1. Amelia Brugger says


  2. Jason Byron says

    How did it taste…sounds yummy

  3. Layba Zaman says


  4. Joel Davis says

    That looks awesome!

  5. Christina Cooper says

    Oh my gosh I wish I had croissants and nutella right now 🙁

  6. Danial Hallock says

    And to think I spent two hours baking a peanut butter pie that didn't even turn out!

    Simplicity, it works.

  7. Sean Martin says

    OMG that is genius!!!

  8. Jim McCloskey says

    …unless someone in your house is allergic to peanuts. Then it's a horrible idea.

    Yet, delicious.

  9. Kim Hansen says

    I could go for one of those now

  10. Philip Dobson says

    unless you're allergic to peanut butter like a growing percentage of people are and then this looks like a some kind of hidden bio-weapon.

  11. Daniel Johnson says

    That's looks so good, + Amanda Blain have you ever had deep fried pb&j. Wtfomg it's soo good.

  12. usman koya says

    it so…………..calorin

  13. Randy Parker says

    Its like peanut overload

  14. Stacey Duffy says


  15. Randy Parker says

    + Daniel Johnson nice wtfomg combo!

  16. Peter Stani? says

    How about the hips should you be?

  17. Randy Parker says

    Dats serious skills yo!

  18. Lennox Alexander Francis Jr says

    Reese's in Blankets. YUMMY!
    I give it a Thumbs Up, Big-Time.

  19. iketut adi says

    hungry 2

  20. Alexis Lopez says

    Thts wat i eat every night lol nicee

  21. Ralph Uy says

    I actually sorta do this. I used mushrooms, spinach & cheese. I try not to make it so much, because I will eat it all in one sitting.

  22. Kevin Mebane says

    Definitely gonna try this!!!!

  23. Stacey Duffy says

    Deliciousness inside deliciousness? Can we go deeper?

  24. Wallie Hawkins says

    Sounds good I make peanut butter and fluff and nutella sandwiches

  25. Paul Gatling says


  26. Patrick Graf says

    :0 #heaven  

  27. Bearman Cartoons says

    So simple I think I couldn't screw up that recipe. Though I am not sure I like nutella

  28. Cori Smith says

    I think the happiest day of my life was discovering nutella to go at the gas station.

  29. Amanda Blain says


  30. Sean Martin says

    I dont think I wanna know about gas stations that have Nutella to go.

  31. Cori Smith says

    Hah yeah. It comes with little biscuit sticks that are great and all, but I usually toss them to the side and just use my fingers.

  32. jose becerra says

    That does look good. And sounds good..

  33. Patrick Basoco says

    I've done the sane with cream cheese and jelly…

  34. Jason Burak says

    Looks good I like pancakes with peanut butter all over them and use lots of syrup like a Reeses pieces peace

  35. Robert Armstrong says

    Totally going to try making this during this weekend. Sounds so yum!

  36. elvie repole says

    yes… I love nutella its best with wheat bread yummy!

  37. Bushra Abdi says

    Yummy I might just try that

  38. Lennox Alexander Francis Jr says

    Hey, send me some o' dat.

  39. Jaroslav Vancl says

    i love pancakes

  40. Nathan Valentino says

    Three foods I love, all in one place. Yum!

  41. Sabrina Benton says

    Oh my, we have to try this…

  42. jiraporn dechyosdee says

    Very edible

  43. Rachel Yoon says

    Must…try…this… 😛

  44. adam Frawley says

    Dang I gonna go do that RIGHT NOW

  45. Isrra Alibeji says

    Sounds absolutely delicious 😛

  46. Jason Burak says

    Hay with the pancakes you will only be able two stack 3 of them and you will be definitely full injoy I hope Ihop that's where I'm going hehe love em and hope to try yours Amanda looks good yummy peace godbless

  47. Ross Pierre-Louis says

    It is great!

  48. Curtis Kenworthy says

    Sounds like you folks should get acquainted with + Hippie Butter 

  49. Alfonso Leone says

    I been eating PB and nutella all my life thats not new if to me .i grow up with that .

  50. Ibsan Infante says


  51. Cade Peterson says

    You are a GENIUS!

