1. Jennifer Bailey says

    mine's plain ol' au lait – every morning.  Except Half & Half – not just milk, ew. :p


    I like my coffee like Mr. Wolf.  😉

  2. Liz Karschner says


  3. Jeff Bermingham says

    black. that is all that is needed if it's good coffee. crappy coffee requires additives.

  4. Mark Milley says

    + Jennifer Bailey Then it's technically a Cafe Breve, which is also my favorite drink as well. Also, Breve sounds like Brave, and people haven't heard of it, so it sounds like I'm ordering something risky and exotic.

  5. Denis Labelle says

    cc + Chase Mann 
    Thanks + Amanda Blain 😉
    P.S.: Morning. A very early bird I am.

  6. Ayesha Fathima MUSKAAN says


  7. Gert Sønderby says

    I'm confused. AFAIK, there's no chocolate in a cappuccino.

  8. Jonathan Morales says

    Informative. Look out Starbucks, I will no longer be intimidated by your fancy words! 

  9. Abdul Afeefy says

    Theres also no coffee in a hot chocolate

  10. Gert Sønderby says

    Hot chocolate is the intersection of milk and chocolate, though.

  11. Mark Milley says

    Clearly, someone from the Romney campaign made this chart.

  12. pauly hart says

    i remember the first time i ordered a cappuccino from a real coffee bar. i was disenchanted. later, i learned to order cafe' au lait to fulfill my american sense of "dollar per weight" ratio. 🙂

  13. Missy Angel says

    if there isn't any choc in a cappuccino whats that brown stuff on the top dust sprinkles?

  14. Andrea Colognese says

    you forgot grappa circle!

  15. John Stoddart says

    Dammit, looks like I'll have to hit the City Brew now that I'm all Pavlov's dogs from this.

  16. Mark Milley says

    + Missy Angel Nutmeg or Cinnamon, usually. 

  17. Afonso Sampaio says

    interesting… = )

  18. Gert Sønderby says

    + Missy Angel The invention of a deranged mind. A cappuccino should not have cocoa sprinkled on it any more than there should be milk in a straight espresso. Get a mochaccino if you want that. I do. 😉

  19. David Pelton says

     is that?

  20. pauly hart says

    + Missy Angel maybe your barista performs latte' art on your cap. sometimes in a wet cappuccino, you will have espresso residue leftover. but typically, if you say: "mocha" cappuccino, you are referring to the drink plus chocolate.

  21. Nadir Van Thielen says

    like the big bang but only whit Coffee

  22. Lincoln Innocent says

    Cappuccino is the best ?

  23. Koko KERYAN says

    Good morning + Amanda Blain nice Coffographic.lol
    For Espresso, I can't say no… Have a wonderful day…

  24. Laurel Lawson says

    Not bad, aside from the cappuccino goof.  Although the chemist in me wants to point out that it all technically should be inside the water circle.

  25. Jon Roadley-Battin says

    nothing like a good old espresso. 

  26. Owain Robinson says

    <aside>Should not H2o be behind all? Unless milk and foam have had their molecules radically changed or perhaps powdered</aside>

    – Picky

  27. mugu dun says

    macchiato karamelli olsun

  28. David Pelton says

    does strange things to the mind..

  29. Lina Astaiza says

    Latte!! Delicious

  30. Mara Mascaro says

    well. you need water to make an espresso aswell (in the moka:D)

  31. aamir mehmood says


  32. Gert Sønderby says

    + Owain Robinson Proper espresso is made of coffee beans and pute Hate.

  33. Patrick Burke says

    too much money should be an ingredient…………

  34. Gord McLeod says

    mmmmmmmm, coffee…

  35. Brian Aldrich says

    3/N/+WC/M please. Stat.

  36. kamran kamii says

    i hope sooo…….

  37. chris cis says

    Frappe must be the moon on the right

  38. Alicja Spaulding says

    I think it's time for Starbucks to start delivering coffee. 

  39. Johnny G. justel says

    the coffee is a motor of the worl i love coffee

  40. Makisig De Ayala says

    great! this made me think about drinking coffee now!

  41. Umer Latif says


  42. Jake Kern says

    Which one is from the beans I grind & add to my drip coffee maker…and then add whole cream? Au lait?

  43. David Kirkwood says

    Gimme coffee!

  44. Paris Jackson says

    Haha creative.

