killing me is the second icon.  The one near the duck in the cage.  Can't remember that one for the life of me

  34. Leo Allen says

    ….and I now have a new wallpaper!

  35. Meren Longchar says

    =D =D

  36. Meren Longchar says

    All tanks to Amanda!!

  37. Gatto NineNineNine says


  38. Bobby Sahijram-Dansingani says

    Wow…now that has a lot going on! Doubt I could make it passed this level! 🙂

  39. Cuba Cuban says

    that would be the best game ever! xD

  40. Cuba Cuban says

    waaait? do i see tron? 😮 NO! I DOES NOT SEE TRON! 🙁 ok, not best game ever :{

  41. Meren Longchar says

    Cheat codes!! =D

  42. amber boyd says

    Who remember this game

  43. Bob Baldani says

    can't seem to find Defender, Tempest, Frogger, Centipeed, Omega Run or Missile Command.. 

  44. Meren Longchar says

    Which game? 😐

  45. Lalit Lakhani says
  46. Dustin Jones says

    And it would be more fun that the majority of overblown crap being passed off as games these days.

  47. JD Stewart says

    WOW! That brings back a flood of GREAT memories!!! Thanks for the share + Amanda Blain!!!

  48. Eric Krastel says

    + Robert Baldani + Craig Crowder The baddie in the top left is Sinistar. B-)

  49. ayman nader says

    Stairs of Ntiendo game Donkey Dong. ATRAI PACMAN. Ntiendo PYPEY

  50. John Hunt says

    Dragon's Lair, Dig dug, Miner, Donkey Kong, Pac-man, Galaga, Asteroids, Space Ivaders, Battlezone.  Some I can't remember the names of without looking them up…the 'kitchen" one, the cowboys shooting each other, and most of them are tickling a neuron or 2…

  51. Bob Baldani says

    YES!!!!!!!  Thank you + Eric Krastel   I've been trying to figure that out for the past decade haha!  

  52. Leo Vendler says

    Good to see Jet Set Willy among the games..wasted much of my youth in his company

  53. Glen Schlueter says

    Ya just gotta love Dirk the Knight from Dragon's Lair. His expressions were priceless!

  54. John Hunt says

    The mask next to the duck is one beginning with a Z, can't quite remember…

  55. Christian J Simpson says


  56. James vigreux says

    Wow how games have evolved. I remember playing almost all of them including qbert for atari

  57. Nick L says

    No A Boy And His Blob?

  58. Francis Tyler says

    cool game!I played it in my childhood

  59. Meren Longchar says

    Check eric krastel's comment!!..sinistar!

  60. Adam Oliver says

    I love pitfall played the gameboy colour version recently

  61. Eric Krastel says

    Since I'm not sure if they've been mentioned, there's Airwolf, Fishing Derby, Gun Fight (REALLY old school!), Yorkle from Adventure, a Burwor & Worrior from Wizard of Wor, some Berzerk robots, and (shudder) E.T.
    I love me some retrogaming goodness!

  62. Meren Longchar says

    Anyways that duck from atari adventures still gives me a scare..

  63. John Roussetos says

    my kids still play super nintendo even though they have wii playstation 
    gamecube ipods computers lol   they love the old games

  64. PoZe Clan says

    😀 LmFaO

  65. Jack Ferrando says


  66. Mark Thomas says

    that is awesome…that picture almost "effects" an emotional response to 30-40 somethings…great share 🙂

  67. Oliver Perman says

    All x

  68. Chayanne Mendoza says

    Fuck yeah!

  69. Damien Brown says

    Donkey Kong

  70. Sakari Maaranen says

    Now I remember the bottom left corner guy from Myth that I played on my friends' Amstrad.

  71. Lucas Muñoz says

    Good old times 🙂

  72. Robbie Smith says

    What's the red caped person 2nd from the top layer towards the left side??
    + Paul Brittain I think I recognize it but dont recall the name…

  73. Cameron Christensen says

    Burger Time, that brings back fond memories!

  74. Pedro Camacho says

    Psycho Fox!!!