  52. alex walker says


  53. Trina Santiago says

    This Looks so delicious 🙂

  54. Hippie Butter says

    Thank you + Curtis Kenworthy I know everyone on this post would love our Cacao Hemp Seed Butter inside croissants. What a great idea for a cooking video.

  55. brian parrell says

    omg i want it!!!

  56. Tobi Matias says

    that or you can use choc rice instead of nutella. 😉

  57. Adi Rabinovich says

    These come out yummy, done them before a bunch of times 🙂

  58. Robert Hodge says

    awesome, but not nute…. i would use dark chocolate and peanut butter.

  59. Andrew Kunz says

    Feel sorry for the person allergic to peanuts, gluten, and whatever is the main ingredient in Nutella.

  60. Nilesh Dalvi says


  61. Kelvin Jackson says

    Don't use skippy, use chunky peanut butter. But other than that, it sounds like a good idea…

  62. Gabriel Nepenthe says

    Looks so tasty it should be illegal. 😀

  63. sagar kadam says


  64. Adrian Wise says


  65. David Grundwald says


  66. Eric Stoliker says

    I like pb, nutella and banana on a waffle.

  67. Nick Zazzaro says

    i like one with just nutella 

  68. Francis Euston Acero says

    I'm going to sell this. 😛

  69. James Groos says

    That has been my post bike race satisfaction for years! 🙂

  70. Erik Kim says

    Is this possible?  Can someone make it for me?  I suck at baking.

  71. David Grundwald says

    This STOOPID

  72. Ashok Raj Pant says

    hi friend how r u

  73. Kolya Miller says

    Hu?! What a waste of time – why wait to cook them? Just spoon it from the jars and mix…and eat.

  74. Ashok Raj Pant says

    i am your new friend

  75. Mathew Bhavnani says

    If food can get any sexier, it would be because of this….foodgasms ftw 🙂

  76. Nick Zazzaro says

    its the hot croissant that makes it good

  77. sajid fari says

    same too u

  78. malavika sneha says


  79. Kat Willman says

    Looks soooo good 🙂

  80. Paulo Galceran says

    They do say Great minds think alike.

  81. Evan Deacetis says

    I eat that every day…

  82. AJ Nash says

    you can also do this with taco meat. you put the meat in the rolls the same way and put them next to each other in a circle and bake it, its called a "taco ring." its the best. i have the recipe somewhere

  83. Nick Zazzaro says

    with corn bread

  84. Curtis DeSherlia says

    Wow, didn't think G+ was popular enough for reposts.

  85. Abhay Singh says

    made it, ate it

  86. Kirkda Khan says

    I don't think people understand that Nutella is poison. I mean, yes, it tastes good, but heroin feels good and you don't run off and shoot a bunch of it in your veins. The irony is that heroin is healthier than Nutella.

  87. Nick Zazzaro says

    no nutella is fine

  88. ahmad zeeko says


  89. Robert Fine says

    This looks like food heaven. It may kill me but I'm going to die happy.

  90. Norman Pyle says

    Another tasty way to make croissants is to break off a couple pieces of a hershey bar and roll them up in there and back them. So good!

  91. michael clavette says

    OMG! My daughters would love this. Must share this with them.

  92. Khasavanh Luanglath says

    Some guy like this

  93. Baba Shah says

    I like its yummy

  94. Bernd Verst says

    Took you a long time to figure this one out. This is not a novelty or newsworthy, despite being delicious.

  95. Harish Singh says

    i like itd yammy

  96. RE Ausetkmt says

    Ohh yesss..

  97. anthony risola says

    Peanut butter and Nutella…Italians all over the world are crying.

  98. Collin Campbell says

    No, what you do is make two waffles, put banana slices in it with Nutella put in it.

  99. Steffen Gaebler says

    Find pb made from only peanuts and sea salt (got mine at Costco) and life will be Perfect!!!

  100. sunil chavan says

    wow……. croissant with cream cheese its yummy

  101. Free Quest says

    hmmm i would not do that to my nutella but PB and honey yeah …

  102. sunil chavan says

    the organic honey is there

  103. Suraj Karme says

    ka kar rahe ho

  104. sunil chavan says

    i like chocolate croissant

  105. nof mazlan says


  106. Nick Fong says

    + Amanda Blain For a quicker PB&N fix, peel one side of a banana the entire length, slice the fruit lengthwise, still in the peel, fill with PB&N. Nom!

