1. Md. Sohan says

    hahahah…. nice joke

  2. Chris Robato says

    Bring in the Vitamin C, the Zinc and antioxidant foods and supplements too.

  3. Nic Johns says

    Commiserations. I too have a cold – doing my best to just ignore it. 

  4. Nic Johns says

    Commiserations. I too have a cold – doing my best to just ignore it.

  5. hand itchy says

    great information

  6. Samson Spiridon Hauger says

    Chi is the high or is it low?

  7. Blair Warner says

    Yep! That's been my experience… So it must be right, huh? 🙂

  8. Steven Lockey says

    Get Garlic! Lots of Garlic. Great for boosting the immune system

  9. ARTEMIS Dimou says

    Great information,I agree!

  10. Blair Warner says

    Remember, you can really only treat the symptoms and any " remedy" is meant for helping with coping and building up your immune system. Sleep and a lot of fluids does wonders for the flu!

  11. Ely Hitc says

    good to know

  12. branko skoric says

    I always take an injection against flue virus + Amanda Blain ,and it works , never get flu !

  13. PJ Ammidon says

    Feel better soon + Amanda Blain !!

  14. emmanuel aluma says

    Then what causes common cold? i thought they are related

  15. branko skoric says

    cold viruses are different from flu viruses + emmanuel aluma 

  16. branko skoric says

    cold viruses are different from flu viruses + emmanuel aluma

  17. Jeff Chapman says

    influenza = flu
    retrovirus = cold
    different viruses both mutate incessantly and are a major pain in the ass.
    especially if you have young kids who keep bringing home what their classmates share so readily.

  18. Panah Rad says

    Hm… I seem to have both 😀

  19. Antonio Pinheiro says

    Very good your comment. There is much confusion between flu and cold in every corner of this world.

  20. Joe Napolitani says

    + Amanda Blain I took a food safety class instructed by the CDC and they informed the class that over 70% of the time you have Flu symptoms it’s actually a food borne illness, especially if you eat out a lot.

  21. Connie N says

    Hope you are feeling better + Amanda Blain ! Stay warm.

  22. Daniel Johhan says

    Get well Blain…

  23. Ali Muskrahat Gujer says


  24. Ghiciusca Bogdan says


  25. Tim Hunt says

    Fighting off a cold currently.
    It's always interesting how many people mistake nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea for "stomach flu", when it's usually food poisoning.

  26. Priyabrata Roy says

    good comparison

  27. Wildoe Willie says

    hey just hang with the flu. It misses u thats why it paid u a visist. Just chill out sunshine okay.hehe

  28. Susan Lewis says

    Actually, this really is good to know!

  29. Richie Pearce says

    Where does man flu appear in that table?

  30. Vinod Pandey says

    Thanks for sharing, nice info.

  31. Aggie Chan says

    Good for you.

  32. Amanda Blain says

    All these good for you comments concern me have you no flu sympathy lol

  33. Susan Lewis says

    None. Tough crowd :p

  34. Ned Pearson says

    Havent you ever seen the ghost that roared?

  35. Glen Lee says

    + Chris Robato yes! Vitamin c and zinc. That's my secret sauce. Knocks a cold out quick. I've never had the flu that I know of.

  36. AJEEM ASLAAN says

    you ever had ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,//////////////////

  37. Husam Abdullah says

    Nice info

  38. Lucky Mwiinga says

    Plis my sincere cautionis that u stp corruptin da coversation by involvin insults

  39. kome michael says


  40. Chigo Nwagbara says

    I have a always found it had to differentiate between both….thanks for the chart 

  41. Chigo Nwagbara says

    I have a always found it had to differentiate between both….thanks for the chart

  42. Olga Vasilyeva says

    I have cold now 🙂 There also can be tears in the eyes for cold.

  43. Tejas Lathia says


  44. Kris Roley says

    Handy reference.

  45. Md Emon says


  46. Blessing Mandimutsira says

    thanx i wasn't really aware of thewse differences

  47. Ken Sharp says

    This assumes there is one variant of each ==> nonsense.

  48. Munish Kumar says

    y nice

  49. Miguel Rodriguez says

    Goog information…

  50. andrew zuo says

    Runny nose have a cold,
    Stuffy too have the flu.

  51. Tasha Fleming says

    Well my Lil girl is a 6th grader and since the lunch had changed at her school do to the Obama Chang she has been getting sick do to not enough vitamins in the lunch food . So what am I to do?