  75. Abraham Bustamante says

    u cute bruh

  76. Mo P says

    Carmen San-Diego??lol

  77. Ellyn Michelstein says

    I am agree

  78. Adam Austin says

    It's like a history of my childhood

  79. Anthony Taylor says
  80. Robbie Smith says

    + Mo P that's the old Carmen???? Wowzers!! Lol thanks… 🙂

  81. tamas krisztian fodor says

    i have played with a few in it for sure most of them atari games … :))) nive , one !

  82. Steve Shackelford says

    Too cool

  83. Mac McNeely says

    Why is ET in this?

  84. Arshad Ali says

    The ones at the bottom are zx spectrum ones, is that knight lore? My memory has gone lol, and top left is that xenon?

  85. Aleksander Hropot says

    + Amanda Blain i see your pic and raise you with this one from a colleague of mine:) http://www.retronator.com/tribute

  86. DC IsMe says

    Haha made my day thanks!

  87. Joshua Haigh says

    PACMAN!!!!! Lol I'm 13 and I play that loads

  88. Joshua Haigh says

    It's a beastly game

  89. Arshad Ali says

    Zx spectrum at the bottom, is that knight lore? My memory is shot, top left is xenon?

    Ah bubble bobble one of my faves, where is rainbow islands, it should be here!

  90. Abraham Bustamante says

    f#*k u Alksander. Amanda fine.

  91. yahiya shoukkat ali says


  92. Joshua Haigh says


  93. Joshua Haigh says


  94. Joshua Haigh says


  95. Robert Hustwick says

    I see Zelda II, but where's the original?????

  96. Abraham Bustamante says

    fu#k u man. u wierd niiga

  97. Joel Watson says

    Rock! Alex Kidd in Miracle world! Still one of my favorite games 🙂

  98. Abraham Bustamante says

    bi#ch. shut up. oky .

  99. Abraham Bustamante says

    u robert

  100. terry matthew says

    Q-Bert never looked that sharp on a 2600!

  101. Abraham Bustamante says

    shut up terry hoe

  102. Sakari Maaranen says

    + Arshad Ali it's Barbarian / ZX Spectrum. Also the guy with the shield, top row is from that.  And there's obviously Tetris on top left under the duck. (Yes, I got stuck with this picture… 🙂

  103. Abraham Bustamante says


  104. Cesare Romeo Terrazzo says

    No barrels .. no donkey Kong?

  105. Mac McNeely says

    + Abraham Bustamante you mind showing a bit of restraint dude nobody likes a hostile prick.

  106. Stephen Ritger says


  107. Serkan EROGLU says

    i see …  donkey kong ,wizard of war,barbarian,ghost'n goblin,Pac Man, (comodore 64 games) i like it 🙂

  108. William Lundin says

    Defender? Centipede? Tempest? Missile Command?  River Raid? not seeing them

  109. terry matthew says

    Welcome to the Internet, Abraham. Here you'll learn many skills relevant to your future stay in Lompoc Correctional Facility for the crime of being the world's least effective white knight. Courses include "How Typing 'seXXXy ladie' 4000 Times Got Me a Wife" and "Better Insults: Four Letters Is Not a Dirty Word". Enjoy!

  110. Humberto Jose Torrez Rodriguez says

    Amanda eres hermosa y me gustas,muchos [email protected]

  111. Phil Gardner says

    Is it Pitfall, or Pitfall II? I can't remember the difference, but Pitfall II on the CBM 64 was brilliant. What a game!

  112. Eamonn Mazur says

    Well, there's Mario…

  113. Phil Gardner says

    Is the set of cross-hairs under the Combat-Zone tank from Star Wars?

  114. Phil Gardner says

    The helicopter (top-right) is Airwolf.

  115. Ric Haines says

    Anyone get Exolon by Raff Cecco/Hewson? Between the dragon and Chuckie Egg dude in the middle

  116. Hesam Zand says

    Amanda what meaning ?

  117. James Hollenbeck says

    Pleasantly surprised to see Alex Kidd and Psycho Fox on there. The Sega Master System rarely gets any love.

  118. Gerard Jones says

    a video game To Play Free!! A combination Of Games Pics

  119. Benito Guerrero says

    Wow, haven't seen Burger Time in a while. Galaga my favorite, Berserk I played a lot. Space Invaders, Duck Hunt, Pac-man, Dragons Lair, E.T. was horrible. QBert, Donkey Kong, Pitfall, Mario Brothers, Dig Dug.  I don't see Defender which I played a ton also. Didn't notice Pong up at the top. Almost forgot Battle Zone.