  107. Pavan Suthar says

    hay baby how r u & good morning

  108. lahor ahmed says

    I love sandwiched or

  109. Yash Pal says

    love to eat

  110. Ramon Aziz says

    My mom has been doing that for years now 🙂

  111. Kurt Wall says

    OMG. PB & Nutella? Is that even legal? Drool…

  112. Ralph Baylon says

    Errrr mouth watery! 🙂

  113. Ryland Levak says

    O_O……must try that!

  114. Brendan Carlson says

    That looks amazing.

  115. Russell Hobbs says


  116. Laurent Karol says

    This is disgusting. Typical american behavior with food : the sweetest the better, and let's not forget this horrible habit of "mixing" and will to eat everything together. No differenciation of taste etc…

  117. Rodney Peterson says

    Yup. Nutella is fucking garbage.

  118. matt dutiel says

    well it looks like i just made plans for tomorrow… baking then sugar coma.

  119. Thierry Giroux Veilleux says


  120. Rob Blackburn says

    + Laurent Karol And bigger the better…

  121. alex walter says

    My mother has been doung that since we geard about it, about two years

  122. Mohammed AlYousef says

    its the best idea to put on some extra weight 

  123. Adrian Mihailescu says

    Typical French comment, so disgusting….

  124. Brock Tanken says

    Nutella is great on pb pretzals from Costco,
    This ones for you mom!

  125. Victor Campos says

    USA! USA! USA!
    Game over, world. We won.

  126. Dana White says

    Ick…sweetened peanut butter, sugary high fat nutella, and chemical rolls, oops, I mean crescent rolls. Great way to feed your kids.

  127. Mayra Lara says

    Looks good but less PB

  128. Makenna Berry says


  129. Matt Waddell says

    I generally skip the cooking part and just eat spoonfuls of 1/2 peanut butter, 1/2 nutella. It's delicious.

  130. Theo Tougne says

    I agree

  131. Theo Tougne says

    With dana

  132. BALDWIN CHIN says


  133. Abdulrahman Al-Amoudi says

    I did that. When I was in US 🙂

  134. Santiago Gutierrez says

    I must try that it looks delicious 

  135. Ryan Sun says

    That looks delicious……

  136. John Javery says


  137. Shahzad Ali Kheemji says

    please mention the recipe

  138. arpit khtana says

    isko apni gaand me bhar le

  139. rizky fajar says

    eta molen

  140. Partha Das says

    Wat n idea. 🙂

  141. Allen Chace says

    If I made these I'd have to make em one at a time so I wouldn't eat them all in 20minutes lol

  142. Kori Horan says

    it is delicious

  143. Amber Daisie Alexandria says

    Must resist… 

  144. Arnel Bautista says

    love it!

  145. Gladymir Bernier says


  146. Jamel Ali says

    wow dat is intersting

  147. Atif Hamza says


  148. megan bailey says

    they look good
    i wish that i could cook like that:):)

  149. Nathan Chambers says

    I bet a stoner thought of that 1st 😛

  150. Corrine Zhou says

    i can see fat in it….

  151. Bud Pasquantonio says

    That'll probably be like liquid fire…delicious, lip-smacking throat burning…(We're sorry, the person posting this is currently drowning in Homer Simpson style drooling)

  152. Yogesh Pant says

    good to have

  153. michael clavette says

    Megan, smear, roll and bake. Easy! You can do it 🙂

  154. Triston Whiteman says

    That's nothing all u guys are a bunch of wimps

  155. Tony Gill says

    Ya ! n it will help u to look Slim (Fat)

  156. AnOop Singh says

    Hi. How. R you

  157. nathan rubio says

    So old. Seriously people, wake up.

  158. Chris Silva says

    I live in Germany and we eat Nutella on lots of stuff. I agree, PB and Nutella are a gift from the gods. Or ET. Which ever you believe in.

  159. mohamed thasleem says

    great ideas

  160. Janice Hill says

    Looks yummy

  161. shiloh hunt says

    i gotta try to make those …..