  52. Md Emon says

    hots great

  53. venkat shiva says

    thankq for sharing…….. its really helpful.

  54. Walker Wells says

    You can get the flu by commenting on this post.  Oh wait, crap…….

  55. Steve Kappes says

    + Tasha Fleming I'll take the hook, what as "Obama" done to your child's school lunch? Other than reduce the junk calorie count and allow as may servings of fruit and veggies as your child can eat?

  56. Rehan Azmi says


  57. Jesse Massey says

    + Amanda Blain Thanks for posting this it's good to know things like this

  58. martin shervington says

    Get well soon + Amanda Blain!

  59. Jane Gooding says

    Make her a lunch pack,or a lunch box,take her out shopping,and see what she would like in her lunch box/pack,if it's aloud.

  60. Blair Warner says

    Get well soon.

  61. chandula perera says

    I don't know this subject

  62. hans westenburg says

    its good to know that

  63. Jennifer Barr says

    that is helpful.  Thanks + Amanda Blain 

  64. Jennifer Barr says

    that is helpful.  Thanks + Amanda Blain

  65. Lisa Barducci says

    This chart seems to forget the infamous man flu…

  66. kim dorsey says

    learn something new every day  thanks

  67. darian wendling says

    what is that about i am only 13 can't you say it a little better please

  68. ROMEO RAYMOND says

    helpful nd new

  69. tichu hurso says

    Wonderful Info! Share us more please.

  70. Maj Ali says

    Nice to know the difference

  71. Nic Villa Jr. says

    thank you for the info.

  72. kevin kordosky says

    good one, especially with the onset of cooler weather.

  73. John Lawson says

    I've had the flu once in my life and I still remember it, July 1990. I've had dozens of colds and I hardly remember them a week after they've cleared up. That's why I get slightly irked when people tell me they've got the flu when they've actually got a cold. It's a huge difference.

  74. Herman Heinstman says

    eat horse-radish and a cognac, hot water, lemon,
    before bedtime.

  75. Gourav Gupta says


  76. Ary Stocrat says

    One important Symptom is missed:
    Death – possible from flu complications, impossible from cold. So if you are dead, then for sure you had a flu.

  77. Jason Mcgrath says

    Hot whiskey and sweat it out lol

  78. Diga Widyaprana says

    Nice info!

  79. Julius Huard says

    Watching that out….

  80. Christopher Koh Lip Seng says

    I caught a cold

  81. Karel Zakone says

    Eat cloves

  82. Aggie Chan says

    I also have a cold

    Sent from my iPod

  83. Jonathan Moore says

    Well, I try my best not to get sick in the first place. I usually succeed. Plus I take preventive measures like staying away from people who are sick. I haven't been sick ever since I stopped getting flu shots. Which is sweet. Even if you're one of my closest friends. If I hear one sniffle from you, I'll tell you kindly to back the hell up. I don't want your damn illness. But me still love you long time like long love song. Baby.

  84. Tim Thompson says

    Something is going around, think its a cold

  85. Stacy Hower says

    C bnxxnbxbffhñcbxhdhvdbddcvdfvxvbxxbvvbdvxvvfegghhgmnvcbcbxbxbvxbxbshxhvufyw

  86. Amina Lawan says

    What is the different between cold and flu ? Nd how can we cure them ?

  87. Tom Quinn says

    AAAAHHHHH CHHUUUU…..I don't know what ur talking about? sniffle….sniffle

  88. kaikobad bokdawala says

    Have honey and ginger

  89. malik bilal says


  90. Pam Melville says

    Depends on what kind of Chi u have?? Good or bad

  91. Matt Anderson says

    I can tell you the symptoms of beer flu…..

    Pounding Head
    Dry Catpoop like taste in mouth
    Unfamiliar Surroundings upon awakening
    Unfamiliar Companion(s) upon awakening
    Craving for McDonalds Greasy Burger

  92. Monte Jones says

    I know one thing the flu suck to have tho

  93. Daniel W says

    This confirms I hate the flu 😛


    IN PERU PISCO had a glass of TOSA and resolved FLU LIKE MUCH YOUR SEPARATE PAGE Congratulations You have beautiful eyes CUIDATE AM THE KISSES PHOTO LIMA PERU

  95. Costa Alecrim says

    Yeah, they all look the same 🙂

  96. zeus cronus says

    Huh hmm…..

