1. Brandy Luscalzo-Stemen says

    lol Amanda too funny!!!

  2. Vitoria Regina says


  3. Vitoria Regina says

    true history

  4. Stewart Larsen says

    For those not in the know… This is from  http://www.xkcd.com/386/.    How about some attribution when you reference someone else's work. 

  5. Michael Hraba says

    still one of the best of the xkcd, other than "SCIENCE it works bitches" with the COBE data on the back.

  6. Ali Khan says

    yes i agree with u miss amanda blain

  7. Alison Thurston says

    or "I have just one more notification on Google"!!!

  8. Martijn van der Meulen says

    Sounds very familiar!

  9. Earnest Pettie says

    This happened to me at 3:00 AM one night as I attempted to edit a Wikipedia entry about Lost and someone quickly "revised" my edit. 

  10. David Beers says

    This is my life.

  11. Martijn van der Meulen says

    + Earnest Pettie Argh, I can completely imagine that everything related to Lost quickly turns into a heated debate!

  12. Michael Serra says

    + Stewart Larsen I suppose your right and I have been a XKDC fan for a while now (correct horse battery staple). But at the same time, XKDC does provide "perma-links" at the bottom of every comic… Maybe a G+ link would help make sure he got his credit. For some reason I don't think he cares that much… I could be wrong but this is just my opinion don't stay up over it.

  13. Clancy Adams says

    Stew, I suppose they should have put a watermark in the image so that they could receive the proper credit.  Who really thinks internet "meme" cartoons are going to stay on a website without being reproduced?  If the creator wanted it to not be copied, they should have locked out the "right click to save" option that web-administrators use all the time on art sites.

  14. Cony Mejía says

    muy bien

  15. Joe Avery says

    I've been there!

  16. Obiora Ochiagha says

    Hm funy

  17. Apin Kevino says


  18. Stewart Larsen says

    + Clancy Adams XKCD doesn't even put their logo on the images, so I'm not sure they care all that much. And, + Amanda Blain might not have known the source.  Not a huge deal.  But, as a content creator, I feel like this should be attributed back to the author in case others want to see more work from the artist. 

  19. Ken Anderson says

    That Shi Cray!

  20. Christian Jarlos says

    ahahhahahhahahhahahahaha. "someone is wrong on the internet" hahahhaha

  21. Amanda Blain says

    I know the source.. they dont use G+ and i dont link EVERY IMAGE I POST …  but if it will make you feel better i'll link it…. the irony of posting it on this post though… ?_?

  22. Brett Bjornsen says
  23. Rasha Sayed says


  24. amiraca goode says

    hi buddy nothing is wrong

  25. Daniel Graversen says

    See this way to often. 

  26. Cristian Lopez says


  27. Ghnea George says

    Now that's funny…reshare LOL

  28. Nelson Lopez says

    hahahaah that is me

  29. Umeokafor Ikechukwu says

    Pls Amanda keep posting ok, l like it.

  30. Marei Nagy says

    One of my all-time favourites 🙂

  31. Young Richard says

    Yes that fun to me

  32. Nathan Ocenasek says

    Yes i am right…

  33. Thomas Horton says

    If I was wrong I would know it!

  34. Josh Fisher says

    Never got sucked into one of those arguments on the Intertubes. 😉

  35. Bryant Carter says


  36. Holly Johnson says

    Someone is wrong on the internet and it is you, Thomas Horton.  😉  You require the subjunctive tense of the verb "to be."  In other words, "If I were wrong, I would know it!" 

  37. Waliu Mustapha says

    This takes me back to my days when I reviewed Smallville. Oh the amount of rants I had about viewers who never knew the full story of the Superman mythology and only watched the show for the romance. But I won't bite anymore lol.

  38. clinton nnabuchi says

    amanda you are rite

  39. Thomas Horton says

    haha +Holly Johnson you are right. I wonder if anyone else noticed?

  40. Hayes Starns says

    Love how everything ceased as + Amanda Blain spoke…

  41. Grant Lanning says

    Amanda, are you guilty of doing this?

  42. Ponel Panjaitan says

    nice joke..

  43. Elisa Barnes says

    ha ha

  44. Rudra Subedi says


  45. Miguel Mendoza says


  46. Miriam Rhodes says

    That's wot I do 2 my mum

  47. Weller Peter says

    Save your self it is too late for us.

  48. ASHNEL AL says


  49. Justin White says

    this is me and your wrong

  50. Prèèny Mary says


  51. Norbert Jaros says

    very true, very sad and very very funny!

  52. amez karem says

    very true

  53. mysa miso says

    very true

  54. KUNAL ROY says

    Everyone is wrong in internet. So I must out many suggestion, whatever the time is..

  55. Young Richard says

    That nice if you

  56. Pavan Bhimanathi says

    dont worry i will come to bed

  57. santhosh kumar says

    nooooo….I will…..

  58. Jonathan Cayton says

    Nice. LOL!!!

  59. Young Richard says

    Yes like it

  60. clinton nnabuchi says


  61. Young Richard says

    Look good now

  62. Ryan Trentler says


  63. Wellington Gomes Barbosa says

    olar tudo bei vose e linda  espero que inteda a escrita portogesa porque eu nao intedo nada americano bae bai

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