  162. mateen ahmed says

    fat only fat 

  163. Anthony Gonzalez says

    looks good, i also like pb & j & bacon 🙂

  164. Dymka Julien says


  165. Bryan Walker says

    That is pure absolute genius!!! Now to find croissant dough

  166. Fi Allabadlah says

    Omi gosh that looks soo deliceus whos got the recipe

  167. Stephen Wijaya says


  168. Parag P says

    tried alrdy..its yummmmmmmm

  169. naresh kumar says


  170. Ikbal Bhutta says

    very nice amanda balin

  171. Alex Oxthorn says

    I did these the other night with marshmallow fluff instead of peanut butter. 

  172. John Lawson says

    I remember having a conversation with an American friend and I said that the (for its high fat, additives and sugar content) marshmallow, chocolate and peanut butter spread (all in a pretty spiral in the jar) I'd seen for sale in the US was the most unhealthy food product I'd ever seen. He replied "Maybe but as Americans we're always looking to raise that particular bar". Now I know what he meant.

  173. Andrew Searle says


  174. dave sumtner says

    Good start, now deep fry it.

  175. Billy Stanley says

    I think this is already patented by Apple.

  176. Jan Vogel says

    Yeah, deep-fry it and enjoy it with some cream on top … 

  177. raja hassan says

    my nick name is [email protected] Stanley

  178. Sebastian Søborg Larsen says

    + John Lawson Don't try to suggest to an American that they raise prices on sugar, they'll think you are threatening their "freedom" and call you a communist or worse.

  179. Bong Gatmaitan says


  180. Girish Tiwari says

    i want eat this with some salads

  181. rudolf salamante says

    iven they got that sana hindi ma over!!!!!
    I LOVE THAT!!! sana matikman ko yan

  182. Jhamil Macabuhay says

    I think its yummy:)

  183. Adang Mahmud says

    It seems to be nice

  184. Princeraju Raju says


  185. Sam Bagwell says


  186. William Leemans says

    Arghhhh…. Don't you Americans have any respect for food? Croissants with nutella and peanut butter… The horror! THE HORROR!

  187. Filip Filipovic says

    The BEST!!!

  188. Erwin Parcon says


  189. Wolf-Michael Bolle says

    I've been doing the same thing with toast for years.

  190. Timo Hujala says

    + Billy Stanley It is. And in 1898 already crApple patented this and this is the main reason of the WW I because some typewriter nerd sold these on the streets with "Smsng PB Horns" label on. + Amanda Blain Looks good but maybe just too sweet for my taste but I could do those with salmon and blue cheese. 😉

  191. Raghav singhaniya says


  192. Andrew Prockter says

    I was eating that 25 years ago, this is a revelation?

  193. Thungdemo Yanthan says

    dats realy cool..

  194. nazmi mustapha says


  195. Abdulrhman Said says


  196. kishan kumar says


  197. Mohammad Jan Khan says

    hmmMMmmm yupiii

  198. Jason Buttery says

    That reminds me of a cat tray.. 🙂

  199. vibol suon says

    How much calories for that?

  200. Bailey Edgerton says

    Motorbikes are AWESOME!

  201. martien gigo says


  202. Varatharaj E says

    very nice idea…

  203. Sanjith sapalya says


  204. lo keong says


  205. Isaiah Rubio says

    Nutella is fake peanut butter it sucks

  206. Keelan O'Hea says


  207. Elliot Code says


  208. Sam Bagwell says


  209. Keelan O'Hea says

    Hush child, ain't no one shunning you, we're shunning Isaiah.

  210. Yu Quan says


  211. yaksh kumar Kumar says

    think smart

  212. Alfred Calderon says

    Nutella + Peanut Butter = Nut Butter.

  213. rohili rohili says

    nice skippy

  214. Greg Deutcher says

    I've been making these on toasted Ciabatta bread for awhile now. You need to add some fresh jelly to it to make it top notch.

  215. afroz shaikh says


  216. karandeep singh says


  217. Alma Beltran says

    I love nutella bbut I'm allergic. ; (

  218. Manuel Armijo says

    This sounds like the fast track to diabetes too much sugar wow but I'd be lying if I said it doesn't sound good

  219. Alice C. says

    Been making those for years… Deeelicious!!!! Like eating a peanut butter cup sandwich! 😉

  220. Thuthukani Maxwell says

    That a real deal

  221. keith williams says

    Time to break out the baking pan.

  222. John Perez says

    BRILLIANT! + James Matthew  + Annie Sipaseuth  + whitney robinson  let's do this!!!