  97. Hannah Roberts says

    Hope your cold is better soon + Amanda Blain ,.
    I can never remember exactly so figure if I can still function, it is a cold.
    That said, being a mother, even if I have flu, I still need to dress and feed the kids… Just I do it while complaining loudly and sleep as soon as they do . 😀

  98. Olivia Storms says


  99. Bill Hartzer says

    Does really matter? In both cases, you feel horrible, it will take time to get over it.

  100. Ramesh Sangamnerkar says

    Hannah is right.

  101. Samsuddin Ismail says

    to me it the same…

  102. Abd Henley says

    still on….

  103. Hannah Matson says


  104. Kailyn Burke says

    + Bill Hartzer yeh, but more people die from the flu than the common cold. if they know what they have a head of time, they might not die. 

  105. Kailyn Burke says

    + Bill Hartzer yeh, but more people die from the flu than the common cold. if they know what they have a head of time, they might not die.

  106. Christopher Adams says

    It would be hard for me to tell when i get a cold i have all the stuff the flu does but not the high fever.

  107. Duncan Mcleod says

    Is there such a thing a the un-common cold??

  108. ravi kshatri says

    please take a jinger,hony,green coffy and mutton thanks

  109. Veronica Orozco says

    All it needs is a giant disclaimer at the bottom that says "STOMACH FLU IS NOT ACTUALLY THE FLU, STUPID!"

  110. Declan Dowling says

    I hate a cold damn nuisance catches up with you & lasts for a week or so!!!

  111. Vili Monkare says

    where is "birdflu" from the list? 🙂

  112. Renee Carter says

    Thanks for the Share:)   Just got my flu shot today.

  113. Vamsi Dhar says


  114. Alex Bynum says

    According to this chart I don't think I have ever had the flu.  I have had flu like symptoms, but for only a day.

  115. Justin Warnock says

    I don't know but if I didn't have it I want kiss you

  116. Vamsi Dhar says


  117. ahmad raza says

    i dn't know,,,,,

  118. Romeo raouth says

    lol b aware:D

  119. Brish M says

    amazing. so informative

  120. Viktor Todorov says

    Always good to have within reach if not a doctor and keep forgetting the differences

  121. Xhamira D. says

    + Amanda Blain All you need to remember is aches, pains, and chills is the flu. AKA, the flu hurts and is much worse =[

  122. John Gunaseelan says

    very useful

  123. meghna ghodke says

    Thanks for nice information.

  124. Tom Quinn says

    Stock up on tissues……ahhhhhchoooooo

  125. Christopher Dennison-Farrar says


  126. Roddy Campbell says

    Not to be sneezed at :p

  127. Kunal Roy says

    Very informative. Thanks for share.

  128. snoop booker says

    Interesting. Thank You!!!!!….????

  129. Andrew Smith says

    Useful information chart on colds/flu

  130. ashish Singh says

    Drink alcohol to cure fast

  131. arizbeth santos says

    I kind of want to get the flu lol its the only way ima get time off my daughters. And get taken care of. I have'nt got sick in forever!!

  132. Bryan Campbell says

    I must have a hybrid cold/flu it's kicking my ass

  133. Denise Garcia says

    Helpful hint… 🙂

  134. Puja kumari says

    gud 1

  135. Nate Hawkins says

    I had the flu once. It led to leukemia, 3 weeks in a coma, 4 months in a wheelchair, and 9 months of chemotherapy. It kicked MY ASS.

  136. Ali Oruzgani says

    Just Water & Honey & Lemon

  137. Bandido Bandit says

    I hate both of them , but obviously hate flu more

  138. aundry Anderson says

    U r fine flu and all

  139. matthew mitchell says

    feel better! the world needs you… until then rest up. thanks for the chart.

  140. rajni kalsey says

    good information…

  141. James Moore says

    So according to this graphic I have both?

  142. Shaun Aston says

    + Jeff Chapman please post facts if you're going to list.
    Read these two links.



  143. Shaun Aston says

    + Jeff Chapman please post facts if you're going to list.
    Read these two links.



  144. Brandall Maronk says

    Very informative….., good lesson….THNX"S  !!

  145. Shaun Aston says

    One more:


  146. Shaun Aston says

    One more:


  147. Saad Mamdouh says

    what do you think?

  148. Darren Murphy says

    + Amanda Blain so always go by if you can get out of bed it's not flu

  149. charles schongar says

    #tashafleming kids chewable help

  150. Ronny Japutra says

    I can cure cold / flu, and no, they aren't different, they are the same.