  120. Carlos Rodriguez says

    Rush n attack.

  121. Thomas Gutzler says

    I can't believe nobody's mentioned Rick Dangerous yet. They pointy things coming out the floor on level two?

  122. finn Cashill says

    Where's donkey kong?

  123. Pietro Branca says

    I do recognise: Sir Lancelot and Battlezone!

  124. William Mann says

    Where's double dragon?

  125. Shayne Gelfond says

    has anyone mentioned duck hunter from NES on level 2? am i the only classic gamer here?

  126. Ned Sanderson says

    The whole framework looks like Donkey Kong to me.

  127. Phillip Ryan says

    It was all about dragon warrior in those days

  128. Mesac Garriga says

    I love that game

  129. James Perry says


  130. Kieran O'Connor says

    The scorpion's from Fire Ant

  131. Eslam Dj says


  132. Brian Atwood says

    Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!

  133. George Smith says

    Ahh , okay

  134. Hugh Dingwall says

    Dizzy. Best game evar.

  135. keefe casler says

    All of them

  136. Sean Grumbles says

    Man I wish I was a kid again except COD would be around.

  137. David Baker says

    There's allot of them , Q-bert , burger time , dig dug , PAC Man, star master, Mario brothers, pit fall , gallaga , donkey Kong … Almost all of them … Can't remember the name of a few up there , but I've played them also.. One of them looks like space invader , missing a few classics though , like joust , centipede , defenders , spy hunter….

  138. Shawn Facetoobin says

    I hunger.

  139. Joseph Menocal says

    Nice pic love it

  140. Christopher Long says

    That's more video game references than I thought were on Google+!

  141. Jaxon Mallard says

    pacman mario link megaman

  142. Kieran O'Connor says

    Cynapse is in there, but could be cybernoid. I just can't be sure.

  143. Steven Carroll says

    o0(Gets a sudden urge to run to the bank and get a ton of quarters)

  144. Ryan Layne says

    cuburt,zelda,pac man,duck hunt, mario, gallaga, manic miner, mega man, space invaders, and that's all I got

  145. Alexander Freeman says

    omg pacman and mario (L)

  146. Mark Botnaru says

    Ladders… I see lots of Ladders

  147. Tahj Guinn says

    that is so epic

  148. Bassem Kayal says


  149. Scott Lockwood III says

    I don't see Defender, Tempest, or Robotron 2084. Other than that, epic!

  150. imt cile says


  151. syaefur rohman says


  152. Pablo Reyes says

    + Pletorian Groll k tal ehh!!?!

  153. Martin Greene says

    defender, glaxion, pokemon, backdrop is donky kong, asteroid, packman, mario, tennis/ping pong at the top and tetris under the bird cage. most of the others i have never seen or played

  154. Kiki Buscaino says

    Omg crazily epic lol I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 😀 •^__^•

  155. Bob Joe says

    um… pacman and mario????????

  156. Donald White says

  157. James Bell II says

    Nice but this pic gets no love because the didn't included my girl Samus….

  158. Preston Odenbrett says

    A lot more then I wish to admit… some major classics.. spent a ton of money on Dragon's Lair when it was out at the arcade, along with Donkey Kong.. Many coming back with the new systems?

  159. Izzy Cann says


  160. Chandler Ford says

    Someone had to be high when they created Joust. Hahaha.

  161. jason whalley says

    james pond. micky mouse and donald duck. alex the kid.paper boy????

  162. Mikey D says

    They were all high when they made the games

  163. Kevin J Reid says

    space invaders, donkey kong, battelzone, manic miner, jetset willy, pacman, dig-dug, outlaw, asteriods. The cats head badge at the top is driving me crazy…cant remember.

  164. Ray Taylor says

    the cowboys in the pic were from 'boot hill' as i recall. someone else referred to it as 'gunfight' of  which i think i remember seeing a version called that. no 'defender' !..sacrilege. one of the best games ever. 5 million+ my high score. took the skin off my knuckles from the lever. lol

  165. Anthony Cacaccio says

    + Amanda Blain your posts are the best!

  166. Victor Cepero says

    The head at the top is sinastar.