  223. sujan adhikari says

    i love food…………

  224. Ninad Abhyankar says


  225. Ma' Ra' Tu' says

    " Calories Much . . . "

    – IV'R'N'xC.H.A.N.G.E.

  226. Aubry Limouzin says

    fat is life

  227. arshad ray says


  228. Adrian Wise says

    Hi, add me for the latest news in the world,thanks.

  229. Sheriff Bashir says

    no wonder, yaye

  230. Bledar Qose says


  231. pankaj soni says


  232. Clark Graham says

    Whoever thought of this must have been high on Cannabis. 

  233. Manfred Baer says

    I just love Nutella

  234. Tekoser Yalcin says

    How to get fat in 1week. Nice

  235. oussama ziani says

    i like it  <3 

  236. arshad ray says


  237. takusi valery says

    that will be really  be good  to eat like you

  238. dredrick moore says

    Ooooooh new i'm hungry

  239. ethang wyn says

    they look yummy

  240. Denis Loubet says


  241. oussama ziani says

    good morning  everyone  😉 

  242. LOKESH BASOYA says

    like this


    amanda 4 me

  244. anthony easaw says

    No way!

  245. Sampath Sujeewa says

    Me too…

  246. Araz Imanpour says

    Very …..

  247. William Carlson says

    Ok, I want one. No, I want two. Crap, make that four. Yeah, I want four and a tall glass of cold milk.

  248. saifullah jami says


  249. James Tryand says

    Hey + Rebecca Martin thought you needed to see this

  250. Marwan Hamood says

    it look nice so who cares? hha>>>>

  251. Nushan Hewage says


  252. kahn matosevic says

    I Want Seventeen With A Cherry On Top With A Gelato…….

  253. John Bucher says

    Made it. But at my restaurant we added strawberry preserve and kicked it up a notch. Bam!!

  254. NITKENSON NG'ANG'A says

    I wish to be there, it seems to be sweet.

  255. joash naidu says

    LOL! awesome 

  256. Fidel Alarcon says

    Wow, this really DOES look good!

  257. Kenneth Lewis says

    I wish I was with u while
    U are wishing.

  258. lewany khan says

    naaaah 😛

  259. Rajesh Samanta says

    Wow, awesome

  260. Gaurav Sand says


  261. brandy rainwater says

    will be makeing it thanks

  262. SIMIL DETHAN.S says

    Yes. it is true .

  263. Ronald Simorangkir says

    Agree, best idea nd best taste, yummy

  264. Kenneth Lewis says

    U do to.

  265. Brinsley Black says


  266. Jericho Bullecer says


  267. Dave Brown says

    PB & Honey has been a long standing power sandwich since I was a boy.  

  268. zubia khan says


  269. Andy Verheye says

    lol + Tekoser Yalcin  You might have a point there!

  270. levi coronado says

    try pizza rolls

  271. rahul kamble says


  272. liam robinson says

    ur sick bro

  273. Orion Gudhuff says

    Looks delicious

  274. Niels Hansen says

    Delicious bro

  275. nima montazer says

    oh its good I have a wish of it 

  276. Simon Naughton says

    Um welcome to years back. C'mon people. Next, twisties with Dutch moshes on toast.

  277. Felix Hernandez says

    looks good

  278. VOLFF MONN says

    sOOOOOO fat now.

  279. endra sonhaji says


  280. keegan m., kiki says

    i'm TOTALLY makeing that for breakfast!!! SUPER EXCITED!!!=>

  281. Alexandra Marks says

    does it always work according to plan?

  282. Faraz Asfia says

    not the best

  283. chris farrar says

    The middle pic looks like something my chipmunk left behind…. But the last looks very tasty

  284. Pascal Garneau says

    Although this probably as bad enough nutrion facts to kill a horse.
    I am so trying that tonight!

  285. Tom Seidel says

    Good example for the industrial crap you call "food" :).

  286. Kieran Symes says

    Omg! Peanut butter and fluff!!

  287. Andreas Rüdel says

    finally a good use for the hashtag #foodporn 😉
    probably not the best idea ever but definitely yum!

  288. rian tombelala says

    i like this food

  289. Gurjit Sandhu says


  290. Richard Clinker says

    Pain Au Chocolat.  Yummy!