  151. Nikhita Sattiraju says

    now i can be relived about this matter

  152. mhamed sader says

    hi amandi

  153. Alan Byron says

    As a doctor I never, ever, met anyone who did not say they had flu or, more bizarrely, a 'touch of 'flu' when they had a common cold. Common cold = 'man 'flu.'

  154. maan khan says


  155. Omar Anees Ahmed says

    Thanks for the info.

  156. James King says

    + louise king

  157. RAM GOPAL says


  158. Kevin Ondeng says

    appreciated it

  159. Amir Ayub says

    realy good information

  160. Keith Collinsono says

    Very good

  161. Chelsey Castro says

    Good to know 🙂

  162. kon episkopos says

    For the common cold, one remedy that works for me is blackcurrent squash mixed with HOT water.

  163. Methsia Ai says

    Thank you! 😀

  164. Adam Lucifer says

    Oranges all the way! Vitamin C!
    Sadly I currently have a cold; I can feel my immune system fighting, and failing.

  165. Sharnel Raymond says

    How do I print or save this. I never can remember which is which. I am usually 2 sick 2 care me way ????

  166. Carl Bramhall says

    Get someone to put a £20 note at the bottom of your bed, if you can get it you don't have flu!

  167. CHAREl BEDFORD says

    do you like my new profile picture

  168. James McKnight says

    This is some great information. Garlic, fluids, soups, tea, and plenty of rest is all the body needs.

  169. Jeff Chapman says

    Something to look forward to. A sickness scorecard.

  170. N.C. Rathod says


  171. Ben Cox says

    Good chart

  172. Sathish G says

    Thank u

  173. Tasha Fleming says

    I would pack a lunch but I have already payed for her lunch for the hole year and they won't refund me the money so what do I do now

  174. Alma Hodgson says

    I did try that myself it works, the joys of home remedies:)

  175. David Bucknall says

    "MAN FLU" is the worst though.

  176. Anton Mayorenko says

    Undercover cops…but undercover flu?  Nah.

  177. Lwazi Hadebe says

    Interesting Fact, Cold and Flue aint one and the same thing.

  178. Sunny Suneja says

    Hi there

  179. mansur musa says

    But flu and cold are all communicable diseases,flu from animal like Dog,Cat,Rats and Mices,whilst cold from person to person contact,either by sneezing or droplets or sharing the same food uttensils with affected person.

  180. ???? ??? says

    Thank you for this valuable information

  181. Mary Taylor says

    Ah thank you for info its useful. Hope you recover very fast

  182. Danny Alvens says

    In other words,,people wash your a##,,  I mean hands

  183. Dean Mosher says

    Like a cheat-sheet for a game of hookie

  184. don harrison says

    ever wonder why your doctor rarely gets colds or flu? its exposure that builds immunity coupled with maintaining good diet, exercise, hygiene & rest.

  185. Alan Landucci-Ruiz says

    + Amanda Blain This is interesting because my work (read: day job) just started putting up posters with the same information.

  186. Clos Salazar says

    Im sick running nose n head aches man this sucks

  187. Marielli Reyes says

    Thanks for the info.

  188. Ben Milano says

    I can attest to the above symptoms for the flu; got it for the first time in May and I thought I was gonna die.

  189. Nicholas Jackett says

    I love it when people call in sick when they have the sniffles and call it the "flu".  I'm lucky – not sure if I've ever actually had influenza. "Man-Flu", on the other hand…

  190. Jacques Eder says

    Oh yes i did dat ,dats was perfect and fast

  191. Hannah Harrell says

    any teens on? circle me!!!!!!!

  192. peter nyanga says

    my flu has never ended like for four years

  193. Omar Hiweish says

    Good information

  194. Chris Waterfield says

    + Tasha Fleming er…..you could try feeding your child healthy nutritious food at home if you are so worried about their lack of nutrition in school.

  195. Chris Waterfield says

    Flu is serious. More people were killed in WW1 by flu than enemy fire.

  196. Chris Waterfield says

    Flu is serious. More people were killed in WW1 by flu than enemy fire, >20 million.

  197. Michael Lopez says

    I did not know that

  198. Melissa Heron says

    u know my father alway tell me, take c vit, but i alway take clear soup, dry cracker, drink ginger ale, before i go to bed, is take cup of hot water with,lemon and honey, rum. is work for me

  199. Jeremy DeCoste says

    Never get a flu shot unless you want the flu.