  167. Connor Manke says

    pacman and ghosts

  168. Victor Cepero says

    Dragons lair

  169. Victor Cepero says

    Duck hunk, digdug

  170. Kevin J Reid says

    The cowboy on the left is from Gunfight.   The cowboy on the right is from Outlaw the Atari classic.  Agree no Defender, boohoo…. now that took real skill and dedication.

  171. Victor Cepero says


  172. Jeff Rogers says

    I love it.  Back in the day (early 1980's, yes I'm dating myself) I worked on the clones of a lot of those games for ColecoVision.

  173. Kishan Patel says

    legend of zelda

  174. Arvin Montecillo says

    gun fight, super mario, legend of zelda, manic miner, jetset willy, pacman, dig-dug, outlaw, asteroids, megaman, balloon fight, smurfs, green beret,pitfall. so far these are the only things I can remember and yes I played with these games that I remembered lol.

  175. Robert E. Obrikat jr. says

    PONG my 1st love on a BLACK & WHITE T.V.

  176. Jaron Lund says

    Oh how i miss the Atari…. 🙁

  177. Adam Anderson says

    uh let me think…1 i know only one that is pacman!!!lolz

  178. ricardo avila says

    this is a wierd game what is it called

  179. Michael Hudson DJ switchey says

    Anybody see R-Type ? 🙁
    I love that game

  180. Jonathan López says

    Where's karnov?

  181. Leo T says

    omg QBert!!!!!!!

  182. Kori Thompson says

    I love SMB!!!!!

  183. Bill Mckim says

    Cool I will ask my 10 yr old some he loves retro games

  184. Jerome Williams says

    + Amanda Blain Donkey Kong was a classic on Coleco Vision

  185. Nik yo says


  186. Laurence Hawker says

    Where's Jet Set Willy and Dynomite Dan?

  187. Paul Frederick says

    Is Asteroids there? I am not seeing it and I don't think anyone mentioned it yet. I was a Robotron player myself. I'm not sure of those sprites are there either.

  188. Vamsi Krishna says

    missing roadrash

  189. William Cheng says

    There's an Asteroid just above left of Qbert.

  190. Ray Taylor says

    some others.. mooncrest, space tactics, missile command, centipede, galaxian, galaga,carnival,gorf …all played in my local arcade the 'las vegas' in liverpool circa 1979  🙂

  191. Erica Johnson says

    You know what game I used to love?
    Toejam and Earls, Panic on Funkatron by SEGA!!!
    Has no one heard of this game. IT IS THE BEST!
    Oh and loved Contra for Nintendo.
    Up up down down left right left right, B A B A. 30 free guys.

  192. Ben Martin says

    Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

  193. Tommy Vargas says

    Dragons Lair, Q-bert! %$%#$%& haha Pac Man, Pitfall, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Space Invaders! Galaga? Duck Hunt! E.T. The game! haha too funny!

  194. Anthony C says

    Toe Jam and Earl was tha bomb.. Remember the secret Island off the 1st level with the hot tub and lemonade stand?

  195. William Durham says

    Hey where is samus?

  196. Mario BRUNO says

    Every Thing You Have To Say is Intriging And Creative !

  197. William Durham says

    Where is samus?

  198. Rayyan Memon says

    all retro games are better than call of duty

  199. Jonas Wasilco says

    Megaman 4 ever!

  200. Brandon Parfait says


  201. E suazo says

    wow what game is dis looks lyk pac man

  202. luke dobbo says

    how old is this

  203. Gustavo de Freitas Caetano says

    Pac-man, Megaman, Adventure, Zelda, Pitfall, Frontline, Dragon's Lair, Psycho Fox, Alex Kidd, Mario Bros., Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, and a lot of titles I can't remember the name, but got the feeling of playing them at childhood.
    Thanks for sharing, Amanda!

  204. Dwayne Smith says


  205. Christopher Manar says

    Killer! I love that Sinistar is the boss.

  206. Logan Rouse says

    awesomely wierd

  207. rakesh sala says


  208. Dee Moses says

    thats pretty interesting and probably hard

  209. Christopher Sedelmaier says

    Sinistar runs this show. BEWARE! I LIVE!

  210. Erika M says

    Miner 24 niner?!!!

  211. John Messina says

    Haunted House

  212. Joseph Singleton says

    Mario Brothers! All time best game!