  291. Laxmi Bohra says


  292. bob mack says


  293. Amit Pandey says


  294. Oscar Sironi says

    Pretty old idea, but still good.

  295. Michael Hall says


  296. ali choukair says


  297. Joshua Donegal says


  298. James King says

    gonna have to try that with my kids

  299. Ajit Singh says


  300. Hafiz Usman says

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    and  you

  301. Mark Micallef says

    My tastebuds are shriveling up at the thought of this.

  302. Kallum Hoy says

    That looks so nice!

  303. Georgi Kaua says

    Cool & Yummy!

  304. Petros Debebe says

    Don't make me jilouse Amanda 🙂

  305. Mary Long says

    This is so good!! Add some banana too!! Nutella in plain old oatmeal is amazing too !

  306. xavier xingyu says

    can i eat it?

  307. kieran joyce says

    Hmmm peanut butter and chocolate. Reeses pieces maybe?

  308. Barry Rice says


  309. Leily Perez says


  310. Lis Gøthe í Jákupsstovu says

    Fantastiskt hugskot:-)

  311. Kanak Bihari says

    mai aapse dosti karna
    chahata hun

  312. Ali Mansoor says

    hahahhahah……………gud short dud

  313. Deirdre Smith says

    My husband would love this!

  314. Psy Fusion says

    The Peached Tortilla in Austin Texas makes this desert and its amazing.

  315. Palwinder Ghotra says


  316. Luka Jersin says

    yup, summer is def. ending… 🙁

  317. Akram Kiassi says

    Thanks for the tip Amanda Blain I'll definitely give it shot as I'm running out of ideas for breakfast

  318. Bing Go says

    u sick

  319. Dani Found says

    i have to try them!!! they must be awesome. How about a peanut butter & jelly version of them? 😀

  320. Janoš Mohar says

    Wath from NASA

  321. patrick brooks says

    done it. the insides get a little runny. best to chill the peanut butter and nutella beforehand.

  322. Janoš Mohar says


  323. David Castick says

    Amanda, that was the best Reese's cup in a crescent roll I've ever had!

  324. Chie Pineda says

    looks delicious. :3

  325. Rie Moore says

    gotta try this!

  326. Andrea Leaf says

    Wow!  putting them together is a really good idea.

  327. Asif Sethar says


  328. sam cux says

    only ever

  329. Chris Leland says

    I can only assume this is skipping the step where they threw the Skippy in the garbage (where it belongs) and replaced it with Jif.

  330. Gabriel Trujillo says

    Its called 'Una Bomba' in Italy.. 😀
    Had one last week.

  331. Steinar Nilsen says

    Æ kan bake 😉 Soooo

  332. Steinar Nilsen says

    Support Norway

  333. Juan da Cruz says

    Looks delicious ;D

  334. Butch Wheeler says

    The best is REESE`S

  335. Anshul Khandelwal says


  336. Conner Palmer says


  337. Pula Mare says

    Almost as yummy as your picture 😉

  338. Vivian Stephens says


  339. David Purcell says

    Any world leader needs to eat something with Nutella on it before making a major decision like going to war, or passing a law.  I think there would be no war 🙂

  340. Pavan Suthar says

    hi how r u 

  341. Peter Kasson says

    Mmmmm .. peanut butter

  342. Yusuf Tas says

    so true

  343. ofentse luza says

    nd wht's dat

  344. Frank John says

    Looks like shit on a napkin

  345. Daniel M. Ramos says

    OH, that is awesome!

    I am most certainly going to make that for my kiddos school lunches.

  346. Margaret Lee says

    Love nutella but mixed with P.B…………… learning all the time 🙂

  347. Darren Song says

    can i b your friend

  348. E LUGO says

    Just find out I'm allergic to nuttalea…. hope everybody enjoys…..

  349. michael gough says

    wth is nuttalea?

  350. Kyle Ayres says

    is that good??

  351. David Fox says

    Make a double stack peanut butter and Nutella sandwich with jelly. Yummy. Reese's peanut butter cup jelly sandwich. Mmmmmm.

  352. Mardochee Diankenda says

    C BON

  353. Guillermo Carmona says

    well this is nothing new, its as old as peanut butter and hazelnut spread.

  354. Mirakhmad Umidov says

    Mmmmmm… Delicious 

  355. Mushongo Robert says

    wow nice.