  45. Kam Siu says

    they need this card at star bucks…

  46. Monica Sandine says


  47. Xiu Shi says

    love it even more!!

  48. Owain Robinson says

    + Gert Sønderby Yes, so it is just powder? Hard to drink anything without liquid which is H2o.

  49. Ved Vyas says

    seems so complicated when u first see it

  50. Mathew Hammett says

    This is one of the coolest charts i have ever seen!

  51. James Scheibel says

    I don't see the medicated mochaccino on there. for shame…

  52. Jacob Chappell says

    There is a shocking lack of whipped cream in this graph. 

  53. ray sanchez says

    simple and easy to understand. good job. is there a tea and/or low/no caffeine version of this somewhere that you know of? (hypertensive/lactose intolerant/etc)

  54. Toño Perez says


  55. Niall Feeney says

    Where's my French-press?

  56. Ali Helmy says

    we should stick this on the office coffee machine + Mohamed El-Shinnawy + Maged Riad + sarah Naiem 

  57. Bakibillah Laskar says


  58. Naing Soe says

    Oh O

  59. Layba Zaman says


  60. Tristan Arellano says

    I'll take this to a coffee shop and show em how to make better coffee.

  61. Carl Achri says

    There is no chocolate in Capuccino.

  62. Karn Singh Sarpal says


  63. yowani kiakanua says

    yeah same here fam 

  64. KL Bhatt says

    great recipe template to kill VERBOSE

  65. Arjun Varma says


  66. Mohammed Afsal.M says

    Cant control!!

  67. Ciaran Ainsworth says


  68. Alex Collins says

    *Venn Diagram

  69. Sean Parnill says

    like it hot

  70. pixerizer basem says

    thats why i hate coffee 😀

  71. David Harrison-Rand says

    Cortado? Depth Charge?

  72. Milos Neskovic says

    Espresso is my coffee of choice 🙂

  73. João Silva says

    The chart sucks, it's full of mistakes.

  74. Eric Rekut says

    It's not an infographic, it's a Venn diagram.

    edit/ Oops, + Alex Collins was first to point that out.

  75. Daniel Hobbs says

    Apparently I've been making my espresso drinks wrong for some time as I always use water.  🙂   #venndiagramfail

  76. Philip Veale says

    I never really understood the difference between a latte and a cappuccino, especially since most baristas 'round here seem to always offer a dusting of cocoa on either…

  77. Aditya Singh says

    but not more than u 

  78. JW Haveman says

    Doesn't add up! It now states that water is only used in American coffee.. 

    Americancof is just tea with coffee flavour :/

  79. pixerizer basem says

    i only love hot chocolate .. it has nothing to do with coffee !

  80. Sean Parnill says

    yes but it cost a lot of moneys coffee dos dont you think.

  81. Mukesh Sahu says

    yumm yum yummy

  82. Patryk Ponichtera says

    A cappuccino doesn't have hot chocolate in it

  83. Michael Osgood says

    + Lindsey Donnelly caffeine!

  84. Philip Lewis says

    Are you sayaing that coffee runs through your Venns?

  85. Santiago H Figueroa Jr says

    this is awesome,thnx:-)

  86. Scott Durham says

    Hm… don't know where my favorite way of coffee would fit in here: start with a stove top espresso maker pack the metal filter with el pico or cafe butelo and on the burner next to it a sauce pan with sweet cream and a couple of slivers of sugar cane and cinnamon sticks, boil both especially the cream you want as much "skin" up on top. Pour the coffee into a cup then the cream (make sure to include some of the skin) stir and enjoy the cafe con leche "skin" chews like bubble gum and tastes like heaven =D

  87. sarah Naiem says

    Totally Agree 

  88. Sean Parnill says

    ye ye yes

  89. Sean Parnill says

    not sure about coffee venns dos it do that?

  90. Mark Santiago says

    Americano every morning

  91. Steve Prevost says

    A true macchito has very little foam. This is the crappy Starbux mutant.

  92. Christian Chapman says

    Now I wish I had that graph to point at a whole heap of people when I moan about Starbucks constantly asking me if I want room for milk in my americano.
    Milk? Milk? I just ordered a $£%*ing americano, why would I want room for milk? If I wanted milk I'd have order a something that has milk in it.

  93. Margaret Lee says

    Aaahhhh Cant get away from coffee,hve gave up for 2 days : ( willpower breaking F.Press calling…..

  94. David Bastable says

    I can't face the day without coffee, sadly mines only instant, but I'll drink it by the gallon and that's why I can't sleep.

