1. Shane Corning says

    Nice! 🙂 #Cheers  

  2. Eren Koluman says


  3. michael rogers says

    Gutta put some grapes in there!


    very testy

  5. Raul Jimenez says


  6. jose becerra says

    Sounds yummy!!!

  7. Hossain Mostaghim says

    Is that even legal?

  8. Fredy Mane says

    I want a sandwich like that, hahaha!!!

  9. lerato majikfaerie says

    wow, I have a nice raw, handmade gruyere in the fridge… will try!

  10. Tamara Pruessner says

    + Mandy Sloan and + Brad Sloan –  How about this for a grilled cheese sandwich? 

    Looks delicious, + Amanda Blain!!

  11. Shaun McLane says

    Damn that looks good!

  12. Erik Kempf says

    Looks quite good. My arteries can feel it now.

  13. michael bloxsome says

    mmmmmmmmmmm yummy yummy in my tummy

  14. Ali Alawi says

    if only the cheese was milting out 

  15. Cris Blakk says

    not bad

  16. Denise Anderson says

    Ah, a dessert grill cheese!

  17. Hark Nijjar says

    looks awesome + Amanda Blain could be the fact that I'm starving..must go get dinner!

  18. Cole Rayne says

    OOOh!, You need to give this a catchy name!

  19. ayman nader says

    Delicious food. I hope to be cheap. Because Apple mobile and Pc are very expensive

  20. Shaun McLane says

    Needs more bacon

  21. Omar Aldawud says

    please don't post food after working hours I'm hungry and this is not helping



  23. Amanda Blain says

    The honey really makes the sandwhich.. and i agree it needed more cheese… i might try mixing cheese next time.. 🙂 

  24. Alex Middleton says

    You should have a Hangout in which you make delicious foods.

  25. brian james says

    If Elvis had a chance to reform his eating habits -he would have loved one of those.

  26. jose santos says


  27. peter koenig says

    McIntosh are the sweetest Apples & are only red, not any good for baking

  28. Tara Mulder says

    Suddenly, I regret not buying a loaf of bread this afternoon.

  29. Ian Louth says

    Wow That looks delishhh…Mmm…Lose the plate it does nothing for it!!!…lol.

  30. Yifat Cohen says

    …And she can cook too. You're too much + Amanda Blain! 🙂

  31. Alex Middleton says

    I'm going to have to start Google+ Master Chef.

  32. Robert Armstrong says

    Looks yum! =)

  33. Paul Parks says

    Looks yummy…I will have to try that ! Thanks for sharing ~ Paul

  34. Phil Smith says

    What a great combination of ingredients. Having this tomorrow.

  35. brian james says

    Jose -there's nothing like comtry food.


    que asco

  37. Joseph Pahau says

    oh yummmmmm

  38. Jackie Bernardi says

    Oh my goodness…oh my goodness!

  39. ???????? ?????????? says

    ???????? ???????? 

  40. walter chavez says


  41. hina aslam says

    Yummy my friend can i have it…

  42. Phil Atencio says

    Who woulda thunk it? Hmmmm

  43. Marcus Enrico Williams II says

    oh hell yes, i'm making this!

  44. Stan Lasinis says

    Sounds good I will have to try one. Love fast food I can make at home.

  45. Tony Borges says


  46. Joe Avery says

    OK that's just weird)

  47. P E Sharpe says

    Macintosh apples make the best apple pie – the flavour is phenomenal but you have to add more to fill up the crust. They are very juicy and capsize.
    Next time try this combo, + Amanda Blain: smoked applewood cheddar in a pecan/raisin bread, grilled and served with honey or fig jam. To. Die. For.



  49. Ramilo Holter says

    Not grilled cheese…!

  50. Mike Donivan says

    On my way,.mmmmmm

  51. Paul Aguirre says

    Rica comida se ve

  52. Sharon Emrick says

    I just had dinner, but this picture wants me to make room. Love the flavor profiles & on a grilled cheese? No brainer yummy!

  53. Paul Aguirre says


  54. Paul Aguirre says

    no se ingles

  55. Amanda Pratiwi says

    look nice yummmi

  56. rocio pereyra says

    que ' comida es ?

  57. Paul Aguirre says

    amanda k hora es ahy paul

  58. Iwan Satriawan says

    ooh it's look nice…is it healthy food Amanda?

  59. Brendan Farrell says

    Sweet sassy molassy, that looks amazing. Gotta cure these hungry pangs….

  60. Claudio Santana says

    amanda que horas é o jantar?

  61. Praveen Ravindran says

    bad very bad

  62. Guven Celik says

    Senmi yaptin 🙂

  63. Delfino Hernandez Ramirez says

    Algo rico para empezar

  64. Frank Merchant says

    OH DAMN!! Gimmie gimmie! That looks tasty.