  356. daniel sizzla says

    can i be your friend pls

  357. lilian sejko says

    Spread made from nuts; hazelnuts I think.

  358. Jessica Soto says

    I will sure do this for my sons! Great Idea ever!

  359. Sarah Ross says

    I make peanut butter and nutella sandwiches all the time for lunch..

  360. Bobby Sahijram-Dansingani says

    Looks awesome and easy enough to make!

  361. poly bags says

    i think this will b ma favourite yummy

  362. Cindy Ward says

    I love nutella ! That is great idea!

  363. Akxel Erazo says

    O.O indeed….I will make this

  364. Maria Marcelo says

    Oh I have everything. Yay!!

  365. Grand Fury says

    That's a lot of sugar though

  366. Amal Basha says

    Realllllly yummmmmmy

  367. Mario Apodaca says

    I'm trying this.

  368. Susan Beebe says

    I dip big pretzels into both jars mmmm

  369. Handballflex Handballflex says

    Great idea lots of proteine

  370. Andrea Hartford says

    Going to the store right NOW!

  371. NEDA'A Quteish says

    i like it??

  372. michael rogers says

    Everyone is going nutella crazy! The zombie virus is in nutella I'm telling you.

  373. Gerrard Caso says

    Isn't that kinda dry?! I usually can't stand peanut butter without a drink of some sort

  374. Nick Salveto says

    This is so 2 years ago 4 me in a crepe

  375. Jamila Moufty says

    Hey amanda can i hv the ingredients n the method of doing it

  376. maddy fischer says


  377. Alivia Atkins says

    send me the info

  378. Bob Haring says

    You should see mine, but unfortunately it's in my stomach.

  379. Mohamed Salem says

    Because my wife is in vacation for few days so this is a wonderful to try it ,, good idea

  380. Ryan Keith says

    Duh! Everyone knows this already.

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    my lady tonya makes these there sooo good

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    Looks good…

  394. micah bodhi says

    My teeth hurt just looking at this.  I had to LOL at a Nutella commercial yesterday because all they talk about are the healthy ingredients in the commercial and neglect to mention that the first ingredient is refined SUGAR.

  395. Mason Brammell says

    i'm super happy its the best idea ever..

  396. danielle amine says

    Indulging with a spoonful of nutella lol kicking back on my comfy couch missing someone so dearly..

  397. danielle amine says

    By the way looks delicious experimenting in the kitchen is always funnn

  398. Tin Le says

    I've put chunks of Snickers, Hershey choco and various other things (hotdogs) as stuffing in these croissant.  It's very versatile the things you can make with them.

  399. Victoria VanDenBelt says

    Of course its the best idea ever!!! I do that all the time 🙂

  400. candy johnson says

    How does it taste?

  401. Stephan Tapley says


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  403. Raleigh Burke says

    If you have never made a PB and Nutella sammich, there is something wrong. I throw bananas on there for good measure. 😉

  404. giancarlo RESTA says

    I love america but the Italian croissants and especially Lecce are the best in the world there is no comparison. or am I wrong? what do you think?

  405. Angel Valentin says


  406. giancarlo RESTA says

    Nutella good!!! and was invented by mistake! guys a question how much Nutella in america? Italy in a jar of 400 gr costs 3 euros and 3.80 U.S. dollars from you?

  407. Harvey Duncan says

    I give that to the kids I work with at a group home they love it.

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    Try on and cheese and onion crisp sandwich. Awesome

  419. daniel morrill says

    Maybe #AlmondButter( #Oreos or #blueberry #waffles ) #Nutella
    You Vote yours or Free Hugs

  420. Margret Maria Gudjonsdottir says

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  428. Jeremy Chamberlain says

    sounds like something that would cause gastrointestinal nightmares to me

  429. Jeremy Chamberlain says

    i just ate some waffles with peanut butter and syrup tonight and i should never do that again is why i can't sleep tonight.

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    You are a well-educated woman

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  436. Morgan Tiedemann says

    Skippy and Nutella? Imagine what's in that…. Gross 🙁

  437. Ashfaque Ali says

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  438. Aaron Obst says

    Oh needs one more step … brush the tops with butter and sprinkle on sea salt 🙂 …. 

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    vegemite on toast yum an aussie tradition

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