  95. olsi muca says

    Macchiato is nice every day 😉

  96. Carl Achri says

    The water part is a joke. It is only there to state the fact that american coffee is watered down.

  97. Jake Rudolph says

    + JW Haveman An Americano is not American coffee per se.  It is basically watered down espresso compared to coffee that is brewed through grounds.  They are similar, but not the same.  I believe this is more of a + Starbucks Coffee infographic as there are espresso macchiatos that are different that what is described here.  An besides a Cappucino doesn't have chocolate in it.

  98. Will Steinberg says

    I remember seeing this before.

  99. papako jm says

    i'm french, for me the coffee i like that, just a morning and afther the lunch

  100. Eoin Connolly says

    Wow this is an amazing lesson in coffee!  Well done :]

  101. Taylor Shefski says


  102. richard carr says

    you forgot timmys lol

  103. farhan khan says

    i like cofee

  104. papako jm says

    the black chocolate with coffee is excellent

  105. Kennedy Washington says

    i donot care

  106. Bhupinder Singh Rallh says

    Plain Coffee with Milk is my Fav…

  107. Bryce Toussaint says


  108. Chase Kleinheksel says

    theres no data.. this post is kinda whack'

  109. Jeremy Evans says

    Milk + Foam =  Steamer.  Milk + Water =  Skim Milk.  Water + Foam = Italian soda?

  110. Luis Perez says

    What the carajo is she saying?????????? 

  111. scott brower says

    Coffee black

  112. tracy shipman says

    im a real coffee bean, i think its neato!

  113. Kyle Boehlen says

    None of the above

  114. rana haris says


  115. Carey Riley says
  116. Jason Keilholtz says

    5 parts coffee 4 part milk 3 parts foam 2 part water 1part chocolate 

  117. Christine Peltier says

    now that's my cup of coffee

  118. Hannah Roberts says

    I wish my life was so simple that I needed to my make my coffee complicated…
    As it is, coffee, water, milk, drink.

  119. Davis Centis says

    + Mitt Romney could learn something from this Venn Diagram.

  120. Tobias Sargeant says

    You missed the circle for hazelnut flavouring. The intersection between that and coffee should be labelled 'hell'.

  121. Sheri Williamson says


  122. Anna Rajan says

    rana haris: you really like Edward THAT much? and that is cool

  123. Sheri Williamson says

    *AAA. COFFEE *…+10

  124. Jorge Andrés Cañón Sierra says

    Pero que el café sea Colombiano, el mejor café del mundo 8).

  125. Mike Cherry says

    + Eric Rekut as I understand the term all Venn diagrams are infographics. An infographic is a graphic visual display of information. In a Venn Diagram of infographics "Venn diagram" would be a circle completely within the larger circle of "Inforgraphic". Bar graphs, pie charts, etc are all under the Infographic umbrella.
    And to all the water pointing people, you could just change the "water" section to "additional water" or "water added to other liquid". They aren't counting the water that is integral to milk, espresso, etc.

  126. Thomas Eagle says

    The original, by + David Staffell is here:  http://www.inkslip.com/tshirt-design/coffee-venndor/ just to attribute it correctly 🙂

  127. Scott Durham says

    Hm… and one more thing… not all "american" coffee w/ milk or cream aka "mud" is just that… some of us do like our coffee to be "irish" or "smooth mexican" (ie irish cream or kalua) hehe =D a harsh mexican is tequilla and coffee

  128. Jasna ?obovi? says

    Have a nice day my Google+ Friends

  129. Kip Kipper says

    Wait water should be in all of them 

  130. irshadul haq says

    Tasty and healthy and crispy.

  131. T.Stephen Gaunt says

    Cripes!! Where's the d**n sugar and powdered creamer for us CheapoJo types??

  132. Zeri Deemy says

    I LOV hot coco

  133. Ethan Patrick says

    Wheres My SUGAR

  134. ERICK SAMUEL says


  135. Mel Perez says


  136. ERICK SAMUEL says


  137. Ladi Williams says

    Mmmm… Tasty, coffee colours. 'Scuse me while I go make some Mocha 🙂

  138. Raj Susarla says


  139. Bea von E says

    Hot chocolate for me…

  140. Bea von E says

    Foamy at that…

  141. Scott Durham says

    Oh and for some reason a buddy reminded me… a lemon twist for the espresso :shiver:

  142. Justin Rosselet says

    I work night shift so a good coffee is the only thing that keeps me going through the night.