  200. Ruben Saenz de Viteri says

    It's the time of year to be reminded, isn't it?

  201. Chris Rash says

    Never had the flu. Haven't had a cold in over 20 years.

  202. Euro Maestro says

    + Amanda Blain 

    I hope that you get better soon.

    I had a cold on Monday but by Tuesday I was already cured !!!

    I hope yours gets cured as quickly. 

  203. Euro Maestro says

    + Amanda Blain 

    I hope that you get better soon.

    I had a cold on Monday but by Tuesday I was already cured !!!

    I hope yours gets cured as quickly.

  204. Dalia Ahmed says

    thanks alot

  205. Mark Wolfskehl says

    I finally got my flu shot today.  Thanks for reminding me, and feel better!

  206. Jay Peralta says

    Nothing wrong wIth getting a flu shot. Of course- people like Jeremy scoff at the notion. The flu shot is some government conspiracy. These tin foil hat owners prefer the tried and true method. Grab a cauldron, an eye of newt, a hair from a pixy, a tear drop from a unicorn, and a Ouija board.

  207. myeshia johnson says

    I will skip the shot.

  208. Yessy Mariana says

    I've just catch a cold..

  209. Emma Lopez says

    U know u can get a flu mist instead

  210. Alan Kanowitz says

    thanks for the info.

  211. Christopher Willoughby says

    I don't like being sick

  212. George Nasr says

    Cure? We barely understand immunity, let alone how these thingys operate

  213. janani S says

    informative  !! 

  214. janani S says

    informative  !!

  215. Tracy PIland says

    Need to save this cause I always forget

  216. Poca Santana says

    Wow this is good information! !

  217. Clint Udy says

    25 years without a flu shot, had the flu 5 times. Every friend who has gotten one, comes down with the symptoms.
    And the common cold, while miserable, will save your life by forcing your body to essentially do major house cleaning project.

  218. Jonathan Orosco says

    I'm thinking I have the flu, arg! But thanks for the information!

  219. jayram adhikari says

    useful information

  220. Tuan Dinh says

    You better kiss young boy many time then you are getting well

  221. Jennifer Powell says

    I've never had the flu in my life. Nor the shot, I don't wanna jinks what ever my body is doing good at already lol

  222. Vaibhav Yadav says

    Thanks for sharing such an informative difference.. Good Stuff Amanda..

  223. DANIEL TIJERO says

    I think I have both lol

  224. david greifzu says

    no, do the difference between the flu and malaria. good luck with that job

  225. Francisco Javier Martinez Solis says


  226. Sunny Islam says

    Good info

  227. Aaron Kramer says

    I don't know about you all, but a flu is like a cold x10 to me.

  228. Hiroshi T'sumai says

    This means I have never caught a cold, flu 100%. seems unlikely. Always gets headaches, always sudden, never completely recover for Weeks.

  229. James Cox says

    I just don't nee either

  230. Vijay Swami says

    haha nic joke 

  231. Vijay Swami says

    haha nic joke

  232. haydee dimaunahan says


  233. chalmers thain says

    no  cure  for  the  cold

  234. chalmers thain says

    we  had  snow  near  melbourne  to day

  235. José Ramón Calvo Vázquez says

    Hoy está el día lluvioso en Vigo Pontevedra  España, pero me gustaria conocer y estar en Melbourne.

  236. Karl Werthers says

    no its the spray, check out what are they spraying on us, that may help your goodguy bs

  237. gonzales orgaz says

    Thanks this has bean a massive help

  238. tiko estats says

    i am waiting Amanda plz for ur facekbook account


    this is indeed a healthful helpful…thanks

  240. Shanaka Goonawardane says

    I thought both were the same……..

  241. Prince Malik says

    Its good

  242. dheeraj kaushal says

    It is very helpful knowledge for me to compare both cold & flu

  243. Mohamed Azran says

    ooooooopppzzz!!! thx Dr…

  244. malik bilal says

    its good

  245. Jan Macleod says

    Of course we then have to divide it into 3 as there is the most dreaded one of all………………..MAN flu…..lol…

  246. Amy Guzman says

    good info…

  247. Sara Gonzales says

    am with amy good information

  248. Zahid Iqbal says

    this is very important information for us. i like

  249. kiran s p says

    good 1 ….let alythn happen it shud take breath in min ….

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    Nce colection

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