  213. El Mauro says

    Can't see 1942 and Ghosts 'n Goblins ?

  214. Brook Warren says

    Adventure is the one that resonates the most with me (indicated by the pixelated yellow dragon).  The first  action adventure game for the home console, the first easter egg in any game, and the first item stash. Super awesome game.  The "invisible" dot was freaking awesome too.

  215. charlene carlies says

    wow that looks really cool.

  216. Justin Kim says

    The stage is obvious mario vs donkey kong. You can see pacman, megaman, the guy from balloon fight, theres  al lot of random mario stuff like koopas, galaxia or seomthing i see…  zzelda, uhhhhhhhhhhh

  217. Aidan Johnston says

    how many games is that?

  218. Mohammed Noor Abdullah says

    Reminds me of the good old Lode Runner computer I used to enjoy playing during my younger days. It's a lot simpler but good fun.

  219. Wende Li says

    less then ten

  220. ricardo arrona says

    Thats so cool!

  221. Craig Crowder says

    Thanks, +Eric Krastel!!! Mystery solved.

  222. xavier crump says


  223. Mario BRUNO says

    I know What You're Saying Being Mr. Mario and all. !

  224. Danish Singh Brar says

    I'm just happy that Mario's up there

  225. Ranjani Singh says

    wowzas, I can't remember all the names, but I remember most of the characters. Aha look at mario swinging and pacman climbing the ladder. 🙂

  226. Vincent Zhang says

    too many to name!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :):) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  227. Crystal N says

    mega man

  228. Justin Tan says

    owh… nice memories…

  229. Robert Carlson says

    Haha, I see a lil Bezerk dude in there!

  230. Michael Thomas says

    Hi im mike

  231. Steve Whitley says

    I hate that friggen yellow Dragon!

  232. Hermann Kopper says

    Too many for a kid that grew up in the arcades and with an Atari 2600

  233. william hernandez says

    woot lol

  234. Lanaisha Joseph says


  235. Christopher Manar says

    Quick! Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start!!!

  236. Aalia Khan says

    From this picture, I can only recall King Kong.

  237. anthony campbell says


  238. David Miller Jr. says

    i wonder what the total is

  239. Zachary Graham says

    Best game

  240. Tyree Hawkins says


  241. Findlay Jenkins says

    what a memory .. I had a vic20 c64  amiga 500 

  242. Ian Meredith says

    No 'Elite' ??!

  243. lucas palmer says

    Carmen sandiego

  244. Kaitlin Smith says

    mario, pac man, zelda

  245. Raqueta Sisson says

    Such a classic! Amazing

  246. Martin Jones says

    Great picture, lots of great memories playing all of them!

  247. lilly roberts says

    all of em`

  248. JONAS HAGOE says


  249. Jay Boyd says


  250. Austin Thompson says

    bubble bobble is my all time fav!

  251. Jason Castellani says

    Awesome classic.

  252. Tay Drake says


  253. Percivale de Norgales says

    Rescue Raiders?

  254. Jacob Morales says

    Kopa tropas I love them

  255. Rowan Kreischer says

    Mario PAC man and torn

  256. Carlos Arevalo says

    esta super original

  257. marco smith says

    digdug, pacman (oldstyle,)ghost)(pink,blue), mario(1975), super mario(1975), donkey kong stage,

  258. shaun yakoob says

    Alex Kidd!

  259. Chip Johnson says

    Where the hell is Samus?!

  260. Tahlore H says

    Pitfall! My fave!

  261. Justin White says

    Some of these will be in the new Disney movie Wreck it Ralph hopefully well represented.

  262. Bridger Reif Hammond says

    So many are missing… As said before, no joust or Metroid?

  263. athena flores says

    Pacman, Chuckie Egg, Ghosts 'n' Goblins, mario bros, and Duck Hunt thats all i know

  264. Eric Gao says

    I got 16, no 17 characters

  265. Benjamin Miller says

    that structure did not pass expections

  266. Sam Taylor says

    this game's plot is more confusing than inception!!!

  267. Winston Barboza says

    the thing is about to…… FALL

  268. Daylon Granillo says


  269. Lyn Scott says

    How much history in one single picture.. 🙂

  270. Franklin Balvin says

    So many memories in one picture, so cool!!!