  143. Chris Morales says

    + Dianne Velazquez-Hunt

  144. Ian McBride says


  145. Sarah Webb says

    i like really strong coffee like starbucks sumatra and espresso
    hate decaf

  146. Sheri Williamson says


  147. Val Dumitrescu says

    It is now obvious why there can be no life without water: it's because without water, there can be no coffee!

  148. Samuel Morse says

    left to right as the day progresses

  149. Dianne Velazquez-Hunt says

    Mmm… coffee….. 

  150. Scott Ricketts says

    Black. Black. Bitter. Dark. Black. For anyone in the US check out Maya Superdark from  http://www.justcoffee.coop/catalog/msd This stuff is really the shiz and so dark even light cannot escape it.

  151. sam knight says

    what about ice frappacinos :p
    thats my fav

  152. Jeff Cookson says

    Double espresso for me !

  153. Darius Dunlap says

    Problem is, it's wrong. A macchiato is more like a capuccino than a latte, unless you are drinking one of those big latte concoctions that Starbucks misnames as a macchiato.

  154. David Staffell says

    Hey, this is my design! 🙂

  155. Alex K says

    I like coffee!!! 

  156. Ajab Khan says

    i hit me

  157. ahithya gt says

    i like ocppuccino

  158. Mohd Rafee Bin Mohd Shariff says

    All my fav

  159. P.K. Pedrus says

    Coffee and G+…. great combo.

  160. lottie Dorsey says

    i can drink it all day

  161. Tyler Cousins says

    I love amanda blain

  162. Viktor Lofgren says

    Regular black coffee isn't even in this chart. 

  163. Tyler Cousins says

    will you go out with me amanda blain

  164. Mia Stone says


  165. Freni Sillona says

    Pretty. Did you make this? I like the colors. But is there any significance to the size of the circles?
    + Darius Dunlap It is right. Macchiato in the graphic is espresso and foam only, no milk.
    It's basically a Venn diagram, where Latte, Cappuccino and Macchiato are all subsets of the overlap of Espresso, milk and foam. And Cappuccino is a subseqt of Latte, since it has all the same ingredients, just less milk. Oh, but there is a mistake: the chocolate overlaps with Cappuccino. It should be mutually exclusive, unless you label it Mocha.Cappuccino would be entirely contained within the subset of Latte.

  166. Alexandra Bogatova says

    Mohitto to to

  167. Adam Justice says

    Americano is regular black I believe, 


    Keep on trying ….

  169. Ernesto Pizarro says

    whatever happened to just plain ol' coffe… café con leche por favor y gracias

  170. Mark Mccurdy says

    Nice work

  171. Ruth Choi says

    I love Americano!! 😀 + Adam Justice americano is with coffee and water. Espresso is just coffee "black"

  172. Miguel Torres says


  173. tyler breneman says

    Latte #1

  174. wayne maynard says

    need more foam

  175. Ernesto Pizarro says

    isn't coffee black just coffee and water? dont you need water to make an espresso? just less of it but still…

  176. David Staffell says

    Listen to all those saying "Cappuccino doesn't have any chocolate in it"

    "Shaved chocolate….often sprinkled onto the top of the finished drink and one can also melt chocolate into the coffee before pouring the milk."

    That is good enough for me, so hush.

  177. Gary Jones says

    Espresso the champ is missing

  178. Steve Mawira says

    here in Kenya we grow the best,

  179. Bracken Dawson says

    + Ernesto Pizarro Ordinary coffee is just weak espresso, or Americano, no?

    At work I usually make an Americano, but I put a bit of milk in, this doesn't feature on this diagram. 🙁

  180. Jeff Egerton says

    More chocolate. No matter what it is, always add more chocolate.

  181. Xalorous Gamer says

    love it
    Espresso Macchiato for me – the real kind STRONG out of an espresso cup.
    Reminds me of the Espresso I got at NY airport when returning to Italy…32 ounce cup of coffee flavored milk drink.

  182. Harris Boyd says

    so what exactly has the most coffee? espresso?

  183. esther Rodriguez says

    Finally, I get it!

  184. Max Nesterov says


  185. Stan Wilcox says

    Most coffee is coffee.  All of this other stuff is coffee with additives.  Just coffee, black, for 50¢ or less please.