  65. Roudlotul Fahmianjani says

    Emmmh yammi yammi 😀 delicious (y)

  66. Chris McIntosh says

    I approve this use of apple.

  67. Roudlotul Fahmianjani says

    @Chris Mclntosh
     coupled with strawberry sauce is definitely more stable

  68. Steve Lyons says

    Careful or Apple will sue you for trademark infringement.

  69. mutia maharani says

    wow.. yummy for breakfast

  70. Arif Abdul says

    health food

  71. Andrew Macintyre says

    Nice ! My kind of food.Lovely Grub !

  72. Fausto coppi says

    so good^^^

  73. Marquise Richardson says

    Looks delicious but I might be saying that because I'm hungry right now

  74. Andrew Darra says

    It does look great and the cheeses would be very pleasing to the palette on a rainy day.

  75. Danushka Kuruppu says

    mmm food

  76. William Mcmurdie says

    I agree with Andrew

  77. Hai Phan Thanh says


  78. Alice Connor says

    Seems delicious 😉

  79. carl bernard Asa-Anie says


  80. ??? says


  81. Kathy Frank says

    My religion strictly forbids tainting Gruyere with apples and honey.  However,Gorgonzola in chicken salad is allowed.  Cheese is a very sacred subject.

  82. Keenan Casey says

    mmmmm now that does sound good.

  83. JS Smith says

    holy cow that sounds wonderful ^__^

  84. Praj ab says

    Yum yum yum !!!

  85. Sas Ioan says

    yami yami…:*

  86. daoliwang cheng says


  87. Ratih Pirubika says

    Minta kah,,

  88. Sunil Emmanuel says

    Please give me ! piece

  89. Dave Dubey says


  90. Sunil Emmanuel says

    I m hungry for this soft meal 

  91. john vergel Escala says

    YEAH' watta a nyc food to eat :0

  92. Aaron Malakai says

    I thought peeples were boycotting the McIntosh Apples?
    Har har, hardy har.

    Miss ya.

  93. Hossam hashish says

    i like it 

  94. Md Munir says

    not bad

  95. Sunil Emmanuel says

    I m hungry

  96. Gaye SOUMARE says

    bon a peti

  97. Chatryne Friedrichie says

    i want
    so hungry

  98. Parul Mohan says

    Yummyy mummyy.. i want this dish now.. lol

  99. Edward xiao says

    want to eat it

  100. yousra bentaouza says

    yamm yamm look like good an tasty
    and i want to prepare it

  101. yousra bentaouza says

    and i want your resipe please thank u for your time

  102. Ratih Pirubika says

    I want to eat that cake.

  103. Mahnaz Kiani Nejad says

    it must be delicious!

  104. Hossam hashish says

     wow so delicious 

  105. Eric Branch says

    If you are a meat eater,  a little smoked turkey or ham would fit nicely in there.

  106. Manasi Verma says

    I am hungry i want to eat .

  107. Ahmad Ally says

    +Amanda Blain – looks delicious yummy

  108. ????? ?????? says

    Ummm looks good

  109. Sanjay Babariya says

    + Amanda Blain  I m loving it

  110. Naomi thomas says


  111. DILKUSH SAHU says

    thanks for break fast

  112. James Merrill says

    Red McIntosh Apples! – #boycottapple  

  113. ali fahar-zadine says

    It's very good

  114. Lose Azzou says

    it looks tasty…

  115. Fahim Rehman says

    i m hungary i like give one sandwich

  116. Dan Payne says

    get in my belly! 

  117. jessica milene says

    hummmmm q delicia

  118. Aubrey Sekhwela says

    that looks good Mmmm

  119. Syaiful Imron says

    is nice i like it

  120. Greg Chirinian says

    looks delicious

  121. sushil kumar says

    I am not hungry tnx

  122. liyas mabroki says


  123. Chase Maclennan says

    mmmm, never would have thought of the apples. Can I have half?

  124. Chatryne Friedrichie says


  125. mariebel faeldonea says

    yummy 🙂

  126. Jennifer Barr says

    Another great grilled cheese idea!  When are you coming back to visit?  We'll eat in!

  127. nana serwaah says

    pls can send one to me in Ghana.

  128. Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues dos Reis Tapeçaria says

    nossa que delicia !!!

  129. Aravindakshan Raghavan says

    no comments please put something informative thanking you

  130. jose rodolfo de la cruz valdez says

    Looks quite good

  131. jonathan nasçimento gonçalves says

    ummm que delicia

  132. Emmanuel Jambo says

    am soo hangry

  133. lelou angle says

    now that made me hungry

  134. ??? says

    ?? ??????

  135. Samirah Abdo says

    I want tray

  136. Samirah Abdo says

    That so mmmmmmmmm

  137. Sam Hulme says


  138. Sarah Rothermel says

    Going to make that!

  139. Muhammad Khalil says


  140. Amy Lovell says

    Yum looks delicious thanks, will have to try it smetime!

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