  271. sidney hill says


  272. Humberto Bustamante says

    Sexxy ass picturee <333 donkey kong looks hella sexxy he turns me on <333

  273. Cooper Legault says

    thats so cool… its giving me a head ake

  274. Shijo Joseph says

    you win first level

  275. Keenan Lasch says

    Pitfall, Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Bubble Bobble, Megaman, Chastlevania, Duck Hunt, Mario, Galexcian, Asteroids, Qubert, Solid Snake, Dig Dug, Dungeon Quest,  ET (atari), Burger Time, Galaxia, Final Fatacy, Pit Jumper, Legend of Zelda, Pong

  276. victoria salazar says


  277. Major Bee says


  278. Nick Hoddick says

    well lets see i know… none of them ! or maybe two of them

  279. Marco Garcia says


  280. Jann Del Corro says

    + Chris Pirillo 

  281. Lynn Hettrick says

    + Brook Warren + Steve Whitley The bat was worse than the dragons! But I remember laughing so hard with my friend when the bat picks up the dead dragon with the player in his belly and seeing all the screens go by!

  282. Paul Harris says

    What was the names of the guys from double dragon?

  283. Shauna Opseth says


  284. John Ya?ar says

    I see the Airwolf from my C64 days… Circa 1988

  285. Shauna Opseth says


  286. Megan Paschke says

    uhhhhhhh…. i pretty much only recongnize pac-man and mario. lol

  287. ryan gagnon says

    i saw zelda, Mario, PAC-man,and mega-man,

  288. Cullen Fair says

    is that HUMPTY DUMPTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  289. Rachel Wilkens says

    Pitfall Mario and muk

  290. Rachel Wilkens says

    Oh and pac man

  291. Nate Lue says


  292. herewini brewer says


  293. Chloe Noreen says

    ac man dig dig game mario duck hunter space ship game that usuallt is with pac man and zelda

  294. Tim Turner says

    where's ninja gaiden?

  295. Alexandra Sabol says

    Pacman, Mario.

  296. Dominic Waters says


  297. Shobhit Sharma says


  298. Larry Lock says

    Love it…

  299. Errol Spence says

    Love dig dig!!

  300. Owen Akiyama says


  301. Jake Stone says

    Old torn movie was SO much better

  302. Shane Stacks says

    + Craig Crowder + Bob Baldani I'm pretty sure that's Sinistar…

  303. Joshua Gurin says

    Q Bert

  304. Craig Bomberger says

    Seems like i didn't play enough video games back when, because i can only recognize a few of them!  🙁

  305. quan tran van says


  306. mostafa abdelmonaem says

    Possible know I Lacy Mustafa from Egypt

  307. Darcy Caron says

    its called " Donkey ~Gonorrhea~ Kong" why? Because everybody is FuCkiNg there!

  308. Shane Van Stuivenberg says

    My whole childhood right there lol

  309. Antonio Morones says

    Where's EXCITE BIKE?

  310. Joey Cavalier says

    Anybody remember lolo? My favorite retro game.

  311. edwin kumar says


  312. Pragati Nagpal says


  313. Jeremy McLeod says

    Mega Man is the best!

  314. kyle snider says

    Love it

  315. Poppy Hardink says

    Sinistar, digdug, qbert, …

  316. angelito buenaobra says

    i like this photo.

  317. Sundar Prasath says

    is it not so easyone..,

  318. Carol Wichlacz says

    Donkey Kong, and PAC man.

  319. Steven Atwood says

    Mother of gaming…

  320. Matthew Vincent says

    could'nt be stuffed

  321. Arnold Moran says

    75 mm!!!

  322. Germaine Escolano says

    Super Mario is still the best! 🙂

  323. Germaine Escolano says

    Super Mario is still the best! 🙂

  324. harmeet singh says


  325. RISHABH ranjan says


  326. Ben Errington says

    Can anyone identify the game the urn is from? (top row, third from the left) It's driving me nuts!

  327. Chuy Calderon says

    Loved Ghost n Goblins.The Gyromite dude is missing !