  186. Gordon McLellan says

    Strange seeing water off to the side, as it's the single largest ingredient in coffee, even those made mostly with dairy are still mostly water.

  187. Mark Locy says

    One shot of espresso has about the same amount of caffeine as 1/2 cup of dark coffee. One cup of dark coffee has the same amount of caffeine at 3/4 cup of regular coffee.

  188. Sanjana Saikumar says

    Indian coffee is usually au lait/latte

  189. Mark Banegas says

    To quote Denis Leary: I drink coffee flavored coffee.

  190. Tatsuya Ando says

    I see! Nice infographic! But I always order Americano!haha

  191. Christodoulos Foufoulides says

    Very clever, very nice!

  192. lee mcgowan says

    That's wrong, actually. Don't mean to troll. But there's no chocolate in a cappuccino.

  193. Richard Gill says

    Best Venn diagram for several months!

  194. princessDRIZZLING LIGHT says

    i like coffee

  195. mohamad baraka says

    i like latte.

  196. nevil bradly says

    i like tea 🙂

  197. Amanda Blain says

    People sure do love correcting anywhere they can on the internet 🙂 

  198. G. P. Braaten says

    It looks like Cappuccino is a little bit of everything.  This may become my new favorite.

  199. Ernesto Pizarro says

    Screw it i'll just have a Coke… :p .. and a smile 🙂

  200. Jose Pascual says

    The light blue one itself is always a yes.

  201. Ilya Ratner says

    Why is there chocolate in a Cappuccino? 

  202. Graeme Mcbreen says

    Zoom out and find a giant orange circle overlapping a tiny bit on the edge of water… Orange obviously representing the caffeine content of red bull. Zoom in a bit closer and you see a stick man representing me swimming in it :/

  203. jerome irika Ouéllé says

    Amanda Blain it's beautiful

  204. ranjit sorate says


  205. lion heart says

    Sometimes we decide to stop loving someone
    Not bcoz they dont love us,
    B'coz we find that they are more happier
    without us..!!

  206. first surname says


  207. Matthias Welwarsky says

    How do you formulate a "Mitad" or a "Corto" or "Sombra" 😉

  208. De Clark says

    Since when is "hot chocolate" considered coffee?  And where is simple, plain, black coffee?

  209. Dell Malic says

    If only they could make tea as exciting as coffee. I love your chart very ex…spresso…-:)

  210. Josue Becerra says

    Excellent! Well said!

  211. Dan Bason says

    It's missing a short black, long black, and flat white.

  212. HUMA BINT -E- ADAM says


  213. Pat Trudell says


  214. Xatolos Wired says

    It's listed as a coffee inforgraph and has no coffee…. and espresso isn't coffee. Due to how espresso is brewed it makes it taste and behave differently.

  215. ajay sharma says

    I discussed this post with 44 people in a hangout.

  216. Jason Kord says

    I like my coffee like I like my women… Latte

  217. Pat Trudell says
  218. Greg Miernicki says

    Actually, an Americano is 1:1 espresso and water. The diagram is incorrect and shows more water than espresso…..and since when did hot chocolates have any coffee in them!? Perhaps only in a coffee shop! I say #blah  to this fallactic diagram.

  219. Greg Wertz says

    Coffee… a must, morning , noon, and night..life line for others, without it. don't talk to me

  220. Amah Daniella says

    Helo its night in Nigeria actually

  221. Ted Curran says

    Quad americano with just a little water

  222. Laurent Severy says

    hot chocolate does not have any coffee in it, if it did, it would be called Mochaccino or Cappuccino (with foam), see diagram…

  223. Tony Messer says

    Greg M, you're not reading it correctly

  224. Samia Elsaid says

    + Amanda Blain , coffee means hot strong dark espresso :::))))))) 

  225. Mario Naitana says

    mocaccino, cappuccino, espresso, americano…WHO CARES!!!?? Just GIVE ME CAFFEINE! 😀

  226. Ron Molina says

    A bit surprised. I expected capuccino to do a lot better than that tiny intersection.

  227. Isabel Mathebula says

    Gee I love coffee

  228. Mirko Gredelj says

    lijep pozdrav javi mi se

  229. Alektron Prime says

    + Sonya Reasor check this out…

  230. Mrinal Saurabh says

    Is the rectangle Universal set for nothing??

  231. Sonya Reasor says

    Oh look coffee

  232. salma mohamed says

    i love coffee with french vanilla

  233. michael jukes says

    There's nothing quite like Blue Mountain

  234. victor garcia says

    i know its an info graphic what message are you trying to convey?

