1. Jaana Nyström says

    Hahhaaaa! Great thought, + Amanda Blain as I'm trying to teach my teenager sons how to do this!

  2. Derek Herrold says

    hahah Morning + Amanda Blain

  3. uoowoolq nakaken says

    Nice 🙂

  4. Rahsheen Porter says

    Truth! I rule at loading the dishwasher, BTW. 🙂

  5. Bob Angell says

    Great thought! How full can you get the dishwasher before nothing is clean after they are washed?

    Begs the question, is dishwasher optimization an ART or SCIENCE?

  6. Wug Fresh says

    Spacial recognition is for newbs, gotta break out the distance formula and optimize R^2 values. Isn't that how you guys do it?

  7. Kiesha Easley says

    I just moved and had to tap into my Tetris skills for real! Loading a moving truck is definitely the grown up version of Tetris!

  8. Angela Thompson says

    so true!!!!

  9. Rahsheen Porter says

    + Kiesha Easley Hah! That is also true. Just helped my parents move a few weeks ago. Just like Tetris, with more sweat and heavy lifting.

  10. Lee Clarke says

    Ah your so right! Why is it that I would rather play Tetris then load the dishwasher again? That dishwasher game just isn't as fun… Maybe if I could add some retro sounds and figure out how to score points? Yes that would might help.

  11. Bobbi Jo Woods says

    Definitely a challenge.

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