  328. Catherine Bre says


  329. Dnyaneshwar Phuke says

    lovely game

  330. Jsue Rupe says

    not cery mant thats for sure pretty good pic

  331. Ravinder Nandal says


  332. Rocky Goswami says


  333. thomas cudjoe says

    I like u

  334. Hillary Hopkins says


  335. Hillary Hopkins says


  336. mukthar shahwani says


  337. Michel de Meere says

    Wow!!! You all gonna love this one!! For sure!! + Amanda Blain this new movie is all about retrogames! http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/disney/wreckitralph/

  338. Opiyo Vincent says


  339. Anna Ramirez says

    So cool!… 🙂

  340. krishna Soni says


  341. Ashish Gupta says

    hay + Anna Ramirez how r u

  342. Lawrence Jacobs says

    I loved Mr do, and was top scorer of black tiger in my local arcade, also ten yard fight and pitfall2. Mad memories.

  343. Jim Gallagher says

    I remember where I left my teenage years.

    + Harrison Gallagher + William Gallagher + Nicole Gallagher +public

  344. Johnson Wilson says

    wow nice

  345. Amr Adawy says

    Where is Contra?????

  346. Sarah Lewis says

    I feel old now

  347. Mal Dog says

    Donkey Kong

  348. Andy Morris says

    Burger King! Circa 1981 (I think).

  349. ash casona says


  350. RAmjan Sahikh says

    my aapse dosti kar saktho kiy

  351. RAmjan Sahikh says

    my ramjan ho

  352. Brandon Hanserd says

    This looks like a retro smash bros with retro characters

  353. Pavel Gut says

    really cool

  354. Moosie P says

    AHHH…..the good ol' days

  355. John Delamore says

    That's great, but I can't see Lunar Lander, Phoenix, Pleiades, Galaxian, Mr Du, Gyrus, Mooncrester, Ladybug, Centipede, Styx….Gee I'm showing my age…

  356. Sheep Rule says

    Mario Turtles and pac-man gost

  357. Pamela Johnson says

    Kong was the best by Atari

  358. David Hall says

    I recognise quite a few of them. My history of video games start with a commodore vic20 and Atari 2600 and I have owned at least one machine from every generation of computers and consoles released since then.

  359. Sakari Maaranen says

    + Ben Errington the urn is from Myth, the Amstrad CPC game that I mentioned.

  360. Kevin Archibald says

    I can't believe you don't have (insert your fav retro game here)!! This graphic is BS without that!   PS is that Wizard of Wor? Sweet!

  361. Frank Watkins says

    I never was good at donkey kong but loved to play!

  362. Cameron Mathews says

    lol I think it was like this for alot of the games we played like this back in the days.

  363. Jay Dee says

    My Big Brother had donkey kong as a handheld…. did we play that friggen game for months …filling in batteries like crazy ..that is like 20 years ago ..YIKES!!!

  364. Dave Degrassi says

    Tron, Q-Bert, Dig-Dug, Defender, Joust, ET, Galaga/Galaxian, Space invaders…just awsome!

  365. Fazal Mahmood Afridi says

    ammmmmmmmm i am at a lost .

  366. Robert Lennes says

    I am Sinistar!

  367. Robert Lennes says

    Too many.

  368. Japhia Gun says

    awesome pic

  369. Gary Leung says

    Oh my awesome..

  370. ochai edward says

    Nyc pics

  371. Domingos. silva Silva says

    Quero conhecet voce e como voce

  372. Robert Lennes says

    Makes me wonder if anyone still uses MAME. Somewhere, I'm sure to have a drive loaded with hundreds of ROMs.

  373. Midhat Omanovic says

    dobra stara igrica

  374. Zandi Noel says

    wat is this game

  375. Steven Alman says

    I am too old to remember any of that stuff! LOL

  376. Gato Oi says


  377. fares zazo says


  378. kuldip gill says

    viry nice to game

  379. Beacon SENTINEL says

    Mario Metroid and Kirby dreamland

  380. shamir mosley says


  381. paul bradley says

    donkey kong,pacman,pitfall,can i play atari 2600 now?
    p.s. amanda you're beautiful.forever isn't long enough to compliment.

  382. Miguel Garcia says

    Pac Man, Megaman, The Legend of Zelda, Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Balloon Fighter, Invaders. That's all the ones that I can find in the picture.

  383. mukesh mass says


  384. Mcolares Colares says

    Legal gostei;-)

  385. s rivan says

    hi girls

  386. Joni Nugraha says


  387. fani ali says

    ohhhhhhhhh hahahahaahha hahaahhahahahaha

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