  235. Victor Vincent says

    your a gifted girl because god has given a pretty face to you . what mater with coffyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  236. David Adnum says


  237. Matt Burns says

    + Ron Molina Venn diagrams don't show amounts or percentages, only logical relationships.  The size of different areas is entirely dependent on how much they need to overlap each other to represent other things.

  238. Caleb Summerville says

    True. True.

  239. jason bailey says

    weirdos probably a yank thought this up

  240. David Staffell says

    Some of the comments here make me want to tear my eyeballs out.


    Which place is for milk

  242. Matthew Killgallon says

    anyone actually had a real coffee in Italy? Starbucks et. al. do crap cheap stuff compared to the real coffee in Italy.

  243. augustin ajoku says

    I only hear blue mountains but have not seen it

  244. Guillaume Lavoie says

    Mmm go juice

  245. Philip Sheard says

    This illustrates a result in graph theory, that K5 cannot be embedded in the plane.

  246. Daisy Kar says


  247. oriol bregu says


  248. Christian Pazzas says

    Black + 1 sugar

  249. Chris Del Grande says

    Cream and sugar

  250. Wilma Agosto says

    Love me some coffee.

  251. Larry Layton says

    Where's the sugar?

  252. Partha Sarkar says

    I've always wondered what all those crazy words in Starbucks meant. So thanks for this. A suggestion – how about a set for frozen & another one for cold

  253. paul baker says

    well so long as it works ?

  254. Demaine Codwell says

    I Am so new to this

  255. Celia Bortolozzo says

    oi amanda tudo bem ? amanda nao falo ingles tudo bem

  256. Johan Ottosson says

    Hold your horses! So an ordinary black cup of coffee is, according to this infographic, an Americano?

  257. victor piccini says

    thank you i've been cofused for years.

  258. Bruce Lee says

    Give me a few cappuccino in the morning I'm good for the day. I love coffee 🙂

  259. Gary Tosh says

    What a good chart for coffee fanatics like me!

  260. Aaron Miles says

    This chart makes me want a cup of coffee

  261. Beza Bekele says

    I hate coffee!

  262. Jorge Conty says

    Despite my vow to never appear here again, by virtue of my massive talent and my prodigious abilities I now find myself in front of all you hypocrites once again! In front of the cretins that make up the online audience. but make no mistake about it the only reason I am still here,wait, the only reason I'm here is to troll and want people to add me to their circles.

  263. Amin Eskandary says

    do you love me?

  264. barry ong says

    Long live coffee culture. A double shot espresso makes my day.

  265. Charbel Bou Laouz says

    Do u love the penis coffee

  266. Mike Cherry says

    + De Clark the chart shows "hot chocolate" as the intersection of chocolate and milk. It isn't intersecting or overlapping coffee. The part where coffee, milk and chocolate overlap is "mochaccino" (and, for some reason, "cappuccino" although a normal cappuccino doesn't have chocolate in it so I think that is an error).

  267. Charbel Bou Laouz says

    I coffee do

  268. Charbel Bou Laouz says

    I think it's a mistake u guys have so much free time

  269. Charbel Bou Laouz says

    U should work in coffee field ha

  270. Jonathan Nagy says

    + Gert Sønderby chocolate shavings on top

  271. Denise Garcia says

    The first cup of cappuccino in the morning is always the best!

  272. Jonathan Nagy says

    Not really an appropriate use of a venn diagram, considering its the proportions that are critical in most drinks, not the actual content.

  273. Green Erick says

    Chart is a load of rubbish you go to italy you get the real coffee

  274. devin mynett says

    Where is the flat white?

  275. Reagan Ford says

    um thats confusing 

  276. Tom Pratt says


  277. Grace Para says

    oh god wat

  278. O.Prasanna Kumar says

    Good Morning !!!

  279. Harrison Kyle Jones says

    Consider is illuminated"

  280. Rachel wood says

    morinin peeps.

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  283. Dana Oredson says

    Very informative infographic. Ven diagrams make things easy to understand and classify.

  284. Samantha Bui says

    This is great, very informative! 


    hi sweetheart

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  288. Ken Wood says

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    yeah many of them from Arabica kind.
    They are very delicious for a cup of Capuccino in the morning.

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  308. Amanda Blain says

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  326. thanga mariyappan says

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